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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Talking about Entrepreneurs in Spain
27 September 2013

      The last night of the Tuesday-24, on the National Radio, they were talking about “Entrepreneurs” and one of the members of the gathering to talk about it were Rafael Galán, who is a writer and a journalist of the magazine "Emprendedores" (“Entrepreuners”); he has spent ten years in this theme….; he has written several books about management. Rafael has talked about “The bubble Entrepreneurs”, what advice to follow, which are not. He talks about this one, because he has written a book, called "How to make a business plan in a week" and it is published by Gestión 2000.

      Pilar, the presenter of the program talked to Rafael: “Good night,Rafael”

      Rafael answers: “Hello, good night”

      Pilar tells him that she loves nagazine “Entrepreuners”.

      Rafael says that it is true that the “Bubble entrepreuners” exists; but also a media-boom. In this sense, he says that in the two last years, the State, and many companies are talking about Entrepreuners.

      Rafael says that many people are entrepreuners by necessity, because perhaps they have been driven out of business….—for example, in Spain, there is a man, who has been driven out of a very big Multinational Food, where he was anaging fish in the different ports of Spain and, being fired, now he is working on his own and is having great success.Rafael thinks that this case is very worthy.But he also thinks that many people are not prepared to be entrepreuners. He is sure that there is a boom of entrepreneurs.

      Rafael´s book is divided into days: Monday, Tuesday, …….

      He also explains that at the beginning he did not like the tittle of the book, chosen by the Editorial. But now he is glad because the book is selling much.

      Rafael says that a mistake that many people do is thinking: "As I like this product, many people have to like it".

      Rafael also says that quality is a very important thing, when you invest in a product; if you do not care this one, you can fall in the same mistake than a spanish entrepreuner, who wanted to invest 5 million Euros in order to sell cheap pacemakers in China. It is a serious mistake.

      Well. I hope this post has been useful for you.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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Rereading a Spanish riddles
26 September 2013

      Rereading some old post of mine, I have found a comment, by Juan, about a post named "Adivinanzas españolas", where Juan (John) asked me the answers to these riddles; but I think that John did not see the answers, that I put them in my next post. Now I will show that what I say is true; I hope that John read this now, if he had not read at the time.  These are the links to those two posts:


      Till soon, kind regards,


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A through Internet scam in Southern Spain
25 September 2013

        Yesterday night I could listen on the radio a girl from Málaga, who is studying a PhD at the University of Málaga and recently she has been a victim of a scam from New York through Internet.

      She explained that the International Relations Office University warned her a job for the UN in New York. Then she accepted the offer and began to fill in forms; but they asked her 6000 Euros, to stay; she paid it.She followed sending documents and she was receiving documentation with UN seals. But, when they asked her 8000 Euros for her visa, she was puzzled and asked the U.S. Embassy in Spain and was told that a visa does not cost 8000 Euros. Then she has reported to Spanish police and the U.S., and the Spanish Police has said that this offer has also been sent to another sites as the U.S. and Europe.

      Therefore I want you to be careful with offers in Internet, specially when someone ask you money before starting a job.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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The world's highest castle in Spain
25 September 2013

      A new program in the Spanish Television, named “Spain flush with sky”, has shown us how many residents of Villafranca del Penedés (Barcelona, North eastern Spain) try to beat a world record: to build the highest human castle in history.

     The program is presented by Francis Lorenzo and this time a part of the program starts so:

Francis Lorenzo: “I am in Villafranca del Penedés. Today is “Saint Félix”: day of the great party, and here parties are very particular, because huge castles are built; but they are not made of sand, either of stone, but they are made of persons; we are going to see it as we never saw it…..flush with sky.

      The history of this land tells us that human castles began to lift in the eighteenth century. The people of that time performed a dance with torches, which reproduced the movement of a snake, which ended with a human tower in honor of the Virgin. With the passage of time, the dance disappeared, while the Castells were doing highest and were converted into a single show in the world.

      I am in Villafranca del Penedés to know one of the most unique buildings in the city: The Colla Head of Villafranca Castellars (Castles). They have 68 years of tradition, is one of the most important of which have been awarded more. They make human towers of great height and large tonnage. How do it them?.

      The Colla of the Villafranca del Penedés….(Note: a Colla is a group of people who try to build a human tower) raise castles of maximum difficulty level; to achieve these difficult challenges, they train 3 times a week throughout the year; today they will try harder still, their  goal is to lift the highest human tower in the world .... and I will help them to get it.


Francis go close to a group and says: “Hello…what a gladness knowing you……How are you?.....Today is an important day…I, who am a new one in this… I want you to tell me: What is a “Castellets”?”.

A guy: “There are different types of buildings and it consists of who gets the more difficult building…more merit has…”

Francis: “Have you begun for yourself ... did you come drawn by your kids or by whom?”

The guy´s father: “I came one day to test ... and I was hooked….; it is almost 22 years…”

Another son: “It is how my father says: you come….and you are hooked…”

Francis: “You have been dragging each other, Right?....And suddenly you arrive and…What?"

The daughter: “Well…, because I came with my uncles since I was a child, here to test…they bring me…and I have spealnt most seven years here”

Francis: “And today how you get up, a morning like this one, when you know you have to make the big castle, we have to get it…”

The other son: “I will answer you with a question: How do you get up if you had to play a Final of the Championship….?”

Francis: “I…affraid…”

The other guy: “But I am same than you…”….”We never got it….we have prepared all the year, all the year, intensely, to get to this day and we have corrected many errors of the past, to complete it;  now, more than ever, we are prepared mentally and physically”

Francis: “Because as I see you.., today you will get it…”

The father: “God hear you….!”

Francis: “I tell you yes…..Hopefully I can live it….”


Francis: “Seen from the outside, it seems that people are stacked one above the other, just to build a human tower; but it is not so…, the Casteller, Raúl Tudela explains us how difficult is to raise a “Castell””

Raúl: “It is a human architecture ... like the drawings of a building, but we have some shots of the position of each one, for each person, with name ... where it goes .. the position that they have ..., there is a core , which must be practically perfect ...”

Francis: “As if it was a building…, that is: first I have to put a foundation ...”

Raúl: “Yes, yes…practically the same, but….with humans…”

Francis: “Today is an important day; today is a day in which you are going to bring an important challenge, that is very difficult to achieve…”

Raúl: “Very difficult…”

Francis: “Very special..”

Raúl: “Yes, for example today we will tray the “Three of ten”, that is a very complex structure, because it has a base, which is "the pinya", then takes another base, which is “the folre”, which is a second pinya, and then a third, which are the handles, which is another base which carries at the top and, from here the castle begins. It's a castle, which has a lot of pressure, down, and if you have not a good base it end opening”.

Francis “But hopefully we build a large building today…”

Raúl: “To see if it's true”

Francis: “But already they have told us in what a casttelet consists and how it is done…But today is a very important day for them, because as the first time, they are going to try a “Three of ten”; that is: a tower of ten floors with three persons in each one; and…Do you know who is going to up there above….?....but a girl…..”

Raúl: “Well…we are going to make the last test: the test of “The three of ten”

A girl: “I am Mariona and I am ten years old. I am enxaneta and when I go up I do not think in anything…I only want to arrive up”

Raúl: “All prepared and focused. Be tranquil and the acting will start”

Francis: “Before these catellers children another one there were. Those children who climbed up the backs of their elders have grown, like Jordi Bustos: in 1987 he was the first “Einxeneta” who got to cap a nine human tower heights. How old were you?”

Jordi: “Then I was ten years old”

Francis: “Well…a little bit time has spent…perhaps…”

Jordi: “A little bit….Now I am about to do 36…”

Francis: “And how was that..”

Jordi: “A unique experience…At that time castles of nine were not made like they are now and it was the largest castle which then could be done”

Francis: “What does a child of that age think when he comes up, who gets it?”

Jordi: “When we fell, because we fell ... I began to cry and they took me to the Red Cross, because they thought that I had hurt, and wept with emotion”

Francis: “How was your process?, One continues to participate in the Colla ... the have crowned ... but over the years What you doing?”

Jordi: “You are losing ground ..., I participate in holding down the castles of the castle .... of course .. is ... completely different feeling, because I see the castle .. I hear people how squeals. .. "

Francis: “That is very lucky and the girl can be completed as you have completed  ... And if she crys and carry on ambulance, it is with joy….”

