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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Churras and Merinas in Spain
30 October 2015

        In Spain, there is a popular saying that says: "Do not mix churras with merinas"; but, over time, this has led to the expression: "You have not to mix churros with meninas". But in fact, the protagonists are not churros,  either are meninas ("Las Meninas" is a picture, painted by Velázquez). Then, we use to say: “Do not mix churros with merinas”.

      Churras are a kind of sheeps, that provide an exquisite meat and a delicious milk.

      Merinas are a kind of sheeps, famous for their whitish and dense wool, that they give.

      Then, if you mix the two types of sheeps, you would get a sheep, whose meat and milk should not be as flavourful, either wool should not have such as quality. Therefore, it is better not to mix them.

      In this sense, I have found a video, which talks about those sheeps. If you want to watch this video, please click on the link below:

      This video has been recorded in Villaluenga del Rosario (Cádiz), South of Spain.

Lucía Mbomio (Reporter): “How old are they?”

Jesús Olmo (Goat herder): “They were born yesterday, in the afternoon”

Lucía: “Of course, they still have…..this is the umbilical cord, Is not it?”

Jesus: “Yes, yes, and it wants to nurse, Do not you see it?”

Lucía: “I already see it…….I had never done this one…..And could you milk this one?”

Jesus: “Yes, to this one”

Lucía: “You, neither machine, either nothing…”

Jesus: “Nothing. The machine are hands”


Alfredo Castro (Veterinary): “The merina sheep, from Grazalema, has a curious thing that, contrary to the saying "no link churras with merinas", comes from the crossing of merina sheep with churra sheep”

Lucía: “And so it has good wool and good milk.”

Alfredo: “Indeed; it is very rustic and it has been adapted to this mountain range, the Sierra of Grazalema. Most of the time, they are in the field”.

Lucía: “How many hours do you spend here, more or less?”

Jesús: “From the morning at 7, more or less, until 8 or 9 ..., it depends on the weather; and, when you are milking, even more, because then you have to come at 5 and a half, when we get up, in the morning”

Lucía: “My mother…..!”


Lucía: “But, you do not milk them all the year, Right?”

Jesús: “No no. These are milked 4 or 5 months (the time of milking); we start, in April or March, depending the weather that comes, to June, when the grass is dry and you can not get a good cheese, as it must be”

Lucía: “Oh, I mean this is a function of feeding ....: when the feeding is more green .....”

Jesus: “You get a better cheese…”


Lucía: “What about the weather ... because we are in one of the places, in Spain, where more rains ... How do sheeps adapt?”

Jesus: “Well, here .... the sheeps are accustomed from small, as the have no unit or anything, they are always in the field ....; nursing, they endure very well, of course”

Lucía: “And are you tough, do you endure well too?”

Jesus:  “Man…., I have no choice but to endure whatever comes .....”


Lucía: “From what I see, your way of shepherding is very traditional, And what is about cheese?”

Jesus: “About cheese…now, when you arrive there, and talk to my wife, you will see what is about cheese…”

Lucía: “Then, I go there, to see it…”

Jesus: “All right”

Lucía: “Thank you very much for everything”

Jesus: “You are welcome”


Lucía: “Charo, What are you doing”

Charo Oliva (Jesus´wife and artisan cheesemaker): “Look, here I am cutting some little tapas of cheese, in order that you taste it... Here, nothing more is involved: the animal, the man's hands and what is the product (milk); as milking my husband, he brings milk, and weather (room temperature), I have thermometer of moisture either nothing”

Lucía: “Let us see how taste this cheese, ecological and artisan ....”

Charo: “Perhaps you do not like it….”

Lucía: “How do I not going to like this wonder …….?!!!!

……………music and the end………………………………

      And here you can see the most famous cheese, from Villaluenga del Rosario:

      Now, I should like to show you some famous blankets of sheep from Grazalema (made with merina wool):

      And here you can see some ponchos:


        Well, I hope that you have liked this post and you can go to those villages, in order to enjoy yourself.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Can you eat meat safely in Spain?
27 October 2015

       These days, we are listening, on Spanish radio an tv, talking about the advices from the World Health Organization, which have said that consumption of processed meat and red meat may cause cancer. But this, said so, can lengthen too much. So, I want to analyze it, a little bit, after reading an article on the Internet.

      The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that eating processed meat, like sausages, meats or canned preparations, can cause cancer in humans, while the ingestion of red meat "probably" too. This is what the WHO says. But, now, we –as consumers— have some doubts. And, to clarify our doubts, we must first know the meaning of some terms.

      For example, we can ask: What is the processed meat?. Well, the WHO says that it "is what has been transformed, through salting, curing, fermenting, smoking or other processes to improve its taste or its conservation”.

      Most of these foods contain pork or beef, but may also include other red meat, poultry or by-products from meat, like blood, and some examples are sausage, ham, corned beef or canned, the jerky or preparations and meat sauces.

      And what are red meat?. The WHO defined as red meat: "whole muscle meat of mammals, including beef, veal, pork, lamb, goat and horse".

       Now, it should be clarified an important point: Why the processed meat is "carcinogenic" and red meat "probably carcinogenic" ?. The work, conducted by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) includes the processed meats, in their Group 1, which contains the most hazardous substances for human health. Now, this group covers a very wide range, with more than 100 items, ranging from tobacco to the now hot news like smoke from diesel engines. According to this study, the processed meat is carcinogenic, because there is "sufficient evidence" that there is a direct relationship between consumption and the development of cancer.

      For red meat, the work finds only a "limited evidence" that such food can cause cancer. Although strong "mechanistic evidence" with carcinogenic effects. In other words: although there are some considerable evidences, the relationship, between consumption and the development of the disease, is not as clear as in the first case.

      Another interesting question, that we could make ourselves is: What types of cancer are associated with the consumption of these meats?.

      Well, according to the WHO study, the consumption of processed meat is associated with the development of colorectal cancer, and there is also evidence of linkage with stomach tumors. In the case of red meat, the cancer is colorectal, pancreatic and prostate.

