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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Spanish students could go to University with 4 points as a mark
27 October 2016

      Today I would like to talk to you about a current news in Spain; yes, because lately it has been much talked about the complaints by many Spanish students, by the mark of access to University, that we have so far in Spain.

       The Ministry of Education is working on this project  --which shall change the mark, that is 5 points until now-- .

      Students, completing a level this course (2016-2017), should obtain an equal or greater rating than 4 points, in the final evaluation of this stage, to access the official university degree, as fixed by a draft of order, establishing the characteristics of that test.

      The text, published today by the newspaper Magisterium, is dated on September 23   --although some sources from Education have specified that "this is not the document , which the Ministry is working"--.

      As the second additional provision of that draft recalls, the two calls (ordinary and extraordinary) of the final evaluation of a level of this course, only be taken into account for access to University, not for the degree.

     "Students, who complete their a level studies, in the 2016-2017 course, must obtain a rating equal or greater than 4 points, in the final evaluation of a level to access the official university degree", says the text.

      Precisely, the University Access Test (PAU), known as Selectivity, required take a minimum of 4 points to give surpassed, although its weighted sum, with the average mark of a level, should be at least 5 points, to qualify for University. In this first time, it shall not count the mark of that test, for the as level´s degree, but in the following courses.

     The royal decree, that regulates these tests, from last 29 July, states that, for the degree of a level, a rating less than 5 points, in the final evaluation, will be necessary. In addition, the mark of a level serve to access university, from the academic year 2017-2018.

     The draft of order, on final tests of ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) and A level, precise that the qualification for access to university is calculated by weighting 40% the qualification of the final assessment and 50% the average mark of A level.

      The final evaluation of Secondary must be finished before June 24th and the one of a level before June 10th. The final evaluations of Secondary and A level have a maximum duration of four days, although communities with co-official languages may establish a maximum of five points.

      The document includes a section on "spec matrixes", which determine the weight or percentage, corresponding to each of the contents of the subjects tested. The draft order of these final evaluations is still pending of the mandatory report of the School Board of the State.

      Well, perhaps you are agree with students. I hope that they find a attitude of dialogue by the Spanish Government.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Recipe of Cuttlefish with rice and beans in the southern Spain
24 October 2016

       Today I would like to give you a very good recipe from the south of Spain –and concretely from Huelva, Costa de la Luz--: “Cuttlefish with rice and beans”.

      These are the Ingredients (for 6 persons): 1 kg of cuttlefish. 1 kg of new beans.  6 small cups of rice, one per person.  1 small onion.   2 cloves of garlic. 1 small red pepper.  1 ripe tomato.  1 cup dry white wine County.  1 cup extra virgin olive oil.

      And this is what you have to do:  You have to make a fried a sauce with onion, garlic, pepper and tomato. You have to clean the cuttlefish and cut it into strips. You have to remove the strands of the beans on their sides and ends, they are cut into pieces.

      In a clay pot, you have to fry the cuttlefish, in olive oil, until it is fried lightly, at the moment that you have to add the wine, letting them boil until it is evaporated. Then, you have to add the beans, a glass of water and  salt, and you allow to cook it for 10 minutes.

      Now, you have to add the rice and twice its volume in water. When the water starts to boil, you count 13 minutes, season to taste and move it away.

      Serve it fast, in order that the rice does not go too far.

      And this one must be the result:

Cuttlefish with rice and beans

       Well, I hope that you  have liked this recipe and hope that you can try it.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Some Spaniards dressmakers so experienced
21 October 2016

      Today, I would like to show you a video about the life of several ladies, from a village of Cuenca, who have dedicated their lives to the seam. If you want to watch this video, please click on the link below:

Marta Marquez (Reporter of the program “Aqui la tierra”): “Hello, Esperanza……., How are you?”

Esperanza (A dressmaker): “Very well, And you?”

Marta: “Well ... how elegant you are ... You are dressmaker, right?”

Esperanza Martinez (A retired dressmaker): “My sister is the dressmaker and we were the helpers”

Marta: “What is the most special piece that you have been able to make?”

Esperanza: “A wedding dress…”

Marta: “Wedding….?!!!!!”

Esperanza: “And formal dress….when they went for Christmas holidays and New Year ..... once,  we made a cape of velvet for a lady....”

Marta: “Wow, like Ramon Garcia in the strokes…..Did you make the cape for Ramón García…..?”

