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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

A Spanish game: yes or no?
30 August 2014

      In what country do you think the original “Game of Chinese (Chinos)” is: China, Spain, United States or India?.

      I had heard of this game; but, the day before yesterday, watching a contest on television, ..... suddenly, I began to doubt ....... and I was not sure about where was invented this game. At the end, I found that the home country is Spain.

      Indeed, a shepherd from León (Northwestern Madrid), the eighteenth century, invented this popular entertainment, which meets in Madrid today tens of players, in the National Championship, promoted by his grandson.

     Not as old as chess, checkers and Parcheesi, with more than five centuries of play on their boards, nor as "modern" as Monopoly or Scrabble, emerged in the twentieth century. The popular "Chinese game" was born in 1787, in a small town of Leon, Bercianos del Camino Real, and, of course, the Chinese (people) had nothing to do.

      It was Felipe Valdeón Triguero, a shepherd of the village, who, at age 41, invented the game to pass the hours during shepherding. He picked up, some small stones --the chinas-- and invited other shepherds to do the same and hide in his hand which seemed to guess after you well with the closed hand, many numbered among all without repeating the number. So, it is told by Jose Antonio Hidalgo, Valdeón´s grandson, who has promoting the “game of Chinese”, over twenty years.

Felipe Valdeón

      The last Friday, more than 70 players have gathered, at the bar “Anjo”, in Madrid, in the National Championship of “Chinese”, who has been organizing, since 1987. Two hundred years after the first game, the heir to the inventor started the first championship. "As a tribute to him, in order that this game does not die, each year I bring closer the flame to keep fire".

Jose Antonio Hidalgo (Valdeon´s grandson, the heir)

      When asked, Jose Antonio, how was he so sure about his ancestor was the creator, he replied: "So I was explained by my maternal grandmother, Asteria Valdeón, playing when I was a child and all tally". This is what explains Jose Antonio (one early retirement, 63 years old).                  

      The game was easily extended with the rural transhumance passing through Madrid road to the pastures of Extremadura and Andalusia. In addition, in Bercianos (León, North western Madrid), there was a hospital for pilgrim from road to Santiago.

      Its extreme simplicity, it takes just three stones, coins or even sticks or other small items, the game became the suitable to be “transported”. Although the secret of its success lies more in the cunning necessary to win. So it was seen by the quick-witted , who sought,  in the guile, the way to take a wine or get something at the expense of some nerd in this art.

      After years of decline, it re-emerged with the proliferation of American bars, in the 60s. People played very much, while drinking alcohol. The game then experienced another of its moments of glory, to oblivion from which it was rescued by Hidalgo, in the late 80s.

      This sir, native from Leon, who got started as dedicated to calves, with the name "Little dark skinned from Leon”, remembers the "boom", with a mixture of pride and nostalgia. These were the years in which he played the Chinese with Pepe Domingo Castaño and Goyo González in a contest at the SER chain;  María Teresa Campos interviewed him and he came to denounce Jesus Hermida, by "appropriate" the game on television. That led him to dislike patenting holds today.

      In his “Chinese championships”, over the years,  have standed out Angel Sanchez (with four first prizes), Joseph Estrada and Jose San Juan. Celebrities like Alfonso Ussía, the comedy duo, now deceased, Tip and Coll or the actor in the Television Serie "Aquí no hay quien viva", Eduardo Gomez, are also fans of the game “The Chinese” (Los Chinos).

      Madrid, León, Salamanca or Bilbao are some cities, in which you can still hear, in bars, phrases like “gancho al trapero” ("hook to the rag and bone man") (7), "barreiros" (8), “la mano en niño” ("the hand on child") (the 5) or the “gusanillo” ("little worm") (6), in the slang of the game. Because almost all numbers have a corresponding nickname. And, although they tell that there is who have played the Chinese to his wife, Hidalgo only admits: "It helps you" when a friend of you, who pretends to be crazy, pays a round.

      "It is a distraction, it is fun and everyone can play. There is no distinction between men and women and children love it”, says the "guardian" of the game. Although, he adds: "It is not as simple as it seems". A good player of  Chinese requires, in his view, six qualities: psychology, observation, memory, concentration, cunning, luck and intuition.

     Among them, Hidalgo stands out the need to observe the opposite hands: "If you take (chinese), you usually press the hand and close it to try to cover them, it is an unconscious thing", he affirms, showing a fist with the fingers close to the wrist and the knuckles tense. And if you pay attention, you detects trends of the other players: "If at first he take out 'one', then 'three' and then 'none', probably, in the next move, he will take 'two' ".

A Hidalgo´ s hand


       I do not know who has won, the last Friday; but I know that the prize was 200 Euros and a commemorative trophy. Although there have had more awards and medals to the tenth.

      Although the Chinese game seems simple, there are many tricks with which one can be deceived. Jose Antonio Hidalgo gives some clues to 'novice':

  1. Doubt who always tells you to open your hand first. That makes it easy to take it or not and somehow dropping the coin or stone. "It is very easy to hide a coin between your fingers and pull it out or not, as appropriate" and it shows. Watch out if it strokes its  hair, it can drop the coin to the shirt collar. The correct thing is open hands at the same time and leave conspicuous.
  2. Be attentive, if you play against two being friends. Look carefully to the hands, because it can indicate, to the other, with the fingers, which they carry hidden.
  3. Verify that the opposite is really playing with coins. You have to check them, before you start, because more than one has played without Chinese, after getting simulate the gesture of hand in pocket.
  4. Define how well you play. Some mixed coins and sticks, for example, and then, they says that the stick is worth or not, depending on the move.


Well, here it is over the explanation of the "Game of the Chinese." I hope you enjoyed it.    

See you soon, kind regards,


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Spanish scientists advance in therapies against brain and spinal injuries
22 August 2014

       Again, I have found that Spain has very good scientists, able to develop important discoveries, for example for Medicine. This time, it has been a finding against the spinal cord and brain injuries.

      Indeed, a group of scientists from the Institute of Health “Carlos III”, of Madrid, have discovered a new pathway, in the development of therapies, to combat irreversible brain and spinal cord injuries.