Jordi: “Thank you very much”

Francis: “Being part of a Colla involves much more than support the weight of several people, among its members set something like a bond, a special human connection ... well ...  better explains me one of the protagonists .. .: David Tudela….. What does it mean for you socially?”

David: “It is a great family… It exudes a humanity very great, the good thing is that ... there is no age, no sex, no class, no religion . it is like a commune ....., all these differences are separated .. ,we are all a part of a common project ... there are many emotions in here ....: frustration, sometimes, joyies, victories, defeats, .. and when you lose so much adrenaline ... you are hooked "

Francis: “And if you get the energy of the people, then up there you feel it….., you feel …”

David: “First of all you feel silence…, It tries to make a silence in the square.., It tries to make a silence in the square, everyone focused ... you stand .... stop that ... that nervousness that you have it is in control by you. And once you are up, you try to stay focused, it is difficult, very difficult;  but,  when you get down ....,  all that excitement you have had of emotions, the hit single "

Francis: “I think today I will have a very exciting day, telling me these things and I'm loading of emotions ....; goodbye so before, I would like you to give me a hug, because what you just told me I just to touch the heart and are willing to get it. It has been a pleasure "

David: “Equally. Live it long…”

Francis: “Of course, I am going to live it deeply, I assure you”

David: “And we can convey all these emotions, to you and the rest of Spain”

Francis: “I hope so,because they are arriving to me “

……..”In the central square, the “Castellers” of Villafranca ; but there is no time to lose, immediately they start to prepare what it can be the human castle highest in history…and I  will contribute with my little grain of sand, in this special time in which we will see if they can break the world record………… I am in position ... I have to hold on to them ... I have been admitted ..., I have been admitted to form part….I hope I will give all I have, the best I have… because  they go ... it is .. it is the key moment ................................... They can fulfill the dream that lead all year ... working and rehearsing to get it ... they will make a "3-10" ... is a time of stress, we have to lower his voice and we will concentrate,  because .. they go  is  is the key moment ... I have a lot snuggling them .., very chest to chest .., this is a physical contact, which is what unites people ... we have to be very straight back, because we will be able to tread ... or go over ..., and the head to one side, this is the formula, so you do not miss anything……….The base of the castle is already formed; it is very important that it is compact, in order that the base is compact to support the weight of the 10 heights is going to have this tower ..... Throughout the day, I had talked about this stress ... and it is true, I assure you that the pressure is maximum,  everything goes as planned, the tower begins to gain altitude ..., any error can break the dream of all these people .... the Castell grows more and more, are completed the upper floors and it is less heights to reach 10 ..... There are more than 700 people trying to get this castle reach success ...........................”

On the label overlay you can read: When the enxaneta placed both feet on top and doing arm lifts the flap, it is considered that the castell is loaded.

Francis: “The small Mariona has crown the castell;  but now is the most difficult: Remove the tower, because… remember that the castell does not  end until they have downloaded all ........ They just beat the world record .... now .... it must be celebrated….”


Francis: “Spectacular ... very exciting …..My tears were falling   ....; all together, by force, to achieve one goal ... and this year they have managed ..., the most impressive I have lived next to a human being .... thanks "

We are all equal here ... no one is of any site ... all part of a family to achieve a goal ... and that goal have succeeded, for the first time in many years .... hug me crying, because we experienced an emotion, as rarely in my life ..., all together, glued humans, body to body, to get something in common ...., this we really need to all .... Thanks "

      Here you have the link to watch the video of the program.

      I hope that you have enjoyied.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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A wedding with history in the Southern Spain. Full
18 September 2013

      The last Friday, I went, with my family, to a very special Wedding: the wedding of a niece of mine.

     She is married to a guy from Granada.Therefore, the wedding was held in Granada. The ceremony was in the Chapel of the Cathedral:

Inside the Chapel, by Luis Lopez-Cortijo

Back of the chapel of the Cathedral, Granada, South eastern Spain, by Luis Lopez-Cortijo

      After the Ceremony, we went to a wonderful Hotel, to celebrate the wedding. This is the "Darabenaz Hotel" --although it is also known as "The House of the Marquise", because so was named a daughter of the "Marquis of Cenete" (now she is the owner of this Hotel).She was named "Marquise", but she was not a Marquise. Now I will tell you the story of this house.

      Darabenaz history dates back to the early days of the Nasrid dynasty, as it is directly related to the traumatic succession by his son Muhammad I, second sultan of the same name, in early 1273. A few months earlier had come to Granada in front of his hosts the Infante Don Felipe, brother of Alfonso X, which along with several nobles broke the allegiance to the Castilian monarch. Among them was Don Nuño González de Lara "the Good". When the Nasrid sultan died suddenly, Don Nuño provided valuable military aid to Muhammad II to defeat the other pretenders to the throne. Once established in power, the king expressed his gratitude to the noble house of Lara, building for him a building known as the"Palaces of Don Nuño", in South Vega of Granada. It just could not enjoy the gifts received, as escapees shortly Christians, between them Don Nuño, returned to the court of King Wise, reconciled with him.

      Since the departure of Don Nuño of Granada, the almunia Nasrid is built that is still preserved. The almunias were recreational farms, close to Islamic cities, main families properties. They had irrigated areas serving both agricultural production and for the enjoyment of their owners, in addition to hosting major residences and palaces.

      Belonging to the Nasrid royal family, the beautiful building has one body with two floors and was profusely decorated with arches and beautiful plasterwork. Take Darabenaz name, which could mean a married woman house or House of Ben ACIN or Abenaçin. It was the main building occupied Darabenaz Payment over 1,000 marshes rich lands, thanks to the existence of an extraordinary network of canals that take water even Monachil River. We're talking about a farm of prime importance very close to the city center and other payments and farmsteads.

      In 1503 appears the property included in the entail of Don Inigo Lopez de Mendoza, Count II Tendilla and I Marquis of Mondejar. His military successes in the war of Granada, his performance as outstanding ambassador to the Holy See and its membership to one of the most influential noble families of the Crown, the Mendoza, allowed obtaining Captaincy General of the Kingdom of Granada and Mayor of the Alhambra. Don Inigo attaches to the Arab almunia a tower of three floors beautifully decorated inits walls, doors, guttering and flashings according to the dictates of Renaissance art. For some authors, who opened the gap of its kind in Spain. There are still in excellent condition with rich paintings and grotesques in friezes coffered, carved ceilings and arches shields besides Mendoza, the imperial Pacheco and shield of the Catholic Kings.

      In 1511, sold the property to his cousin Don Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar y Mendoza, Marquis of Cenete and eldest son of the Grand Cardinal of Spain. Known for his eccentric character, proud and rebellious, tried to raise a fortress, similar to that he had built in Calahorra, without the royal license, triggering an immediate ban of King Ferdinand, by decree issued in Burgos October 24, 1511. Don Rodrigo built the Castillo de la Calahorra, feudalism posthumous flash only fit in the mind of that last spawn of the nobility overbearing and outrageous that the Catholic Monarchs fell to the law at the dawn of modernity.

      Fascinated by the Italian court, wanted to become a great patron and surrounded by artists and poets as a small Italian prince. Her love of culture and patronage was passed on to his daughters. Mencia, his eldest daughter, a woman of great culture and personality, in addition to inheriting his birthright and hold titles Marquee of Zanete II, Countess of Nassau and Duchess of Calabria founded one of the first and most important art collections in the Spanish Renaissance.



       Mencía de Mendoza, Marquesa de Zenete

      In the seventeenth century tower was attached to a chapel dedicated to San Isidro and in 1660 erected a stone cross in Sierra Elvira.

Inside the chapel, Hotel Darabenaz, Granada, Southeastern Spain, by Luis Lopez-Cortijo


Stone cross from Sierra Elvira

      In later centuries the House of the Marquise (named in memory of the Marquises of Cenete) has had many owners who used it as farmhouse, stable and barn.

      This caused a very significant deterioration and neglect until it reached the hands of Don Francisco Gonzalez Padilla in the late nineteenth century. The different generations of the Gonzalez family have been restoring the building and discovering the beautiful plaster covering the walls of the main rooms of Darabenaz until now has made ​​a comprehensive rehabilitation has provided many historical data that reveal the importance of almunia old and have been restored to its former glory and beauty.

