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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Velazquez again in Spain
24 October 2012

       The day before yesterday in the night, I could listen on the radio to a spanish journalist, Javier Sierra, talking about a painting by, perhaps, Diego Velazquez, the famous painter from Seville.

      Javier Sierra explained that the painting is named “Retrato de caballero” = “Portrait of a gentleman” and it is said that there are many chances that the picture is by Velazquez.


"Portrait of a gentleman"

      The Prado Museum, in their rooms, and for the first time in Spain, 'Portrait of a Man' from the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, recently attributed to Velázquez.

      The curator of European paintings at the Met, Keith Christiansen, considered "probable" that this painting is a portrait of the painter from Seville. The work is exhibited in the galleries devoted to Velazquez and intended as a tribute to Plácido Arango, who was until recently president of the Royal Board of the Museum.

       At a press conference, Keith Christiansen has explained the recent allocation and how the portrait after cleaning and restoration last, came to light technical and representational strategies typically Velazquez. It also stresses that since the first observed on the walls of the box Metropolitan doubted that belonged to the workshop of Velázquez, as was thought at the Museum.

      During the presentation of the painting in the Prado, Christiansen said before the picture of 'The Surrender of Breda', how man portrait Yorker anonymous soldier is identical to that shown on the far right of 'The Spear'. As well as advancing research and thanks to the collaboration of Jonathan Brown, finally, in 2009, chose to publish an article attributing as Velázquez original.

       "The dynamism and animation that has the box, achieved through light vibrations and a very wise distribution of different grades of finish, guarantee its attribution to Velázquez, and also supports another feature of the work: the feeling that transmitted being made ​​with little effort”, explained from the Prado Museum.



       But the identity of the model differences arise between the Prado and the Metropolitan. To explain his theory, Keith Christiansen compares to this mysterious man who is coming to the Prado with Valencia's Self (which retains the Museum of Fine Arts in Valencia) and the self-portrait of Velázquez appearing in Las Meninas, and insists his great similar.

      Moreover, the curator of European Painting of MET has requested a report from a forensic expert in physiognomy, which claims that there is a "high probability" that the character portrayed in the self-portrait of Valencia and Las Meninas is the same person who which appears in the box at the Metropolitan.

     However, both the deputy director of the Prado Museum, Gabriele Finaldi, as Javier Portus, chief of Spanish Painting of the gallery, are "many reasons" to doubt that this gentleman portrayed in the picture from the MET is Velazquez himself.



      Among the reasons Javier Portús wields include itself supposed anomaly in a dedicated box for display in the Hall of Realms have an imprint of the artist and the fact portrayed (The Surrender of Breda) took place ten years before be painted.

     "In a box in the Hall of Realms is very rare that the self-portrait painter. With the data that there is very difficult to say who is a self-portrait of Velázquez”, says Portus, and remember that this idea is the curator of the Metropolitan product the nineteenth century mind when you thought it had to have any pictures of the painter footprint.

      "The comparison between the two (the man in the picture of the MET and Velázquez's self-admitted) shows a different type, there is a wider forehead, eyebrows and lips more pronounced and a more southern", claims Javier Portús .

      This 'Portrait of a Man', which will be exhibited in the Prado until 27 January, thanks to the sponsorship of the Fundación Amigos del Museo del Prado, had belonged since the eighteenth century, a German private collections, until in 1925 or 1926 passed to Joseph Duveen, the art dealer of antique painting more of their time.

      To facilitate its commercial outlet, did restore the table based on criteria that meet the expectations of international collectors. This intervention created a homogeneous background defined the parts of the trunk that were just sketched, hair turned into a uniform mass and generally resulted in a very static and uniform image, a feeling that aging varnish only increased .


Best regards,


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Homesickness of a village in Spain
23 October 2012


       Vejer de la Frontera ... It is one of the last towns of Cádiz who keep the flavor of its Andalusian past. Clean, bright, flowery, charming, has the best beaches in the vicinity and the most amazing natural landscapes.

Panorámicas y Calles de Vejer de la Frontera (Cádiz)

"Panoramicas y Calles de Vejer de la Frontera (Cadiz)", Vejer, Cadiz, South of Spain, by Manuel Acebedo: El Viajero de La Janda Litoral, at

Vejer de la Frontera es Uno de Los Últimos Pueblos de Cádiz Que...

"Vejer de la Frontera es Uno de los Ultimos Pueblos de Cadiz que....", Vejer, Cadiz, South of Spain, by Manuel Acebedo: El Viajero de la Janda Litoral


      Walking through the streets of the walled city of Vejer are happening ancient houses built around the traditional yard neighbors for years the symbolism of an open life. Today it is preserved in the city center approximately 350 houses with courtyards.

Antiguas Casas Edificadas en Torno al Tradicional Patio de Vecinos

"Antiguas Casas Edificadas en Torno al Tradicional patio de Vecinos", Vejer, Cadiz, South of Spain, by Manuel Acebedo: el Viajero de la Janda Litoral

Uno de Los Patios de La Ermita... En La Janda Litoral

"Uno de los Patios de la Ermita....en la Janda Litoral", Vejer, Cadiz, South of Spain, by Manuel Acebedo: el Viajero de la Janda Litoral, at

Típico Patio Vejeriego

"Tipico Patio Vejeriego", Vejer, Cadiz, South of Spain, by Manuel Acebedo: El Viajero de La Janda Litoral, at

       In short, is one of the simplest and white villages of Andalusia and beautiful Spain.

      Nestled on a hill like a white island that blends with the blue sky and sea.

      Declared a historic-artistic momumento year Vejer, 1976, shows at its best the style of Arab-Andalusian architecture

Tipica Casa Vejeriega Adornada Con...

"Tipica Casa Vejeriana Adornada Con......", Vejer de la Frontera, Cadiz, South of Spain, by Manuel Acebedo: El Viajero de La Janda Litoral, at


Vejer vs. Chefchaouen Why ...?

      Since 2000, Chefchaouen (Marocco) is twinned with Vejer de la Frontera (Cádiz, South of Spain), which in turn was under Muslim rule for five centuries.

      Legend has it that when Spain was Muslim territory, Moulay Rachid Ben Ali fell for Zhora (Catalina Fernandez), a girl of Vejer de la Frontera. When Christians were expelled from the Iberian Peninsula, Morocco and emigrated there to ease the longing that his beloved had of her people, the emir built one in its image and likeness,  Chauen , Chefchaouen or even Xauen, as it is also known. 

Vejer vs. Chefchaouen ¿Por Qué...?

"Vejer vs. Chefchaouen, ¿Por qué?, Vejer, Cadiz, South of Spain, by Manuel Acebedo: El Viajero de la Janda Litoral, at

Vejer Y Chefchaouen Ciudades Hermanas, ¿Por Qué...?

"Vejer y Chefchaouen, Ciudades hermanas, ¿Por qué?", Vejer, Cadiz, South of Spain, by Manuel Acebedo: El Viajero de la Janda Litoral, at



"Chefchauen", Marocco, by Maroocain_Heimlich, at


"chauen", Marocco, by carmuchasan-, at

Barbate, Con Vejer y La Breña al Fondo

"Barbate, Con Vejer y La Breña al fondo", Vejer, Cadiz, South of Spain, by Manuel Acebedo: El Viajero de la Janda Litoral, at

Panorámicas y Calles de Vejer de la Frontera (Cádiz)

"Panoramicas y Calles de Vejer de la Frontera (Cadiz)", Vejer, Cadiz, South of Spain, by Manuel Acebedo: El Viajero de La Janda Litoral, at


      The city was founded in 1471 on the site of a small Berber population means (in Berber) horns, alluding directly to the two mountains that surround it. Its original population was composed mainly of Al-Andalus exiles, both Muslims and Jews, which is why the old part of the city looks very similar to the Andalusian village, with narrow streets of whitewashed houses irregular and (often with blue tones).

Típica Calle Vejeriega en La Janda Litoral

"Tipica Calle Vejeriega en La Janda Litoral", Vejer, Cadiz, South of Spain, by Manuel Acebedo: El Viajero de La Janda Litoral, at


      National Award in 1978 Embellishment. Narrow, winding streets and walled since the Middle Ages.