      Returning to the comparison, that we used before, we could do the following question: Is eating processed meats as bad as tobacco, alcohol or pollution?.  No, although they are encompassed in the same group. The numbers, in this sense, are very clear. According to statistics, cited by the WHO, 34,000 deaths from cancer, per year, worldwide, due to diets rich in processed meat. These figures contrast with the nearly one million deaths annually attributable to tobacco, 600,000 related to alcohol or 200,000 related to air pollution. Four hours ago, a Spanish nutritionist has spoken, on TV, about this issue and he has clarified the difference between the risk of cancer, due to tobacco, and the risk of cancer, by eating processed meats; and, in this sense, he has said that the risk of lung cancer, due to tobacco, is 1,500 times. And, for example, to have the same risk of cancer of Colon, we would have to eat four kilograms and 600 grams of bacon every day, equivalent to 208 slices of bacon. I think that nobody do that ......

      According to the example, given by the WHO –that says that we would have to eat 50 grams, of processed meat, every day, to have a 18 percent risk of developing colorectal cancer--, we can think of the wonderful cured ham, that we produce, in many places of Spain: we would have to eat 50 grams (almost a full plate) of ham, in order that it should be detrimental for our health. I think that nobody eats a plate of ham, every day ......

       After all of that, we can ask another question ourselves: Have we stop eating this kind of meat?. No, if consumption is reasonable. Red meat contains basic nutrients, in the human diet. Experts, from the Spanish Society of Medical Oncology (SEOM), confirm that the risk of cancer, "although it does not go away, it is minimized, to the fullest, with a reasonable consumption".

      Members of this society (the SEOM) have advised to reduce consumption of botred and processed meat, to "reasonable levels"; but, they also hemphasize that meat is "a fundamental food for humans", because it facilitates a number of vitamins and minerals, for a recommended diet.

      The Spanish Agency of Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) suggest that consumption of processed and red meat should be "moderate" and not more than "twice a week".

      According to the chair of the Board of Directors of the Spanish Society of Endocrinology and Nutrition (SEEN), Dr. Maria Ballesteros, red meat should be eaten "as much" twice a week, while processed should not exceed one day week. "An occasional consumption does not mean that you have not to consume this meat", she warns.

      Well, I hope that this trouble does not go further away  --as we say in Spain: “That blood does not arrive to the river”--, because the meat sector is very very important for the Spanish Economy; 40.000 persons work in it, so this sector is so important for the economy of many families, in Spain.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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The King of Spain presents a prize in Asturias
26 October 2015

       The last Saturday  --After the Ceremony of the Princess Asturias Prizes-- our King, Philip VI, delivered, together with the Queen Letizia, a prize to the people of Colombres, distinguishing it as "Exemplary Village of Asturias".

      The King gave an emotional speech, which clearly alluded to the history of Colombres, which is marked by the emigration to America. So, there, you can see many American style houses.


Indian architecture

      Colombres belongs to the Council of Rivadedeva and its inhabitants welcomed fondly to our Kings. If you want to watch the video of this “Royal visit”, please click on the link below:

Monica Carrillo (Presenter of the Antena 3 News in the night at weekend): “The King Philip VI asked, last night, that "no one builds walls with feelings", a clear allusion to the sovereignty pulse, in Catalonia.He included those words, in the speech delivery of Princess of Asturias Prizes. The events end today, as it is tradition, with the visit of the Kings to the Exemplary Village, a prize that, this year, went to the townVillage of Colombres, Silvia González, where they have received them with enthusiasm”

Silvia González (Reporter of Spanish Television): “With great enthusiasm, good afternoon, but I must say that the Kings have responded by far those signs of affection, and they have stopped, they have been photographed and they have practically greeted all attendees, who accompanied them, in their walk. Mr. Felipe and Mrs. Letizia has stopped, in several positions of popular crafts, and have been interested, in the Indian architecture and stories of migrants, who make it unique to this village; the King, precisely, stressed in his speech, the solidary and of cooperation character of their neighbors. At this time, the Kings have lunch, in a popular food, with all its neighbors, who, no doubt, they will not soon forget this day”

Voice in off: “It has been a long wait”

A girl: “It is to have already done the homework, because, otherwise, I have no time”

Voice in off: “But you had to wait…”

A lady: “I am so old; I am lucky to see him, then look how well..”

Voice in off: “And, with a few minutes late, Mr. Felipe and Mrs. Letizia arrived to Colombres. One by one, they have been greeting to all the residents of this Asturian town”

Another young lady: “We have given the hand to both: the King and the Queen”

A third lady: “The truth is that they are lovely”

Another girl: “It is like strange, because she is the Queen; then…..”

A boy: “The Kings are persons…..unique…”

Voice in off: “The Kings have stopped, at this leather workshop”

A very young woma: “A small detail, that we want to have with the Queen”

Voice in off: “Also, in this position of handmade embroidery ... or in this wood sculpture workshop”

Voice in off: “And they have received, with appreciation, the affection of its neighbors, how these slides ....”

Another very young woman: “It is a gift, that they had made to me, when he was in Montevideo, and he was very excited to see them”

Voice in off: “Colombres is unique cause of its Indian architecture……….. And, Mr.Felipe has stressed precisely this spirit of openness to the world”

Mr. Felipe VI (The King): “At present, so difficult, which is lived by humanity, when it prevents life in freedom, to humans, in many places, we look back to communities, like this of Colombres, to find the virtues and principles, that make a village great”

      Well, I hope that you have liked this news and you can go to Colombres, any day.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Closing of the Congress of the European Popular Party in Spain
23 October 2015

       Yesterday, the closing ceremony of the Congress of the European Popular Party was held in Madrid. As main guests, they were: Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy.

