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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

The Day of the Holy Family in Spain
29 December 2013

      Today is the Day of the Holy Family. The Holy Family is the term used to designate the family of Jesus of Nazareth, made according to the Bible, Joseph, Mary and Jesus. His feast is celebrated on the first Sunday after the Christmas day (ie, among December 25 and January 1), or December 30, if there is no Sunday among those two days.

LA SAGRADA FAMILIA, at the church of EL PERELLA, Tarragona, North eastern Spain, by Juan Nolla, at

      Although, according to the Catholic Church, the indivisible union of these three important figures is celebrated  (the Virgin Mary  --whom the Angel announced that she would engender a child who would come to save the world from sin--,  Joseph --whom the Angel of the Lord asked not to be afraid to take Mary, because the Son engendered from the Holy Spirit came-- and Jesus --whom God sent to our world, full of hate and misery, to save to humans against all sin--), I do not want to offend the sensibilities of those who read this and are not Believer, like me, because while I think that the Holy Family is a great mystery, also I think, from a point of view outside the religious belief, that FAMILY is the BASE OF SOCIETY; and therefore it must be maintained.

      I really feel pity, when I listen to talk about a broken family, above all when there are children  –for example, when the father goes to another woman or the mother goes to another man. When it happens, I remember the pain of the Virgin Mary, watching her Son insulted and beat up; but she resisted to see Him on the Cross. She never left Him. Joseph neither left Him.

      A family must be a great TEAM, in order to take forward a difficult but exciting project, full of emotions, as in football --I remember when, before Spain won the European Cup, one of the players of the Spanish National Team said, on TV, that "one of the secrets they had to win was that all of them formed a close-knit team, because they were friends, on and off the field”. Surely, therefore, among other things, they have won the European Cup and the World Cup--.

      When a family is united, you can see harmony in the environment, especially when there are children: they are very sensitive and harmony gives them security and balance to their emotions and to their behavior.

      In Spain, these days we have been talking about the new Law on abortion and I think this new law, which in short is a "cry" for Life  --which I think is a natural law, not a religious one-- , this struggle  --in favour of Life-- is a "flight to Egypt" ("Huida a Egipto") --because the Holy Family fled to Egypt, in order that the King Herod would not find Jesus, who was still a child, and then he could not kill Him, after the order he gave to kill all children under 2 years old--. When I listen on tv to a girl or a woman, who defends abortion, I think that the demon is behind it, who wants to destroy family and also Life. So I feel sorry for those who think that life is easier, sideline a broken family or killing a life, which has not yet had the opportunity to defend itself.

"Huida a Egipto", by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, 1645, at The Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit (Michigan, USA)


       Well, I want to congratulate to all those couples, who being aware of the difficulties of living together, assume the nice challenge of bringing a family up and also to all those women, who do not fall into the trap of killing a life, in order to not deal the difficulties, after the birth.

      This is my reflection on this Christmas time and I wanted to share it with all of you.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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A space parasol made in Spain
18 December 2013

       Tomorrow, Thursday 19, the Gaia satellite of communications will be sent into space.

      Several components of Gaia are from Spain, but there is one very special: a parasol.

      A big 'parasol', manufactured in Spain to protect the satellite Gaia against the Star Solar System. This was reported by the European Space Agency (ESA), which will launch on December 19, from Kourou (French Guiana), aiming to census billion stars in the Milky Way.

      Gaia is equipped with the largest digital camera ever built for a space mission, with a billion pixels, a giant eye that scrutinize and will map our galaxy and the results will mean, according to experts, a before and after for astronomy.

       Its aim is to catalog one percent of all stars in the Milky Way and send information equivalent to nearly 45,000 DVDs of data, over the five year duration of the mission.

      One of the tools that will enable the project is the parasol, ten meters in diameter, which will isolate the telescopes and will maintain them at a constant temperature of 170 degrees below zero.

Satelite Gaia

         It is composed of two layers, thermal blankets, separated by about ten centimeters, each consisting of several very thin layers of different materials, such as aluminum or kapton. This umbrella will be deployed within three hours of the launch of Gaia and should be completely smooth to be effective.

      To extend it will spend about nine minutes, as confirmed to Efe Diego Rodriguez, Director of Space and Defense of Sener and responsible of the parasol. "It is the first time, that it will be deployed in space at one time such a large parasol -125 kg-", he underlined.

