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An investment group from England has a tourism project for southern Spain
Monday, December 23, 2019 @ 10:48 PM

      An English investment group projects a rural tourist complex, in Jimena (Cadiz, south of Spain), creating a gastronomic center for agricultural, livestock and hunting products in the area, five rural houses, a luxury campsite and a four-star hotel. The project is named: “International Rural Tourism Center”.

General view of Jimena

Jimena up close​​​​​​​

      The project aims to provide a boost for tourism activity, in the municipality, and will be developed in three farms: Canuto Largo, Los Canutos de Boga and Las Jarillas, all of them owned by the Virginia Spain Group, which belongs to Knightsbridge Investment

Investment zone​​​​​​​

      The land is located west of San Pablo de Buceite and north of Jimena, within the Natural Park of the Alcornocales, in a perfect place for rest, where there are magnificent views for hiking and all kinds of rural tourism activities and ecotourism.

San Pablo de Buceite from Canuto Largo​​​​​​​

      Park of the Alcornocales (Park of cork oaks):

The Alcornocales​​​​​​​

      In Vega Barría, within Las Jarillas, a space outside the Natural Park dedicated to organic farming, it is intended to locate a center for the processing and manufacturing of agricultural, livestock, hunting and other farm resources. It will be designed in the style of a large Andalusian farmhouse and will have different areas for cooking, catering, visitor center, product exhibition areas, kitchens, warehouses, terraces and outdoor patios for the use of visitors.

Vega Barría​​​​​​​

      Nearby is planned to build a rural hotel for students of the kitchen workshop and other visitors of the municipality that will have twenty rooms on two floors, with gallery-style access, dining areas, bar, terrace, barbecue, kitchens, warehouses, changing rooms for Employees and laundry. Everything will be designed to comply with the four-star tourist regulations. In addition, around the hotel there will be ten spaces to install a luxury campsite, whose customers will also enjoy the services and facilities of the hotel and nearby there will be a helipad (in the farm Las Jarillas).

      In order to accommodate the visitors, the construction of five rural houses, grouped in as many farm-shaped complexes, is proposed. These buildings will be located in the Canuto Largo and Los Canutos de Boga farms, specifically in the place where a construction currently exists.

Another view of the Game Reserve of Los Alcornocales​​​​​​​

Area to Canuto largo​​​​​​​

Another area going to Canuto Largo​​​​​​​

Walk to Canuto Largo​​​​​​​

Another view of the walk of Canuto Largo​​​​​​​

Entrance to Canuto Largo​​​​​​​

      The project contemplates that, to minimise any environmental and landscape alteration, the buildings, that are built within the Natural Park, will be located on land adjacent to the existing ones, because they have access rolled by rural roads. Within these areas, the best location, in terms of views and hours of sunshine, has been sought.

      The style of the architecture, chosen to lift the buildings, will be of the traditional type, for which materials of common use will be used, in this type of constructions, such as wood and stone, Arabic tiles and painted plastering. In all cases, the promoters affirm that they have tried to reflect the style of the houses of the region and the Andalusian farms and farmhouses.

      The Canuto Largo estate has important springs that supply existing buildings. It is planned that the supply to the new buildings be made from them. The gray water will be treated and recovered for its use for irrigation.

      The supply of electrical energy will be carried out through renewable systems of own production. It will be of wind and solar origin for which strategically placed wind turbines and photovoltaic panels will be installed. The construction of the buildings is expected to have a high level of insulation in walls, ceilings and floors, with triple glazing. In addition, the electrical equipment and lamps will be of low consumption, which will ensure that the energy needs of the buildings are relatively low. All will have solar panels for domestic hot water. The intention is that the buildings are self-sufficient for energy consumption.

      The International Center for Rural Tourism will generate 40 temporary jobs, for 18 months, and 20 stable ones, when it is in operation.

      The City Council verified that the land is, according to current regulations, on soils classified as non-developable. The Canuto Largo and Los Canutos de Boga farms have an urban protection rating of special protection, while Las Jarillas is a Zone of Territorial Interest. Both the determinations of the Master Plan for the Use and Management of the Game Reserve of the Alcornocales (PRUG) as well as those of the Territorial Management Plan of the Campo de Gibraltar (POTCDT) and of the Municipal Subsidiary Regulations allow the use of rural tourism in these types of land .

      The Plenary Session of the City Council of Jimena unanimously approved the Declaration of Public Interest of the project in May. With that step, it was only in the absence of the promoter requesting the building licenses to begin its development.

Plenary Session of the City Council of Jimena​​​​​​​

      The mayor, Francisco Gómez, made a very positive assessment after the plenary of the approval of the three projects. He indicated that the investment for the municipality will be about 3.7 million, that will affect the municipal coffers and employment, in both companies and personnel. “It has been an intense job during these years with administrative procedures and meetings with the other groups for the declaration of public interest and for them to start asking for the building permits to develop the project”, explained the mayor.

The Major of Jimena​​​​​​​

      “All groups have unanimously approved the project and have lived up to it. At all times, investments that encourage job creation have been sought and Jimena continues to grow at a tourist level”, added Gomez.

      Well, I hope this project goes forward.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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eggcup said:
Saturday, December 28, 2019 @ 10:29 AM

Interesting. I hope the project goes well. My main concern would be being told later on that it's not legal or some such nonsense. I also hope that they have properly assessed the number of people it will appeal to. Fingers crossed it is a great success.
Thanks Luis for the post and the photos etc.

mariadecastro said:
Saturday, December 28, 2019 @ 12:42 PM

Thanks, eggcup, for your comment. I do not think that business is illegal. And I guess they have studied about potential clients. I think it is a good project. I will wait to have new news and I will tell you. Thanks for reading my blog. Kind regards. Luis

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