      I should like to show you a video, where you can watch about that the Closing of that Congress, because, yesterday, we knew that unemployment fell by almost 300,000 people . If you want to watch this video, please click on the link below:

Mariano Rajoy (The President of Spain): “We have known, in Spain, the best unemployment figures, in years;  we are happy and proud, because believe me, it has been hard and difficult; but today we can say: we have achieved it”.

Alvaro Zancajo (the presenter of the Antena 3 News in the night): “Rajoy declare himself proud of the achievements, to delegates of the Congress of the European Popular Party. First of all, he assured also that much remains to be done and that recovery can only be terminated to ensure the stability, which only provides his party and not with the paralysis –he has said-- of the Socialists or the "fashioned soft-drink", representing the other parties  --so called by Mariano Rajoy--. The Congress has become a meeting of European leaders, supporting Rajoy, before the next Election; we will expand data, in live, Pilar Ruipérez”

Pilar Ruipérez (Reporter): “Yes, indeed, Alvaro, here we heard successive supports, to Mariano Rajoy, in the electoral race of December. The President, who delivered a speech defending the policies of the centre-right, which are the only one that work  --according he has said and he gave the example of Spain-- and the only security they bring, now can be threatened –he has said-- by the disastrous policies of the Socialists or the options, radicals, populists and  separatists”

Voice in off: “They have told him in several languages…”

Angela Merkel (The Chancellor of Germany): “We wish you all the best, the Popular Party and you, personally, Mariano”

Donald Tusk (President of the European Council): “Mariano, we are with you”

Nicolás Sarkozy (Ex-President of France): “We will come back, here, at the end of the year, with a Spanish Prime Minister, called Mariano Rajoy, once more”

Voice in off: “Rajoy takes the backing from the European leaders of the PP and, with renewed energy, he leaps to the run-up to the campaign; he attacks the government pacts, as which is being hatched, in Portugal, against the most voted list, and that is what the PP wants to avoid here”

Mariano Rajoy (President of the Government): “Coalitions of losers want to join forces, to end the moderate majorities of our society;  to achieve, through treaties, what they failed at the polls”

Voice in off: “He brands the socialist policy as "damaging, unfair and bad for people”

Mariano Rajoy: “They are in red numbers, in intolerable deficits, in negative growth and job losses”

Voice in off: “And critics divided among Ciudadanos and Podemos”

Mariano Rajoy: “We, the Popular Europeans, are not a fashioned soft-drink or a fever for a day, or an old failed idea, that masquerades as news;  we are the European Grand Party”

Voice in off: “Against those, who qualify for old and new demagogues, Rajoy claimed the centre-right, as a political family, which has established employment and the welfare state”

      Well, I hope that you have liked this video and you want to comment something about it.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Another spanish saying and proverb 65
22 October 2015

      Today, I should like to share with you a saying, that I never had heard: “Aceite y Romero frito, balsamo bendito” = “Oil and fried rosemary, blessed balm”. This one was a very old saying and it was a good recipe for yagas (skin wounds, produced when a person is a long time in bed). And it is told so by the Spanish writer, Miguel de Cervantes, in his book “La gitanilla”.

Oil and rosemary

        But, apart fro the benefict for skin, oil with rosemary are good against respiratory problems and muscle aches.

      You can buy oil mixed with rosemary; but it is cheaper if you make it at home. I should like to teach you how doing it.

      First of all, you must wash the rosemary, let it dry completely and place it, in a container whole, without taking of anything. Fill the entire container of rosemary.

      Then, add olive oil, until it covers all the rosemary. Cover the bowl and let it marinate, in a dark place, where not receive any type of light. It must stand so, at least one month.

      Past the month, you must strain the oil and already you have ready your home rosemary oil!. As you see, it is a very simple procedure, that requires only ingredients. Rosemary oil is very beneficial for blood circulation and hair loss,; therefore, and cause of its many properties, its use is highly recommended. Another very beneficial and desirable oil, that you can also do by yourself, it is coconut oil.

      Well, I hope that you have like the saying and you can try to make the recipe.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Paprika in the eastern Spain
21 October 2015

       Today I want to show you an interesting video, in which they talk about the collection of red pepper, in the region of Caceres called La Vera, which will become paprika, for cooking.

      If you want to watch this video, please click below:

Voice in off: “From mid-September to mid-October, about a month, it is what does the pepper harvest season, in the region of Caceres, known as La Vera The weather, which has made the previous weeks, has favored them”

      While the Voice in off was speaking, you could read, on the image: Paprika from La Vera. Smoked with oak wood.

Angel Nevado (A farmer): “The harvest, in general, for me, in my case, very healthy and very good.It is seen a 95 percent mature; ie, very well. The weather has been with us long enough, to reach this maturity, that we have; and rotting, thanks to healthy and good weather, there is few”

Voice in off: “ It is taken from the field to the dryers, where farmers own dried pepper, as it has always been: with smoke and heat from the oak wood; and it is precisely this process that differentiates the paprika of Vera –product with Certificate of Origin, which has already become synonymous with quality--. Farmers complain that industries pay them less than two years ago” .

Angel Nevado: “Three years ago, the charge to 3.25 and this year, 3 Euros; ie, this is getting to us ..... they have risen us fertilizer, workers, goes around us, and the price ... you have seen….to  downward .... ....; as it does not mitigate a little bit ... I think, at the end, nobody will mitigate it”

Voice in off: “From the dryer, it goes over the mills of the processing industries; It is needed among 4 and 5 hours, so that the final result is this: a thin and uniform paprika”

Julia Fernandez Romero (Paprika “Red-haired”): “That smell and that taste is unmistakable. It has a stability and a durability, which has no other paprika; we are talking about the color, taste and smell, that have a duration, about a year and a half, and that no aprika has, it in the world”.