      Early work to make this parasol began in 2005. It has passed several tests in simulated zero gravity conditions and low temperatures, both in Spain (Alava) and Toulouse (France), until it has been integrated into Gaia and the rocket.

      Gaia, also equipped with two telescopes with focal length of 35 meters and a spectrometer to calculate the radial velocity of the brightest stars, will reach the intended point in space (called L2) about four weeks after launch and will begin sending scientific data three or four months later.

      Sener, who has also made the mechanisms focus of the telescope mirrors, is not the only Spanish company in Gaia: EADS-Astrium Crisa has made the ​​electronic modules of the CCD; EADS-CASA Espacio has made the antenna and structure wiring and service module, and GMV is responsible, among others, test activities science operations center.

      Spanish companies have exceeded the targets in terms of participation, typical 8.5% has gone to 11.5%, according to Rodriguez, for whom it is a "particularly Spanish" mission.

      This is because the project "fit particularly well" with Spanish technology, since between 2000 and 2010, was given a boost by the Ministry of Industry sector, which increased the company training, he asserted .

      To the engineer, due to cutbacks in the space sector, the best word that now defines the situation is "risk" and has opined that likely will be a "significant" decline in the sector's turn.

      In the scientific section of Gaia, participate the University of Barcelona, the University of A Coruña, Valencia, Vigo, Alicante, moreover the National University of Distance Education, the Supercomputing Center in Barcelona, ​​Catalonia Supercomputing, involved the Fundación Galileo Galilei Fundación Canaria, the Canary Islands Astrophysics Institute and the Space Science Institute .

      I think that it is very interesting; Do not you think the same?. I also think that it is a pity that we are living a very deep crisis, that makes to cut back the budget for Science; it is really a pity, because in Spain we have many good scientists.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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Extravagant words in Spain
18 December 2013

      Today, I want to talk about some curious words, that I know, but also another that I have never listened.

      One word, that I have listened several times is: “Escaquearse”: it means “to go away”, for example, when you do not want to stay in one place and you decide to leave the group, who is with you.

      Another funny word is “Irsuto”: it is “When someone has scattered and hard hair”.

      Other funny word is “Pergeñar”: it means “Develop, implement or have something more or less skill and speed”, --for example: to sketch a plan--.

      The word “Gambito” comes from the Chess and it means: “A trap, in which you sacrifice a piece to get an edge”. Gambito comes from the Italian and in Spanish it is equivalent to “Zancadilla”.

      Also the word “Celada” comes from the Chess and it means: “Ambush”.

      Another funny word is: “Tejemaneje”. It is a mix among: “Tejer” (Weave) and “Manejar” (Handle) and it means something like “Cook up”.

      Other curious word is “Troglodita”. Its origin is Greek and means "cave dweller", and in Latin Troglodyta. In Spanish, we use it figuratively, derogatory or jocular.

      The word “Bolinga” is used as “Drunkenness”.

      Also, since we have the new coin, I have heard the word “Leuro” instead of “Euro” several times.

      Another strange word is “Estrafalario”, that is  applied to the person who is notable for original and ridiculous clothing or way to think strangely.

      There is a word, that I have heard many times, it is: “Tenguerengue” and it is said whe something is when something is wrong, such as for example on a table, and it falls to the ground.

      The “Changurro” is a sauce that is made with nécora.

Changurro of nécora

        Another funny word is “Engañifa”, that means “A little fraud, a cheating”. But it is also used in Jaen (Andalusia), when they are going to eat something, to chop something of food, then they do that in order to “mislead” the stomach.From there comes “Engañifa”  --from “Engañar” (mislead)--.

      Other funny word is “Pamplina”, that means “Nonsense”.

      I hope that you have enjoyed with this post.

     Till soon, kind regards,


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Berenjenas Mozárabes: Another delicacy from the South of Spain
17 December 2013

      This is a typical dish from Andalucia.

      I am going to give you a recipe for 4 persons. These are the ingredients: 2 eggplants, 1/2 liter of milk, 1 teaspoon of salt, honey. For batter: 150 grams of wheat flour, fine salt, 1 egg, water with gas.

      To begin , wash the eggplant , then cut them into slices an inch thick , and leave half an hour in a bowl, with a mixture of milk with salt. We put a weight on top , so they are submerged.