      Wellcome to the wonderful "Hotel Darabenaz", also named "The House of the Marquise" !!!!!! :

The door to go into the Hotel

These are ornaments on the front of a horse carriage, owned by the Marquise´s husband, who was a historian and collector of horse parts

The stairs to the Count of Tendilla´s room

This is the stairs to the Count of Tendilla´s room, to the right side

This is the wonderful wooden ceiling of the staircase

This is another angle of the same stairs

This is the hall where the Count of Tendilla´s room is, to the right side

This is the current Marquise, owner of this House

That door belongs to the Marquis of Zenete´s room

To the left side of the picture you can see the door that is the Count of Tendilla´s Room

This is the Count of Tendilla´s room. The Count of Tendilla was one of the owner of this house

Another picture of the Count of Tendilla´s room.Sorry for this picture with low light

Look how wonderful...!. The roof is of the sixteenth century......

The stairs to arrive to the room named "The Tower". 

A wonderful roof of the stairs to the Tower

This is not a room for sleeping, but for meetings of companies and other similar events

This fireplace was built by the Marquis of Zenete early Twentieth Century

Another corner of the Tower

A wonderful view of Granada from the Tower

Another view from the Tower.That is the road to Granada

This is the exit to the garden with the pool

Behind the pool you can see the two tents for dinner and for dancing after

Another view of the pool

An allotment next to the pool

The entrance to another a very important stairs

Up and right you can find a room used by bride and groom

The roof of this stairs

When we go back to the Hotel from the Wedding in the Chapter of the Cathedral

The wonderful Gospel Choir "BLACK LIGHT", who sang before dinner. Awesome!!!!!. If you want to know something else about this Choir, click here

      Here you can watch one of the songs that they sang:

      Hotel Darabenaz:

       Road of the Zubia, without number.

       Telephone: + 34 958 817 333


       I hope that you have enjoyed.

      Till soon, thankyou for your wait and kind regards,


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Great Squares in Spain. Part 1
16 September 2013

        Here I want to show you how nice and great are some squares in Spain.

      The program of Tv starts so:

A journalist of the program: “What a luxury, Mary Teresa!”.

A lady: “I go to bed with this view”.

The same journalist: “How many baconies to the square?”.

The lady answers: “We have: one, two and the viewpoint”

The journalist: “How is that you have come to live here in the square?”.

The sir answers: “A dream of all the life”.

Silvia Sanchez (the journalist): “Some few privileged can open these windows”.

Silvia: “For how selling a floor of 200 meters useful in the Plaza de Oriente?”.

The young lady: “Concretely this is in 1.200.000 Euros”.

Another journalist: “Is a privilege to drink here coffees?"

A sir: “Yes”.

The journalist: “Privilege to live here”

The sir : “And so cheap”.

A lady waitress: “These are the typical little tapitas from here”.

Silvia Sanchez: “They are free”

The waitress: “They are free”

Another journalist: “You do not stop…¿Are you?. Horrifying…”

A sir waiter: “Here nobody stop…Horrifying”.

A young girl waitress: “This is full of characters”.

A dancer: “The square is a mine for every person in need”.

Monica Hernandez: “Everybody pass through the square. To create a business costs much more here”.

A sir: “These last two years nine properties have been closed”

Another journalist: “And the renting of a property like this one?”

A boy: “Among 15.000 and 25.000 Euros”.

Sara Lozano: “Here there is a lot of fuss with weddings; is not it?”

A couple: “We will be married right now…”

Sara Lozano: “Which one is your favorite corner of your city ?. Great Square. Today in Comando Actualidad”.

A lady: “The center of our neighborhood: pure cinnamon”.

Silvia Sanchez: “You are the Postman of the Plaza de Oriente”.

The Postman: “Exactly”.

Silvia: “How many years have you….”.

The Postman: “twenty years I will do. Many people call me “Royal little postman”. Exactly”.

Silvia: “I understand these are the most expensive flats of whole Madrid”.

The postman: “They may be the most expensive; even the more expensive renting .People is confused about the Salamanca district: I think that the most expensive renting are here”.

Silvia: “Yes?. Do you konow how many can pay anyone for renting in this area, more or less?”.

The postman: “I think that more than 3000 Euros”.

The postman rings a door.It is open and the postman says: “Hello, good morning. Is the lady Concha?......Good morning, Miss Concha. I am bringing the mail”.

Concha: “Come in, come in”.

Silvia: “Juan, the postman, has told us that you have some beautiful views to the Plaza de Oriente”.

Concha: “Well. The truth is that we are privileged to live here. It is a wonder. Come in, come in. Look…..Before going to bed and when I wake up, the last and the first thing that I do is to stay here two minutes, because it is relaxing; I go to bed with this view; it is a wonder. I am delighted”.

Silvia: “How many balconies to the square?”.

Concha: “We have: one, two and the viewpoint. This is like a wonderful place for reading. My husband spends hours here, because he reads a lot”.

Silvia: “Concha, How many meters has the house?”.

Concha: “But I think that 200 meters”.

Silvia: “How much do you pay for renting in the Plaza de Oriente?”.

Concha: “I can not tell you that…, I can not tell you that, because there are several rented flats and I do not want to created problems….This is the dining room, which also looks forward the salon”.

Silvia: “Are you that?”.

Concha: “Yes.Itis a picture that Revello del Toro painted to me.Many years ago, many years ago”.

Silvia: “You are very beautiful”. “What do you do?”.

Concha: “I am a Lawyer. But, it is just six month that I has been retired. Look: this is our bedroom; the decoration is much part by my husband and my daughter,  more than mine.”.

Silvia: “The ceilings are as formerly…”

Concha: “Yes.They are a wonder; they are old, of course”. “Here is my husband, who is a music-lover and a reader”

Silvia: “Hello. Good morning. Are you working ?”.

The husband: “No”.

Silvia: “You are so privileged living here in the Plaza de Oriente; are not you?”.

The husband: “Do I make a synopsis?”.

Concha: “My husband is a moaner, but…well…”

The husband: “Here you can not parking; above all the days with Opera, because 300 cars, “official” theoretically,  are parking. They put some horses for policemen; it has been very nice, because tourists make pictures with the little horses, but after..the horses litter the streets”.

Concha: “As you see, you have the negative side and the positive side”.

Silvia: “Thank you, Charles, for  attending to us; we let you follow reading . See you…”.

Silvia to Concha: “Goodby, see you. Nice to meet you”.

Concha: “Nice to meet you”.

The postman (Juan): “Iñigo, Iñigo!. This is another resident of the area”.

Silvia: “But….you know everybody…!”

Juan: “Yes. To everybody, to everybody absolutely”……”Now we are going to the Royal Palace. The Royal Palace also receive correspondence from all over the world”.

Silvia: “And have you received letters for the Princes…..”

Juan: “Yes, yes, yes, always…, specially when approaching wedding date received a flood of mail”

Silvia: “And what means for you to be the postman of the Plaza de Oriente?”

Juan: “But…a pride, the truth is yes”. “Thank you very much”

Silvia: “To you”.

Silvia: “Good morning. How do you do?"

A girl: “Well”.

Silvia: “Are you ready for the changing of the guard?”

A girl: “So ready”

Silvia: “What do you feel in this moment?”

The same girl: “But…jitters…, of course…, there are many people seeying to us….and it is a lot of work..”

Silvia: “Just in front of one of the corners of the Royal Palace, and on the north side of the Plaza de Oriente, we see that there are very many real estate signs. ….Hello, good morning, I see that you are selling a flat”.

A young lady: “Yes”

Silvia: “May we see it?”

The lady: “Yes”

Silvia: “Thank you”….”Hello”

The lady: “Pass you through here…I finish….”

Silvia: “How many meters has this flat?”

The young lady: “They are 200 useful meters”

Silvia: “And for how much selling a floor of 200 meters useful in the Plaza de Oriente?”.

The lady: “Concretely this one is in 1.200.000 Euros”.”Almost everything that we have use to be inheritances. It is easier to sell flats from one million than flats from 200.000 or 300.000”

Silvia: “Then, right now are buying to you people who have money…”

The lady: “Really”….”The client who asks for this estate, asks for an area of service”

Silvia: “All the flats in this area have an area of service?”

The lady: “Yes. Everybody have…..and who have no area, it makes a reform and makes an area of service”.

Silvia: “Mr. Luis de Lezama”

Mr. Luis: “Hello”

Silvia: “You live here. In the Plaza de Oriente”

Mr. Luis: “36 years”

Silvia: “36 years , In which flat do you live?”