Voice in off: “This season, 438 farmers have cultivated 1,149 hectares of pepper, for the production of paprika, protected by the Certificate of Origin”

José Bonifacio Sanchez Cruz (Technical Secretary of the Control Board Certificate of Origin "Paprika from La Vera"): “It is consumed, by 60 percent, in the domestic market, linked to, mostly, to the production of meat products of quality (the Iberian pig) and, little by little, is being incorporated to export trade, always in smaller containers, small containers, which are intended for the catering and hotel industry ”

Voice in off: “In the cooking, the Paprika from La Vera adds a special touch, to the dishes”

David Moreno (kitchen manager hotel “Villa Xarahiz”): “Here, we have two clear example of what is the traditional cooking, where paprika was used very well: stews, crumbs and revolconas(tumble) potatoes; to finish the dish, you have to bring a lot of paprika, to enhance the potato and has a touch of the shepherds. And a small dish, a little more current, which are stuffed tomatoes of painted pickled, the Paprika from La Vera, in which we have wanted to give it another form and otherwise use, as were the pickling brine, a great food additive, and apart that smoky touch”

Guadalupe Peromingo (Voice in off. Editorial office Extremadura): “The Paprika fro La Vera has already gained, by its own merits, a gap in the market, for high quality products"

      Well, I hope that you have liked this video and you can buy this special paprika. Bon appetite!.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Talking about Spain clearly
19 October 2015

      Last Thursday, I listened, on the radio, an interview with Ana Pastor Julián, Minister of Development of the Government of Spain, and I would like to summarize for you the interview, because it is quite long and I liked listening to this lady, who told, in all times, the truth, the reality that we are living in Spain, contrary to the statements made by other politicians, on the opposition, who deny the truth to get votes, thinking about the next general election of December 20. It really bothers me that there are politicians, who lie and confuse to many people.

      Ana Pastor belongs to the Popular Party, since many years ago and she says she is proud of it. She recognises she has a centre-right ideology.

     She says that, “in Spain, there have been done many things; that have been made reforms in depth --for example, when I arrived at the Ministry, I found a ruin of five billion euros in unpaid bills (not expropriations were paid, was not paid anything)--, the accounts have been updated; many things are being done and, for example, many people are upset because the President has inaugurated a bridge, in Cadiz, or has inaugurated the AVE to León, when, in order that the President could make what he has done, all of us had to do a huge effort and, therefore, what hurts to somebody is that there is a balance; so, here, we have to do all is being able to explain, to the citizens, effort, this government has done and that things have much to improve; but, fortunately, they are better ...-- what we were talking before, about traffic: one of the most important indicators, of economic activity, is the traffic (highway, is growing traffic to 6 percent; we have just put the AVE to Leon, Do you know how many people have already gone ....? over 35,000, only to Leon. It has increased traffic 80 percent, to Leon. But, somebody wants to hide the reality”.

      Alfredo Menendez (the presenter of the program “mornings” of National Radio of Spain) asks her if the President, Rajoy, will bring order, to the Popular Party, after the recent internal tensions, that have been. And she answered: “In every party changes occur, sometimes because people, who are, do not want to continue or because, like our President of the Popular Party, in the Basque Country, has made a public reflection; therefore, I can not say something she did not say. But I call the attention that it is never spoken ... for example, we have just known that the spokesman of CIU has decided to go out ... or, for example, half socialist legislators have gone out, I do not know if because they are not on the list .... and here nobody says why so many people, from the Socialist Party, go out;  however, it seems that it does not exist. So, I think there are changes, as there must be, in organizations; but as for the government, I can tell you that, here, it is still working with the same intensity as always; we keep doing and acting, of course, to improve the economy of the Spaniards and the quality of life of Spanish people; and I know that people like to make headlines ...; but, let's make a reflection .... I do not hear people talk about the agreements that are being made between parties ...; ie, there are many things to talk about ...., for example, people have to know that we have implemented 70 infrastructures, in Spain; we have opened 500 km of high-speed, in this Legislature, and 800 of road ..., people tell me: Ana, you have to tell it!, and I answer: “I tell it…!”, and they tell me: But people do not notice.Then, surely, I explain bad myself”.

      The Minister also spoke of Catalonia, on the incident, which was, in the AVE, a few days ago there, and Ana Pastor said she wanted to thank, technicians, the speed with which they re-established the service; but, perhaps more vigilance would be needed, on the part of security forces. In this sense, she said that "the government, last year, gave Catalonia, 8 thousand million euros, for infrastructure", that "Catalonia is one of the autonomous regions, that have received more money".

      Going back to the theme of the AVE, Ana Pastor said that “if there is a profitable train, in Spain –and in another countries--, this is the AVE. For example, the Vigo-Corunna line, which was opened, in late April --and many people wondered why a line of new benefits, was opened in Galicia--, has already had one million four hundred and seventy thousand people. Also, the number of travelers, who have jumped on the AVE, from Madrid to León, has grown 80 percent, in less than one month. So, if there is a profitable train, it is the AVE, and we have do it efficiently; you have to make revisions, as we have done, for example not to make Pharaonic stations; there are sections where it has become rather simple track, instead of two tracks; therefore, that is what needs to be done”.

      Alfredo asked her about competition, with other operators, and she answered: "We have approved, in the European Union, last week, the Fourth Railway Package, which provides for the liberalization, throughout Europe, and operators can enter in goods –in fact, in Spain, there are a lot of operators of goods-- and what Spain will do --and has been very well regarded, by the European Union— is a Gradual liberalization, meaning that RENFE is public, it will continue to be public and will give an universal public service and, what you do, is open the competition, there is another operator more, that people can choose another company, in a corridor, which will be the Corridor of East, and this is going to be done gradually and progressively”.