Calles Estrechas, Retorcidas y Amurallada Desde La Edad Media

"Calles Estrechas, Retorcidas y Amuralladas, desde La Edad Media", Vejer, Cadiz, South of Spain, by Manuel Acebedo: El Viajero de La Janda Litoral, at

      Now, Vejer is waiting for your visit, in order to walk through its streets and image that you are in the Past.

Best regards,


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A new singer in Spain
22 October 2012

       Yesterday, I discovered a new young woman spanish singer; her artistic name is Barei and she comes from Madrid, where she has sung many times, after living in Miami, for one year.

      When I listened a first song by her, in You Tube, I thought that the song ("Algo tan intimo" = "Something as intimate") resembled another well known, by a very famous group in Spain; but I did not remember anything.Then, thinking for a while...., at the end, I remembered that the song was "Cuentame al oido" = "Tell me ear". and the group: La Oreja de Van Gogh --a group that I love--.Here I bring the video of "Algo tan intimo" and the video of "Cuentame al oido", in order that you think if I am on right when I think that the two songs start almost with the same sound.

      This is the video of "Algo tan intimo":

"Algo tan intimo", by BAREI, at You Tube

      And this is the video of "Cuentame al oido":

"Cuentame al oido", by La Oreja de Van Gogh, at You Tube

Here I bring an interview done to Barei in Aragón (North-west of Spain), because BAREI presented her first album ("Billete para no volver") in the capital, Zaragoza:

And here you have the translation:


Jorge Lisbona. - Who is Barei? When and why you started this musical project?
Barei. - Barei is, in short, all the emotions, thoughts, updates, stories and lives living in me, Barbara. It is a compendium of everything you see, think, feel, and is part of who I am. Wanting to capture it and materialize it into something that could get them all to move their hearts and invite them to believe in any impossible and have faith in themselves, is what led me to compose and perform this first album "ticket for not returning." Precisely for this reason, for 'never again' to everything that limits us, paralyze us or make us doubt our ability to change the reality in which we live and even to the ones close. It is a "no return" to it all without giving up everything you have been or have lived before, because it was necessary to be who you are today and continue to grow.
J.L. - What was significant about your musical style?
B. - I think it's pure energy and drama at a time. I am very happy but also very whiny and I love extreme emotions regarding concerns. This is reflected in the lyrics, the melodies, the production and more than anything in the 'live'. It's that kind of music that makes you cheerful when you embrace the next door and jump with him, and when you're feeling low but also makes you hug seeking shoulder to lean on. The case is to embrace the end of the day.
JL-Barei, what differentiates from other artists on the music scene today?
B. - That would have to say that I heard it, one with himself is never entirely objective, but I would say that closeness, transparency, not knowing the word "shame" and risk. Try productions have much influence the 'pop' American and British ground and I hear here is a little afraid to take risks with styles that leave the "Spanish pop rock" use. Such risk does not depend on the artists (many would run it) but the multinationals themselves sometimes forget that the essence of the artist 'pro' profitability and 'play it safe'.
JL-What inspires you to create stories that are reflected in the songs on her first album?
B. - In everything that moves me inside and makes me think and rethink my way of seeing, feeling, living ... There is so much to talk about and so much to share ...
JL-In Youtube channel you appear singing accompanied only by your guitar. Do you think live music is one of the strengths of Barei?
B. - No doubt, but I'm never alone with my guitar. I like these videos because I get closer and maybe also show my limits and my strengths in a more naked, but I try to live for people to find what you want, what you heard on the disc. I try, when space permits and I can carry all the musicians, the sound is as faithful as possible to the production, which is certainly a key part of what makes an artist stand out above the rest. The acoustic format option, which I accompany my guitarist Nando Tuti Fernandez and Martin at the piano is certainly an opportunity to be closer and let go a different way, perhaps more intimate and more magical. I enjoy both and I like to show all facets of an artist to develop.
JL-What find those who attend your concert in Zaragoza and hear your voice for the first time?
B. - Pure Energy. It will go with your heart wide open and eager to change everything that paralyze them and not let them move. I promise! Let them come and I'll take care of it so!
JL-If I could, Who would give a ticket for not returning?
B. - I think I gave it to the person to whom it is addressed the song. Someone to love you with all my soul. But really, anyone who has been accommodated in an injurious or harmful and which believed not get out. Many times we control it no matter how bad we adopt a particular position and difficult to change. Many times in order not to strive and fear of the consequences, we do nothing and we settle and even think it is 'normal'. I invite everyone to look a little further and allow us new opportunities and changes that, however hard they may seem, we can make out of that fact that we canceled, again to give the best of ourselves.
JL-The video for 'Just believe' has thousands of views and also your songs are available on iTunes. Do you think this kind of platform has helped his music to reach more people?
B. - The video, which was released exclusively in Tuenti, has over 13.000 hits on YouTube and, although he got later, we near 3000. The advantage of Itunes anyone can know now what I do and buy it when you feel like from anywhere in the world, something that was previously unthinkable. And that certainly helps a lot. The same thing happens on YouTube, where I can constantly generate content and make them see me in any country and at any time. It's amazing!.
J.L. - Are you afraid to piracy?
B. - The truth is no. Fear is not the word. I just think that people who eat free any art must make them aware of their value, their authenticity and the work involved behind. I think you can not judge when previously not been made aware of the damage. We should educate their value things and after each take control of their actions and assume the consequences of their decisions.
JL-Social networks allow to be in direct contact with your fans, how do we assess such possibilities offered by new technologies?
B. - Internet is the 'I want it now'. If it were not for social media I do not known even half of the people now following me. I have many followers on Twitter of Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela and Paraguay would not even know I exist if not for Facebook, Myspace or Twitter. I'm 'pro networks' 100% provided no relations dehumanize and be done by having more virtual friends than reality.
JL-I have begun to think and work on your next album? What would you like to play musical styles on your next projects?
B. - Yes, and in fact I have several topics in mind. This time there will be some surprises and I have to say that English was always my weakness and unfinished ... There you have it!
J.L. - What goals have marked the short term? How would you like to Barei the coming years?
B. - I think the goals are always changing as we go, but I have always had a constant around which others are created is the thrill and the more people the better. I think music is so wonderful about that, because no matter where or who you are, no matter the origin, culture, religion or social because we all feel something, dancing, singing and excited and so I do what I do because I believe in the universal, in what unites us, what the differences are necessary and how much to teach us and make us grow and what we are essentially equal in spite of them.

      I hope that you like BAREI.

Kind regards,

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World Day against Breast Cancer in Spain
20 October 2012

      Yesterday was a very important day for thousands of women, all over the worl, because "The World Day against breast Cancer" was celebrated.

      I could watch on tv a report about the Breast Cáncer and two young women, from Seville, talked about it, because they have just opened a specialty store with things against cancer.For example: hats, wigs, scarves, etcso, you have not going out for buying those things in differents shops.This store for Breast Cancer is named "Pulseras rosas" and its website is this one:  and you can visit this website, where you will can know the two owners: one young woman, who is a Psychologyst and  another young woman, who is an Economist.

      Please click down here, for visit the website, :

Here I will translate for you what these two youg women say, in their website and under the pictures:

      We always think that a disease like cancer is a far cry happens to others. So if we have to live it react with anger and incomprehension. We have lived this experience very closely and have gone through different processes.

      Firstly do not understand very well that is happening, you feel lost and try to find answers continuously. Later feel a fear that almost paralyzes you and then curse everything around you.

      The process is similar in most of the world, but there are different options. The best of these is "pull to front". Grab life and enjoy every sip, step by step ...

      If there is anything we have learned from this disease, is that even something so terrible you can make the positive side, you learn to live differently, to appreciate the simple things ...

      After diagnosing breast cancer my mother, the whole family fell apart, but she gave us a great lesson and example, the world does not end, on the contrary, we must fight every second, because the battle so everyone wins Individual and feeling that the duration of treatment should not be paralyzed, have to live ...