Mr. Luis: “In the last one, there, in the attic; but I look to the side of Philip V (street)”

Silvia: “This coffee-house that we are seeing right now is the “Coffee of Oriente”. “Café de Oriente”, “La Botillería”, “La Taberna del Alabardero”…… have  –we could say so…-- a Gourmet emporium…”

Mr. Luis: “600 employees, 22 houses in all Spain and in Washington (United States),; now in Miami….”

Silvia: “According to the data that I have looked, your companies have a benefit of 17 million each year; they will come the people from Heritage and will say to you…..”

Mr. Luis: “Not a benefit…, I supose that It will be a billing account. Hopefully the benefits were 17 millions…, but…I suppose that it is too well checked and it gives benefit to us”. …”Good morning. That is the Manager. May we pass to the Kitchen, Paco?”

Paco:  “Directly”

Mr. Luis: “But I have not cooking; have I?”

Paco: “No, no”.

Mr. Luis: “Roberto, who is the Cheff. They told me that your English is improving, in order to go you to America”

The Cheff: “To improve a little bit…..after the years…”

Mr. Luis: “And the Euskera, What?.

The Cheff: “The Euskera as always….”

Mr. Luis: “ A Bilbaino from Deusto…”

Silvia: “You have been fed to the Pope, when he came to Spain the last time”

The Cheff: “Also to Juan Pablo II”.

Mr. Luis: “Look at the beans .....give me a spoon, in order that I try the beans”

Silvia: “What is it to work”

Silvia: “What it means to work in the coffee house of Oriente, in the Plaza de Oriente?"

The Chef: “It is an opportunity, that you can not lose…--It makes my hair stand on end--, it was an opportunity, for a long time and right now for me….to enjoy it”.

Mr. Luis: “This is the cistern of the Café de Oriente; look, look….lookk what a nice, look what a nice…..”

Silvia: “This is what it had under…..”

Mr. Luis: “This is some remains of a wall…From that epoch…”, “Look at this….very interesting this one….It is nice”

Silvia: “And.,, where are we going into, luis?”

Mr. Luis: “We are going into the King´s diningroom. The King and the Queen use to sit down on this armchair, logically. And it is nice that there is a his father´s picture; we were a little bit younger”

Silvia: “ Is this one you?”

Mr. Luis: “This is me”

A girl: “Hello. Two waters”

Silvia: “Good evening. I do not know if I may disturb you…”

The same girl: “Good evening”

Silvia: “They say about the Plaza de Oriente that it is a meeting    place for artists, famous people…., today there is Ópera”

The girl: “Today there is Opera”

Silvia: “Are you here for the Opera?”

The girl: “Well, look: I am here because my friend, Miriam, who works in the “Royal Theatre”, uses to invite me to the rehearsals”

Silvia: “ Where is the plural of Amaral…Juan?

Note: This girl is the famous Spanish singer, Amaral.        

Amaral: “But, the plural of Amaral is practiseing…we are so close to the “Royal Theatre” and I scaped from the rehearsals, when Miriam calls me”

Silvia: “Yes?, Do you come to the Square very much?”

Amaral: “Yes, yes, yes….it is funny…It is very touristic…but it has the other side of people who live in the city and come down to live it”.

Miriam: "Today there are too people.., normally, when there is Ópera, the Square is very lively”

Silvia: “Well, that you like the representation and thank you for attendying us”

Amaral: “Thanks to you”

Silvia: “See you later”.

The Ruler in the Royal Theatre: “Please, take out those tapes….Albert, let us try the output with the coat”

The Ruler: “I am a Ruler, responsible, responsible for carrying out this production”, “Would you be long?”

A girl, cleaning the floor: “No”

The Ruler: “This one?, All right”

Silvia: “What is for you to work in the Royal Theatre?”

The Ruler: “Ufff…but…it is like to be with a Ferrari…that should be for a driver car….it is a Ferrari….a wonder”

Silvia: “Where are we going in?”

The Ruler: “But, we are going to see Christine Goérke, who is the Electra…”

Silvia: “The protagonist”

The Ruler: “The protagonist of the Marathon of Opera that I have in front. Hello, Christine…Christine?...Hello”

Silvia: “That awful!. Do make this all players before going out on stage?”

The Ruler: “Exactly. All singers have to vocalize, they have to warm up the voice”.

Silvia: “Hello. You are…..”

A girl: “The makeup artist”

Silvia: “Well, we leave you quiet, because there are few minutes to start the Ópera. Have a good luck. See you later. Thank you”

The Ruler: “Good bye”.

Silvia: “There we are seeing to Her Majestic, the Queen Sophie, coming into the Royal Theatre and now they will make the formal greeting”.

Sara Lozano: “The Ringer of the Plaza de El Salvador, in the Church which has the same name, in Seville, is the fourth Generation of “Men Fly”. The Ringer….”

The Ringer: “Yes”

Sara: “Nice to meet you. Hw do you do?”

The Ringer: “Very well..”

Sara: “Where are you from?”

The Ringer: “But, right now,  if I tell you the truth….from buying a little bit fish for my home".

"This is my home, from….the time of my father, time of my grandfather     and time for the Great Granfather, and time of my Great great Grandfather….My father was the famous “Man Fly” “

Sara: “What a frown had your father here…!”.    

The Ringer: “Because they are bells of 800 kilograms and then he goes by the counterweight to the bell”

Sara: “With the same weight of one..!

The Ringer: “Yes”

Sara: “Can you against 1000 kilograms?”

The Ringer: “Well…it does not depend on stronger or less strong…”

Sara: “It depends on much skill…”

The Ringer: “Sure!”

Sara: “This sir is your father….!”

The Ringer: “That one. He was the famous “Man-Fly”  “

Sara: “No harness, no insurance, no anything…”

The Ringer: ”Those were different times…”

Sara: “He was played his life everyday….”

The Ringer: “But, yes, everyday”

Sara: “Is this you, Antonio?”

Antonio: “Yes, I am turning here”

Sara: “How old were you the firs time you prepared yourself?”

Antonio: “The first time I got on a bell, I was 8 years old”

Sara: “This one you told me it was two years ago”

Antonio: “Yes, it wasa couple of years”. “Let us go up…”

Sara: “Yes?”

Antonio: “To the oldes belfry, that right now we have in whole Andalussia”

Sara: “Here nobody goes up, you were telling…”

Antonio: “No. Here only go up we, my children and I. This is my belfry”

Sara: “Well, it is like your study too”

Antonio: “Well,  sure….This is my life.  …All the bells that are here  –which they are seven—the first one, that have to start, is this one. This one is punished..”

Sara: “This one, why?”

Antonio: “It was punished by my grandfather, because in one of the runs, he hit it there. We punish them..; if they make pain between them,…out…; because you have to dominate the bell, not that the bell dominates to you. To do this one, you have to separate a little bit from me…, because I have to jump over the bell..; but do not you be afraid…..”, “Have you seen how I stoped it?; it does not matter….And now I have to go down…It is nothing what you have seen…”

Sara: “Spectacular…”

Antonio: “What happens is that I have a bone hurt…and I do not trust….”

Sara: “Sure”…..”Excites it to you here?”

Antonio: “Yes. I cry here often….I promised to my father that this would go forward and it is so”

Sara: “Do you live well as a Ringer…?, Do you make one rich?”

Antonio: “No, not rich. What you have to do is working….If you were rich, you should be bored. You remove me the bell and I will be bored”.

A young man: “Mani fried, mani blanching”.

Sara: “A long time here, Antonio, working?”

Antonio: “23 years. Sometimes I do not stand up the head from the cabinet”

Sara: “Antonio. How much you can win in one day?, here with potatoes, a good day, like today”

Antonio:     “ 200, 230, 240, 250 Euros……it depends…

Sara: “And what other things you make, Antonio?”

Antonio: “But,  my profession: Electrician and Electronic”.

Sara: “The Plaza de El Salvador” is crwded with people the weekends, especially at lunchtime,        to the point that one of the bars has become the place that more beer is consumed throughout Seville, per square meter”, …… “What people ask….everybody “Caña” (beer)…and here what we have…?”

A waiter: “Olives, with gherkin;  greaves from here of Seville, that are very good ... low cholesterol….., all :  2,50 the tapa and 1,20 the olives”.

Sara: “What this beer has that everybody comes to dreank it?".

The waiter: “It is the square; it is not the beer, but the square”.

Sara: “Are you stressed out here?”

The waiter: “Yes, yes…here yes…compared with other business where I was……”

Sara: “You do not stop….horrifying…..”