      Alfredo asks her: "Is there any more inauguration, scheduled before the General Election?”. And Ana answered: “At this time, there are lines of AVE, who are 98 percent of its execution. Next week, if all goes well, it will be able to test, and with train, to Zamora and Salamanca. Salamanca is not a high-speed line, it is a line –even though it seems unbelievable to you—without electrification, the line of Salamanca was not electrified and what has been done is to electrify, so you can arrive , from Salamanca to Madrid, in less than an hour and a half ... They are also very advanced the line of Granada, the line of Castellón and the line of Murcia. But look ... though I have heard about everything, these days, ... I tell you that there are many people interested in saying that is inaugurated for electoral reasons, and I wonder: Where were those who said it, when we opened 70 public infrastructure, highly relevant? and I assure you that very few media have spread the news; therefore very few people have noticed. For example, it has been opened the Cantabrian dual carriageway, in 9 sections, which means that a man from Aviles can be put in Vigo, saving more than an hour, and no one has told it. No one has told that have been opened 800 kilometers of road. Thus, for example, the Vigo-Corunna line is opened without politicians; it was opened and became operational and nobody went there. Therefore, things are opening, when completed, from a point of technical view”.

      The Minister recognises she has read the news that said: "Small businesses pay 30 days and however, the big construction pay at 500 days"; but she says she will convene to small and medium businesses, to ask him for the real data of what is happening”.

      Esther Esteban (one journalist, contributor to the program) asked her that when will have access to wifi, in AVE ?, and Ana Pastor replied: "The Board of Directors of RENFE has awarded the contract for access, on trains; is a contract, not just for wifi, but it will also offer content to all users, ie, they will have a channel and will be able to access information, it will be a change, especially it has to do with information, with newspapers, with media ... I think it is going to be very interesting, very important and will be putting gradually, on all trains, starting with the high speed and that I know, the first test will be done next week, to see the performance, because technologically it has not been easy, but fortunately we have very good companies in Spain. On the other hand, it is being  tried place plugs, in trains, and not only that, but also to retrieve the energy, from braking trains, to these plugs”.

      The Minister does no doubt that the President, Mariano Rajoy, is an undisputed leader, in Spain, because he is who kicked us out of the crisis, after having --as we had-- a deficit of more than 9 percent; he is who is creating jobs and who has led us to have a growth of 3.5 percent, this year. So, she does not think about another politician, to lead the Popular Party and govern Spain.

      Well, that has been the part of the interview, that I liked more. I hope that you have liked it too.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Spanish scientists discover properties of broccoli against chronic lymphocytic leukemia
16 October 2015

       Today I would like to share with you an important news: “Spanish scientists discovered in broccoli properties against lymphatic leukemia

      A study, led by the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and with the participation of Gregorio Marañon hospital and the Princess, both of Madrid, has discovered the pharmaceutical properties of the indole-3-carbinol, for chronic lymphocytic leukemia. It is a naturally occurring compound in plants Brassicas, such as broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.




Brussels sprouts

       Although this compound is well tolerated by body, it has a toxic effect, on certain leukemia cells. The results were published in the journal Clinical Cancer Research.

      In the in vitro study some cells of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia, with different stages and prognosis. The data show that through the drugs, you can achieve concentrations of this compound, that kill leukemic cells, but not normal lymphocytes, "essential in the immune system". The study's authors also note that indole-3-carbinol "significantly improves" the effect of the fludarabine, one of the most used, in the treatment of this leukemia compounds, even in patients who were resistant to this drug.

      "The results indicate that indole-3-carbinol enhances the therapeutic activity of fludarabine and other drugs. Therefore, these combination therapies could be used to combat chronic lymphocytic leukemia, even in patients who developed recurrences and multidrug resistance to standard treatments", says Juan Manuel Zapata, CSIC researcher at the Institute for Biomedical Research "Alberto Sols".

      Last September 2014, Zapata and Gema Perez  --scientist at the same centre of research-- registered the patent of indole-3-carbinol, as a new drug capable of acting against diseases, such as chronic lymphocytic leukemia and Burkitt's lymphoma. This compound is a potent toxic against some tumor cells.

      One of the main features, offered by this compound, is its action against cancer cells, in patients with different stages of disease and in those with resistance to treatment. Its interaction with the Fludarabine, reactive and power and its effect, on cells from patients resistant to this drug.

      Although by the moment, this technology has not been bided by a company, its possible oral administration and the existence of previous studies of toxicity in humans, demonstrating its high tolerance and low toxicity, could allow rapid clinical application.

      Well, I hope that have considered this news such interesting as I did.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Autumnal asthenia in Spain
14 October 2015

      Today, I should like to show you a very interesting video, about the Autumn in Spain. If you want to watch this video, please click on the link below:

Voice in off: “Sadness, tiredness, difficulty for sleeping ..., this time of year not only makes the leaves fall, but also our spirit ... it is the "autumn asthenia" and it is determined mainly by the loss of hours of sun, in the day; who best know this phenomenon are the Meteorologists”

Ana Casals (spokeswoman in AEMET): “Autumn is, for very many sites in the Spanish geography, time of year when it rains more. It is not the same as having a sunny day than a gray day, and, yes, greatly affects the mood of the people”

Voice in off: “The September 21, we lived the Autumn Equinox, at which there are 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night; we lose light, until December 21 (the longest night of the year)”

Ana Casals: “In Madrid, the difference would be in 2 hours 56 minutes”

Voice in off: “On the roof of the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET), they are responsible for measuring the time difference, of solar exposure, with this apparatus, the Pireliómetro”

Juan Ramon Moreta (Manager Atmosphere Watch, in the AEMET): “What is it that it will continuously follow the sun, and, through this small tube, through this hole, sunlight enters and, if it exceeds a certain level, it is when it is considered that there is sun……The sunrise and sunset are shortened ... about 2 or 3 minutes, now, and, as we go to Christmas, one minute, or less, every day”

A reporter in the program “La mañana”): “Around the cold and lack of light can make us feel more decayed; but it is important to know that the autumnal asthenia passes and we can do our part, to take it better”

Jose Luis Pedreira  (Psychiatrist at the Clinic La Luz): “These are states of spirit, one is having and one is taking control of them. Sometimes we are more irritable; What to do ?, go to the family doctor, the family doctor values it and on that valuation of family doctor, specialists may value it”

Voice in off: “If this decay goes far more, the specialist can order tests to rule out that it is a depression”