      The discovery consists in blocking a protein, that prevents the growth of axons --part of the neuron, that is responsible for transmitting nerve impulses--, which affects the regeneration of damaged nerves.

Nerve connection of neurons

      This work, which has been led by Marçal Vilar, director of the Laboratory of Neurodegeneration of the Functional Unit of Chronic Diseases Research of the Institute Carlos III (UFIEC-ISCIII), has been published, in the latest issue of the journal PLoS Biology.

      In the research, it has also collaborated the laboratory Kuo Fen Lee, belonging to the Salk Institute, in California (USA).

      According to the evidence, presented in tests with mice, recovery of nerve damage rarely occurs due to inhibitory signals, associated with myelin --lining of each rib in the spinal cord and in the brain--, that surrounds and insulates the axon.

      "The paralysis, resulting from spinal cord injuries,  is owing to that the injured nerves can not regrow and can not perform their normal functions",  Vilar has explained.

      Such failure is associated with that, in injured areas, are liberated  molecules, that bind themselves to specific receptors, located in the axon and prevent the growth and regeneration of it. In this line, these receptors, called Nogo Receptors (NgR), need to form a complex with the p75 protein, to achieve produce the signal, that cancels that regeneration.

      In addition, another protein have been located, which are designated p45, which can bind to p75 and, in turn, block the inhibitory actions on recovery of the axon.

      The ability to isolate these effects "is very important, in the protection and restoration of neurons", said Vilar.

      "The studies, that we have conducted in both laboratories, have shown that p45 binds specifically to certain regions of p75, in order to block its function and signaling", has detailed the Spanish expert, who also stressed that: "We now know where to act, to block the activity of p75". With this new strategy, "we think that a door to the rational design of specific inhibitors of p75 to allow future therapeutic applications in various processes of brain damage and spinal cord injury is opened", concluded the researcher.

      Well, I found this article very interesting and it made ​​me think, once again, that in Spain we have very good scientists, and it is a shame that, often, they can not develop their projects, for lack of money.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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Natural medicines in the Spanish food
21 August 2014

      I have just found a video, where a young lady, who is Nutritionist, explains some properties of Spanish food. If you want to watch this video, please click here below:

Carla (the presenter): “Would you eat meat of colt?”

A sir: “Yes!”

Carla: “Why?”

The sir: “Because I think that it is a meat with an outstanding quality”

Yolanda Santiuste (Biologist): “The colt is one of the most excellent meats, at a nutritional level, at the level of minerals it has, its protein level ........... An animal, that is released, when digest, it is much more digestive than an animal, that is, let us say, in a feedlot, which eats only feed .... To tell a meat that has run, running, as we might say….the meat is a little bit dark”

Carla: “And pineapples, coming from Costa Rica?”

A lady: “No, no, no…”

A fruit seller: “Old people do not like pineapples”

Carla: “Why?”

Fruit seller: “Because pineapple is a product, which has come, commercially well ..., about 15 years ago”

Yolanda Santiuste: “But pineapple has an enzyme, very interesting, because it helps to improve digestion ...... If you have an injury and need to heal a knee, we must heal a foot or anything, that has failed, let us say, pineapple is going to help us to clear the area ..., it is anti-inflammatory”

Another lady: “Hakes are phenomenal………..It is the best thing, thant ypu can eat, when you are delicate and old”

Yolanda Santiuste: “A fish that has many properties, we can choose “Hake” ...... If somebody has a difficulty for digestion, it would be a type of fish, that is easy to digest .......we need Omega 3, Omega 6 and, in the case of hake, it is very well balanced. It can be grilled, it can be cooked  in the oven ..., provided that we do not exceed 120 degrees, because if not, the proteins will be damaged and no longer be nutritious”

A third lady: “He serves me eggs, which have until 2 yolks”

Yolanda: “Egg has properties, both in clear and in the yolk; in the clear, especially, thanks to a protein, needed to transport things by blood. And, in the yolk, we will find: Vitamin D, we will find Omega 3, Omega 6 --which is necessary—“.


Carla: “Of these vegetables, What you think having more properties?”

A sir (probably a husband): “The broccoli!”

Carla: “The broccoli. And the garlic?”

A fourth lady (probably the last sir´s wife): “I do not stew without garlic and onion. A lot of garlic; today I have taken a whole head of garlic, in the stew”   


Yolanda: “If we have a parasite, whatever it is: either a virus, a bacteria or even an intestinal worm, garlic is going to come in handy ... If you have parasites, you have to take it raw and take few more garlic better .... and if we want to detoxify and help circulation, we have to take it as it is cooked”

The fourth lady: “And who goes after to street?...and I do: Ja!”

Carla: “What do we do to eliminate breath?”

Yolanda: “Well, you can, we can say, camouflage: you can take mint (menta) leaves, mint (hierbabuena)..... and camouflage the smell .... Then, start the day with a clove of garlic, it would be wonderful”.

      Well, I hope that you have liked this post, such as I did. Now I am going to search another news, about Spain, for you.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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Spanish Study on plastic and glass bottles
20 August 2014

      Until yesterday, I thought that the material, with wich plastic bottles are made, was harmful to health. One day, someone told me that  the "Pet" (a derivative of petroleum), which is in plastic bottles, breaks off and enters the water, every time we wring a plastic bottle. But, yesterday, I read a news, that said plastic bottles, containing mineral water, are not harmful to health.

      An analysis of more than 130 kinds of mineral waters, by researchers at the Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research, in the CSIC, has determined that bottled water, sold in Spain, are virtually free of the compounds emitted by plastic or sheets, that cover glass bottles.

      The study, published in the journal Food Chemistry, indicates that these compounds were only detected in some cases, but in amounts far below harmful limits for health, as recorded by Sync.

      The researchers analyzed 131 mineral water springs and three drinking water, prepared in 94 brands marketed, in Spain.

      They took samples, just after bottling in the plants packaging and storage after one year, to assess whether there had been migration of plastic components or additives, during that time.