      One of the most difficult tasks we encountered was that my mother continued "feeling pretty", that was the most difficult, because we saw that every product we needed was unsightly. We toured many places to find scarves, wigs, hats, pajamas, creams ... and barely find prices and often abusive.

      For this reason we created "Bracelets Roses", a place we want to look you call on everything that you may need without cruising around. We tried that prices suit all budgets while still being fashionable. I hope ...


Up,and under the schedule, you can read: BIENVENIDO A PULSERAS ROSAS (WELCOME TO BRACELETS ROSES)



      I hope that you liked the idea.

Best regards,


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To change the Time Zone in Spain
19 October 2012

       Some days ago, I could listen, on the radio, how they were talking about the possibility of changing the time zone, in Spain, in order to become working hours more rational. Then, I thought that perhaps it should be a good theme for talking about it here in my blog.I hope that you think that it is such an interesting them as I think.

      To reconcile, returning to Greenwich.What a coincidence…..: few days ago has been celebrate the delivery of “The Planet Award” (the most famous literary Contest in Spain).Well, this year, the winner has been the young writer from Madrid, Lorenzo Silva, with his novel “La marca del meridian” (“The mark of the Meridian”), in which, he refers to the Meridian of Greenwich, because he wanted to talk about his desire of disappearing the struggle among Madrid and Barcelona –he was born in Madrid, but he lives in Barcelona and he loves this last city too--.He says that the good luck is that the line that divides Madrid and Barcelona is the Meridian of Greenwich, that is aimaginary line.

     But I did not think talk about literature, but the times in Spain.

    The Seventh National Congress to streamline Spanish Hours, held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, proposed that Spain returns to Greenwich time to improve productivity and better reconcile work and family life.

     Adjust time back one hour and shorter meals improve work and family reconciliation, since it allows to have, every day, an hour and a alf for personal life. This is a proposal by Nuria Chinchilla, director of the International Center for Work and Family at IESE, in the VII National Congress Spanish streamline schedules. The change "would have zero cost" and its implementation would be "a matter of political will”. This schedule would have no effect on the biological rhythms of the Spanish, since the clock to adapt solar time. "We would continue eating at two in the afternoon, but our clock mark the one, and would go to work at nine in the morning and leave before six in the evening”.


"Lunch", by "Sandra", at

      To do so, would that reduce the time workers have to eat-in many cases-two hours 45 minutes (no need to resort to junk food, but cut the time and eat healthy but brief) and get to work and breakfasted without interrupting the morning schedule. "If you go to work at nine and eaten at one, you do not have time for breakfast," he argued Chinchilla. The researcher believes that this new organization "more rational" working time, not only have more time for leisure and to improve work-life balance of women and men, but that would increase the hours of rest.

      Working from 9 to 18 h., With 40 minutes for lunch, would be a sensible solution.

      Chinchilla claims that Spain since 1942 is in a "wrong-time zone in Central Europe, and must return to Western Europe", which are Britain, Portugal and the Canary Islands. This is the time zone that corresponds, by its location on the map from the meridian of Greenwich, which determines your sun time.



       President ARHOE conference organizer, Ignacio Buqueras, laments that "while in Spain work longer hours, productivity is lower." Buqueras has cited several studies that conclude that "the reconciliation improves productivity by 19 percent" and that "proper reconciliation policy can reduce absenteeism by 30 percent”.

      With actual working hours, "the big problem is that parents do not raise their children”,lamented Buqueras, who pointed out that in a household "Daddy Google is responding to many questions from the children, as their parents arrive at eight or nine at night”.

      In Spain, according Buqueras, "We deeply rooted culture of presentism": the important thing is that the boss will see one at work. It is necessary to optimize the time of the working day: a schedule that might be followed by 90% of the population would begin between half past seven and half past nine and end at five to six, with a stop of 40 minutes to eat and having breakfast in a complete and correct.

      The Spanish work longer hours than the OECD average, but they have higher productivity.

      For the Secretary of State for Health, Social Services and Equality, Juan Manuel Moreno, "it is time to reorder priorities”. Moreno insisted that, according to figures from INE, 20 percent of the Spanish spend an average of two hours a day to care for children, "which means that the other 80 percent is less than two hours or no care their children”.

      "Why not get a schedule change if everyone agrees or, at least, no one objects to it?", asks Amando De Miguel. In his view, this reflects "the notion of time" that is in Spain. "It is shameful that the time is limited" and that, "We like it was low, when it is”, says the sociologist.

      In his opinion, "the times are not changed by decree and that our concept is increasingly irrational, is a schizophrenia." In the concept of Spanish times comes the idea that "the boss can wait and waste time to others”.


More hours but not more productive

      The delegate of Family and Social Services of the City of Madrid, Dolores Navarro, stressed that promotes reconciliation "a model of family life based on shared responsibility" and reduces stress and other illnesses that generates the promotion at work. The reconciliation "and seeks equal opportunities for men and women”.

      Navarro, who recalled that, according to the OECD, "the Spanish work an average of 1.690 hours per year compared to an average of 1.413 German". But no more hours means more productivity and more economic health. "Countries where you work fewer hours - Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, France and Norway are among those who have less risk premium”. Streamlining times "positive impact on the economy because it improves the country's productive system make better use of available human resources and increase the efficiency of the company”.

      To support this objective, the City has created "Concilia Madrid", a free service involving the Chamber of Commerce and the UGT and CCOO, which in 2011 advised Conciliation twenty companies and organized 18 workshops attended by 350 entrepreneurs. During the last term of the local government adopted the end of the working day to 17 hours in most of their units, "not only to save costs and achieve sustainability, but also to encourage staff Reconciliation".


 There is no single answer

      The President of the Association of Businessmen and Human Seguriber, Mónica de Oriol, stressed that companies more flexible schedules that these workers are getting more involved. "The settlement goes through telecommuting and flexible. There is no single answer, the business world is very complex. It's not the same to talk of a company that is in the service sector in the industry”.

      The Director of the Business Council for Competitiveness, Fernando Casado, remember that according to the latest CIS 45% of the Spanish claims that his company gives few facilities for reconciling family and working life. "The labor reform is positive for labor flexibility. Also liked the idea of ​​spending the holidays to Mondays”.

      The Director General of Másfamilia, Rafael Fuertes, stressed that companies have started to become aware of the need for flexible schedules. "The flexible schedule is the main measure of companies to their employees”, he says.

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A new park in the South of Spain
17 October 2012

       Some few days ago, a new park has been opened in the North-west of Seville (Southern Spain).

      The work has received an investment of 17.5 million euros to 80% financed with European funds.

      The president of the Guadalquivir River Basin (CHG), Manuel Romero Ortiz, and the mayor of Seville, Juan Ignacio Zoido, today inaugurated the new river park "Vega de Triana", which is configured as the main green space located in the northwest of the city.

Parque "Vega de Triana", Seville, Southern Spain.


       The project consisted of environmental conditioning of the area on the left bank of the Guadalquivir River from the Bridge of the scarf and the Highway Bridge Coria del Río. This project represents an investment of 17.5 million euros that have been funded by CHG 80% by Feder funds, and the remaining 20% ​​by the city of Seville.

       During the ceremony, the mayor praised the work done by the CHG and said that "through this project has been worth a soil that was hitherto underutilized flood zone to make it a large green area, leisure Sport and available to Seville, especially for residents of Triana, requiring a space of this kind ".

      In this regard, the President considers that CHG "is a priority of the basin organization work on projects of hydrological-forest of its kind to allow river areas to incorporate the dynamics of cities”.

       The new park Vega de Triana has an area of 80 hectares that have generated new landscape features as hills, paths and squares, among others, in order to obtain a variety topographic relief and use the landscape as belonging . Thus, this new space has 180.000 m2 of natural prairie, 3,229 trees and shrubs around 25.000.

      The park is bounded by the mote that is situated next to the river, with a height of 8, 50 meters above sea level, and the defense wall that is located 11 meters above sea level. This wall has been extended in order to make a sidewalk that runs along the road for passersby and from which further action can be seen as a whole.It has also built a bike with 4.2 kilometers long and an extensive network of pedestrian paths and paving albero.