      While eggplants lose their bitter liquid , we make the batter, setting in a bowl, the flour, salt and egg , mix everything well and we are adding, little by little, sparkling water , until a thick mass but smooth (the way to check is to stick a finger and checking that covers perfectly and just dripping mass).

      When the eggplants are finished , we prepare a deep pan with olive oil, and put over medium-high heat , by the time the oil is fine, we grease eggplant batter, drain them slightly and fry , two minutes we turn and , after two minutes, we get to the tray with paper towels ; do in small batches , so they do not stick together .

      To serve: put the breaded eggplant on a platter and sprinkle with honey.

      And this one must be the result:

Berenjenas Mozárabes

      Well, I hope that you have liked this recipe.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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Returning the smile on Spain
14 December 2013

      All we who know the Costa de la Luz, also know that it has a special light, --spectacular, sometimes, I would say--. For example, you can see it quite well in this picture:

Playa La Barrosa, Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, South western Spain, by Alcalaina, at

        But, now, I do not want to talk about the Costa de la Luz, but a girl, who "has just seen the light", because she just smile again.

      Her name is Adut Majier, she is 15 years old. Adut had a benign tumor on the face, that grew and deformed it.She has been operated in the “Clinica la Luz” of Madrid.

      Adut has turned to smile thanks to a team of Spanish surgeons. The Sudanese girl has been successfully operated;  so she can return to a normal life.

         In South Sudan, a land that after years of war begins to look to the future, specifically in the heart of the Dinka ethnic group, the work of a Comboni religious was moved to a group of people, thanks to which it was founded the nonprofit organization, “Amsudan”, to help these religious. For example, there, for more than forty years ago, is the spanish missionary, José Javier Parladé, from Seville.

        So, in a few years, several schools were launched with thousands of students and many projects. The case of Adut, this young 15 years old, is the last project of the organization.

      Two months ago, the organization brought her to Madrid and, after two operations in the “Clinica La Luz”, Adut slowly is recovering her smile, with the help of two doctors. After discharge, the surgeon who operated took her into his home (Javier Mato Ansorena is specialist in Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic and Reconstructive).

Adut with Javier Mato

        Within a few days, she will return to her land. If next year she needs another operation, she will have it. Now, she will leave laden gifts and souvenirs, but what impressed me most was when she said "she would like taking a tap for water forever". Therefore, I think that we, those who are healthy, must give thanks God every day.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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A Spanish project full of values
13 December 2013

      The Foundation "What really matters" to promote and spread human values ​​and the whole philosophy of this NGO ( Non Governmental Organization ) , this nonprofit organization is summarized in the song entitled " More than a song ", composed by David Santisteban and the popular characters that have participated as the singer BERTIN OSBORNE  -- on the video with his family--,  the ex - Model SANDRA IBARRA (President of the Foundation  "What really matters "), the Atletico de Madrid player THIBAUT COURTOIS . It also has the support of the family of MARIA DE VILLOTA , appearing with children in the Foundation who collaborated and made ​​her really happy.

      In this video, also features artists such as NENA DACONTE , DAVID DE MARIA , INDIA MARTINEZ, HUECCO , EFECTO PASILLO , VANESSA MARTIN, MIRIAM FERNANDEZ ( winner of the tv game show “You really are worth" ).

      The videoclip is produced by Gema Lozano.

      With this video , they try to make us reflect on what is really important in Life. It is an optimistic and true message , which helps us to appreciate the simplest things.

      But I do not want to make you wait for watching the video. Here it is:

      This is the lyrics (in Spanish):


que la cuestion no es llegar antes,

es ser mas grande que un gigante,

es detenerse ante las cosas más sencillas....



que no hacen falta más razones,

para apurar de nuevo el tiempo

y desnudando los minutos bellos que me da......



se confunde la Razón,

llevaré en los bolsillos,

sólo lo que de verdad importa......


Estribillo: Tengo un corazón sin miedo,

                  tengo el alma en el sombrero,

                  y un mañana nuevo,

                  lo veo, lo veo lo veo.....


                 Vivo caminando lento,

                 por la senda de algun sueño,

                 guardo sol y una armadura

                 y algo más que una canción…

                 algo mas que una canción……….


Quiero sentirme con los que yo quiero,

quiero sentir el aire entre mi pelo,

el agua, la vida y el fuego,

dejarnos de tanta tontería.....



que no hacen falta más razones,

para apurar y atar el tiempo

ir desnudando los minutos bellos que me da......



se confunde la Razón,

llevaré en los bolsillos,

sólo lo que de verdad importa......