Esperanza: “No, I have not done anything to Ramón”


Esperanza: “Paquita…., open!!!”

Marta: “Like in the village….”

Esperanza: “that they are looking for you”

Marta: “How are you, Paquita…..?”

Paquita: “Very well, thanks to God”

Marta: “The dressmaker of the village….”

Paquita: “The best”

Marta: “Paquita: What we do now?”

Paquita: “Going to my home, that everything is ready”


Marta: “It is a profession that is being lost, right?”

Paquita: “That yes”

Marta: “Of course, because what people does is going to buy clothes to shops”

Paquita: “They call me: If you made it to me, I would not buy it”

Marta: “How is it going?”

Paquita:You are doing great, because you are a good youth, a fine and you take a fullness .........And how am I?”

Marta: “Look…..of course…..Look how well the fullness…..So, Right?....So, of course!”

Paquita: “Your love, that you have…..”


Paquita Martinez (Retired dressmaker): “The needle and thread strand”

Marta: “For….?”

Paquita: “To thread the needle”

Marta: “I do not know….”

Paquita: “Do not you know to threat it…?, then learn”

Marta: “I do not sew….!”

Paquita: “Well, you have yto learn….”

Marta: “I take it to my mother….”

Esperanza: "Everything is well for mothers….”

Marta: “How is it?”

Paquita: “Bad”

Marta: “Why?”

Paquita: “Because yes”

Marta: “Did you sing, when you sewed….”

Paquita: “Of everything”


Marta: "How many dresses had you made, totally….., how many?”

Paquita: “Uhhhhhh….Two hundred thousand”

Marta: “Have you ever made a dress to any well-known person?"

Paquita: “For example artist?”

Marta: “Yes……., to whom?”

Paquita: “Well to Rocío Jurado”

Marta: “Wow!.., Yes?... It is a lie, right? ... you say it to say the least....”

Paquita: “Let us go for a walk…….”

Marta: “Wow…, will we make look good, and will we walk around the village....?”

Esperanza: “Yes, yes…., now yes””

Marta: “Well, perfect….!”


Esperanza: “Mrta: Are you already going out or not?”

Marta: “Here I am….How is it…., look at me…..”

Esperanza: “Very well”

Marta: “Oops ... she is very creative ..... Now we are already made some models .... models from Minglanilla .... Are we going to walk around the viillage?”

Esperanza: “Yes!”

Paquita: “Yessssss”

Marta: “Well, come on!, let us go!..., let´s see if we are going to find some suitors……..”

      Well, I hope that you have liked this video.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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A famous Spanish paleoanthropologist talks about the Ministry of Science
18 October 2016

      Today, I would like to talk to you about the interview that Europa Press made the Spanish paleontologist, Juan Luis Arsuaga.

Juan Luis Arsuaga

        The Paleoanthropologist and director of the Museum of Human Evolution in Burgos, Juan Luis Arsuaga, said that it should be "a good choice" that the new government create a Ministry of Science. "I feel good If a ministry, that brings together science and technology, serves to promote the connection among both”, he said.

      However, Arsuaga has clarified, in an interview with Europa Press, "A ministry, dedicated exclusively to science, not necessarily mean more attention" and he added that the key is "supporting science", regardless of whether there is a department or not, to focus only on this field.

      "We have taken a giant leap forward in Spanish science, which comes from a situation of Third World backwardness, and it really has come a long  --Arsuaga has declared--, we are better than ever. A part from that little sparkle, with thinkers and scientists from the 98, today there are more researchers and scientific centres than ever, but self-complacency is not good and there is a danger if this progress is stopped ".

      Regarding the situation left by the crisis, Arsuaga has indicated that, as a scientist, he should need to read the numbers for comment, although he has stated that "due to cuts, it  has been slowed the incorporation of new young talents, to the system of Spanish science" . "There is more difficulty, with cuts in templates and that is where we must apply ourselves. If this is not done, we will be exporting talent with a point of no return".

      In relation to the objectives of the future, the researcher pointed out that "there are many challenges, that go beyond, as applied science. Spain is a country more of services than innovation, and technology and science form a coupling. Therefore, it is very difficult to have basic science if there is no application of that knowledge", he explained.

      So, in that coupling, he has indicated that "apart from public aid, it also has to enter private initiative" and that "it is necessary that the country has further technological development". "Spain needs more industry: more industry means more scientists and, therefore, more research",  he has emphasized..