      "The findings indicate that such, both containers, made of plastic or glass, as packaged waters, are completely safe for health and comply with current legislation", says the study's lead author and a researcher at “Idaea-CSIC”, Silvia Lacorte.

      The plastic materials, used for packaging foods, are constituted by small molecules or monomers, which together with their additives, can migrate to the product, during the manufacturing process of the packaging, filling or storage.

      Scientists, from Idaea-CSIC and the Oliver Rodes Laboratory, have focused on those compounds, that can be transmitted, from plastic or glass bottles, to water. Specifically, they have analyzed five types of phthalates --esters ftálico acid, dietilhexiladipato (DEHA), octylphenol, nonylphenol and bisphenol A (BPA)--.

      These substances are common in the manufacture of packaging, but they may have toxic effects on the reproductive organs and the endocrine system, if they exceed the limits of the legislation on plastic materials, in contact with food.

      From a total of 6,516 values​​, only 5.6% gave positive results. The compounds, that appeared most frequently, are DEHP or di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate, related crown cap glass containers, and the BPA, associated with containers polycarbonate, a type of moldable thermoplastic, customary in the industry.

      But concentrations are negligible and are well below the maximum total daily intake or TDI.

      For example, in the case of DEHP, you would have to drink 231 liters of water, in a day, to reach the limit, set by the legislation (0.05 mg / kg bw / day) or 124 liters, if it was the BPA.

      "Keeping in mind the concentration of the compounds and the daily consumption of bottled water, the possibility of developing health problems, due to their intake, is nonexistent", insists Lacorte.

       The researcher says that the results "may be useful for packers and distributors of caps and resins, which are continuously improving their products, to limit the migration of packaging and keep intact the characteristics of the spring water".

      "The migration of components sometimes causes a sensory problem, rather than toxicity, so that the first bottling companies are interested in using plastics, that do not dislike the taste of the consumer", it has been explained by the researcher.

     The analyzes also reveal that plastic bottles, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), with cap high density polyethylene, which represent most of the water containers in the Spanish market, have he analyzes also reveal that the plastic bottles, polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with cap high density polyethylene, which represent most of the water containers Spanish market, means a very low incidence of plasticizers.

      Furthermore, it has been noted that the format of the container does not affect the water quality. Neither the storage period, since the compounds, detected in freshly packaged samples, were essentially the same as after a year in storage.

      It has only been found that the presence of gas, in the water, can slightly enhance migration processes, which, generally, are related to the type of monomer or plastic material, used to manufacture the packaging.

      “Bottled water has often been attacked, on the issue of migration of plasticizers; but, really, it barely occurs; and, if an incident occurs, we now know why, so we can improve the packaging", says Lacorte, who reminds: "In Spain, it may seem a luxury to drink bottled water; but, in many countries, it is a necessity, because there is no tap; and, in all cases, it must be safe and of quality".

      Well, I do not know if you knew this news before. I did not it and I have been surprised.

      Till very soon, kind regards,


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Mediterranean soil microorganisms, including Spain
18 August 2014

       A Spanish study found that microorganisms of Mediterranean soils are very resilient to climate change, which means that the Mediterranean ecosystems are not as fragile as compared to other, in front of possible variations, in global temperature.

      This has been explained to by the lead author of the research, Jorge Curiel, who notes that these microbial communities --bacteria and fungi, mainly--, have a highly adaptable capacity and can operate under extreme conditions, such as "likely" current scenario lies ahead.

      Although there is still lack of knowledge, about the world of bacteria and fungi, we know that these organisms are essential for the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems. They live in soil and they are responsible to provide plant nutrients and, also, that protect against pathogens attacks.

      “Therefore, to know their resistance to changes in the environment allows us to assume that the Mediterranean region will not be as affected as, for example, the tropics to climate change”, says the scientist.

       The experimient has been to subject the communities of microorganisms to extreme drought. Over ten years, in a coastal oak soils in the mountains of Prades (forest Poblet, Tarragona) have simulated more arid land by excluding rain in certain plots. That is, they have recreated the possible weather conditions that await us in the future.

      Through a technique of massive DNA sequencing, known as "pyrosequencing" have found that the bacteria studied were not only able to survive but also not altered "significantly" their  structure.

     “There have been adapted throughout history, it is a natural selection. At the Mediterranean climate, changes –year on year, seasonal and even daily-- are large, so these communities have already developed this resistance", says Curiel.

      He also explained that knowing the reality of these living beings is critical, because any change, that occur in them, has crucial consequences, on the ecosystem they inhabit. Thus and observing their taxonomic and functional stability, the team of scientists think that, in the Mediterranean regions, climate change will affect less.

      The research also highlights that these organisms play a key role, in emissions of carbon dioxide, the gas that contributes most to the greenhouse effect, since their respiration produces, approximately, five times more CO2, than all human activities combined.

      If changes occur in these communities, Curiel notes that the consequences could be decisive: what about their emissions?, Would they increase?, What if they stop providing nutrients to plants, essential if they perform photosynthesis?.

      Finally, they have also studied the big diversity of microorganisms, much higher than which exists in the "macro world": in half a gram of soil, they can be found up to 3,000 different species of bacteria and over 1,000 fungal phylotypes.

      The work, which has involved researchers from the National Museum of Natural Sciences, has been published in two papers in the journal “Soil Biology and Biochemistry” and in the “FEMS Microbiology Ecology”.

      Well, I hope that you have liked this study.

      Till next time, kind regards,


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In Teruel, only two telescopes in the world allow you to see stars
14 August 2014

Today, I want to share with you a video about an very important scientific advance. If you want to watch this video, please click here below:

Silvia Barraca (EDITORIAL ARAGON):  “We start, in the day, a story that we tell through their nights, because it is when they are still chinks of light, when the window opens to the Universe, in one of the best skies in the world for stargazing, on top of Teruel (in the "Vulture Peak"). Two telescopes, uniques in the world, its field of view: 36 times the full moon”.