      Furthermore, in order to reconcile the above uses in the park (Park Municipal Sports Institute, parking area during the Feria de Sevilla and other recreational activities) have adequate roads to traffic.

      During the visit, the president of the CHG and the mayor also inaugurated the new underpass that allows access from the Triana district of the new park through the defensive wall. This step, which will exclusively pedestrian use, with 11.50 meters wide, 30 meters long and 4 meters high.

      To safeguard the Triana district of a possible exceptional flood were installed inside two metal gates swing over 5,000 Kg If necessary, the closing of the gates can be done manually, by operating a system of pulleys and winches, with an estimated 20 minutes, or automatically, by operating the pulley system by connecting a generator, which will seal the defensive wall in 4 minutes.

     The President of the CHG stressed that "this project is part of the Plan of hydrological-forestry and protection channels being developed by the Guadalquivir River Basin near the City of Seville". Romero explained that the implementation of this agreement have been implemented by 10 performances which have been restored 425 hectares of parkland, which has involved a total investment of 94.9 million euros.

      The mayor, Juan Ignacio Zoido, and said, "This agreement is a model for fostering collaboration between administrations should be extended to other areas of the city."
Kind regards,


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The kiss in Spain
16 October 2012

       In Spain, we use to say the sentence: "When spanish woman kiss, she always real kiss".And, in fact, it is such important sentence that there is a song about it.That song is named: "El beso en España".Here you can watch the video of this song: (click down here):

Paquita Rico singing "The kiss in Spain"

And this is the lyrics:

En España bendita tierra 
Donde puso su trono el amor 
Solo en ella el beso encierra 
Armonia sentido y valor 
La española cuando besa 
Es que besa de verdad 
Y a ninguna le interesa besar con frivolidad 
El beso, el beso, el beso en España 
Lo lleva la hembra muy dentro del alma 
Le puede dar usted un beso en la mano 
O puede darle un beso de hermano 
Asi la besara cuanto quiera 
Pero un beso de amor 
No se lo da a cualquiera 

La española cuando besa 
Es que besa de verdad 
Y a ninguna le interesa besar con frivolidad 
El beso, el beso, el beso en España 
Lo lleva la hembra muy dentro del alma 
Le puede dar usted un beso en la mano 
O puede darle un beso de hermano 
Asi la besara cuanto quiera 
Pero un beso de amor 
No se lo da a cualquiera 

Es mas noble yo le aseguro 
A de causar la mayor emocion 
Ese beso sin ser puro 
Que va envuelto en una ilusion 

La española cuando besa 
Es que besa de verdad 
Y a ninguna le interesa besar con frivolidad 
El beso, el beso, el beso en España 
Lo lleva la hembra muy dentro del alma 
Le puede dar usted un beso en la mano 
O puede darle un beso de hermano 
Asi la besara cuanto quiera 
Pero un beso de amor 
No se lo da a cualquiera.


      I have talked about the famous sentence, because some days ago, I could listen on the radio the interview to a young woman, Photographer, from Cadiz, who has started an original project, last January, in order to beat the record for highest number of kisses; she said she wanted to beat this reord, by the way of the Bicentennial of the Constitution of Cadiz in 1812.She said she wants to finish the record in the special date: 12 of the 12 of the 12 (December - 12 - 2012).

      By the moment, she has collected 400 kisses, but she wants to arrive to more than 2012 kisses.

      Virginia Marin, Cristina Sierra and Enrique Marin, three people earlier this year had an idea: to collect kisses. But why? Because kissing is a positive attitude, show of affection, and it is all very well to deliver, support and collect kisses. But there is something more behind this initiative, its purpose is social, intended to break a record, and also work with an NGO, for example, Children's Village, with this project.

      Virginia is Magán Marin biologist, photographer and artist. Sierra Cristina Casanova is an economist, creative and entrepreneurial. And Enrique Marin is technical architect, creative and community manager. All three agree that the affection is important in difficult times, and kiss often see things differently, or at least help to optimism.
      Kisses Collection is an artistic-creative and social, involving the taking of pictures of all kinds of kisses, gathered at street level, with the aim to convey concepts and emotions through the expression of the kiss. Also these pictures could be an informal radiography Spanish society of today. The three different types of search locations and situations that may help fill this radiograph (large cities, small towns or slums, factory, hospital, conservatory, fair, beach ...)
      "We have a challenge: get over 2012 unpublished photographs of kisses during this year 2012. With this we aim to make the largest collection of photographs of kisses in the world," they say, and so far have collected about 400.
Since we felt Discapnet an original initiative and especially great for spreading joy. Here you have the interview with Cristina Sierra and his companions, that we talk more about this project
      How did the idea? When thought "I want to beat the record of kissing photos?".
Surge earlier this year, as a wish a year what we ask for this year?. We want to work together on what we like, do something great, pool our resources, knowledge and talents to create something together, make our passion our employment. A Virginia loves photography and I love to take something new and bold, create, we love to innovate.
      On the one hand we wanted to photograph people on the street, record its different types, and on the other hand, we wanted to do our bit to change the defeatist tendencies of today and how better than with love, gratitude, complicity, passion, ...With kisses!. Hence arises asking people to kiss, that approach, and the idea that we would love to collect those moments. And so the adventure begin to create the largest collection of photos of kisses World: WORLD RECORD. Our challenge: 2012 pictures of Kisses, by Virginia photographer Marin, by 12 from 12 to 12:12 h.
      We love new technologies, today is the appropriate channel and global reach everywhere. To this was added Kike, the web manager, who also love the project, contributed ideas enriching. If we do have to do something great for the world, and used to change something that might work better. Convey to the world the message that you can start from scratch and get to something important in the belief that the effort, craftsmanship and passion, these three ingredients, move mountains and are the key to success. That is the important question of attitude and to do things differently and daring works, slope, but it works.
Why December 12 for submission?
      This year for us is very important, very significant, and Cadiz ... 2012, so we also beauty in date: 12 12 12.
Have you already done something similar in another country?
      Let us know, No.
How many photos have you been kissing?
      Almost 400, in this week's Fair Chiclana spend over 500.
When is the next event? Will you come to Madrid?
      This Week on June 15, we have the following event to add to the collection of festivals, as we want to make a social radiography through the photographs kissing, where we meet everyone represented.
      We also plan to go to Madrid, we are waiting for some concrete details and close the final date.
What has been the picture of kissing you have done has touched you most?
      It is very difficult to select a single, every transmit something wonderful and poignant, perhaps the first thing we did in Jerez surprised us most, were the first and our expectations grew in size and depth. But if we have to highlight one each would choose a different perhaps each, although many agree ...
Virginia: The No. 32 (Jerez) "kiss her not to flower." I could not be photographed with his wife because she was sick. I wore the flower for the day of lovers.
Cristina: the n º 54 (Jerez) Ms Cleanser, many years working to support his large family now all unemployed except she was alone, and asks for a kiss-Wish: "Your kiss is for entrepreneurs to do well and that create a lot of work for "their children" and rectified, and says no "to all young people" are the ones that work can lift this country. I burst into tears, and she too, to see those hands so worn and so heartily message.
Kike: The No. 4. (Jerez) Leonor, elderly couple who had 50 years without kissing.
What do you want to show or prove?
      The goal of this art project and social, is claiming the value of emotions, specifically the kissing as a means to "spread hope and optimism in a difficult social times and uncertain as the present." Emotion is perhaps the most powerful stimulus transforms social-action.
Virginia Marin (photographer and creative): Sought through photographic art convey that to capture in a photograph kissing're freezing a unique moment full of feelings, turning a two-dimensional image on an element that goes beyond the three dimensions. Behind each kiss is a story, two paths that converge at this point, then magic.
      Cristina Sierra (creative and entrepreneurial) We seek to reflect the social reality that everyone we meet and convey optimism represented collaborative and spreading.
We start from scratch, just our experience, we have created synergies and material resources owned or borrowed. "We provide what we do best and we share the project, with everyone who believes in him and wants to enjoy the experience join infect the world with a kiss. We want to show that when something looks and CREE is created. "
What was the first photo of kiss with which began the collection?
      A mother with her daughter.
Anyone can participate photos of herself with a kiss?
      If, through the website or facebook collection of kisses.
With friends / as for your time ... kisses and hope that multiply every day ...
      And Virginia said that the next place to search kisses should be "The Balcony of Europe", in Nerja (Malaga - Southern Spain).
"The Balcony of Europe", Nerja, Malaga, Southern Spain.
"The Balcony of Europe", Nerja, Malaga, Southern Spain
 Kind regards, 

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The new Coastal Law in Spain
15 October 2012

      Federico Ramos de Armas, Secretary of State for the Environment, has just talked on the Radio, about the new Coastal Law in Spain.He has said that with the old Law, people has been unprotected, because they thought they were the owners of the houses that they brought close to the coast in Spain, while these houses would be under “concession”, not of Property.