Carlos Pardo (Manager Nuclear Medicine Service, at the Foundation Jimenez Diaz): “This machine is a gammacamera, which allows us to perform a study of the brain, in 3 dimensions. What interests us is to study this area, which is the front area, where alterations in brain function are described, in patients with depressive symptoms”

Voice in off: “In most cases, these studies are not necessary, because this discouragement is transitory”

Jose Luis Pedreira: “If you get your thinking how gray the day is and how sad you are, you do not go out; but, if you think: well, today is not as gray day, a little light is going out behind the clouds ...., see the positive in what you think as negative; to give value to the positive, it is absolutely our question, it is what is called Assertiveness”

Voice in off: “We can not prevent that days are shortened, either the winter approaches; but the way we live it”

      Well, I hope that you have liked this video.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Meat in sauce from the Southeast Spain
13 October 2015


      We feel already a little bit cold; so, we feel already like to eat something hot. Then, I should like to show you the recipe a dish very famous in Granada (South east of Spain): “Meat in sauce from la Alpujarra”. Although basically it is made only with meat and potatoes, there are differents ways to prepare, for example with potatoes and egg or with red pepper.

      But I am going to give you the basic recipe, for four persons. And the Ingredients are: 1 kg of meat pork to cook (the best part is the cheek).  2 onions.  2 cloves of garlic.  3 plum tomatoes.  1/2 liter of red wine of the Alpujarras.    4 medium potatoes.  Olive oil. Salt.  Ground black pepper.  Paprika.

      Well, to start, we cut the meat into cubes of four centimeters thick, and we put salt and black pepper. In a large pot, we put oil to heat over high heat; when it is hot, we add the meat and brown it, on all sides, to seal the juices inside. We take the meat out and we pour the onions and the garlic; while browning, we peel, remove seeds and chop the tomatoes. When the onions take color, add the tomatoes, give a few laps, put a pinch of paprika, we stir and add the wine, cook for half an hour, until the alcohol evaporates and grind. We put the meat in the pot, add water to cover, if necessary, and cook for half an hour. We have about salt and have already the meat.

      When stewing meat is half hour away, we put plenty of oil, for frying in a pan, over medium-high heat; while the oil is heated, we peel potatoes and chop into cubes of about two centimeters thick; when oil is ready, we pour and let them fry, until they are golden colour, we get to a tray with paper towels and salt it.

      If you want the sauce is a little bit stronger, you can marinate the meat, putting it, 4 hours, in red wine  --which you will use to cook, after it--.

     And it must be the result:

       To arrange on a plate, on four dinner plates, you have to pour the meat, sauce and throw it enough, on one side, put a pile of potatoes.

      And it must be the result:

This is another version of Meat in sauce, from La Alpujarra, even with fried egg

       I hope that you have liked the recipe and you try to cook it.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Spanish students learn to save lives
09 October 2015

      Today, I should like to show you a video, about a very important invent: a desfibrillator. In this video, you will see how some students are learning to use it, in order to try to save a life, in case that they meet a person, who suffers a heart attack. If you want to watch this video, please click on the link below:

Mariló Montero (the Presenter of the tv program: La Mañana): “Our colleague, Isabel Otero, is with one of the most experienced, in controlling the apparatus, to try to take care of our heart, in a time of trouble; for example, at Spanish Radio Television, we have one of these devices, which is a cardioprotective, we got there at the entrance and, if something happens to someone, some instructions perfectly clear and didactic come , to open it, and following the instructions of the voice of the lady, who is saying how to activate it. Well, we have gone to Bilbao, we have gone with it, in order that Isabel explains us how it is going to be done exactly”

      While Mariló was speaking, you could read the following: More and more companies have defibrillators needed in case of heart attack. SPACES CARDIOPROTECTED.

Isabel Otero: “Yes. Well, we are, Mariló, in a college, in the College Berriochán Bilbao, and we are going to teach you how it works. Aitor is a First of a levels  student and he is going to do the demonstration of a defibrillator ................., Andrea, give him ..... We are going to change the defibrillator, to catch one, no power, and do the real drill ...... we are going out of the school, because, of course, the heart attack does not have to happen beside where is the portable defibrillator and ,then, we approach, to a doll, that is which will do as a patient. Aitor: tell us, What would you do next?”

Aitor: “The first thing to do is protect ourselves, to look if there are any alerts that can happen to our person; then, to alert someone, ask it to call 112 and, then, we would proceed to help him .... The first thing to do is move the front-chin and look if he is breathing ....; as we see, he is not breathing, then, we will do ... we will use the defibrillator….”

Isabel: “The defibrillator is also giving you instructions, Right?”

Aitor: “So, first we should remove the clothing and we should turn on the defibrillator……”

Isabel: “I do not know if you hear it; but it is giving us instructions…”

Mariló: “Cut the clothes”

Isabel: “As this one is a doll, which has no heartbeat, we have put a band, to simulate the pulse, because the defibrillator is able, also, to recognize, if it has beats or not, and so we do not give it a discharge, whom does not need it. Aitor, let us continue ...”

Aitor: “So now, we must first remove this ..... and, here, we are going to see that there are two electrodes…………………..”

Isabel: “Aitor is sixteen years old and he has spent a year learning this one….Your parents liked the initiative, Right?”

Aitor: “Yes, because, then, if, at any time, it can happen and to know how to use it, is always good”

Mariló: “Where he knows he has to place it?”

Isabel: “How do you know you have to place it?”

Aitor: “For labels, stickers, they indicate where you have to place it and have to put one on the other side of the heart, and the other, below the heart”

Mariló: “All right”

Isabel: “And, then, now?”

Aitor: “Then, now…………..I would have to give a discharge…; but it is telling me to press the help button .....  “

Isabel: “Because this is also connected, Mariló, with a Central, which is giving him instructions and, at the same time, they have alerted the emergency services”

Aitor: “That is….Then, now it would have to tell me to give a discharge, but well…….”

