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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Spanish sayings 55
31 May 2009


"With you, bread and onion". "When there is a lot of love, lovers are prepared to sufer hardship without  they do mind to them".

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Spanish sayings 54
30 May 2009


"A daring handsome man, of ladies favorite"."That who loves to another, has to demostrate to it; otherwise it will get being unrequited with difficulty".

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Spanish sayings 53
29 May 2009


"We all have a price"."However unshakeables that we think ourselves, we all are able to be defeated, by anyway, with money, favours....".

My own comment: You will never be "bought", with money or another material --or not material, but within ethical and moral-- value, if you are a strong and upright person.


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Spanish sayings 52
28 May 2009


"Money calls to money"."Any person who has money, has more opportunities in order to get more".

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Spanish sayings 51
27 May 2009


"In the absence of bread, good are cakes".But, the original sentence comes from the French Revolution, when a king said: "If they haven´t got any bread, let them eat cake", when the population complained they had no bread to eat.Anyway, the interpretation is that "Although we do not get what we were looking for, if we achieve something that replace it well, we have to make us happy".My own comment: Useing, as an example, the draw that you can see upstairs, if you wish to get a car more expensive, nicer and eye-catching, it is possible that you are baseing your happyness on material things.Howevwr, if you satisfy yourself with another cheapper but sure car, then you can manage another more important values, like: humility, solidarity, generosity and other ones.So, you will be an stronger person and you will feel really happy yourself.

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Spanish sayings 50
26 May 2009


"Youth without health, name it decrepity"."To be young is not useful if, because of illnesses, you have to live like an elderly".

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Spanish sayings 49
04 May 2009

"Sansón was, and he was overcome by Love"."It may not boast about beeing immune to the Love´s temptations: who shows off more, also stay trapped".

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Spanish sayings 48
03 May 2009

"Man is fire; woman, tow, the devil arrives and blows"."It warns about supposed dangers which relationships among persons with different sex". 

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Spanish sayings 47
03 May 2009

"Love is blind"."Lover does not see shortcoming either fault in the loved person, although they are very obvious for the rest of the mortals (persons)".

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Spanish sayings 46
01 May 2009

"To an old cat, a new rat"."It says with irony about men who become in love with young women, who could be their daughters".

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