The waiter: “Yes, yes,….here you do not stop….”

Sara: “But, How long is this?”

The waiter: “This one…?, Till 5 p.m. we are so here……It is smoking hot and we have opened an hour ago….”

Sara: “Is this job well paid……, yes. How much can you win?”

The waiter: “A minimum of 1300 upwards”

Sara: “You have to wash on hand, quickly, quickly, Have not you?”, How many glasses”

A young waiter: “5000 or 6000 glasses in each day”

Sara: “How old….?”

The young waiter: “21”

Sara: “Is this one your first job?”

The waiter: “Noooo. I am Julio´s son”

Sara: “Ah..who is the owner of “The Bodeguita”, this place…”

The waiter: “Future…future owner….”

Sara: “Would you like to take charge ..?”

The waiter: “Yes”

Sara: “But this is a madness….Is not stressful?”

The waiter: “It is; but you enjoy very well yourself…”

Sara: “My mother….how you go…..!”

Sara: “Do you belong here?”

A couple and a boy: “Yes”

Sara: “Ah…And come you much?”

The couple: “When the weather is good”

Sara: “But this one is addictive…This is a ritual, Is not it?”

The couple: “Yes. So much…always”

Sara: “We are now seeing two future boyfriends…They told us that and the end is the “Boyfriends´street”.   “There is so much fuss about the wedding, right?”;. She –of the coulple—says: “Yes. We are getting married”.

Sara: “Are everybody getting married?”

The couple: “Yes, everybody.We will marry very soon”

Sara: “When you will marry”.     

The boyfriend: “The next year”.

Sara: “Look: we come from Spanish Television, from “Comando Acualidad…..Thank you”

A sir: “Wellcome….Nice to meet you”

Sara: “What is your name?”

The sir: “Jose Luis, to serve you”

Sara: “The second neighbor that we know here in the Plaza de El Salvador”

Jose Luis: “Yes?. Here you have your home; so, you can enter gladly”

Sara: “Yes?, Are you going to show it us?. How long have you lived here?”

Jose Luis: “33 years”

Sara: “And how old are you”

Jose Luis: “I am 69…..”

Sara:  "Then are you retired already?”

Jose Luis: “I am retired already”

Sara: “And what were you doing before?”

Jose Luis: “I am a Doctor…….Come on”

Sara: “Your wife is over here”

Jose Luis: “She is here…”

Sara: “Hello…”

The wife: “I am going to cook a little bit coffee”

Sara: “Too noise here….Do you sleep well?

Jose Luis: “We do”

The wife: “I do not want such a silence….”

Sara: “Is this the home?”

Jose Luis: “This is the home”

Sara: “Is it owned by you?"

Jose Luis: “No. We rent…and I do not go out of here, because I have an old rental”

Sara: “Is it very cheap?”

Jose Luis: “So cheap….”

The wife: “Let us go to drink the coffee up…, Do not we…?, while we show her the roof”

Sara: “This is the ritual of the neighbors: to show the home….”

The wife: “Yes”

Jose Luis: “Exactly”.

      To be continued……..

      Here you can watch the video of the program:

        I hope that you have enjoyed.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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The Balloons in Spain
11 September 2013

        Many people think that balloons are made out of Spain  (England,  France, Germany….); but the reality is that more than the 50 per cent of balloons are made in Spain and the 90 per cent of those balloons made are exported to over 20 countries.The most of those are made in a factory of Igualada, Barcelona, Northeastern Spain.

      I want to show you a video with this new, where some people are asked about the manufacture of the balloons. The video starts so:

The journalist of the program: “Where would you say balloons are made?.

A boy: “Balloons…?, then, in Italy”.

A lady: “Germany”.

Another boy: “In America”.

A girl: “But…I do not know…in Asia”.

A man: “The China…”.

The journalist: “Neither chineses, neither german people, neither Americans…they are from here, from Igualada , Barcelona and they manufacture the most of Air Balloons. 9 between 10 go to the overseas market".

Josep Maria Lladó: “We strated in 1986-87 to export through Europe, Japan and United States and so we followed.There is a whole process of certification, which is complicated".

Angel Pons: “An air balloon cost among 20.000 and 100.000 Euros. They make them in all shapes and sizes; a  NGO has asked a huge one as wheelchair. Balloons are intended to produce less advertising.However, ride balloons are in expansion. Tourist routes have become popular the last years and it is its main business. From here go out half the balloons manufactured all over the world. Each year they produce a hundred of balloons, and they make everything:  from baskets to the burners, the key is innovation. Now they are developing a handicappeds chair mechanism , that allow them to see better the views”.

      This is the link of the video:

       And now I want to show you another video with a tour over Granada (Southeastern Spain) from an air balloon:

Note: Here you have to choose the tab "Videos" and, to down, choose the video "Paseo en globo Granada".

      I hope that you have enjoyed.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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Another Spanish sayings and proverbs, 50
09 September 2013

      Today, I want to bring you a very used saying in Spain:

A palo seco = A capella

      The translation "A capella" is said by us whe someone is singing without any music.

      The expression "A palo seco", taken from the slang sailor, which means sailing, to prevention a stormy weather,  with all sails furled, on usual languaje, by analogy, it is said of that which, because of it special circumstance, on a brief way, simple, without ordinary supplements. Example: "We were not at all and barely took a bite, a capella". 

Fotos de la salida de la XXVI edicion de la Regata ARC 2011 Las Palmas G.C., Las Palmas de Gran Canarias, Southern Spain, by JUAN RAMON RODRIGUEZ SOSA, at

tapas from Spain, a culinary evening with Chef Keith..., by iwona_kellie, at

       Till soon, kind regards,


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Even the penguins dance with the Art of Spain
07 September 2013

      I always thought that penguin is a very boring animal; but today I have just discovered a video, where I have found that even the penguins are able to dance with Flamenco. Therefore, when you listen a Flamenco music, anywhere, do not you think either say that you do not know dancing Flamenco. 

      Concretely, this kind of music, in this video, is named "Bulerías" and it is a very cheerful music. People who understan very much about Flamenco, say that The Bulerías is the "Palo" (it is the name of each kind of music, and dance,within the Flamenco), the most difficult within Flamenco.

      Here I show you this video such funny:



      I hope that you have enjoyed.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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You have to see this one in Spain, Part 2
07 September 2013

      Today will be decided the next Head of the Olympic Games 2020 and Madrid is one of the favourits. Therefore,  I want to talk to you a little bit of Madrid.

      Recently, the program “Comando Actualidad” of the Spanish Tv, talked about Madrid and I want to translate this report.

      The presenter talks to two men, who are downloading something from a van:

Presenter: “Good morning.How are you. Well, you are assembleing a “chiringuito” just beside of the Museum of El Prado”.

The oldest man: “There is where you have to assembleing things.Come on, boy!”.”We have key-rings, t-shirts….”. “Before, the “chiringuito” was a only a little table….so many years ago, they only sold fans…the boss´mother. It has grown a little bit everything”.

The presenter: “I suppose that like the tourism, who come to El Prado, who has been growing too”.

The oldest man: “Yes, it has been growing too”.

The youngest man: “There are seasons…Now come more tourism from Russia, and tourism from Brazil, who was not seen before”.

The presenter: “From the emerging economies?”.

The youngest man: “Yes. Really. People have more money…”.

The presenter: “Mean…this is an obligatory point of visit for tourists; is not it?”.

The youngest man: “Yes. It is as if you go to Rio de Janeiro and you  do not go up to the Corcovado….”.

The presenter: “Because you are 50 meters from El Prado”.

The youngest man: “Yes”.

The presenter: “Is that what tourist like more?”.

The y. man: “But the cheaper”.

The oldest man: “If tourist do not spend, nobody spend”.

The presenter: “At least here there are tourists; you only have to take a look at those who pass”.

The oldest man: “If it fails tourism, it would fail us all”. “Do we raise?”.

The presenter: “How many families live with is sold in this chiringuito?”.

The youngest man: “Right now: seven families”.

The presenter: “60 situations, to be understood. 2100 essential words in English. Have you had to put the batteries with the language?”.

The oldest man: “A little bit, of course. Many times, by sign.

The youngest man to a tourist: “Two for you. All right?”.

The presenter: “Hello. How are you. It draws much attention the store to people coming out of El Prado”.

The owner of the store: “Yes. The truth is yes. People make photographs…”

The presenter: “This store´s owner?”.