Javier Cenarro (RESPONSIBLE OBSERVATORY TERUEL): “They are not telescopes, that reach further, to the ends of the universe; but, yes those that combine the opening of field, field of view, that we have, and the depth to which we can get”

Mariano Moles (CENTRE DIRECTOR OF ARAGON ASTROPHYSICIST COSMOS): “The field of vision is so huge, that it will allow us to make a mapping of the entire sky, visible from here, with 12 filters, in less than 3 years; ie, it really is a technological achievement ... "

Silvia Barraca: “Able to look at ten billion light years, from a place that seems to embrace the Milky Way. This titan, still under construction, has the camera with more pixels, in the world: 1.2 billion; there is no other one with higher definition .......... These telescopes tell us how clear is night to observe”

Another member of the team: “The forecasts are very good for tonight”

Silvia Barraca: “To test the telescope of 80: its first images, like the Moon (one of the most perfect photos, that they have never done). Scientists from around the world, are hoping that this eye unveil great secrets”

Mariano Moles: “One of the current biggest scientists challenges is to know how the universe is formed .... What is that thing, that we call  "Dark Energy"?"

Silvia Barraca (EDITORIAL ARAGON): “And there is complicity with them, because the galaxies seem to want to pose, flirting with this unique look”.

      Well, I hope that you think that is such interesting as I do.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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Southern Spain: the cot of Hope
14 August 2014

      For several centuries, Spain has been a "cradle" for many foreigners, with other cultures and diverse backgrounds. For example, in the second century BC, the Romans settled very near Tarifa, next to the one we know today as Beach of Bolonia; and there, they built a city of 2,000 inhabitants, which they called "Baelo Claudia". And as the Romans, we were visited by other cultures, in Cordoba, Granada, etc.

      But today  --and exactly in Tarifa--  we have seen other cradle: a cot that the members of the Red Cross have prepared for a baby, just only 7 months old, who crossed the Strait, in a boat made ​​of plastic and without her parents. Yes, on a little and flimsy plastic boat, like our kids use to play on the beach .... But she has not used it for fun, but to seek her freedom and progress, endangering her own life.

      She is a beautiful girl and her deep black eyes have won the hearts of we all, who have seen her on television. Her innocent eyes, unawares of the wickedness of those who do business with people, who dreams of a better world and risk their lives in the attempt; unawares of the political differences of the adults; unawares of bureaucratic errors, allowing her to leave from the arms of her parents, on a trip so dangerous. She does not understand that the Southern Spain --to where, for a mystery of life, she has arrived this morning--, has become the door of Hope Europe. She just wants to eat, sleep and laugh, because she is a girl ..., . it does not matter where she comes from.

       Surely, she has never dreamed of being a Princess; but, for us, she is a Princess. And that is the name that the members of the Red Cross have thought for her.

      Right now, Princess must be sleeping, in what the volunteers of the Red Cross have, so carefully, prepared for her: her Cot of Hope.

      I congratulate all members of the Red Cross, involved in rescuing immigrants (adults and children, like Princess), because they make me feel proud to have a Red Cross, so ready, in my country.

     Till my next post, kind regards,


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More funny phrases by spanish children 9
13 August 2014

      Today, I want to share with you some funny phrases, said by spanish children.I am going to take these phrases from a book, tittled: "Nuevas frases célebres de niños", by EL HORMIGUERO (it is a tv program, where sometimes they show somefunny phrases, like these); Publisher: TEMAS DE HOY. I should like that you buy this book, because all the profit from its sale goes to the Spanish Federation of Cystic Fibrosis.On their behalf, thank you for your help.

      Well, these are some phrases, that I have chosen:

Eric, 3 años:

Eric estaba muy inquieto, mientras veia un festival de baile, en el que actuaba su hermana. Como su tio sabía que, cuando come Eric, esta tranquilo, fue a buscarle una hamburguesa. Cuando llegó la comida, su tio le hizo un truco de magia y le sacó la hamburguesa de detrás de la oreja. Cuando llevaba media hamburguesa, Eric se quedó pensando y le dijo: "Tio, haz magia otra vez y sácame unas patatas!".

Eric, 3 years old:

Eric was very restless, while watching a dance festival,where his sister was acting. As his uncle knew that when Eric is eating, he is quiet, he went to get a burger. When the food arrived, his uncle made ​​him a magic trick and pulled the hambuger from behind the ear. When Eric had half a burger, he was thinking and said: "Uncle, do magic again and throw some potatoes for me".


Pedro, 8 años:

Estaban hablando Pedro y su tia del bebé , que iban a adoptar ella y el tio. Pedro le preguntó de dónde iba a venir el bebé. La tia le respondió que de Etiopía; y, entonces, Pedro dijo: "No puede ser, tia, eso no es un país, es una enfermedad de los ojos!".

Pedro, 8 years old:

Peter and his aunt were talking about the baby, who she and the uncle were going to adopt. Peter asked where the baby was coming. The aunt replied that Ethiopia; and then Peter said: "It can not be, aunt, that is not a country, it is a disease of the eyes!"


Mónica, 4 años

Estaba su madre explicandole las restas: "A ver, Mónica: en el colegio te dan tres caramelos y te quitan dos. ¿Cual es la solución?". Y Mónica contestó: "¡Pues que se lo digo a la profe!".

Mónica, 4 years old:

Her mother was telling her the subtraction: "Let's see, Monica: at school they give you three candies and removes two What is the solution.?". And Monica replied, "Well, I tell the teacher".


Iván, 6 años:

Ivan le dijo a su madre: "Mamá, ¿Te puedo decir un secreto?: tengo novia". "Pero Ivan, todavia eres muy pequeño", le contestó ella. E Iván cargado de razón, le dijo: "Bueno, así tengo la faena hecha".

Iván, 6 years old:

Ivan told his mother: "Mom, I can tell you I have a secret girlfriend?". "But Ivan, are still very young", she replied. And Ivan, laden reason, said: "Well, so I have the job done".


