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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Spanish sayings 104
29 July 2009

''From good clear soups (stocks), good soups''. ''When you use good ingredients, the result is good too''

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Spanish sayings 103
27 July 2009

" Eight months capon, for the tables of Kings " "It extoils to this bird as an ideal delicacy for the most refined palates."

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Spanish sayings 102
25 July 2009

"Wineskin without wine, it does not cost one cumin". "Wineskin, although it may be a magnificent craftwork by itself, it is no good for very much if it lacks the juice of grape".

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Spanish sayings 101
24 July 2009

"To the young boy, bread and egg". "They are nutritious and strengthening food, so that they  need to be given to growing children".

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Spanish sayings 100
21 July 2009

"Oil, wine and salt, royal merchandise". "They are three basic ingredients of our diet, and the most considerated in cooking".

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Spanish sayings 99
19 July 2009

"Blessed bees, holy places for bees, give honey to men and beeswax to altars". "They are animals highly prized, they are able to please to God and to men".

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16 July 2009

 ATLANTIC is a Company, managed by a niece of mine, a cousin of her and another girl.

They started the bussines this summer, one month ago, more or less.They take care of kids. In the morning, they take them to the beach, then, they play tennis or paddle; also, they go to the swimmingpool of  "Hotel Dos Mares", and, of course, they enjoy it very much. They can eat there and have painting, language learning, games and several other activities in  the afternoon.

Please have below  a picture of some children, who were there weekend in June. This picture was made from the swimmingpool.

Now, I will show you the first advertising of ATLANTIC : 

I remember you that Dos Mares is in Tarifa (Cadiz).

Here, the children are ready to play paddle.

This child shows you the T-shirt of the Hotel Dos Mares, which represents to ATHLANTIC.

The girl, in the left side of the picture, is Eva; she is one of the three members of ATHLANTIC.Here, Eva is applying suntan lotion to a little girl.


Here, you can see to Eva, playing paddle with a little girl".

Also, the children go for a walk, throw the gardens of the Hotel.On the top to the right side of the picture, you can see to Helen (another partner of the Company ATHLANTIC).

 I hope that you will take your children there, because they will enjoy so much. I assure you !.

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Spanish sayings 98
16 July 2009


"To the ham of (with) pork fat, good stroke of wine". "It increase the good ham, which in order to be tasted better must be accompanied by a good wine".

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Spanish sayings 97
15 July 2009


"Of good wine from Jerez, a little bit each time". "If a wine is good, and the one from Jerez has a reputation for being it, it is preferable to take a little bit in order to savor it  better and not to go too far !."

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Spanish sayings 96
14 July 2009


"Good pot, bad will". "Who spends too much for eating and, in general, by himself, probably he shall leave a little to his heirs".


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One day in Bahía Park
13 July 2009


This is a general view of Bahia Park, from one of the the highest slides (Multipistas = several trails; concretely there are 4 trails).Bahia Park is just beside Algeciras, quite near the centre and situated closed the top of Villa Palma Avenue.

On the left side, you can see another slides, which have several bends. And, on the left side, you can see a little beach, with waves, sometimes, of course.

The name of this slide is: Kamikace.Here, you only can throw your self with a big float (named "Donut"), which you can rent there, in the entrance of the Park.You can throw only yoursel or in group.

This is the slide "Multipistas".I tried it and I can tell you that it is so funny.

This is the beach, with little waves.

Those are the slides with bends, that I told you before.

This is the other beach, without waves.In the middle of the picture, you can see a big and yellow drum (barril)  that, when it is full of water, it turns and empty all the water over the people who is waiting for it under.

This is the other swimmingpool, where you can travel along the zip-line.

This is the swimmingpool for children.

At the top of the picture, you can see a big yellow slide; and to the left, there is an orange one.


If you go before 3 : 30 pm, you will have pay 16 Euros; but, if you go after that hour, you will have pay 11 Euros.The funfair is closed at 7 : 30 pm; but you have to leave the complex at 8 pm; it open at 10 : 30 am.