      Federico Ramos says that from now, each buyer shall be sure that its house or hotel shall be of property.

     Also, he thinks that the problem has been the disorder on the old Law.Therefore it has been changed for example two important points: first of all, this new Law shall be connected with the Land Registry.After that, the Law shall be connected with the Cadastre.So, no problem shall appear about the owner of a property.

      Federico Ramos said that the new Law will ask to each town hall for for the data of each property brought, in the village or in the town.

Homes with moorings on the canals of Empuriabrava (Girona), North-east of Spain.Picture courtesy by Pere Duran


      Also, Federico Ramos has talked about “chiringuitos”, in Spain, which can stay on beach for 4 years more.

Chiringuito Bien-star

"Chiringuito Bien-star", Tarifa, Cadiz, South of Spain, by Chodaboy, at

      The new Law shall expand concessions houses built on the beach in 75 years.

      Also, the surface protection easement may lower the estuaries in some cases from 100 to 20 meters.

      According to the Government, the expansion in 75 years of use concessions in the public domain, that began to expire in 2018, is necessary to "avoid the risk of occurrence of loss of the right in such a short time, especially since the difficulties that may be foreigners”. In addition, the owners of the beach houses can sell and make reforms without permission provided no increase in height or volume.

      The new law recognizes that there will be a special boundary looser for the island of Formentera "because of the special geological" of the island. Moreover, public domain excludes another 10 villages which situations fall within the definition of the public area. This is Rocafel (Alicante), Puerto de Santa Pola (Alicante), Marina of Empuriabrava (Girona), Platja d'Aro (Girona), the estuary of Punta Umbria (Huelva), the town of Isla Cristina and the Caño Bough (Huelva), Pedregalejo and El Palo (Málaga) and Oliva (Valencia). These will become part of Heritage, that can be sold. Environmentalists see it as the first step to pass into private hands, because if it is considered public domain can not be sold. In total, approximately 10.000 homes will be saved.

      The text excludes the public domain "artificial dunes and dunes dead", which will reduce the public area in places like Doñana. It also limits the scope definition of the largest known temporary split set the public domain. So far, Costas sometimes resorted to trace fossils to show that there came the sea and therefore should be public domain. Now if only it will be "checked reference" that there came the sea

      It also exempts artificial sea be public domain, as the marina of Empuriabrava (Girona), noting that "not become part of the public maritime-terrestrial those lands that are flooded artificial and controlled as a result of works or facilities made for the purpose, provided that before the flood they were not”.

      The standard also allows advertising on the beaches-so far-was forbidden, "where part of or accompanying activities permitted in the public domain."

      Industries ("quarrying, power, chemical, petrochemical, textile and paper") located in the public domain must pass an environmental report to extend the concession. This process would continue in the Pontevedra estuary to the controversy Ence bin.

      Since the bill became known, environmentalists have waged a battle against what they consider an attack that gives free environment to new urban illegalities. He has also criticized the PSOE reform, reform that considers “smells acquired political commitment and concrete interests people who move to a general law”.

      By contrast, the European Commission has expressed support for the reform on the grounds that "provides greater legal certainty to the owners' farm on the coast while effectively protecting the environment. "This is good news for the Spanish economy. Citizens and European businesses will have more confidence to invest”, said the Vice President Viviane Reding, recently.

      I hope this new Law can help many people out and iside Spain.

Kind regards,


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A very healthy menus in Northern Spain
12 October 2012

      Parents of students from nine basque public school managed in school canteens Instead of using the service companies catering hired by the Basque Government.They want to provide their kids menus "more healthy" and, simultaneously, use raw materials native to boost the local economies.After several years of operation, these schools have found that, even acquiring foods de high quality, the price of Menu paid by families, about 4 --exactly: 4´65 Euros, while in amother Public school, with catering the Menu costs 12 Euros a day, it is "less than half" of what it costs the service Educationhospitality companies. Grouping parents of students in each school charges menu prices directly families and, with that money, manages the dining. Not receive subsidies because are considered outside the official system.

      They hire cooks, helpers and caregivers. Purchased commodities in the village shops and farmersarea. Meals are prepared daily with fresh produce. Department Education invests 118 million euros year in school canteens. In this budget, about ninety million
engaged to pay at seven companies hospitality contracted by the Government to responsible for developing and serving 90,000 meals in nearly five hundred colleges Basques. These firms prepare menus in a central kitchen and delivered the raw materials and make meals facilities of the centers.
       Parents of children attending theseschools served by caterers pay 4per day for the menus (if they have right to transport or scholarships, the price is low). That money covers only 24% of the actual cost of the food for the Executive.
      Education takes care of the other 76%, equivalent to about ten euros. Of the 154 schools with kitchen that had ten years ago and there are only these nine 'Rebellious', most, small centersVizcaya and Guipúzcoa. First was a 2000 Order of counseling, then in the  hands of EA, which provided that all schools should use the service companiescatering approved by the Administration. Another decree of 2007 were gave the lace. The Basque government no longer cover the losses of the chefs worked in eaters welcome to self-managed, in order to push schools to accept menus catering firms. Withoutgrants dripping centers that have closed their kitchens has been relentless since, even though their experience was positive. "Self-management -allows direct purchase of materials raw local producers, develop food at school more quality and savings involved removing the intermediaries" defends Aralar, party last week took the the debate on school meals Basque Parliament to denounce this Schools group has been left out of the system and without subsidies. Formation abertzale also committed to autonomy of schools as a opportunity to use local productsto benefit farmers Basques. The model we have adopted these schools has also cleared by associations of parents of Basque Country (Ehige). In a recent study, alerted of the clustering quality catering menus "are excessive caloric laden pork cooked with abuse and fried foods and no ecological, integrated and seasonal". 
      Parents complained about the lack of control over eating children. "We face big enterprises we can not even choose. What buy?, Where?, Do they follow criteria sustainability?, What to buy local?, How cook?, What ingredients are used, are healthy?, "the report stressed. The Department responsible Education argue that the model catering has had "a great success between families"', and has never caused problems. They say catering companies use permits "More control" and "give more security to families about what eat their children". Spokesmen for the counseling argue that the choice of self is only possible in centers small that developed few menus and can reduce costs by Parental involvement in the service.
      The catering companies, ensure from Education, also use local produce on menus, in Specifically, the vast majority of dairy and poultry and a large part of the meat. Tolosa beans AND APPLES FROM GERNIKA, Larrabetzu School and Altzaga ikastola bet on local produce 31.10.2010 - MAIL In high school Larrabetzu menu today have Tolosa beans, steak sauce, brought by the butcher morning, and apples of Gernika. Children gladly eat beans, some in puree because they are small. "The week nice put last, was a good price. We usually also serve hake". There's no panga or perch "Aitor account, the cook. The public school families Larrabetzu, with just over two hundred students opted for the self the dining room when the decrees of Basque government pushed them to go to catering and close your kitchen. His decision will stop receiving subsidies accounted for dining. "We had the kitchen mounted and remaining bit of money, so we launched, "says Julen Alvarez, member the chair of the committee. Parents pay 4 euros per menu, like Education comes in centers using catering service. With that money, the PTA (Parents Association) gets them to pay three cooks-one full-time and two part-time, ten auxiliary and the coordinator, in addition to the matters premiums. "Even if we acquire products quality, we get less than half of the about 12 euros paid by Education menu 'stress. Parents are convinced that the model we have adopted "health benefits of our children ". "We want to provide a service quality. We worry about what they eat children. Furthermore, by using raw materials urge the local area economy ' Julen details. Families believe that acquiring good eating habits is part of education of their children. The school has a garden in which grow tomatoes consume. A fishmonger, a butcher and the village bakery are served daily. Vegetables also buy them local producers and consume fruit season. "We do not use pre-cooked, twice a month only serve one dish as St. Jacob fried or broiled, not put potatoes as a side bag.
      The peel and fry at the moment. The purees are made with kilos and kilos of vegetables cool. The elaborate what we and tomatoaccompany meals with zucchini, cauliflower ... there is always dessert fruit or yogurt, "adds Cook. Half a dozen schools they have called or visited to interest in their model. As in Larrabetzu, parents of ikastola Altzaga Erandio supported continuing the preparing meals at the center, although it would mean a greater effort economic and family involvement. "When we wanted to impose Education caterers did an assembly and opted for self ... Despite we had to raise the quota to 30 euros families pay a month! Education we gives a single euro. We only put tripping. But worth it offer service and food quality is very important, "explains one of the responsible dining. Parents pay 70 euros a month for the menus. In Altzaga they feed 600 children. They also buy the vegetables, the bread, meat or fish in town. They try to hire as assistants and people watchers dining related to the school community, mothers, alumni ... They claim, as Larrabetzu, which they subsidize Education part of the service, as do the other schools that work with caterers.