      Well, I hope that you have enjoyed with this phrases, but above all I hope that you can buy the book. If you want, you can entire in this two web sites:


      Till next time, hind regards,


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Conil, a white wonder in Southern Spain
12 August 2014


      Today, I want to show you a video, which explains how is one of the best places for vacations in Andalusia. The place is Conil de la Frontera (Cádiz) and, if you want to know more about it, please click here below and enjoy:

The Presenter: “More than half of the inhabited land of Conil is rented; therefore, this town of 21,000 inhabitants, in winter, goes to over 120,000, in Summer. And these beaches have a lot of guilt ... "


The presenter (Mario Montero): “Very good…..”

Several ladies: “Hellooo…”

Mario Montero: “Where you go, with all of those things, that you carry there….?”

Pepi: “To get drunk….”

Mario Montero: “Let we see….Is this of here litronas?”

Note: Litronas are big bottles of beer.

Pepi: “Of course…But they are light”

Mario Montero: “Ah…they are light….”

Mario Montero: “From where you have come?”

Pepi: “From Mérida”

Mario Montero: “Ah.., from Merida”

Pepi: “We are a group of fitness: Toñi, Ana, Ascen, Pepi and Rosa”

Mario Montero: “You have left behind ... some to the husbands and the most to the children”

Pepi: “To the children”

Mario Montero: “You have escaped…”

Toñi: “Yes, a little bit…but it is with permission…”

Mario Montero: “All right…How many children have you left?”

Toñi: “I have left three”

Pepi: “I have two”

Mario Montero: “You bring a bikini, obviously; bikini, swimwear ..... goal: get pretty brunette?”

Pepi: “That, specially”

Mario Montero: “Ah….Already we arrive…?”

Toñi: “Yes…this one…”

Mario Montero: “Which one?”

Toñi: “This, the first one”

Mario Montero: “Does the 35?”

Rosa: “Toñi, Do you open or not open?”

Mario Montero: “Let us inward…”


Mario Montero: “You have it…absolutely everything in the middle: suitcases, bags…”

Pepi: “Look:  with the little beach…this is the umbrella, the water, the little sun….It is a pasty”

Pepi: “Galician, galician liquor….We are going to make a paella, a seafood paella”

Mario Montero: “What rigged you are…!, And a day are you going to give a tribute to your selves?”

All the ladies: “Yes”

Pepi: “Moreover, the double is now, when you turn the corner”

Mario Montero: “The double?!”

Pepi: “The extra, the extra pay”

Mario Montero: “The extra pay…., all right.., because What do you do?”

All ther ladies: “Officers”

Mario Montero: “Here you are going to ride the night tea parties, right?”

The ladies answered laughing: “Yes”

Pepi: “What it is that you wake up and see these views, see the beach, stay here little quiet, relaxed…”

Mario Montero: “How much it costs?”

Pepi: “180”

All of them: “180, until the Sunday”

Mario Montero: “Lie”

Pepi: “I swear you”

Mario Montero: “180 Euros each one?!”

All the ladies: “No, no, no…36 Euros, each one”

Ascen: “36 Euros, for all the weekend”

Mario Montero: “How are you going to sleep?”

Pepi: “A sofa-bed”

Ascen: “For Ana”

Mario: “Ana, Is this one, which is turn to you?”

Ana: “I have chosen it, because I am the early riser more”

Mario: “Who are the owners of this bedroom?”

Toñi: “We”

Mario: “You both”

Toñi: “It has been turn to us”

Mario: “You have to share a bed. This is typical in Conil; Is not it?”

Toñi: “Of course”

Mario: “Shal it be the first time?”

Toñi: “Yes, the first time”

Ascen: “Girls…..!”


Mario: “Along with the beaches, the other major tourist attraction of Conil is its gastronomy. Right now, at the Guildhall, are being auctioned delicacies that, once they arrive to the restaurants, they will have tripled their price”.

Mario: “Tell me you: What do you bring there?!”

First fishmonger: “This are Combas”


Mario: “What is the usual thing here in the Fish market of Conil?”

Second fishmonger: “Here we have a fish, that is very good, as is the Bream (Urta), the Corvina, the Snapper (Pargo), the Golden (Dorada), the Bocinegro…”

Another fishmonger: “Cazón”

Mario: “Cazón?. How awful!....That is small….only 16 kilos………………..These are “Borriquetes”……”

Fourth fishmonger: “Borriquetes. Many stay around here, in the area, and the 70 or 80 percent go to Portugal”

Mario: “The Greek market, which in theory does not have much money, bid very strong for this; right?”

Fifth fishmonger: “Sure, the tourism there is a tourism with a lot of economic level”

Mario: “There, where we are seeing, they are not all buyers from Cadiz…”

Fifth fishmonger: “Now…yes; but…what it happens is that they have in their hands the remote of Greek, of Italian…..”


Mario: “And the flagship of all this is Tuna….”

Second fishmonger: “No, Tuna is a flagship during a given month. Let us say that it is tha big business or the big tourist attraction…”

Mario: “Who is eating the tuna from…from Conil?”

Second fishmonger: “It is eating by Japanese, Korean, North American……Here stay a small percentage”

Mario: “Do you also negotiate with the Almadraba Tuna?”

Second fishmonger: “No”

Fifth fishmonger: “It is very complicated. If I want, I can buy Tuna from Almadraba, but at price of Japanese”

Mario: “Can you not participate in the Almadraba?!”

Second fishmonger: “No!”

Fifth fishmonger: “Let us see….: the Almadraba is a grant by Coastal Authority, to certain companies…”

Mario: “Have you tried it, have you tried to entire in the business of Tuna?”

Second fishmonger: “Of course…we tried it and it is impossible…”

Fifth fishmonger: “No, I have not”

Mario: “It is exclusive”

Second fishmonger: “They say until 75 years……It is a big monopoly”


Fifth fishmonger: “These are little snappers and this is a Bocinegro”


Mario: “And all those nets there…?”