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Spanish sayings 95
12 July 2009


"Water drinks, who wine does not have". "It advise to resigne oneself with whatever you have, if you can not get what you think is better".

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Our girl "Eye on Spain": Five years old
12 July 2009


Yesterday afeternoon, we celebrated the Birthday of Eye on Spain.It is already 5 years old and we celebrated its Birthday in Sabinillas, with Justin (its creator) and Susan (Justin´s wife) and other people.

In this picture, you can see to --from right to left--:  Justin (From EOS), María (From Costaluz Lawyers), Susan (EOS), Patricia and Christine (from Costaluz Lawyers too).

Thanks to Justin and Susan for giving us the opportunity of knowing to this special girl, named Eye on Spain.It is our responsibility to let her living healthy and with loving, in order that she grow for ever.

¡¡Happy Birthday, eyeonSpain!!.

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Spanish sayings 94
11 July 2009


"To the hunger, there is no black bread". "Need, specially at eating, it makes no revolting to any kind of bread or food".

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Spanish sayings 93
10 July 2009


"Bird who flies, to the casserole !". "According to this saying, all  birds are good for beeing eaten, seasoned in one or another way"

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Spanish sayings 92
09 July 2009


"You will live a good life if you contain your wrath". "Restraint helps to avoid a lot of angers and disputes, which lives more tranquil and relaxed". 

Explanation :  When the translation of the saying, in Spanish,  says: "evitgar", it really must say: "evitar". "evitar" = "to avoid".

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Spanish sayings 91
08 July 2009


"Let us laugh a little bit, let us laugh, that  we will not miss our death hour" "You have to take advantage of the good moments of life, because the bad ones will arrive inexorably".

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Kite-Surf in Tarifa
06 July 2009


I took this picture yesterday afternoon, in the beach "Dos Mares".At the end of the picture, on the left, you can see the village of Tarifa.On the right side, is the island (it is a Naval Base); and, behid, is África --as you can see, yesterday, the visibility was good--.

Everything started when I arrived to the Hotel "Dos Mares".Suddenly, I looked at the beach and I could see several sails of Kite-furf.This was my vision of that:

But here, there were few sails.Then, I went down to the sand, I looked to the left and I could see much more sails of Kite :

With the next picture, you can see what I was seeing with my camera and the zoom, in front of the hotel :

After that, I went up to the swimmingpool and, from there, I could make this next picture :

To the left side of this picture, you can see another view :

I turned right and I could see another view very interesting :

And a little bit to the right side, you can see the School of Kite-Surf "Escuela Dos Mares":

After that, I went down to the sand, to the left of the picture that you have seen upstairs, and started to see people who was preparing their sails:

I continued walking by the seashore and I could enjoy this next view:

Walking a little bit more, I could find this spectacle :

But, in that moment, I turned back my head and I could see another nice view; on the right side of the picture, you can see the famous dunes of Valdevaqueros --they are the highest dunes in Europe-- and I listened on the radio that, this last week, has been celebrated one heat of the World Championship of Kite-Surf thre, in the beach of Valdevaqueros.

Now, I will show you another nice view, which I could enjoy, against the light. Along all this coast, you can see this effect, in the afternoon, and over the see, you can see this special light, similar to the silver color :










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Spanish sayings 90
05 July 2009


"Who makes what he wants, does not make what he must". "If we do what we feel like, with difficulty we fulfill with our obligations, which use not to be pleasant".

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Spanish sayings 89
04 July 2009


"Such is not to know as not to see, and such is not to see as not to know." "Ignorance is one of the worst ills because it makes us blinds to the knowledge."


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Spanish sayings 88
03 July 2009


"He knows to bring the water to his waterwheel". "It is applied to people who are smart in deals and business and they always get that those are beneficial for them."

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Spanish sayings 87
02 July 2009


"Truck farmer´s dog, who does not eat either lets eat". "It referred whom muddle and to the envious persons: they do nothing and do not let doing to the rest people".

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Spanish sayings 86
01 July 2009


"Little bird who listens his call, listen his pain". "It usually happens that, attracted to an attractive lure, we fall in danger or difficult situations".

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