Que mira lo que yo traigo,

que algo mas que una cancion…

Algo mas que una cancion………


Vivo caminando lento,

Por la senda de algun sueño……….


En mi corazón sin miedo..


Sólo lo que importa……

Un corazón sin miedo,

Lerelere  leeeeleeeeee…..

Y un mañana nuevo….

Lo veo, lo veo, lo veo………


Vivo caminando lento,


Guardo el sol y una armadura……

Lo que de verdad importa….

Lo que de verdad importa,

que la vida es corta,

sigue tu destino,

porque estamos aquí

para limar las piedras del camino,

que la vida es corta,


lerelere leeeleeeleee…

Tengo el corazón sin miedo……….

Algo mas que una canción….

Lo que de verdad importa….

Tengo el alma en el sombrero….

Lo que de verdad importa…….

Tengo el corazón sin miedo….

Y algo mas que una canción……

Escuchalo, siéntelo…..

Lo que de verdad importa….

Escuchalo, siéntelo, miralo, bailalo……….

Lo que de verdad importa……

Vivo caminando lento…..

Algo más………………………………………………………………


      The lyrics (in English):


that the question is not to arrive before

is to be bigger than a giant,

is stopping at the simplest things ....



do not need more reasons ,

to hasten and to speed time again

and baring beautiful minutes giving me ......


Yes ,

Reason is confused ,

I will carry in the pockets,

only what really matters ......


Chorus :   I have a heart without fear,

                  I have the soul in the hat

                  and a new tomorrow ,

                  I see it, I see it, I see it.....


                  I live walking slow,

                  in the path of some dream,

                  I keep sun ​​and armor

                  and more than a song ........

                  something more than a song…………………….


I want to feel with who I want,

I want to feel the wind through my hair ,

water , life and fire,

leave us such nonsense .....



You do not need more reasons ,

to hasten and tie the time,

go baring beautiful minutes giving me ......


Yes ,

Reason is confused ,

I will carry in the pockets ,

only what really matters ......




Looking at what I bring ,

something more than a song ...

something more than a song .........


I live walking slow,

In the path of some dream ..........


In my heart without fear ..

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ........

Only what matters ......

A heart without fear,

Lerelere leeeeleeeeee .....

And a new tomorrow ....

I see it , I see it , I see it.........


I live walking slow,

Ietepapapapatilleando ..........

I keep the sun and armor ......

What really matters ....

What really matters ,

that life is short,

go your destination,

because we are here

to smooth stones of the road,

that life is short,

look at it ......

lerelere leeeleeeleee ...

I have the heart without fear ..........

Something more than a song ....

What really matters ....

I have the soul is in the hat ....

What really matters .......

I have the heart without fear ....

And something more than a song ......

Listen to it , feel it .....

What really matters ....

Listen to it , feel it , look at it, dance it ......

What really matters ......

I live walking slow .....

Anything else .................


      On the image you can read : The Foundation "What really matters " thanks, Telefonica and every one of those involved in this project, their support and love

      Well, I hope that you have enjoyed with this post.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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The underwater volcano of El Hierro, Spain
12 December 2013

      You can get an idea of ​​how is the new submarine volcano of El Hierro (Canarian Islands), two years after his birth. It was thanks to a video shot during the second campaign of research of the project “Vulcano”, conducted by the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (IEO), in November.

      In it a path from the bottom to the top in which the volcanic material has accumulated, species that are growing on the surface or the colorful background of the main cone, which is influenced by the continuous sample is observed chemical emissions that are still active, as reported by the IEO in a statement.

      The objective of this oceanographic research was to characterize the spatial and temporal variability of the physico-chemical, geological and biological entire periphery of the island of El Hierro properties from surface to the first 2000 meters from the water column. For this, the team has traveled on board the research vessel, “Angeles Alvariño” and has employed a towed underwater vehicle equipped with high definition cameras.

      This is the video, click down here:

The announcer (Silvia Rodríguez) says: “Vulcano is a multidisciplinary project, created in order to assess the environmental impact of the recent volcanic eruption on the island of El Hierro”

2 years later.

Silvia: “Thanks to this project, it has succeeded in filming for the first time, the volcano of La Restinga as a whole, from the base to the top ........... is a volcano composed mainly by loose fragments of volcanic material or pyroclastic rocks ... although we have also found fragments of lava rocks, forming lava flows and little pillows ....................”

