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A new park in the South of Spain
17 October 2012 @ 18:05

       Some few days ago, a new park has been opened in the North-west of Seville (Southern Spain).

      The work has received an investment of 17.5 million euros to 80% financed with European funds.

      The president of the Guadalquivir River Basin (CHG), Manuel Romero Ortiz, and the mayor of Seville, Juan Ignacio Zoido, today inaugurated the new river park "Vega de Triana", which is configured as the main green space located in the northwest of the city.

Parque "Vega de Triana", Seville, Southern Spain.


       The project consisted of environmental conditioning of the area on the left bank of the Guadalquivir River from the Bridge of the scarf and the Highway Bridge Coria del Río. This project represents an investment of 17.5 million euros that have been funded by CHG 80% by Feder funds, and the remaining 20% ​​by the city of Seville.

       During the ceremony, the mayor praised the work done by the CHG and said that "through this project has been worth a soil that was hitherto underutilized flood zone to make it a large green area, leisure Sport and available to Seville, especially for residents of Triana, requiring a space of this kind ".

      In this regard, the President considers that CHG "is a priority of the basin organization work on projects of hydrological-forest of its kind to allow river areas to incorporate the dynamics of cities”.

       The new park Vega de Triana has an area of 80 hectares that have generated new landscape features as hills, paths and squares, among others, in order to obtain a variety topographic relief and use the landscape as belonging . Thus, this new space has 180.000 m2 of natural prairie, 3,229 trees and shrubs around 25.000.

      The park is bounded by the mote that is situated next to the river, with a height of 8, 50 meters above sea level, and the defense wall that is located 11 meters above sea level. This wall has been extended in order to make a sidewalk that runs along the road for passersby and from which further action can be seen as a whole.It has also built a bike with 4.2 kilometers long and an extensive network of pedestrian paths and paving albero.

      Furthermore, in order to reconcile the above uses in the park (Park Municipal Sports Institute, parking area during the Feria de Sevilla and other recreational activities) have adequate roads to traffic.

      During the visit, the president of the CHG and the mayor also inaugurated the new underpass that allows access from the Triana district of the new park through the defensive wall. This step, which will exclusively pedestrian use, with 11.50 meters wide, 30 meters long and 4 meters high.

      To safeguard the Triana district of a possible exceptional flood were installed inside two metal gates swing over 5,000 Kg If necessary, the closing of the gates can be done manually, by operating a system of pulleys and winches, with an estimated 20 minutes, or automatically, by operating the pulley system by connecting a generator, which will seal the defensive wall in 4 minutes.

     The President of the CHG stressed that "this project is part of the Plan of hydrological-forestry and protection channels being developed by the Guadalquivir River Basin near the City of Seville". Romero explained that the implementation of this agreement have been implemented by 10 performances which have been restored 425 hectares of parkland, which has involved a total investment of 94.9 million euros.

      The mayor, Juan Ignacio Zoido, and said, "This agreement is a model for fostering collaboration between administrations should be extended to other areas of the city."
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