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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Spanish sayings 45
30 April 2009

"Trees and loves, while they have roots, they will have fruits and flowers"."It shows to us that a solid implementation, of love or of tree, prevents that they  dry and die themselves".

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Spanish sayings 44
29 April 2009

"Love does not look lineage, either Faith, either lawsuit either honor"."It goes on the idea about that love can with everything and there is no barrier".

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Spanish sayings 43
28 April 2009

"Love, forgives everything"."The more you love, the easier is to forgive a loved person".

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A very nice state
27 April 2009


Yesterday afternoon I was in a very nice state, in order to celebrate a niece of mine´s First Holy Communion.It is named "Finca Cortesín" ("State Cortesín") and it is a Hotel / Golf / Spa.It is exactly in the Casares Road MA 8300 s/n.If you go from Marbella/Málaga: -Take Highway APT towards Algeciras-Cadiz. -After passing Estepona, take Exit 153. -You will reach a roundabout, take the Third Exit called "A7 Algeciras-Cadiz".Be careful do not take this first Exit which is called AP-7 Algeciras-Cadiz or the second Exit which is called Casares Camino. -Follow A7 towards Algeciras and Sotogrande. -When you reach the fourth roundabout, take Casares Road Exit towards Casares (you will see a gas station). -Go towards Casares and after 2,2 Kms, you will see the "Finca Cortesín Golf Club" entrance sign on your right.But, if you go from Algeciras/Gibraltar, you have do this one: --Take A7 towards Malaga.Do not continue with AP7 the toll highway. --After several roundabouts, you wil reach Sabinillas.The second rundabout, after this town, has an Exit called Casares. --Take this Exit, towards Casares and after 2,2 Kms, you will see the "Finca Cortesín Golf Club" entrance sign on your right. Average distances: From Malaga: 95 Kms (59 Miles, 55 min). From Marbella: 37 Kms (23 Miles, 30 Min.).From Gibraltar: 35 Kms (22 Miles, 30 Min.).

At the end of the picture, you can see the main front of the building.

This is the view of the arch from inside.

This spring is on the left of the arch.

And this another spring is on the left of the other spring and on the right of the main entrance of the Hotel.

When you are inside the hotel, you can see that interior patio.And after that door with glass, at the end of the picture, you can arrive to a garden.

This is the garden I mean.And to the left side you can go to another garden which is downstairs.

This is the left side I mean.At the left side of the picture, you can go downstairs and you can see the sea.

As you can see, this place is a Paradise for children.

There, you can see several olives and this is the tallest.I never saw an olive such a tall......

This is the swell castle, which was downstair, for children.They were delighted.

This area of the garden is situated to the left of the castle for children.As you can see, everything is impeccable.

This is the swimmingpool, which is on the left of the garden which I have just shown you.

From the swimmingpool you can see the sea.

This is the back side of the hotel; it is on the left side of the swimmingpool.

This is a hall, inside the Hotel, which is before the entrance of the bathrooms.

This is a part of the library.

This is the rest of the library.on the left and down corner of the picture, you can see a pice of a table made by different marbles.

This is that table, made of marble.It is wonderful, Is not it?.

When you go out of the hotel, you cross the patio and can go across the arch in order to go to the parking, which is going out and towards the left side.



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Spanish sayings 42
26 April 2009

"Love, does not accept division"."You can not love two persons at once, because love, in itself, is exclusive and exclusionar".

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Spanish sayings 41
25 April 2009

"Lovers and robbers like shadows and corners"."One and others , although for some very different reasons, they prefer to hide to the indiscreet look".

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Spanish sayings 40
24 April 2009

"Who laughs at evil of its neighboring,  his comes on the way"."You have not wish the other ´s evil neither to be delighter at him, because that´s exactly it can be happens to us".                           

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Spanish sayings 39
23 April 2009

"Deeds are loves, and not good reasons"."Deeds show that affection and friendship, and not the words, which are taken away by wind"

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Spanish sayings 38
22 April 2009

"It would be better stay alone, than in a bad company"."It is better the solitude than pernicious companies".


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Spanish sayings 37
21 April 2009

"Divide and you will defeat"."To foster and encourage among enemies, is a guarantee of that you will defeat to them".

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Spanish sayings 36
20 April 2009

"Two (persons) do not argue if one of them do not want it"."It advises not to lose serenity in order to avoid the conflict".


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Spanish sayings 35
19 April 2009

"Friendship has no age"."Friendship has to do with the affinity of characters, and age is a secondary factor in a true friendship"

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Spanish sayings 34
18 April 2009

"They are brought up by God and they get together"."It is used sarcastically, in order to comment that people with a similar condition use to get together".