Kind regards,

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A giant squid in southern Spain
11 October 2012

       A neighbor of Algeciras has just found a giant squid, dead but very well preserved.It measures 4 meters.

      It has been found in a beach of Algeciras, close by the Strait of Gibraltar. It is rare to see it on a beach, because they use to be eaten by cachalots.

      You can see the vide about the new here; click down here:

      Several agencies have been interested in this squid; the first one has been the Classroom of the Sea of ​​Malaga.


      The Management Centre of the Marine Environment (Cegma) Strait, based in Algeciras (Cádiz), is studying a dead squid "almost four meters" in length was found Wednesday afternoon by a volunteer on the shore algecireña a beach, specifically in the area of Punta Carnero.
Punta Carnero
"Punta Carnero", Algeciras, Cadiz, Southern Spain, by gregoriomunoz, at
La Bahía de Algeciras y Gibraltar desde la antigua ballenera de Getares (Cádiz)
"The Bay of Algeciras and Gibraltar from the old whaling of Getares" (a very known beach in Algeciras), Cadiz, Southern Spain, by epi, at

      According to Europa Press have detailed sources of the Provincial Delegation of Agriculture, Fisheries and Environment of the Junta at Cadiz, volunteers moved the animal to the Cala Arena and reported to Cegma technicians, who took charge of the squid .

      The same sources explained that they have taken samples from the animal to understand its power and depth to the living. Currently it is in a cold room of Cegma and you have had the autopsy, as it is in an "optimal" and the intention is to "keep full" for exhibition and study. In fact, there are agencies that the Board have expressed their interest in the issue, as is the case of Circe.

      Finally, from the Territorial Delegation underlined the "unusual" for this finding, because "although known to be living in the Strait because, in fact, are the staple food of sperm whales, it is very difficult to see and even more than reach the shore, especially so well preserved". 
Kind regards,

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A spanish wine travels from La Rioja to New York
11 October 2012

       A filmmaker in love with Spain and a family dedicated to wine for four generations have produced a great documentary.

      The winemaking process, but especially the tradition surrounding it, called the attention of the British film director, Zev Robinson, who has made a documentary called "Return to wine what wine has given us."

     The film stars members Vivanco Bodega Dynasty (Briones, La Rioja) and wants to show the side "more human" Spanish wine culture. The documentary premiered yesterday at the Instituto Cervantes in New York attended by the director himself and the president of the Association for the Development of Tourism and Culture (ACTE) and member of the winery, Rafael Vivanco.
Museum of wine "Dinastia vivanco", La Rioja, North-east of Spain.

      Vivanco explained "the director found when our family walked the vineyards of Spain and Portugal, and liked our spirit, especially the phrase that my father both repeats:" We must return to wine what wine has given us", said Vivanco. way, the documentary is the result of the 230 hours of footage that the director collected over several years in which he had the opportunity of visiting twenty Spanish vineyards.

     Through interviews with different generations of Vivanco and workers who grow the grapes, Robinson managed to capture on film the relationship between the two, which considers the true essence of the wine culture. "In addition to selling the wine we have to sell their culture, because the Spanish wine occupies a very small space internationally. Known we sell well and now we have to take a gap on the outside", said Vivanco. "America, the third importer of wine worldwide, presents as the trump card in the future to explore export," he added.
     This is not the first project that Rafael made ​​to meet the wishes of his father. In his village, Briones, alongside the spectacular wineries rises Dynasty Vivanco Wine Museum opened in 2004. The origins of this family winemakers dating back to 1915 and currently participates in the hold and the fourth generation.
     I hope that it has been interesting for you.

Kind regards,

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The Sports Council in Spain
10 October 2012

       Yesterday, in the morning, I could listen the interview to the President of the Sports Council in Spain, Miguel Cardenal.

      Miguel Cardenal recognized that the actual situation of economic crisis affects spanish sport and, surely, it will affect to the spanish athletes in the next meeting in the Olympics Games, in Rio de Janeiro.But, anyway, he thinks that it is not necesary to build more instalations, in Spain.He has hope, thinking of the next Olympics Games, in 2020, because he thinks that Madrid has a lot of chances to hosting those Olympics Games.

"Olympic Stadium before its work", Madrid, Spain.

"The new Palace of sports", Madrid, Spain.

"The Magix Box", Madrid, Spain.

"Coliseum in Getafe", Madrid, Spain.

"The Palace Vistalegre", Madrid, Spain.

"Madrid Arena in the night", Madrid, Spain.

      Miguel Cardenal is sure that in 2020 our Economy will be well.

      At the end of the interview, Miguel Cardenal choosed the song "Michelle", by The Beatles, because he said that the protagonist of this song is a fighter; and so we have to think: that we can get many things with our effort.

      This is the lyrics of the song "Michelle":

Michelle, ma belle                                                     

These are words that go together well 
My Michelle 

Michelle, ma belle 
Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble 
Tres bien ensemble 

I love you, I love you, I love you 
That's all I want to say 
Until I find a way 
I will say the only words I know that 
You'll understand 

Michelle, ma belle 
Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble 
Tres bien ensemble 

I need to, I need to, I need to 
I need to make you see 
Oh, what you mean to me 
Until I do I'm hoping you will 
Know what I mean 

I love you 

I want you, I want you, I want you 
I think you know by now 
I'll get to you somehow 
Until I do I'm telling you so 
You'll understand 

Michelle, ma belle 
Sont les mots qui vont tres bien ensemble 
Tres bien ensemble 

I will say the only words I know 
That you'll understand, my Michelle



Michelle, ma belle,
estas son palabras que van juntas, así,
Mi Michelle

Michelle, ma belle.
Son palabras que van muy bien juntas,
muy bien juntas.

Te amo, Te amo, Te amo.
Eso es todo lo que quiero decir,
hasta que encuentre una manera,
diré las únicas palabras que sé que
tú entenderás.

Michelle, ma belle,
son palabras que van muy bien juntas,
muy bien juntas.

Necesito, necesito, necesito.
Tengo que hacerte ver
oh, lo que significas para mí,
hasta yo estoy esperando que
sepas lo que quiero decir.

Te amo.

Te quiero, te quiero, te quiero.
Creo que tú sabes por ahora.
Voy a llegar hasta tí de alguna manera,
hasta que incluso te estoy diciendo lo que

Michelle, ma belle
Son las palabras que van muy bien juntas,
muy bien juntas.

Diré las únicas palabras que conozco,
que vas a entender, mi Michelle.

      I hope that it has been useful for you.

Best regards,


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An important Protected Designation of Origin in Spain
10 October 2012

       An important Protected Designation of origin in Spain has awarded the prizes to the commercialization of the products of the Sierra de Cazorla, Jaen.