      On the othr hand, Arsuaga  has said that, if the Cro-Magnon man saw the 'selfie man', "at first it should think that it has magical abilities" ,"As it cared and communicated with us, it would realise that we are humanly the same and that there are no differences", he explained.

      Finally, the paleoanthropologist has indicated that the biogenetic evolution depend on the man and that "the use made of knowledge has to do with ethics and morals". "For the first time, in the history of life, there is a species that has in its hands to change the history of evolution, and the effects of that knowledge, in society, we will see. Do not be afraid to knowledge", he stated.

      Arsuaga, who currently is the Commissioner of the 'Art Exhibition and Meat: Anatomy in the light of the Enlightenment', presented by the Complutense University, explores the meeting of arts and sciences, around a selection of anatomical waxworks. The pieces are displayed, for the first time, to the general public, until March 31, 2017, at the Complutense Art Centre.

      Well, I hope that you are agree with Arsuaga, as I do.

      Until my net post, kind regards,


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A Spanish scientist leads a group who are studying the possibility of injecting a gene to prevent Alzheimer's
17 October 2016

        Today, I should like to show you an important and encouraging news for Spain and the rest of the world: “Some scientists included a spanish one can prevent Alzheimer's in mice by injecting a gene”.

      A team of researchers, led by the Spaniard, Magdalena Sastre, has developed a method to prevent Alzheimer's, in mice, by injecting a virus, that can transmit a specific gene to the brain, according to a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.

      This finding by scientists at Imperial College London, although it is in its early stages of research, it could open the door to possible new treatments for the disease. Scientists believe this gene, called PGC1 - alpha, can prevent the formation of amyloid-beta peptide protein, in cells, in the laboratory.

      This protein is the main component of amyloid plaques, a viscous mass of proteins found in the brains of people with Alzheimer's, and it is thought that they trigger the death of brain cells.

      This discovery may encourage new approaches, to preventing or stopping the disease, in its early stages. "Although these findings are still very early, they suggest that this gene therapy may have potential therapeutic use for patients. There are many obstacles to overcome yet, and currently the only way to transmit this gene is through direct injection into the brain", explained the Dr. Sastre, lead author of the study, from the Department of Medicine at Imperial College.

      The researchers injected the virus with the gene, in two areas of the brain of mice, where Alzheimer's could be developed, in the hippocampus (which controls short-term memory) and the cortex (which controls long-term memory), and they are the first where amyloid spots start.

      The animals were treated, in the early episodes of the disease, while they still do not have these spots, and, four months after, it was found that the mice that had received the gene had very few of these spots, compared with the group of mice, that had not been treated. As well, no loss of brain cells, in the hippocampus, was recorded.

      The Sastre doctor added that other studies suggest that exercise and the resveratrol component, found in red wine, can help the levels of this PGC-1 gene, although it only has benefits in pills, since in the wine, the presence of alcohol deactivates it. "We still have years to use this one, as a clinical treatment. However, in an urgent disease, that needs new options for patients, this work offers hope for future therapies", said Sastre.

      The research was funded by the Agency for Research on Alzheimer's from the UK and the European Research Council.

      Alzheimer's, which currently has no cure, although there is treatment to lessen some symptoms, involves memory loss, confusion and personality change. Worldwide more than 47 million people suffer from dementia, of which Alzheimer's is the most common form.

      I hope that you have liked this article.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Another spanish saying and proverb 69
06 October 2016

       Today, I would like to show you a saying, that I did not know, but I have liked when I have read it.

      This is the saying: Ama a quien no te ama y responde a quien no te llama (Love who does not love you and answer who does not call you). This saying appears in the book "Diálogo de la lengua" (“Dialogue of the language”), by Juan Valdés


Title page of the manuscript of "Dialogue of the language"

       Juan Valdés was a Spanish humanist, who wrote this work, in Naples, in 1535, although it was published in 1736.

      The great innovation of this book is to put the Spanish language to the level of other languages of prestige, especially from Latin. In the book, it is done a defence of the study of texts, in the original languages, in line with the Renaissance classicism moment. However, it is done giving entity Romance languages, especially which is used by Juan de Valdés:  the Spanish.