Isabel: “Because it is analyzing the rhythm of the heartbeat, if necessary ... imagine that someone has fainted and does not need defibrillator ... we are not going to give it a discharge for anything……”

Mariló: “But is it asking for it to him, or not?”

Aitor: “Now, what we would have to do is……”

Isabel: “No, it is not yet asking for us”

Aitor: “Now, we would have to press this button, in order that it gave a discharge”

Mariló: “Then, it ask for it us……But, that it give it, in order that the doll does not die….”

Isabel: “We have already given the discharge and we pass to the second step, that was been made by Andrea, who is Second of a levels student and she is going to explain us what it does”

Andrea: “Well, after the discharge, the monitor indicates us that we would have to start with the beats and give heart massage; so, if we have no training, it gives us the information, when you press the button, and it speaks and gives us a pace, for heart rate ...., it would be: in the chest, we would put a hand, and the other one, in order to not break his rib .... so we would start ............”

Mariló: “Isabel, Is the machine going to set the pace to them?”

Isabel: “They are from First and Second of a levels…”

Mariló: “Isabel,  Which pace the machine gives them?”

Andrea: “We receive training, in gym class ... are 4 hours (one theoretical and 3 practical). Now it should warn you, if you need some sort of breathing or something ... in this case is not necessary,…. and we would do the same: we would give 2 breaths and would begin, again, with the massage, another 30”

Mariló: “But it is a wonder that, in schools, they are beginning to teach, teenagers, to save lives, at a critical time, and these are already installed defibrillators, in schools”

Andrea: “…..then, we would have to continue, until an ambulance arrived…….”

A collaborator Doctor: “This is a fundamental thing”

Mariló: “Well, you see ... fantastic ...; also, congratulations to the school, where they have installed these defibrillators; we know that in institutions, here there is one, on Radio Television Spanish; there is in other places, such as airports, hospitals and other centres; but they are in schools, it is wonderful. Thank you, Isabel, applause for these kids ..... and the centres, where they are”

      Well, as Mariló said, I think is a very important thing that children learn to use that machine, in order to save lives. I hope that it is possible, in all schools of Spain.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Abandoned villages in Andalusia: Bastidas
07 October 2015

      Today, I should like to talk you about the case of an abandoned village, in the province of Granada (the province with the most of the abandoned villages in Andalusia), in the Sierra of Baza, south Eastern Spain: Bastidas.

        BASTIDAS is housed at 1,300 metres above sea level, in the river basin Bodurria. Inside, too, the limestone area of the Park, part of the complex called Alpujárride.

      The origin of this farmstead is located in the Century XVIII, in which Don Carlos and Don Manuel de la Bastida, minor clerics who owned three farmsteads, in this river, they left their name to the population centre.

      The small village is totally uninhabited, since the 60s, and, even if its rehabilitation was tried, in the early 90s, as a rural shelter, for which several houses, of rustic architecture and structure, were designed, along with a clubhouse and a chapel , using four years of work by the Floranes Workshop School, after winning the City council of Baza the transfer of the property, for 30 years, from its property, the Ministry of Environment of the Junta de Andalusia, the works were unfinished and, since seven years ago, they are totally paralyzed, in spite of all corporations of the City council of Baza currently have committed –including the current— their conclusion, with the sad fact that none of them has moved one stone and attend impassives to its destruction by time, forgetfulness and ignorance, of the work, that students of that school workshop began, with so much hope.

      The natural vegetation of the area is the oak, being able to locate still outstanding feet of oak in the area, which are among the pine reforestation, invading this whole hillside. If a thinning of pines was done, it could help the natural regeneration of the oak, in these places.

      In front of the farmhouse of Bastidas, and across the Stream Bodurria, are visible some impressive natural caves, like the Cave of Golfa, some dwellings, that have been occupied by humans, since 7,000 years ago and well into the last century XX, which gives a good idea of the continuity of human settlement, in the Sierra, over the centuries, taking advantage of the natural conditions, offered by the terrain.     

      At the bottom of the stream, which we can descend through a path, that was conditioned by the Floranes Workshop School and that can carry on us hike, about 2 hours, at Floranes, we can locate the ruins of an old water mill, it is the Mill of the wonders, that, in the National Topographic Map IGN, to 1: 25,000 scale, is mistakenly summoned to the right of the stream, downstream, when it is on the left side.

      How can you go to Bastidas?. This village is accessible from the Local Road of Caniles to Escúllar, in which we will take, to the Km. 34.5, a forest track, that about 1.5 kilometres long and it will take us downstream,  to the junction with a lane, from the left side, that will lead us to Bastidas. This last track is cut with a chain, so it is necessary to walk, for about 200 metres, to the village.

      Well, I hope that anyday you can go to Bastidas.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Tomato: the star plant of our vegetable garden in Spain
06 October 2015

      I should like to show you a video, where you can watch the different types of tomato, that we can cultivate in our vegetable garden. If you want to watch this video, please click on the link below:

Ramón Fernandez (vegetable garden Montecarmelo): “Hello, Earthlings: again, here in the vegetable garden of Aquí la tierra, our star plant: tomato .... We are going to show you the last stages of production; as you see, the plant is already slightly down, after a few months of production, and we are going to be gathering the last fruits and we are going to show you the varieties and for what we can use them .... Look how much tomatoes we picked, in a moment, in our vegetable garden ... these delicious cherries, that are loved by children ... or this pink tomato, delicious in salads ... And now we have a surplus of tomatoes, especially pear, which will serve us to preserve, because it is the most appropriate tomato --because it has a softer flesh and very few seeds--. If a variety of tomato, like this pink tomato, splendid, and I has been good for you, in the vegetable garden, do not you forget to remove the seeds and save them, for next year; It is simple, with tomato, fully mature, we take the seeds, on a paper, and put them to dry; and, once dry, we put them, in a small tin, and they will last us several years”

      While Ramón was talking about tomato, you could read the following: Once dry tomato seeds, can last us several years.