      The Protected Designation of Origin, named "Sierra de Cazorla", have just awarded a prize, between other ones, to the National Radio of Spain, thanks to its contribution to transmit the good image of this Protected Designation of Origin, such as important for Spain.

      The Council of the Protected Designation of Origin "Sierra de Cazorla" agreed at its last plenary the award winners in its edition CAZORLA SIERRA 2012 at mills and more entities have struggled to produce extra virgin olive oil quality and to defend and promote the qualities of the oil market. These awards have been presented at a public event to be held in Madrid.


      The Award for Best Maker has gone to the SCA The Oil Bética de Quesada, while the award for Best Deposit Picual, 2012 has gone to the SCA "Our Lady of the Incarnation" Peal Calf. St. Thomas The cooperative Sao Tome has been worthy of the prize in this category.
      Regarding the best oil campaign Royal variety, native to the region of Sierra Cazorla, in the year 2012 the prize has been shared by Burunchel Alto Guadalquivir SL oils, Oils Cazorla SCA, SCA The Bética Oil, Vadolivo SA, SCA Our Lady of the Incarnation and Union of Chilluévar SCA due to the high quality of the oil produced in this campaign.
      The award for Best Export Labor recognizes the efforts of Oils and Oils Guirado Noguera SL SL Guadalentín with a relentless work on behalf of the overseas marketing.

      The Control Board also wanted to distinguish the Best Labor Oleotourism Promotion, an award that has gone to the Historical Almazara The Almedina of Cazorla.

      Also receive a special prize to the Provincial Council for their work in the defense and promotion of extra virgin olive oil, to which are attached iloveaceite awards, Susana Perez and Alfonso Lopez,  Recetasderechupete. com, for his work to promote olive oil in Internet and social networks.

      Finally, it has been agreed by the full Control Board granted a special award in the media section of Radio Nacional of Spain for its 75th anniversary by recognizing the work done in defense of extra virgin olive oil quality in general and of Protected Designation of Origin "Sierra de Cazorla" in particular.

      The President of CRDO "Sierra de Cazorla", Enrique Martinez, makes it clear that these awards are necessary to recognize the work they are doing many farmers, mills, packers and marketers of produce extra virgin olive oil of the highest quality and make it know. "The main change this year is that the ceremony for the awards will be in Madrid, and we want to serve to support and further the marketing efforts of the entities included in the Control Board and also specially dedicated to collective catering and restorers originating in the region of Sierra de Cazorla and today are a benchmark in the world of gastronomy in the capital of Spain", he explains.
      The Sierra de Cazorla is in the Province of Jaen (South-east of Spain) and Jaen is the bigest producer of Olive oil, in the world.There, in Jaen, there are 66 millions of olives (trees).
"Olivos", Jaen, south-east of Spain, by Phranet, at
      I hope that you have tasted the olive oil from Jaen many times and, if you could not do it, I hope that you do it so soon.
Best regards, 

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A master of Flamenco guitar in Spain
10 October 2012

       I have just search a wonderful video, in You Tube, with a concert in Live by Paco de Lucía and his Flamenco group.

      This is the video: click down here:



      The concert started with the song "Callejón del Muro" (this is a small street of Algeciras, where Paco de Lucía was born in 1947.His stage name comes from his mother, whose name was Lucía).

      The next song is "Antonia".

      The next song is: "Soniquete".It means: "Repetitive sound that become boring and unpleasant".

      The next songs are: "Song of love" and "To fly".

      The next song is "Convite" ("Dinner party", "Banquet").

     The next song is "Luzía".

      The next song is "Zyriab".

       And....the last song is.....the famous "Entre dos aguas" ("Among two waters".Here, Paco de Lucía means: "Among to seas: The Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea", two seas that meet in the Strait of Gibraltar).Here, Paco play his guitar while Aldi Meola plays his.

       I hope that you have enjoyed as I did.

Best regards,


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300 years old of the National Library of Spain
09 October 2012

      Today, at half past six-thirty in the afternoon, among the events of the Tercentenary of the National Library of Spain, will be held in the auditorium of the BNE-Tribute Encounter with the Cervantes Prize, sponsored by the Repsol Foundation, attended, among others, Mario Vargas Llosa, José Jiménez Lozano and Antonio Gamoneda, and in which Marisa Paredes and Asier Etxeandía will read excerpts from the works of writers awarded the Cervantes.

       The Prize for Literature in Spanish Language "Miguel de Cervantes", known as Cervantes Prize, is the highest distinction of Spanish letters. With this award, which since 1975 awarded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, recognizes the creative work of Spanish and Latin American writers whose work has contributed to enrich the literary heritage in Spanish.

      The ceremony is held each year on 23 April, the death of Miguel de Cervantes, in the auditorium of the University of Alcala de Henares, in a ceremony presided over by SS. MM. the Queen of Spain. The BNE, which honors awarded annually to a portrait for which the writer chooses the artist, and becomes part of the heritage that preserves the institution, aims to exploit its Tercentenary to honor all the winners.
Best regards,

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A great spanish singer´s new album
09 October 2012

        Monica Molina is a great spanish singer, that I like very much; and sha has just published her new album, named "Mar blanca", which is a tribute to her father (the great Antonio Molina, a very good singer of spanish copla and who died when Monica was a child).

        She wanted to make versions of the most famous songs of her father; for example:"Soy minero", "Cocinero, cocinero", "Adios España", with the style: Bolero, Habanera, Rumba, and Jazz. She says that this album is so special for her.

        Monica says the the song --that belongs to this album-- more representative of this album, is: "Mar blanca".

      This is the video of "Mar blanca":

      This is the lyrics:

Mar blanca de los luceros
como una copla de sal
soñando barcos veleros
dormida la playa esta
alegre como un jilguero
parece un almendro en flor
que por milagro del cielo
junto a la playa broto

Mar blanca y pulía
a ti te quiero cantar
con garbo de Andalucía
ole con ole, ole y ola
mar blanca rosa encendía
novia bonita del mar
cantando te doy mi vía
ole con ole, ole y ola

Mar blanca y pulía
a ti te quiero cantar
con garbo de Andalucía
ole con ole, ole y ola
mar blanca rosa encendía
novia bonita del mar
cantando te doy mi vía

ole con ole, ole y ola 


      And this is the original Version by her father, Antonio Molina:

Antonio Molina singing  "Mar blanca".


      I hope that you enjoy everythng of that.

Kind regards,


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The Charisma in Spain
07 October 2012

       Ruben Turienzo is a boy from Madrid, who has just published a book with the tittle: “Carisma complex”.

      Ruben Turienzo is a boy from Madrid, who has just published a book with the tittle: “Carisma complex”.

The book "Carisma complex", by Ruben Turienzo.


      Ruben says that the Charisma is the capacity that a peron has for attracting other persons.

      In his book, he talks about 150 advices, that he call them: “150 pill to increase your magnetism”.

      Ruben talks about 6 ways for getting charisma:

1.    1.   Seduction.

2.    2.   Influence.

3.    3.  Motivation.

4.    4.   Persuasion.

5.    5.  Leadership.

6.    6.  Stimulation.

      His 150 advices are based on the look; for example he talks about “The look made of candy”.

      Another important thing, for charisma, is the attitude; Ruben says that it is a negative attitude when many people  --when they are asked why they are— answer: “Tirando” (“Pulling”).

      Ruben explain why there is few charisma; he says that we were never teached in order to have charisma.In school we see the same patterns for all the children, because I do not want that children have creativity.We like that children are creators when they are so young, but not when they are older.It seems to be funny for us, when children are so young.

      If you want to see the Ruben´s website, in Spanish, please click down here:

Best regards,


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The real Spain
05 October 2012

       Some days ago, the Candidate for President of United States, Mitt Romney, critized the Policy of Spain.Exactly, he said: “I will never do the same policy than Spain”.

      Well, but I say to Mitt Romney, that surely he does not know the real Spain, because my country also have much more good things.For example, in the 80´, Spain could go into the European Union, while many people thought that Spain should not be abble to do that.On this sense, Spanish people must be thankful to the President, Adolfo Suarez, who was abble to unite to the different politicians, in the years 76 till 79.So, our Democracy started to be strong.