Fifth fishmonger: “Those nets are from the Almadraba, which have just been disassembled, several days ago, they started to disassemble”

Mario: “Tuna…for you, who come from Conil, and who are fishmonger….this is only a touristic attraction…..It almost does not leave (give) you…..(money)”

Fifth fishmonger: “To me?, It does not leave practically anything to me….If I want to buy only belly from Almadraba, it costs to me more than 50 Euros one kilo……These are developments of people…..with alittle bit more cash….and here begins the hotels area”

Mario: “It is estimated that, in Conil, each year, a new hotel is opened and there are approximately 4000 hotel rooms”

Fifth fishmonger: “The problem is that site is ending…”

Mario: “It is that they are 84 square kilometers, 14 kilometers of coast….”

Fifth fishmonger: “Look at the beach.., here we have the beach…”

Mario: “This is the restaurant, where we come…”

Fifth fishmonger: “This, here…, we come to this one, after we come to the other one…”

Mario: “Look, already the gentleman is getting out”

Fifth fishmonger: “The cooker”


Fifth fishmonger: “This is a Bream (Urta)”


A cooker: “This is a little Cryfish (Cigalita. Note: it is say “cigalita” not cause of its size, but in affectionate sense). We sell it by weight, Do you understand?.It is asked grilled or boiled or as you want…..Around 50 Euros, more or less…, more than 30 Euros…, more than 40 Euros”

Mario: “This is more than a touristic attraction….”

A cooker: “This is the essence, that we have here: the fresh tuna ..., we  put it in an assortment: Tataki, Carpaccio, Shashini tummy ...”

Mario: “How much costs this wonder…?”ç

A cooker: “I do not know….14….22, more or less, I think it was….”


A cooker: This is a black rice…”

Mario: “With squid ink”

A cooker: “With squid ink”

Mario: “How many paellas have you put there at once?”

A second cooker: “All fires occupied and 8 or 10, waiting to put on fire ...”

Mario: “Uahhh”

A cooker: “We have marching 14 or 15…”

Mario: “So the oyster is opened?”


Mario: “María: This is your restaurant, which was formerly a snack bar ....!”

María: “Exactly”

Mario: “Let us we see….How old is your restaurant?”

María: “But…we spend 50 years here. The floor inside the restaurant was sand; so imagine you ... ..the donkeys went inside, to bring the fish”

Mario: “This is the typical customer profile, who comes to Conil ...Who would be, in this case: British, German…”

María: “Above all German”

Mario: “Leave German tipping?”

María: “Yes……..Who left more: 100, 120 …(Euros)…”

Mario: “I can not believe it….120 Euros…!”

Mario: “How many diners….a nice summer day?”

María: “You can not make an idea ... because sometimes we repeat the terrace tables 3 times ......and fit 120 people in the terrace….”

Mario: “Do you become to give feed almost 400 people, in a lunch….?”

María: “There are people who are eating at 6 pm…It is what everyone is searching ... this is the paradise .., when it is easterly wind, just a little bit less; but right now this is the paradise”

Mario: “And these are the famous beaches of Conil, Are not them?!...So special…, that they have a so white sand….”

María: “Well yes”

Mario: “At low tide….”

María: “It has a beautiful shore”

Mario: “100 metres from shore?!”

María: “100 metres”

Mario: “Do you think that the area of Conil, Zahara de los Atunes, Caños de Meca…can become a future Marbella?”

María: “I do not think so….In Conil, we have the drawback of wind, that hits much wind. We have coves, when the east wind blows and coves when the west wind blows”


Mario: “Hellooo .... It takes courage ...: Summer 2014 and the T-Shirt Spain! ... Ehh ...?. That is to have personality!?”

Summer visitor: “You have to be tough and mature”

Mario: “Resident or summer visitor?”

Summer visitor: “Summer visitor”

Mario: “Since how long?”

Summer visitor: “Summer visitor since five years ago”


Mario: “We have the beach only just 200 metres from here…...., you cross ........”

Summer visitor: “Approximately….and here we enter in what is the village itself…”

Mario: “Is this the village?!..This is the main street”

Summer visitor: “One of the main streets….”


A neighbor: “Rural people brought their little things and were selling them, in the front door ....... She is Dolores, who has lived here for many years”

Mario: “That lady has a jewel….that are strings of garlic….!”

A neighbor: “Look…a typical thing of the village…and of the courtyards was to hang up in the street…”


A neighbor: “This is….an old house….”

Mario: “A house of 10 square metres, where they could live…..”

A neighbor: “but…3 or 4 people..or 5…”

Mario: “Conil is made of alleys ... up and down all the time…!”

A neighbor: “Because there was not an urban plan; then, people made their houses, as they could …..”

Mario: “What is this here….?!”

A neighbor: “It was a little kitchen, a common kitchen; but what happens is that they are abandoned…”


Mario: “How these walls protected to Conil?”

A neighbor: “Well.., the walls protected of the Moorish attacks, that existed; of pirate attacks, because Conil also had the Almadrabas, that was one of the values ​​that the village had”

Mario: “A treasure there…!”

A neighbor: “Exactly. Then, they had to be protected, because the people, who lived within the enclosure, was people with money”


Mario: “Although Conil is world famous for its fish, it is also for the quality of its garden ..... Here is celebrated one of the last auction vegetable spoken throughout Spain…”

………………….Auction spoken…………………………..

Mario: “Bartolo: Do you understand that sir, who is doing the auction?”

Bartolo: “Many times, I do not understand him, I sense him.”

Mario: “And you are Conileño (from Conil)…!”

Bartolo: “That is fixed soon: when you buy 3 times and you have paid the price more expensive than it is worth in reality, the fourth you notice”

Mario: “People swirls around the auctioneer and when he sees clearly, he says:….

Bartolo: “says: mine!”

Mario: “Mine!”

Mario: “All this has some historical roots…”

Bartolo: “Of course…. The small landholding, in Conil, come in the wake of the grounds, were Conil own land .... let us go to the auction ..... they were grounds “de propio”, ie they were grounds of City Hall and throughout the history of conil, we have had a lot of struggle for land”

Bartolo: “We grow over 60 different vegetables. Look for example how good are these little  radishes”

Mario: “This is a product of Winter and you have it here in Summer”

Bartolo: “This watermelon….look….extraordinary”


Mario: "Why do you break it?!!!!!”