      The Valdes's work is structured as a dialogue, because humanists defended this sort as a teaching vehicle. In this dialogue, Valdes himself answered questions that three Italian partners make him, on the peculiarities of the Spanish language. It is a key work to understand the literary and linguistic ideal by Erasmo: plausibility, in the narrative; simplicity and precision, in style, and imitation of the spoken language. The many observations, made over work, is a valuable document, on the middle of the Spanish Golden Age, particularly the sixteenth century, showing the criteria and sensitivity of learned speakers.

      Well, I hope that you have liked this article.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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The properties of fishes in Spain
05 October 2016

      Today I would like to show you the properties of some fishes in Spain. To do this, you have to watch a video; if you want to watch the video, please click on the link below:

Koldo Arrastia (Presenter of Aquí la tierra): “Miiikeeeee!”

Miguel Sanchez (Fishmonger): “Man….Koldo”

Koldo: “Those hands of sardines .....”

Miguel: “How are you?”

Koldo: “I am here….”

Miguel: “How about all ... right?”

Koldo: “Very well ... I come to buy fish, but not for me, nice; I come to your fishery, to buy fish for the whole neighborhood”

Miguel: “For the whole neighborhood”

Koldo: “For the whole neighborhood, What it seems to you?.... Look: I have a friend who told me ....; he is taking the driving license, he wants to pass a public examinations..... , he has the brain done a little brain bit fosfatine”

Miguel: “Well, I will recommend seafood to your friend .... it comes in handy, which has a lot of calcium, it has phosphorus ... it is so good for studies”

Koldo: “He is unemployed…..”

Miguel: “He is unemployed…, then mussels, mussels….”

Koldo: “Go for it….”

Miguel: “This is the cheaper that you can eat .... and it is one of the healthiest products that exist ....; it has a lot of phosphorus,it also has a lot of iron ...., it comes handy for all, especially for people who are studying”

Koldo: “Ie, we are talking about intelligence and memory .., with mussel ..... I have a colleague, in the neighborhood, who has registered the gym ... this month ...., next one he is going to deregister....”

Miguel: “For those, who are bodybuilders, we are going to give them a little bit of tuna. This is the red tuna .....,which is a fish that has a lot of mass and fills you;  you eat it, it fills you, it takes off your hunger and, however, you do not stout ....; .. to get muscle mass, as they are pure proteins, it comes great”

Koldo: “I have a friend a little bit......, who is a little bit depressed”

Miguel: “Depressed…”

Koldo: “Yes”

Miguel: “But the same thing, we can also give him tuna, which has much tryptophan”

Koldo: “That makes you a little bit happier. Right?”

Miguel: “Yes”

Koldo: “I have another friend, who has started the typical diet”

Miguel: “Diet…For diet…..”

Koldo: “One or two fishes…”

Miguel: “Any fish……For diet: turbot, which can be done grilled, it is a white fish; all white fishes are good for diet, because you do not stout with them”

Koldo: “My friend Herminia, she is almost eighty years ... she tells me the bones ... that it it hard for her ... , when the lift is broken, she feels bad  –she and I also do—“

Miguel: “As for the issue of the bones, we are going to give you more things, there are a lot of them. Look, for example squid, that have a lot of calcium; another very good thing, for the issue of natural calcium, is to take anchovies, but whole, ie, cleaned and removed only belly, eat the whole spine ....”   

Koldo: “Because it has a lot of calcium”

Miguel: “And it is natural calcium….”


Koldo: “Jose Mari, my neighbor, says he does not sleep well ....”

Miguel: “But, look…, for Jose Mari…..”

Koldo: “I do not know if she wife snores, or not, but he says he does not sleep well”

Miguel: “Look, we are going to give him, just in case, apart from some earmuffs, just in case the woman ...., we give him another bluefish: frigate tuna, for example, that also has tryptophan and this helps you to relax yourself”

Koldo: “To relax a little bit yourself”

Miguel: “For relax and for sleeping, it comes handy……”

Koldo: “Antonio José, from my neighborhood, has cholesterol”

Miguel: “He has cholesterol…, Blue fish, the same: tuna, salmon ...., all this has much Omega3 and it helps you to regulate it ...”

Koldo: “For me, the diet, that I like more, is this one, colleague, the diet of.....”

Miguel: “Cornet…”

Koldo: “Cornet……. Take out conclusions at your home .... We carry the whole fish store”

      Well, I hope that you have liked this video and hope that you have learned a lot with it.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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