“………In the deepest and remote area of the eruption, the effects of volcanic emissions are reflected in the accumulation of finer volcanic material such as ash and lapilli. On the more stable substrate, as sessile organisms we detect Gorgonias, Vivinela gender, and different species of corals and sponges ......... Because of its slow growth, they can not be considered as the new colonizers ecosystem but more well as survivors of the eruption”.

 “……...The climb up the hillside, the volcano shows a modified morphology in the course of these two years ..... The instability of volcanic material, along with the steep slope, have caused several landslides change the surface of the volcano, alternating steep areas, which retain their original morphology, landslides ravaged areas - where fine materials predominate - and accumulation zones, large piroplastos known as "volcanic bombs" ................................

“Are these areas of cliffs and the accumulation of large fragments of pyroclastic materials preferred by many decapod of pleycionica gender, and different species of fish ...., dominating the known as "three tails." This species coexist in full harmony with the new material, which offers, between its cavities, the perfect getaway, these new residents……………..”

“If we look in more detail, the material ejected by the volcano, it is possible to detect its early settlers, being primarily suspension feeders, such as bivalves ostreid and polychaete serpulids, who probably have benefited from the enrichment of the water column after the eruption…..”

“…………   Near the top, the influence of the rash is visible, with accumulation of "balloons" or "magmatic balloons". These balloons floated temporarily being expelled due to their gas vacuoles, until the space occupied by this gas was replaced by seawater”

…………………” Closer to the main cone, the influence of continuous chemical emissions, which are still active, it becomes more evident, showing a very colorful background: ochres, browns, greens, reds and yellows, which are characteristics of the various footprints chemical transformations who have suffered volcano rocks ..... "

…………………."Vulcan continues to control the ecosystem and its recovery by oceanographic surveys and through a satellite buoy, which allow us to observe the evolution of the physico-chemical properties that control the marine ecosystem”

      The video has just finished and I hope that you have liked it.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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Drilled records in the National Library of Spain
05 December 2013

      Music, for a time, was made ​​of cardboard, paper or metal. I mean, it jumped from the instruments played in live to a physical medium, in which it was stored and could enjoy again. In 1712 Jacquard discovered perforated cardboard, which was used on looms, and over a century after, the technique was applied to the mechanical music.

Disc driller cardboard with music from Cádiz

Organs for drilled at an exhibition in the Zorrilla Theatre discs Valladolid, Northern Spain

      More or less known instruments are the pianos, music boxes and phonographs or gramophones too, among others. One of these supports mechanical music, whose records may have more than one home are perforated cardboard disks called Ariston, which was played on a barrel organ free tabs also called Ariston. The organ in action can be seen in some videos on Internet. Note: please click on videos.

      The National Library of Spain (NLS) has incorporated, into its digital background, the image and sound 58 seconds over 70 perforated discs of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. They have done the collaboration, with non-profit, the company Tecnilógica.

      When asked about how they carried out the project is to recover obsolete musical formats is a technological challenge that has offered the ability to retrieve and share musical historical gems, that could well be gathering dust in an attic.

      Some of the jewelry that you can listen on the website of NLS (BNE = Biblioteca Nacional de España) are: the “Ave Maria”, by Franz Schubert; the seguidillas “La verbena de la Paloma”, by Tomas Breton and even a jot from Aragon, by Isidoro Hernández, dating from between 1847 and 1888. Note: to listen them and others, please click down here:

      The director of digital signage Tecnilógica, Juan Antonio Casado, explained to that, in a visit to the NLS, the team took pictures of the drilled discs. In general, these discs consist of a circular or longitudinal cardboard holder with holes, which really is a transcript of the notes of the score. When placed in an instrument, that is powered by bellows, turning the crank musical notes are played.

      When the photographs were made, they came to be that the 'instructions' for the instrument you play, could digitize it and get extract sound without touching the physical format, what on the other hand, it preserves the bracket.

      First came the images to black and white,  they “stretched” and prepared them in order that, when introducting them into the computer, a program distinguish where there is a note and where not and finally they generated a MIDI file. Then it blew a sample of an organ, like the keyboard of a synthesizer. In a couple of weeks, they showed the prototype to the NLS, who from that time, they spent more scans of their background.