Bartolo: “In order that you see that it is mature”

Mario: “A little slice in the mouth…..And who will be going to pay that…?”

Bartolo: “This will be paid by the owner……… We are accustomed to losing ..... Do you think that less than 20 cents a kilo of watermelon ..., what a waste ....?, If we have lost every day…”

A seller: “This is a Roteña (from Rota, Cadiz) pumpkin, a fresh pumpkin,... this the pumpkin, when it is not ripe yet ... this is used here for stew ....”


Mario: “Paco: tourists not only come to take pictures, but also to acquire land products”

Paco: “Undoubtedly”

Mario: “What the tourists take ... Any takes something cause exotic ..?”

Paco: “They take ... they are taking aromatic herbs: thyme and oregano, amount, to take as a souvenir, to give it to the family .....”

A lady in the market: “I just love, love that many tourists come, because we are so happier, more cheerful ... Moreover, I also live of tourism”

Mario: “What have you got?”

A lady: “We have a Construction company and a developer and have hotels”

Mario: “And in Summer?”

A lady: “In Summer, you would not believe it….All out”

Mario: “How many seats of hotel have you?

A lady: “Hotels…in one of them, we have 46 seats and in the other one: more than 60”

Mario: “Mother mine…… A neighbor of Conil, anyone, tells me that she has 100 seats to rent ......…And formerly did you work as another thing?”

A lady: “Just only to Construction….Now more to Tourism….Goodbye”


Mario: “Javier, Virtues: Summer arrives and cities of coast, like this, like Conil, become the scene of artists….. all the time,  up and down ....”

Virtudes: “All the time…one does not stop…….Hello…, How are you, Vale?.......How are you?”

A young man: “Well”

Virtudes: “Well?”

Mario: “Is the budget well along the coast of Cadiz?”

Virtudes: “When it is summer, it is a little bit more noticeable, that people consume a little bit more and they can go up a bit ... So, in winter, I have to go there .... because in winter here people do not pay much”

      Well, here the video has finished. I hope that you have liked and you did not feel tired yourself.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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A tour around the province of Cádiz, South western Spain
05 August 2014

      Today, I want to show you a nice video, about the province of Cadiz --here, Cadiz is named "Cai"--.If you want to enjoy this nice and rich province, please click here below:

       After watching this video, I hope that you feel like to come here to visite this province, in the South of Spain.

      Till soon, kind regards, 


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The top 15 natural pools in Spain
05 August 2014

      In 2013, 92% of the water for bath, in Spain, were of good or excellent quality. But also, we have to recognize that there were several areas (coastal and interior), that did not meet the optimal conditions for swimming.

      However, today I just want to mention the interior areas with optimal conditions for swimming. And I found 15 natural pools, between the best in Spain.

      Natural Swimming Pools are sealed natural areas, where it enters the sea water or spring water emerges or a river flows.

      The natural pools are an unique resource for not a few rural areas. They have not spoken man, but to put up some stairs, walkways or a trampoline. Bathing areas are since "always", now they are a boom, for travelers seeking authenticity.

      These are the top 15 natural swimming-pools, that I have found all over Spain:


       Fontcalda is located in the town of Gandesa (Tarragona). Set between mountains, along the river Canaletes, the health resort “Fontcalda”  is a surprise for walkers. The road, linking Gandesa with Benifallet, the C-43, gives access to a forest trail to the site. Nearby, the Shrine of s. XIV, and unforgettable scene of the Battle of the Ebro, in the Civil War, to which has been dedicated a museum highly recommended.

Aniol d'Aguja:

      We follow in Catalonia, but now displaced to the province of Girona, in the beautiful region of La Garrotxa. The refreshing pool Gorg blau of Sant Aniol is a permanent stimulus for travelers, who choose hiking in the region. The route to get here is an attraction in itself cause of its local history and legends of the natural environment.

Beceite and path Parrisal:

      Between the marvelous landscape of the Beceite Ports, in the region of Maestrazgo (Teruel), is the path Parrizal of Beceite. Decorated with guns practiced by the river Matarrana and signaled from the Pla of the Mina to the Straits (1.5 h. From Beceite: 2.5 h), the route is accessible to all audiences. The pools, the natural pools are a great refresher for summer outings.

Natural pools in the Sierra of Gata:

      Holly (L'Acebu) is a picturesque village, in the Sierra of Gata, according to its inhabitants "famous for its lace bobbin and oranges". You can find it at Caceres, to the northwest, very close to the border with Portugal and sheltered in the foothills of Mount Jálama. 2 km from the village towards Ciudad Rodrigo, you will encounter the natural pools Jevero and Carreciá and bar services.

The Caletón in Garachico, Tenerife:

      Canaries are especially abundant in natural pools. In general, on natural resources they seems unattainable. The Caletón is a natural pool located in the municipality of Garachico, on the island of Tenerife. The forms of this particular pool, in front of the Ocean dows not correspond to any famous architecture, although they are precious, but random lava solidified in 1706, when the volcano Trevejo erupted (also known as Arenas Negras).

A Chavasqueira:

      The Chavasqueira, in Ourense, are properly some thermal baths. As the Outariz pools, they seem out of context. Its waters emerge to 62.6 º and reach to 43 º, to the pools. There has been talked of its health benefits, as a treatment for osteoarthritis, acne or dermatitis. They are known as Caldas do Obispo (Caldas of Bishop), because it was the figure, who commanded the places to put for bath.

Garganta de los Infiernos: 

      Lacking to the Jerte Valley, in Caceres, some natural pools such as the Garganta de los Infiernos, to get everything. And everyting is even cherries of the Jerte, the fruit of this white miracle of spring. The Garganta de los Infiernos is a Natural Reserve, in the Sierra de Gredos and it is the place from where you can access Extremadura from Ávila. These are not the only pools, but the most famous in the place. Also known as “Pilones” (Basins,piles), there are interesting routes through waterfalls, pools and flora and fauna of this place of Caceres.

