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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

La Alcaidesa: A fascinating and little known place.
15 November 2008

When you go into such a large expanse of land, at the end, you can see this spectacle: Nature in its pure state, in savage state.The wonderful thing of this place is that you can enjoy  the mountain and the sea, at the same time.Here there are 1.300 hectares.

La Alcaidesa is situated in the National road 340, Km: 124,6, San Roque.From Algeciras, it is before arriving to Sotogrande.


Soon it shall be build the exclusive Beach Club (with a bar, a restaurant, a swimming-pool...).Also, soon you will see another restaurants, Cinemas, Pharmacies, Schools and some good hotels --for example: one hotel with 5 stars--.Also you will see a control of Private Security for entries and exits.Moreover, Alcaidesa shall have a Firemen station and a Local Police station.At the top of this picture, you can see Sotogrande, close the beach.On back of the picture you can see a big mountain, where you can take a road to Ronda, from San Pedro de Alcantara.From that road, you have a good view of Gibraltar and, of course, of La Alcaidesa.


Again a view of the sea, from the lush vegetation of the Alcaidesa.You can see some little sail-boats sailling.


In the middle of the picture, you can see Sotogrande.Of course, Sotogrande has a development , which La Alcaidesa has not, now; but the future of Alcaidesa is big and moreover a clair difference among both places is that La Alcaidesa has a mountain and, however, all the houses of Sotogrande are at the same level of the sea.


Another view of the land of La Alcaidesa, without houses.


 This is the entrance of  "the  Golf Club of La Alcaidesa" . 

"San Roque Club" and "La Duquesa".All of them are situated less than 20 minutes from La Alcaidesa.




Here you can see a part of the terrace in the Golf Club.

Look at this little wall, from the middle to the right of the picture; behind it you can see a little pond.


Perhaps here you can see the pond better and a little part of the green, of course.


Here, you can see some nice apartments, with good view to the sea and to the Golf Course.


This is another angle of those apartments.


If you go to the right to the previous picture, you can see this view,Then, this is behind the Golf Club.


As you can see, there are some houses built, but there is a big free land yet.



Here is the whole green.Behind it is the beach.


Another nice view from the terrace of the Golf Club.



On back and left of the picture, you can see a little bit of Sotogrande.


Again, a piece of the same green, beside the nice and white houses.


To the left of the Golf Club, you can see this parking for little cars for playing golf.


Beside a little road and near the Golf Club, you can find this Golf Course.It is the second one in La Alcaidesa; not to the beach but to the mountain.


The other side of the street.


A group playing golf.


Two different developments into the complex of La Alcaidesa.Behind it is Gibraltar.

Under the three cranes, an the left and middle of the picture, you can see a piece of the beach.

This is the view from another angle.

This the same view but nearest.


A little road inside.


On right a nice development and, on back of the picture: Gibraltar.


On the left of the picture, you can see the beach of La Alcaidesa.

Here it is nearest.

In the middle of the picture, the beach, and on the left, you can see the Golf Course.

A detail of some nice houses, going down to the beach.


Here, you can see another part of the Golf Course.




























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The House of the Almoraima
13 November 2008

This is a place full of magic, situated some few kilometers out of Algeciras, direction to Malaga, but going to the named "Station of San Roque", just only one kilometer past the rail of the train, you go into this way, everything straight ahead to upstairs, where you will see the named "House of the Almoraima" (Casa de la Almoraima).

A high tower is the first thing  that you can see, when you arrive there, on the right of the main building.This is the named "Hotel La Almoraima", situated, exactly, in the Road Algeciras-Ronda, s.n., to Castellar de la Frontera.


This is the little square, where you can leave your car. La Almoraima S.A. began its activity extracting the cork from the alcornoques which there were in the farm close the House-Convent.Also they raised porks.In 1987, The General Direction of Patrimony sold La Almoraima S.A. to RUMASA and this group sold La Almoraima to ICONA (National Institute for Conservation of Nature).Right now, it belongs to the Autonomous Organism National Parks.


Here you can see two cars which were going out of the Hotel "La Almoraima" --although this place is also known as "House-Convent of La Almoraima"--.


This is the internal patio, before going into the restaurant.This restaurant has a good cookery.


The entrance to the dining room is  in a door situated just on the left of this picture, to the left to those armchairs.


There are some few bedrooms (4 or 5).Look at the web:   and you will see what a nice and confortable the hotel is.


You can see a bell tower, because under it there is a chapel.


This is the chapel.On back of the picture, you can see the altar.


This is another corner, in a side of the chapel.


And another special corner, in a diferent side of the chapel.


      Well, I hope that you can come here to visit this nice place. Do not doubt that you will be very welcome.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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The beach of Sabinillas
11 November 2008

This place is near Estepona to Malaga --90 kilometers from Malaga-- on main road 340, Km. 144.It belongs to the municipality of Manilva --situated on a mountain on the left of this picture--. This picture was made around 8 p.m. and the light was begining to be very special.It was not cold.One famous building is the Castle of Sabinillas.In the "Cerro del Castillo", has been found a lot of archeological remains belonging to the Bronze Age.But the Roman domain was the most important thing, the Roman village of "Barriada Sabinillas".The remains of the Duchess´s castle, where also exists a big complex, in which there are thermal baths  included, probably a tower on the Hill of the Hacho, and also the ceramics of wall found in Haza del Casareño, Las Lagunetas and a lot of another remains inside the municipality.Diferent sites of interest belonging to the Middle Age have been found: the sites of the Cerrillo de la Sepultura, La Alcaría, el Cerro del Tesoro, Terán, and so on.The battlements-tower of Punta Chullera like the Duchess´s one belong to the 15th Century.


Suddlenly the light changed to the blue color.The little boats are waiting for going out, to the sea, if the weather let it them.


Another kind of light in a same scene.I did not use any filter to change the color neither I used any program for touches of pictures.


Another nice view of this beach.On back of the picture I think that it is Estepona --down and left to the big mountain--.


I like this picture, because it transmits peace, calm to me.I hope that you receive the same sensation --although I advise you to come here in order that you can feel your own sensation, smelling the sea (a very important thing), listening the tide when it goes out or comes in, and listening andalussian people who are speaking in the little seafront.--.

As this post is one of the most visited in my Blog, if anybody wants me to make some special photos, from that area, arround Manilva, I will do it with much pleasure.

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