      Another important thing: thanks to God, in Spain we do not use to solve problems with guns; however, in United States is very common to use them.Data: in United States there are more that 20.000 murders, each year.Also, there are 300 millions of guns in the hands of civil people.The politicians –above all the most of the members of that same political party, whom Mitt Romney belongs— defends the use of guns.Therefore, I am proud of my country: Spain.

      On the same sense, our Police is one of the best in the world –nothing to envy to U.S. Police--.For example, the Spanish Police, has just avoid a slaughter in Mallorca, where a young boy was ready to place several bombs in the University of the Baleares Islands.I am proud of my Police.

      Also, I should like to invite Mitt Romney to see my Blog and concretely some of my posts:

On International Politicy, our solid


      Another gesture of solidarity: when a terrible earthquake happened in Haiti, in January 2010, Spain was one of the countries who gave more help:


      I want to remind Mitt Romney that Spain is inside Europe, belongs to the European Union, since many years.Then, the policy being applied by our Government is what they ask for us from the European Parliament.Surely, our politicians do not like to apply many standards imposed by EU partners.On this sense, Romney should be aware that the spanish Goverment can not do or have what it wants, because the European Parliament does not let do it.Then, for example, the Central Bank of Spain depends of the Central Bank of the European Union.It is completely different than in United States!!!!; there, they have only one Central Bank, for the 50 states and, so, if their National Economy is bad, their Central Bank can decide issue more money; here, in Spain, we can not do that, because the Central Bank of Europe does not let it.That is a big difference!:


      Another good thing in Spain is our discoveries in Medicine:


      Also on International Policy, Spain has done a very important contribution:


      On Education, we are abble to contribute with new projects:


      Another advance in Energy:


      Another advance in Medicine:


      Well, so I hope that image of Spain will be better in the future.

Thanks and best regards,


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International Congress of Cardiology in Spain
04 October 2012

       Today has been celebrated an International Congress of Cardiology in Madrid.There, its members were to show the recent advances.

       Among other advances, they were to show a new system for unclogging heart arteries.They were to explain that a small spiral --like a spring-- is placed into the artery, in order that the lsmall device makes the artery widen.So, the blood flow.This small device is named "Stent".

"Stent" made of metal

      But, also this small device is used for treating the esophageal cancer.

A metalic stent inside esophagus

      A new, in this Congress, is that this small device is made of a plastic, with the ability to be absorbed by the body.So you have not to keep the device for ever.

      I hope that this one and other new devices can help to many people all over the world.

Kind regards,


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Sleep in adults in Spain
04 October 2012

       The Doctor Eduard Estivill has published a manual about sleep in adult people, the tittle of the manual is: “Que no te quiten el sueño” (“They do not take away the dream”), Publishing house: Planeta.

      The Doctor says that it is very important to sleep well.He says that a very common trouble, today, is the stress, the use of social networks, the use of mobilphones and put them on bedside table.He says that, at least, we need two hours in order that our brain disconnects.He recommends to read a book in your bed.

      Many people think that the orientation of the bed is an important thing; but the Doctor Estivill says that this one is not true.

Best regards,


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Spain as a world leader in transplantation
03 October 2012

      17.3% of all donations recorded in the EU last year were made in Spain.
      When Spain's credibility falters in many respects, is in one that still leads the world in organ transplants in a nutshell translates to give life. Spain, with 35.3 donors per million inhabitants and more than 4.200 transplants performed in 2011, continues to maintain its global leadership. In addition the data show that 17.3% of all donations recorded in the EU last year were made in Spain.


A transplant operation

      The World Transplant Registry, which manages the National Transplant Organization (ONT) for 6 years in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO), estimated to total 106.879 solid organ transplants performed worldwide in last year, representing an increase of about 3% over the previous year. Of these, 73.179 were from kidney, liver 21.602, 5.582 of heart, lung 3.927, 2.362 and 227 pancreatic bowel. Europe also recorded for the fourth consecutive year, a slight increase (+0.6%) in the rate of organ donation. In 2011, this rate rises to 19 donors per million people, compared to 18.4 last year. Data collected by the ONT estimated at 9. 604 registered donors in the European Union last year, an increase of 4.3% compared to 2010 (with 9206). This increase, though small in absolute numbers, Europe has allowed exceed, for the first time, the 30.000 transplants annually, with a total of 30.290.

      In absolute numbers, this increase has enabled around 1.200 transplants than in the previous year. As for the waiting list, just been variations. As at 31 December 2011, the figure ONT 63.009 patients waiting for a transplant in the EU, representing about 1.000 people more than the previous year (+1.8%).     

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Textbook Exchange in Spain
02 October 2012

       Yesterday night, I could listen on the radio, the creator of a website dedicated to the textbook exchange, named "" ; he is Alejandro Sarmiento and he has created this website, because it was needed in his home --his younger sister needed a textbook--.

      With this website, you can bring for example 5 textbooks and you can take out 5 textbooks.

      By the moment, this system only works in Alicante (East of Spain), concretely in the Vega Baja and Elche.

      As they have few money, they ask voluntaries and people who are abble to contribute with money.

      This is :

What is Donaz?:

      Donaz is a website that was created with the idea of ​​exchanging textbooks that can be used for the second or third time.

      It's about changing your textbooks used last year by other individuals that you can serve for the new course, saving a significant amount of money.

      Donaz service extends throughout the region of the Vega Baja and Elche (Alicante).

      Courses cover Primary, and Secondary Education.
      The service offered is free Donaz. However, to offset the costs associated with this service can make a donation it deems appropriate.

Libros de texto

"Libros de texto", by agirregabiria, at

Why you must use Donaz?:

        Donaz gives you the possibility to get the books that your children need in the next course in a simple, fast and without leaving home.  

      Register for free service to donate your books and get what you need.

      Do not stack used books in your home. Donate them, you can receive the next year and save yourself a lot of money.

      In addition to cost savings, among all help the environment with the rule of the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

     Without leaving home, pick Donaz books and leads you.
Best regards,

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The International old people´s Day
02 October 2012

      Almost 40% of the Spanish population will be over 60 years in 2050.

     This data will place Spain as the seventh most Aged State in the world.

      Only Japan, Bosnia, Portugal, Cuba, South Korea and Italy exceed this figure.

      The percentage of people over 80 will double by 2050.

      More than a third of the Spanish population, 38.3%, will have more than 60 years in 2050, according to a report by the Population Fund , UNFPA. 

     This figure will place Spain as the seventh most aged state of the world behind Japan (with 41.5% of the population over age 60), Bosnia-Herzegovina (40.4%), Portugal (40.4 %), Cuba (39.2%), South Korea (38.9%) and Italy (38.4%).More than a third of the Spanish population, 38.3%, have more than 60 years in 2050, according to a report by the Population Fund UN, UNFPA.

      Moreover, Spain, with a rate of 22.7% over 60 years today, aging faster than all the European countries, which collectively reach more than 60 years, 33.6% within 38 years, states the report titled "Aging in the XXI century: a celebration and a challenge."      

      Meanwhile, in Spain the percentage of people over 80 will double by 2050, from 4.4% today to 10 In Europe, the percentage of people over 80 will rise from 4.4% today to 9.3% in 2050.In Europe, the percentage of people over 80 will rise from 4.4% today to 9.3% inIn Europe, the percentage of people over 80 will rise from 4.4% today to 9.3% in 2050.

Más de 800 personas mayores celebran el XX aniversario de COAPEMA

More than 800 senior people celebrate the Twentieth Aniversary of COAPEMA, by Gobierno de Aragon, at

Kind regards,


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Another Spanish sayings and proverbs, 40
01 October 2012

      A ojo de buen cubero:

      You do something for approximation, by trial and error, by simple visual estimation; that is, as in the last task performed their cubes manufacturers --coopers--, or other craftsmen void, as glassblowers, potters, etc. "Nothing of theodolites and bagpipes; a ojo de buen cubero, we calculate everything.

Pintada en un Cubo de Basura

"Pintada en un Cubo de Basura", by alvy, at


"Alfarero", by Pepe Ortuño, at


Kind regards,


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