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Spanish sayings 33
17 April 2009

"With a cheerful company, it is suffer the sad life"."It praises the company of the good friends in order to support the difficult trances".

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Spanish sayings 32
16 April 2009

"To have good friends is good, even in the hell"."To have night watchmen in everywhere and in every circumstance facilitates life".

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Spanish sayings 31
16 April 2009

"A friend not of me, but of my things, take him the river away"."Interest may not be ever the begining of a real friendship, rather it ruins this possibility".


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Spanish sayings 30
15 April 2009


"To the friend, with his vice"."You have to love to friends such as they are, with their flaws and weaknesses".

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Spanish sayings 29
14 April 2009

"Who loves you well, will do cry to you"."The affection is also shown applying the precise punishments in order to sort the loved ones´s behavior out".

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Spanish sayings 28
14 April 2009

"Lazy mother, courtesan daughter"."It warns the danger that an idle mother means to her daughter: she will not learn anything useful".

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Holy Week 2009 in Algeciras 6
13 April 2009

The man who goes behind Jesus (Nazareno) is Simón Cireneo --named "Cireneo", because it is suposed that he camed from Cirene (a town in the North of Africa)--.Simón was walking near Jerusalén, when he saw Jesus and he helped him to carry the Cross, closed to the mound of the Calvario.The meeting among Simón and Jesus was by chance, because Simón came from land and he was not in the group who shouted insulting to Jesus; moreover, he read the inscription which was on the Cross, which said: "Jesus Nazareno, Rey de los Judíos" ("Jesus Nazareno, King of Jews").Simón was a Jew.Then, seeing Jesus with the Cross affected to Simón and he converted himself to Christianity. Although he did not help to Jesus, voluntarily, because Jesus´s watchmen forced Simón to help to Jesus, in order that Jesus did not die on the path, before to die on the Cross, in the Calvario.In 1759, the old Brotherhood ("Cofradía") of "Padre Jesus Nazareno...." was found.In May of 1931, dismantled temples and  destroyed images in the beginining of the Second one Republic.The Brotherhoods disappear.November of 1934, the sculptor from Cadiz, Lorenzo Benitez Pacheco, restores the original image of the Nazareno, distroyed in 1931.In 1937, on "Miercoles Santo" (Wenwesday Saint) the procession of the Nazareno goes out of the parish church of La Palma.

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Holy Week 2009 in Algeciras 5
13 April 2009

This is the Passing ("El Paso") --in this case: "El Paso del Nazareno"--.The man with a white shirt, --who is in the left side of the penitent who is in the right side of the picture-- is named "Capataz"; he orders to the "Costaleros", when they have to stop or Under the "Paso", there are some men, who are named "Costaleros" (Bearers of religious images during processions).

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Holy Week 2009 in Algeciras 4
12 April 2009

This picture was made on Thursday (Jueves Santo), in the Procession of "Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno......", but, here, you can see three members of three religious Associations: in the middle, a penitent of Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno --well, when we are waiting for seeying it (the passing), we say that we are waiting for  "Nazareno", simply--.And, the other two penitents belong to other different Association, but I do not remember which they are --perhaps the black penitent belongs to the Procession of "Santo Entierro", which go out on friday (Viernes Santo).But I will show you some pictures about it next days--.

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Holy Week 2009 in Algeciras 3
11 April 2009

In this picture, one of the five penitents carries the standard of the religious Association (Hermandad or Cofradía = Brotherhood) of "Nuestro Padre Jesus Nazareno, Santo Cristo de la Fe, Santa Cruz de Jerusalén y María Santísima de la Amargura" --although I did not make any picture of Santo Cristo de la Fe and of Maria Santisima de la Amargura--. 

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Holy Week 2009 in Algeciras 2
10 April 2009

Those penitents are the members of the board of directors of the religious Association of "Jesus Nazareno".

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Holy Week 2009 in Algeciras 1
10 April 2009

Yesterday night, I made some pictures of one of the four processions which went out yesterday (the day named: "Jueves Santo"), here in Algeciras(Cadiz).This one was composed by the named "paso" = passing of the "Nazareno" (Jesus Christ).But, in this picture, you can see some "Penitentes" = Penitents, who walk in the bigining of the procession --just before The Nazareno--.

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Spanish sayings 27
09 April 2009

"Grandchildren are children given birth twice"."It shows the affection that grandparents feel for grandchildren, as great as the one that they are abble to feel for children".

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