The owner: “One of them”.

Note: The store is named: OBJETOS DE ARTE TOLEDANO.

The presenter: “You open the store 52 years ago”.

The owner: “We live three families of it”.

The presenter: “The Museum of El Prado receives almost three million visits each year…”

The owner: “Yes”.

The presenter: “Most of those persons pass over here and the go into the store directly”.

The owner: “Exactly. We also have in the other Museum, The “Queen Sofí”, in Atocha, and here The Thyssen. We are in the triangle of Art”.

The presenter: “Just in the middle. A good place for having a store of souvenirs”.

The presenter: “But yes”. “But look…we have of everything…; we have weapons, which are reproduced as formerly they made”.

The presenter: “And people buy this one…?”.

The owner: “Yes. The truth is that has its public.., there is a public for everything”.

The presenter: “What tourist spent 40 Euros on a replica gun?”.

The owner: “The Chinese, for example is a person who likes very much this kind of gun”. “The key-rings, I think it is by statistical the product more sold in the store. We pass to another important department, that is about the Damasquinado (it is a work of craftsmanship that involves performing figures and drawings by introducing, damascened or inlaid, fine threads of gold and silver of steel or iron, usually blued. Its name comes from the city Damascus, Syria)”.

The presenter: “This one is already sold”.

The owner: “This one is sold, yes”.”What happens is that  well…”

The presenter: “12,000 Euros?”

The owner: “12,000 Euros, yes”.

The presenter: “Who has bought it?”.

The owner: “But it has been bought by a person…”

The presenter: “A Spanish?”

The owner: “No, I think it is a Brazilian; she is a stewardess and she comes…she is giving money and when she finis, she takes I, when sendt it to her home, of course”.

The presenter: “Is sold very much this doll typical from Sevilla?.

The owner: “Yes, it is sold…”

The presenter: “The Spanish topic?”.

The owner: “It already fallen sharply. Before it was sold much more; it has fallen, and now enter other fashions, as this resin, but with lots of color and as if it was the whole design of mosaic”.

The presenter: “A lot of swords, shields…”.

The owner: “Here we have medieval footwear, armor, accessories…Here they come from “Aguila Roja” to take some things. Have also become fashionable medieval weddings; people get married and medieval dresses”.

The presenter: “How much cost an armor like this?".

The owner: “2,000 Euros. It is a fully functional armor, you can put it yourself and go out walking on”.

The presenter: “Jose María. Do not you let to make pictures here?".

Jose María: “Look. It does not happen anything if you have one picture; but people come many times to shoot in order to copy in China and other countries: a figure of the Quijote, made of wood, the make it in resin, they make it in plastic, they make it in metal…but the same one….This one is taken out of the same pattern”.

The presenter: “Hello, good morning.Where you come from?"

The tourists: “From Argentina”

The presenter: “What have you bought?”

The tourists: “Of everything: little cards…, ornaments, bracelets ....That all is mine!”.

The presenter: “Are there 500 notes?”.

Store Cashier: “Yes”.

Another store cashier: “457. Bill, It is true?”.

The presenter: “What is doing a painter just in front of El Prado?”.

The painter: “Where is going to be a painter better than in front of El Prado?”.

The presenter: “Who is fixed in these tables?, Who buy them?, I suppose that tourists who come here…”.

The painter: “Few people, but people who understand, sincerely. I do not sell souvenirs…”

The presenter: “How much you sell them on, what price are usually, more or less?”

The painter: “Very cheap. I use to sell in 80, 90….; but if a day they tell me 60 or 50 and I need for the Bono-transport, I have to give it….; but I have sold paintings in 500,000 pesetas, in one million pesetas…, look..and this was the year 86…he listed among 20,000 and 500,000 pesetas ……and they were sold…..There were people who told me: “You must be there (in the Museum of El prado)”  and I say: No, there no, because who are there are pushing up daisies (died)”.

The presenter: “Have a good luck”

The painter: “It has been a pleasure”.

The presenter: “Equally…, see you”.

The presenter: “Besides being one of the most important concentrations of museums in Europe, is the touristic engine of this city. The Prado and Reina Sofia just break records of visitors and the Museum Thyssen has sold over one million tickets all year”.

The presenter: “Susan. You are one of the Restores of the Thyssen Museum”.

Susan: “Yes, I do”.

The presenter: “Here is where the exhibit of Chagal; is not it?”.

Susan: “Yes. Till the Sunday, all the works were hung”. “They are the team of mounting kit of the Museum, who are specializes in artworks. I think that they are used to manage very special works”.

The presenter: “He has to take it inside with much care, in order that it does not jump…?”.

Susan: “Yes. The vibrations, as greatly affect the works, but they always have a lot careful when handling them”.

The presenter: “The gray house, of 1917”.

Susan: “The truth is that enjoying the masters in such a short distance is incredible”.

Susan: “Where we are is where each painting is revised before returning to its home”.

Susan: “They are going to see if the state of preservation is the same than it was given”.

The presenter: “You are revising how is your painting, before taking it to your Museum, I imagine”.

The owner of the painting: “Yes. It was always a very delicate film”.

Susan: “All the works, which come into some boxes weather, are much more protected, such of light as of the environment. They are works, which have some towering insurances, in transport, on travels, on loans”.

The presenter: “Is there nothing new?...Well”.

Another owner of painting: “We are all right and so glad”.

Susan: “We are going to the Photography Studio of the Thyssen Museum”.

The presenter: “Good morning. Well…we caught you just in front of a work….What is it?”.

The restorer: “This is Tintoretto…, “The Paradise”, by Tintoretto. This is a a digital camera by infrared; it is a preliminary study is done on the restoration. What is very interesting for us is to see which are the damaged areas. That is the union of of canvas fabrics. With this technique we can see such the alterations that have been the work by the passage of time, as how to work the artist . This is a part of the radiograph, where we can see crackle in the paint, but, of course, have spent hundreds of years .. Yes, this is what is going to restore ".

The presenter: “We are going into the Thyssen restoration workshop”.

Susan: “It is like a little hospital…”.

The presenter: “From the painting by Tintoretto, which you are restoring,, you have taken out a sample, that is this little black point here”.

A restorer sir: “This is the little point, that we have seen till now. With everything this we can analyze, grain by grain, all materials that are in each of the superimposed layers”.

The presenter: “The first layer, that was given by the painter”

The restorer: “Exactly, the innermost”.

The presenter: “And from here, all the other layers, that are till the surface”

The restorer: “Till the surface”

The presenter: “That is which we see on the painting”

The restorer: “Exactly, that is what we see on the painting”.

The presenter: “For what it is restoration will, everythig this one?

Susan: "It is imperative, as they say, in order to know how it was made, how it was made by the artist, in order to determine which pigments he used, which he choosed”.”This is a work by Antonio Saura, that has some probles: that the paint here has scales and it is taking of”.

The presenter: “And to work with such important and such expensive works…?”.

Susan: “Yes. But more than one time I have lost sleep”.

The presenter: “Susan: beside here you have also work in the Queen Sofía and in El Prado, that is also the engine of tourism in a city like this one”.

Susan: “The truth is that there is so much tourism, who come from all the world and who enjoy our the collections, same than Spanish people too”.

The presenter: “After the triangle of the Museums, the most visited of Madrid is this one: The Santiago Bernabeu. Only during 2011, it received more than 800,000 visits from 100 differents countries”. “Good morning. Have you just taken tickets?”

A young man: “Two adults and two children”.

The presenter: “How much they cost, by the by?”.

The man: “The adults: 16 Euros, and the children: 11 Euros”.

The presenter: “54 Euros in order to see the Bernabeu…”

The man: “This is the first time we go inside the Bernabeu”

A girl working inside: “Here we make a photomontage, like this one. It is a free trial and at the end of the tour, we show it”.

A father: “But smile a little bit, Sergio”.

The girl: “Look at here..One, two and …three”.

The presenter: “The Trophy Room”

The father: “Yes. Here they are real”.

Sergio: “I want to see the Champions. One, two, three, four, five, six seven, eight, nine!”

Another young man: “They are beautiful…; it is something that I can not describe. I come from Mexico…and it is something very nice”.

The presenter: "The first time that you visit the Bernabeu?".

The Mexican man: “The first time in Spain and my wife told me to visit the Bernabeu; if there is no futbol, you visit the Stadium, the rest of the tour of Spain......I have not much interest".

The presenter: “Have you come to Madrid without your wives?”.