Ramón: “Earthlings: suspecting the Autumn, just nearby, enjoy Nature, always wise and beautiful, and do not you forget to keep these seeds, which are key crops of your tomatoes next year”

      Well, I hope that you have liked this video.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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An important discovery of antibiotics in Spain
05 October 2015

      Today, I should like to share with you a very interesting news, that I have just found: “Some Spanish scientists discovered that resistance to antibiotics are transmited from mother to son”

        A team of Spanish researchers has discovered that antibiotic resistance can be transferred from mother to child, during pregnancy and through the colostrum (first milk that gives the woman after birth). The World Health Organization warning for some time that the antibiotic resistance to common infections can become lethal.

      The research, published in the Journal of Developmental Origins of Health and Disease, has found bacteria resistant to beta-lactam antibiotics and tetracycline in meconium (the first stool of newborns) and feces of babies one week old.

        The mother can transmit, to the baby, during pregnancy and through colostrum, some bacteria, resistant to antibiotics, which are housed in the small intestine of child.   

      These bacteria do not necessarily cause an immediate problem in the baby, because bacteria are usually set in the intestine; but the digestive tract become a "reservoir" of resistant genes, that are accumulated and transmited to dangerous pathogens bacteria, explained, to Efe, the researcher, Pilar Francino, from the FISABIO Foundation.

      Francino has indicated that bacteria can transfer genes between them and there is growing environments that become reservoirs of antibiotic resistance, so the probability of harmful bacteria finish being resistant is growing.

      To reach these conclusions, the researchers have analyzed 20 samples of meconium: in the 70% of them, they found antibiotic resistance.

      They also studied the feces of 13 pairs of mothers and children, and a mother's colostrum, and they found a high prevalence of genes with resistance to certain antibiotics.

      "Both in meconium and colostrum, we have found that are repeat some of the antibiotic resistance, detected in the mother, before birth; we later found that this resistance may disappear and new ones appear", stressed Francino, head of Genomics and Health Foundation FISABIO.

      In this research, some researchers, from different Spanish institutions, have collarated. Between them, the Joint Unit in Genomics and Health Foundation for the Promotion of Health and Biomedical Research of Valencia (FISABIO) and the Cavanilles Institute of Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology, at the University of Valencia.

     Also the Biomedical Research Centre Network for Epidemiology and Public Health (CIBERESP), under the Carlos III Institute of Health, in collaboration with researchers from the cohort INMA (Childhood and Environment), in Valencia and from the University of Copenhagen.

      Well, I hope that you have considered interesting this article, such as I did.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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A very good afternoon snack in Spain
02 October 2015

      Today, I should like to show you a video, where a Nutricionist teach us how to take a good afternoon snack. If you want to watch this video, please click on the link below:

Ana Beltrán (Nutricionist Zentro Institute): “What time is it?”

San (the presenter of the video in the tv program “Aquí la tierra”): “But..almost five”

Ana: “Well ... if you let me, while you have tea, I am going to prepare a snack to the girl, who is about to arrive ... Right?”

San: “What are you going to prepare her?”

Ana: “But… today I am going to take some rye bread ... Did you know that rye bread, as any wholemeal bread, you delay hunger, because the grain is whole and therefore it is more nutritious?”

San: “Do you think that they like this?”

Ana: “They like it because, although, at first glance, it may seem a bit unpleasant, cause the color, then it has a much more tasty”

San: “And what are you going to put inside there?, because the bread alone ....”

Ana: “Well.., I am going to see what I have….I do not know if I put iberic ham or York ham…Either of these may be good for me today”

San: “Is more healthy the york ham…,lighter?”

Ana: “Well ... lighter to digest; but, in terms of ... healthy, a good iberic ham ... it has a little more salt, but it is very well tolerated "

San: “What a good afternoon snack…!”

Ana: “Man, of course, imagine children of today, who have to wear both studies and extracurricular, sports they do, they need to eat something, that gives them nutrition .., bring them food ... ., other than they like”

San: “Hey…and for example…, that I have seen over here, sausage…., how about sausage for having tea?”

Ana: “The sausage is another option .., but what happens is that both the sausage like this so rich paté I leave for more casual situations, because they have much more salt and more fat ... I should raise you to have an afternoon snack ... .Do you like bread seed?”

San: “But…I have never eaten it”

Ana: “But, If I told you that the bread of seeds gives you, besides good bread, lots of calcium and iron in?………Well, look ... this sandwich I am going to do to you, but it is also a very rich sandwich for kids ... it will be a tuna sandwich and we are making the children take some more fish, a day, who normally take few ....”

Ana´s daughter: “Hello, mam, I am here”

Ana: “Hello, darling, How are you?”

Ana´s daughter: “Well”

Ana: “What about school, well?”

Ana´s daughter: “What about afternoon snack?”

Ana: “Look, I have made you a sandwich of ham”

Ana´s daughter: “There is nothing sweet?”

San: “The thing is that sweets, children…”

Ana: “Ahhhh….I told you that I was going to be asked by her…Man, what should be ideal is that she took an apple, too; But do you know what happens?, that, yesterday, we made a homemade cake, at grandmother´s home; then, if you take all the sandwich, then I am going to give her a piece of cake with chocolate”

San: “Hurry, Carlota, otherwise, I will eat this one…….And chocolate is good or not?”

Ana: “Chocolate gives a lot of energy, it has many properties; while it is true that it is better that chocolate is more pure than very mixed with milk”

San: “Ah, And why is that?”

Ana: “Normally, chocolates, which come with a lot of milk, have more fat intake and added sugars”

San: “I prefer a chocolate sandwich….”

Ana: “Man, a chocolate sandwich is very good, but , look, first finish your tuna sandwich, which is nutritious and healthy, and then you do your homage, with a little cake and chocolate ....”

San: “Are you going preparing it for me?”

Ana: “I am going preparing it for you directly”

      Well, I hope that you have liked the advices in this video.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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