Springs of the Algar: 

      Les Fonts de l'Algar is located in Alicante, 15 km from Benidorm and 3 km from Callosa d'en Sarria. If someone has put an objection, to such a wonder, it is due to the saturation of visitors. In 2002, it was declared Wet Protected Area and, although it retains an excellent degree of environmental conservation, it has also integrated travel services something invasive. However, it is certain their conservation and the value, that they attach to environmental education, through information, routes, etc.. Adults pay 4 € and children 3 €.

Las Chorreras (the Frills): 

      In Cuenca, at the municipality of Enguídanos, you will find the place known as The Frills, in the course of the river Cabriel. The spot has been defined as "a chaos of waterfalls and cascades, side caves and emerald pools, at the foot of foaming rapids wild". It seems right. From the reservoir of Víllora until the Cabriel meets the Guadazaón (Junta de los Rios), there is a whole area of pools, in Cuenca. We have to try it.

El Charco Azul (The Blue Puddle):

      The Charco Azul is such a generic name, that it does not print, in word, it is a fantastic place. In the brief island of El Hierro, in El Golfo (municipality of La Frontera), Oceanfront, are arranged two small natural pools: caves accessed walking more than 15 minutes. One of them, which you are seeing, is the Charco Azul, a name (again) that could lead you to other natural pools with the same place name, but on the island of La Palma, in San Andrés and Sauces.

Pozas de Mougás (Pools of Mougas): 

      To the sea, different rivers run nervous through valleys, waterfalls and pools by the Serra da Groba. It Is the Concello of Oia, in Pontevedra, and rivers discussed here Mougásy Pious. The road, among Baiona and A Guarda, the C-550, which will need to achieve is to get to the pools. Near the natural pools of Rego das Pias, a recreational area was available.

La Maceta del Hierro (The Pot of El Hierro): 

      Of El Hierro we talked about its puddle, that natural plunge pool tucked into a cave. But there are more (God knows how many more) in the island: the beach called The Pot, but it is a viewpoint to infinity, with an integral, in the term of La Frontera natural pool. Here man has  practiced, wisely, I must say, certain works: walkways, stairs and some other minor adjustments.


      Very close to the beautiful village of Rupit, at St. Mary of Corcó (Barcelona) is Cantonigròs (or Cantoni). The place is usually visited for two reasons: the International Music Festival (July) and the area of ​​La Foradada. The name refers to the gap (forat, in Catalan) forming the rock. At its side, a waterfall of 15 m created by a set of lights, a very special atmosphere to accessing people of all ages after a trip of about 20 minutes.

Piscinas naturales de Agaete (Natural pools of Agaete): 

      The place where the ancient salt were natural pools, today are facing the sea. Actually, Oceanfront: We are in Gran Canaria, in the term of Agaete. Water carries a steady flow, the pools are filled or emptied, according to the tide place. The refurbishment works have greatly improved the travel experience, in the natural pools of Agaete.

Pou Clar Ontinyent:

      In Ontinyent, term of Valencia, the river rises. This is responsible for the natural pools of Pou Clar. Just spring, the river has formed a few feet away water wells to force crystal polish and pierce the rock. Each well has a name (the esclaus dels, the gelat the fosc ...). By car, you can get through the CV-81, among Ontinyent and Bocairent and taking the detour to the Alforins Fontanars, where you can find one parking.

      Well, I hope that you have liked this post and you can come to Spain, in order to check, at least one of these natural pools.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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A spanish doctor prepares a vaccine against Malaria
01 August 2014

      These days, we are listening, in Spain, to talk about the Malaria. The images are so hard and the lack of hopeness, for a solution to many deaths, makes me feel so sad with all those people, who are suffering so much, in Africa.

      But…, suddenly, I have just found a news, full of hopness.The news ensure that a Spanish Doctor, Pedro Alonso, is leading a project to create the first vaccine against Malaria.

The Doctor, Pedro Alonso

      The Doctor Alonso, who is the Director of the Institute for Global Health of Barcelona, has been appointed Director of the Global Malaria Programme of the World Health Organization (WHO).

      Alonso, who is also Chief of the Service of International Health and Tropical Medicine, in the Hospital Clínic, and professor at the University of Barcelona, ​​will join the WHO headquarters in Geneva, in October, according ISGlobal informed in a note.

      WHO is currently developing a new strategy for the control and elimination of malaria in the next decade, and Pedro Alonso will be the person who will lead.

      "With the support of numerous institutions and leadership in endemic countries, I am convinced that the world can move steadily towards the eradication of Malaria. Participate in this undertaking is an unique opportunity, so I am very grateful", Alonso has featured.

      The Malaria vaccine, in which the team of ISGlobal,  is working led by Pedro Alonso, among other centres, could be available in 2015. It would finish after a clinical trial, in African children, after the 2014 and obtain registration of the vaccine have to grant the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

      Alonso began his career, in international health, over 25 years ago and his most relevant works have been focused on developing new tools, for the prevention and treatment of the Malaria.

      In 1996, with support from the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation for Development (AECID), Pedro Alonso launched the Centre for Health Research of Manhiça (CISM), in Mozambique, which has now become one of the leading examples of success of the Spanish cooperation in health, in Sub-Saharan Africa.

      The contributions of CISM, in health research, in poor countries, have a global impact, as in the case of the Malaria vaccine, and, in 2008, received the Prince of Asturias Award for International Cooperation.

      In 2011, Pedro Alonso joined the Advisory Committee of the WHO, for Malaria Policy, and, that same year, he was elected to lead the Scientific Technical Committee of the Global Malaria Strategy, which is being developed at this time.

      The disease, transmitted by the Anopheles mosquito, caused, in 2010, about 219 million cases of infected people and it kills about one million people, each year, worldwide, as reflected in the report about Malaria, by the WHO.

      Since the 90s, scientists have sought an effective vaccine, against Malaria. In 2002, experts, from the United Kingdom and United States, deciphered the genetic map of the parasite and the mosquito disease, that transmits it, in their quest to control progress.

      Now, with this new boost, in the research, I hope that they get, definitely, the vaccine, such necessary, to eliminate that such a big damage to the world population. I hope to see it very soon.

      Till my next post, kind regards,


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