The father: “No. Not to Madrid; to the visit, yes. They have gone to the Castellana, in order to go for a walk. I do not know if they wanted to see some shops”.

The presenter: “They did not want to see the Bernabeu”

The father: “No, no”.”Put you both there”.

The presenter: "This is without any doubt the most photographed cup of the all the tour, that is what the Madrid has jus won, in the league, Is not it?”. “How is see the field on grass flush?”.

Another father: “It is seem biger that from upstairs…”.

The presenter: “It impress more from here”.

Another father:  “Yes”.

The presenter: “The Real Madrid was the first Club, that decided to do this one:  a visited guide through its stadium  and from that other clubs have followed”.

The father: “It is no surprise for me that they follow it….16 Euros the tickets for adult and 11 the tickets for children….”.

The presenter: “Here is where the opposing team changes clothes. Besides you have to line you up for seeing this: for seein the water, a  shower, Well, the Jacuzzi is covered “.

The girl who works in the stadium: “If you want any phograph?....With Sergio Ramos…., Cristiano….and with the Champions. The big ones, each one: 17 and the small ones: 12" .

The presenter: “It is what the guided tour”

The father: “The guided tours and to have children”.

The girl: “Here they are. Thank you”

The presenter: “Look…your two sons…with the Champions…, this one is very well”, “36 Euros more in photos, add what you have spent in the tour….; and this in a morning in Madrid”.

The father: “And stay you to eat…”

The presenter: “Enjoy your stay in Madrid”.

The father: “But thank you very much”.

The presenter: “It has been a pleasure”.

      This is the link to watch the video:


      I hope that you have enjoyed.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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You have to see this one in Spain, part 1
06 September 2013

      The tv program, “Comando Actualidad”, starts in the village Coria del Rio, Seville.

      The presenter talks to a woman, named Milagros; he tells her: “Milagros, How many horses are here…!, is not it?”, and she answers: “35 or 40….”; the presenter asks her: “35 or 40 horses have you at home?” and she answers: “Yes”. He asks: “And why that?, What do you do?”, she answers: “To pony cars, the public service of Seville”. He asks her: “Are you a Horse car driver woman?, she answers: “Yes” and he tells her: “But you are already retired”, she answers: “A little bit….”. He asks her: “And who runs the business?”, she answers: “My children”; the presenter asks her:  “Are the licenses inherited from parents to children?” and she answers: “Most are inherited”.

      After that conversation, the woman goes into the home to call her sons; she says: “Come on….that you have go to work…”.The presenter says: “How are you…, good morning. Are you preparing yourselves for the job?”.

       The presenter asks her: “Milagros. Are there many women, like you,  who have engaged in this work?” and she answers: “No. I was the first one; afeter that there was a girl, but she stayied a few time…”, he asks her: “Why?” and she answers: “I do not know…; it shall be because it is a world of men, there are no many women who dare…it is very hard too”, the presenter asks: “Why?” and she answers: “Because they are many hours in street”.

      Milagros says: “The City Council has given a garage for the 97 horses, that we have in Seville".

      The presenter goes to the garage with one Milagros´son.The presenter asks him: “Is there any work…?, Are there many tourists?” and he answers: “It depends on the date. Good date is in Spring…, October…, Christmas”.The presenter says: “Better Spring and Autun…, when hot is gone” and he answers: “Exact”. The presenter asks him: “How you can manage with tourists?. How you can manage with languages?”; he answers smileing: “As we can…, step by step..Four monuments and..the price and the time..”, the presenter says: “The price, is not it?. How much is the maximum that they have paid to you for a trip?”, and he answers: “To me the maximum….well that is the Fair goes up very much and if you are 2 or 3 hours, but they pay you 300 or 400 Euros”. The presenter says: “300 or 400 Euros for one trip…, that manage you the day and almost the week”. And Milagros´son says: “Well…some days I come back without anything….after 10 or 12 hours…and that day you do not want go back for working, but the next day you have to go back to the routine”.

       After that, he says: “We continue the task, let us go to the Cathedral". The presenter says: “The Giralda. Is this the main stop?” and Milagros´son answers: “Exact.It is the main stop, because it is where all the tourists come; it is what keeps tourists visiting. We are coming, we ask the turn and the first-come, first load. Who is the last one?”, a soft voice is heard: “I am, Pepe”. The presenter asks: “How many have you ahead?” and he answers: “I am the fifth.Perhaps  in an hour we are all out, or we are here all morning, or all the day”.

      Another Horse driver man tells a tourist: “That should be cost 100 Euros for you. That is an official rate”. The presenter says: “We see that they resist, they fight” and a companion of Milagros´son answers: “They will always try to reduce;  you can ask them 50, you can ask them 20;  if you ask them 20, they will tell you 10; if you ask them 50, they will tell you 40”. The Milagros´son says: “The garman….the German is a tourist….” And the presenter finish the sentence: “The german people are the hardest one?” and the Milagros´son says: “Yes”.

      The presenter is close to a group of tourists, who seem to be Spanish; he says: “Hello, good morning.Where you come from?” and they answer: “We are from Galice”. A sir says: “Two tickets miss” and the presenter asks: “¿have you already bought the tickets, for all the group?” and the sir answers: “Yes.Two tickets miss” and the presenter asks: “How much has cost you to go into here?”, the sir answers: “It has cost 50 Euros for 10 persons”; the presenter says: “50 Euros, 10 persons;then, it has been 5 Euros….With any discount?”, the sir answers: “No, none..ah, to the pensioners….We are going up”.

      A guide explains something inside the Cathedral: “This is the tomb where the remains of Christopher Colón. And his second son, Hernando Colón, was born in Seville”. The presenter asks him: “How many years are you as a guide?” and he answers: “Around 40”, the presenter says: “¿40 years inside the Cathedral?” and he answers: “Now, I am the oldest one and I was missing a leg”, the presenter asks him: “Has you broken a leg?” and he answers: “No.They cut me the leg” and the presenter says: “And even so you are still touring the Cathedral…and explaining….”; he says: “Well….explaining on wheelchair, in 2000,  from the hospital to here and from here to the Remedios, where I live”. The presenter asks him: “Whom, a famous, have you guided?”  and he says: “Who was the President of the United States, Gerald Ford”. The presenter asks him: “How many languages do you speak?” and he answers: “Some. I also knows to speak by sign and by phone”.

      Now, the presenter goes close a young man, who is the Sacristan of the Cathedral of Seville and he says: “Hello, good morning, The Sacristan of the Cathedral of Seville…” and he says: “of the Cathedral of Seville”.The presenter follows: “And a lot of work, I suppose, because it is a Cathedral…one of the biggest” and he says: “Yes. It may take thousands, thousands of people…it is awesome. What they most are looking for is to climb the Giralda, which is the famous monument of the city of Seville…”, the presenter asks: “May we climb the Giralda” and he answers: “Yes. Right now”. The Sacristan says: “This score reflects the number of people in the interior of the Tower. In this part, where the ringer lived…… ,up to 5 generations have passed…Well, this was the lobby and they lived, exactly….here to the left. This was a kitchen and the door leading to the living room”; the presenter asks: “How long time is that nobody live here?”, the Sacristan answers: “30….years about. 3o years that it is not played with rope” and the presenter says: “And now, that no ringer there is….” And the Sacristan says: “There is a computer system…with the different chimes….”; the presenter says: “Double Pope, says there, What it means?” and the Sacristan answers: “That is the Pope´s Funeral”; then, the presenter says: “There is a program prepared…?” and the Sacristan follows: “If the Pope dies”, the presenter also says: “If the Pope dies”, the Sacristan says: “Or if a Cardinal dies. That they call them…”

      They are going down on a stairs and the Sacristan says: “35 ramps and 17 steps there are up. There are ramps, because formerly, the Muslim prayer that rose to the tower, ascended by mule or horse, and then it was more comfortable up a ramp”, also the Sacristan says: “We find the largest bell, which is the bell Santa María”; the presenter says: “This is the largest bell in the largest bell tower, because this is one of the most important bell tower”, the Sacristan says: “Yes, yes.This is the largest bell tower in all Spain”.