      The major difficulty of the various drilled discs is that there are many models: "Each manufacturer had theirs, and sometimes engineers went to another company, changed the format a bit and drew a different disc".

      Thus, Tecnilógica members have invested the most time in research and development. They have “tuned” the algorithm, that they created for automating part of the process and had "some tolerance to notes", that are decoded from the images. In their blog, they further explain all this technical process.

      Recover obsolete musical formats is, for Casado, a research and development project. "No one had done anything Scanning drilled discs", stated, and stressed that doing this kind of music archeology coupled with technology is an opportunity to retrieve information that was considered lost and that happens to be available to researchers and the curious.

      "We see the work of cataloging and documentation of the National Library as if by magic, united to the magic that we make, they do arise interesting ideas" , he underlined.

      Among the possible projects that could be undertaken is to create a mobile phone application for anyone to scan a disc, if it has, and upload it to a database, as archive. They  would also like to have funding to carry out the digitization of 10,000 rolls of music paper for pianola, that the NLS has. They are also participating in a European project called “Impact”, to digitize funds and library catalogs.

      Well, I love music, but I did not kown that drilled discs existed long before I was a child. It has been a pleasant surprise, because I like the sound of that music. I hope that you do like it too.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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Snow in Spain
03 December 2013

      The last weeks, the snow has been weather protagonist in Spain, because it is so rare that it appears in November, when usually falls in December or in January. As has dropped enough snow, the ski resorts have advanced opening and cities such as Madrid and Alicante are stained white. Some people has thought: If snow is frozen water, why it is white and not transparent, like ice?. Do you know it?. I did not know it ; but now I want to share with you my surprise  -- if you did not know either the answer --.

      Snow consists of flakes, which are crystals of frozen water around a speck of dust. They have a star-shaped with six arms and each consists of about a quintillion molecules. Clouds are formed in saturated water drops, whose temperature drops to -12 º C. As the flakes are adding including trapped air. Is that air which gives the white snow.

      That air scatters light, ie, absorbs and then emits in all directions like billiard balls. The light is white because it is the sum of all colors of the rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and violet. Air is composed of molecules of oxygen, nitrogen and noble gases and particulate matter such as dust, drops and crystals of water and salt. 

Here you can see the crystals of the snow.The flower is the "Winter daisy"

      Each of the elements of the air scatter light in a particular color, on its merits. That is, each has a preference for any color, that make up light that strikes them, and separates it from others. For example, nitrogen and oxygen scatter more blue and violet color, emitting in all directions, while letting pass the remains of the colors straight. We see the blue rays fired in all directions.

      However, the air enclosed in as little space, as is left between snowflakes, is different from that produced through blue sky. Under these conditions of confinement are also scattered colors but the human eye can not see the color selection of the different elements. We see the light again mixed, ie, white.

      This same effect occurs for example with the hair of polar bears. Their robe is not snowy, but transparent. Is air trapped between the hairs, which gives white color when air diffuses light, as in the snow.

      That same air, that gives the snow white colored, gives another feature: the relaxing effect. We who live in the city we note with particular intensity that snow brings calm itself. The atmosphere of the city becomes silent. Not because the cars go slower or have less people walking. What happens is that the snow muffles the sound. Air hosting flakes inside adds that gets trapped in the curd snow, that hides abundant cavities, that hide much air yet.

      In Spain , precipitations as snow are most common above 2,500 meters . In January and February, the most snowfall are recorded. 

Grazalema (Cádiz) is located 812 meters. A significant snowfall on a very nice village

      The Meteorologist, José Miguel Viñas, has traveled from town to town in search of ecclesiastical and municipal archives, where you can view the most memorable snowfall occurred in our country , noted in his book ' The Science of Time ' (Ed. Almuzara ) . The biggest so far has been the " big snowfall of 1888 " or "the monumental of the three eights ": it snowed continuously in the north , especially in Asturias , between 14 and 29 of February . In the village of Pajares, were accumulated up to 5 meters from the meteor. When rescue units arrived matched to know that there was a village by the chimneys protruding . Another was the eternal snowfall of the Cantabrian town of Reinosa, where it snowed 62 days, non-stop, in 1917. An unusual snowfall, was which fell in Mallorca, in January 1967, which led to removing snow from roofs to prevent collapse . The heaviest snowfall, in the city of Madrid, took place in November 1904. Five feet of snow were accumulated. The last big snowfall, in Barcelona, took place the timely Christmas Day 1962.

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