      Now, the presenter says: “We are going into an area, where tourists can not log in” and the Sacristan says: “No, they can not do it”. The presenter asks: “How many meters can we be?” and the Sacristan answers: “I think we are more than 70 meters”, they look the view of the Cathedral from the roof and the Sacristan says: “It is the Cathedral and the largest one” and the presenter says: “There is no Cathedral in the world, which has a surface as large as the Cathedral of Seville” and the Sacristan nods: “as the Cathedral of Seville”. And the Sacristan adds: “That building, that is just there, is the Archive of the Indies. Here, to the left, we have the Alcazares, with its wall. A little further back, the two towers,  , with the Square of Spain and all the grove, that is in front, is the Maria Luisa Park”.

      Now, you can see two carriages, which are arriving to the "Square of Spain". Then, the presenter goes close to a group and tells them: “Hello, good morning. Where you come from?”, they answer: “From Galice” and he says: “From Galice?. What are you searching here?” and they answer: “The province”. The presenter asks to the guide of this group: “This one was made for the Exposure of the year 29” and he says: “Yes, of the 29” and the presenter asks him: “And now for what it is used?”; the guide answers: “It is the building….what is more visited in the city. This is the Palace, where the film “Lawrence of Arabia” was made, if you remember. Here also was made the “Stars War”, the Square of Spain”. The presenter tells a lady: “Here each one goes to its province, is not it?” and the lady says: “Of course. Galician people go to our”.

      Now, the presenter is in a fried-fish shop and he talks to a responsible man. The presenter tells him: “Fernando, we are in a fried-fish shop…, this is very typical of Seville”. And Fernando answers: “Yes. Cazón in adobo, Choco and here we have cod”. The presenter asks him: “In a strong day, how many kilograms of fish you can frying?”, he answers: “But…above all Cazon and choco, which is the king product, approximately 100 kilograms of each one. But, for example, in Holy Week, you can arrive to 200 kilograms”. Now, the presenter talks to a sir, who is buying fried-fish: “Are you from here, from Seville, gentleman?” and he answers: “Yes” and the presenter tells him: “And this one what is, a tradition for you?” and he answers: “From I was a child”, the presenter says: “From all the life..” and the sir says: “Yes, yes.It was one of the things that I liked more: to go out to dinner to a fried-fish shop with my parents.  Before, it was the food of poor people, the fish was very cheap and now is prohibitive”. The sir goes to a table, to eat with his family. He says: “Little prawns and choco”.

      The presenter says: “Beteen all the tourists, who visit Seville, more than the 15 per cent choose lodge in private houses and apartments:  a cheaper option and it gives them more freedom”. The presenter knocks at a door and when it is open, he says: “Hello, good morning. May I enter?” and a man answers: “Of course, man”.This man says: “I lived in a very big loft, that is this one, where we are and I have made a restructuring and I have a zone, which I have for renting”. Then, the presenter says: “Mean: this is your home and the rest is rented”.

      The presenter knocks at another door; he says: “Hello, May I enter?”; a boy open the door; the presenter tells him: “I am Pau, Comando Actualidad. Are them your  parents? And he answers: “Yes”. The presenter tells them: “Hello, Where you come from?” and they answer: “From Panamá”. Pau asks: “And why you decided to come to an apartment  and not to a hotel?” and the boy answers: “Because it is more confortable: we come three…, an the tv….it is more confortable…it is more family….It is as if you were in a house…I like very much colors.., and the is liñe interesting, I should say…”. The presenter asks him: “Marcos: Is this a work your?" And he answers: “Yes. I am a designer”, the presenter asks him: “Ofmovies?”and Marcos answers: “Yes”. The presenter says:  “And here you give free rein to your creativity”; Marcos says: “Yes.This was painted with brown color and a boy tell me he did not like brown”.  The presenter asks him: “You've been a long time renting?” and he answers: “No, not too much time, I have 2 or 3 months”, the presenter asks him: “How much is it 5 days here, in this space?” and he answers: “But…500 Euros, more or less”, the presenter says: “Mean: 100 Euros per day” and Marcos says: “It means that 3 or 4 persons can live here. Look: they have come since groups of lawyers till girls with groups to do Bachelorette parties and people from all the world…, many foreigner people”. The presenter tells him: “The tenants, who you have now, leave today and,  when the next come?”, Marcos says: “But…this just afternoon come another group”.

      A guide visit a house with a group and says: “Well. I ask you for of course respect; this is a private house, which they will open for us, they are going to have the courtesy to open up. Let us go inside, in order that you can see this patio…Hello….Well, here we have the owner of the house, who receives us, who has had the courtesy of receiving us…”. The owner says: “If you want to see a little bit….This is the summer dining….This is the little bit sun, that enters; this is the only sun that enters”.

      The presenter asks to the owner: “Ana, hello: How is it, that your home and your patio are attractive touristic?” and she answers: “I'm glad they come, be seen and enjoy the patio, because pretty little job gives me, but I enjoy it, the first that I am enjoying it”. Another lady tells the owner: “In the garden you have no flower” and she answers: “There, no, with shadow there is no flower. The flowers have to be from here to there”, the lady says: “But in the andalusian patios there are usually flowers, Are not them?” and the owner answers: “But, no”.

      The presenter asks to the owner: “What is what catches their attention more to tourists, when they enter?”; the owner answers: “But…the tiles, the tiles very much, yes”, the presenter says: “They like very much the tiles”. And she explain: “I have seen a lot of times some Japanese making photographs to the tile by 10 inches”, the presenter says: “From so near” and she says: “I think that they want to copy it, yes, the Japanese..”. The presenter asks: “Is this a typical house of Seville?” and the owner answers: “Yes”. The presenter asks again: “How is it distributed?”; she answers: “There is a central patio and a gallery around and it has two floors, that in summer we come down here”, then, the presenter says: “And upstairs you  make life in winter”, the owner says: “Till the month of June: the Day of Saint Anthony, when you come down”, the presenter asks: “Why, because you support better the hot?” and she says: “Very much better…. There is a difference of temperature at least about 6 or 7 degrees”.

      The group say goodbay and we can hear to a lady, who says: “Thank you very much” and you can hear, I suppose that to the owner of the house, who says: “Happy travel”. And the owner tells the group: “You have had a very good luck, because it is not hot….this is a good luck”.

      Another lady start to sing. When she finish, the presenter asks her: “In which language you have sang”, she answers: “In Euskera”, the presenter says: “In Euskera…, a typical song….” And the owner says: “What a wonder…a lullaby…” and the presenter says: “This is a cultural exchange fledged”.

      Here I put the link of the tv program "Comando Actualidad"; please click down here:

      Well, I have finished this post; excuseme if you think that it has been too much long. And I hope that you have tought that it is interesting. Sincerely, I will tell you that it has been a little bit hard, because the translating; but I thought that perhaps you should like to learn Spanish at the same time that you saw how is our life.

      Till soon, thanks for your patience and receive kind regards from


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Against HIV in Spain
02 September 2013

      The researcher at the University Hospital Gregorio Marañón,  Maria Angeles Muñoz, and her research team have developed a gel that prevents HIV transmission by almost 100%, thanks to nanomolecules called "dendrimers", that bind to a protein of to prevent HIV transmission, which is combined with a retroviral. The gel is being tested in humanized mice and likely in mid-2014, if funding is achieved, can certify "whether it works or not" and begin preclinical and clinical protocols.

      She explains that “dendrimers”  have the characteristic of having some branching structures, whose surface is negatively charged and the HIV has a protein, named “GP 120”, that has positive charge. This junction prevents healthy cells from becoming infected. Therefore, the gel acts as a protective film, to prevent the cells from becoming infected.

      No epithelial barrier crossing, which will not be level systemic, topical level only. It has also been discovered which are soluble in all solutions, they are stable. It has also been seen that acts at every level of PH, so acts on any type of HIV. But tests on mice and are now going to start trying in humans; so, they are trying to get that if you want to infect someone, you can not infect. They think that any result will be got by mid-2014.

      Maria Angeles says that many therapies are being studying; for example, they are working on “Gene therapy”. It is also slowing the vertical transmission –that was a real problem in Spain and in other countries. It is the transmission from a mother to his son or her daughter--. So, some new therapies are being worked.

      She says that still can not say the price of the gel, because they still work with a small amount.Anyway she says that a gel is alwys cheaper than a pill.

      Maria Angeles says that this gel is based on the Nanotechnology. She explains that the Nanotecnology is a science composed by “Nano”, that means “Very small” and Technology.So, we will can see “Nano-Robots”, for surgery, for diagnostic.

      She also says that despite of the crisis, they do not want to stop the projects; so, they are seeking foreign funding.

      Ihope that you think this theme is so interesting as I do.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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