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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Spanish sayings 85
30 June 2009



"There is no worse deaf than who does not want to hear". "If a person does not want to pay attention to somebody, he will not listen, and it will be as if he could not hear at all".                             

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Spanish sayings 84
29 June 2009


"Lyon is not as wild as he is painted". "It is said, with irony, about who show themselves like a turkey (they fancy themselves as) beeing the most darings and braves".

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Spanish sayings 83
28 June 2009


"Mournings, with bread, are less". "It marks a great truth: when you have resources and money, any kind of sorrow is beared better".

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Spanish sayings 82
27 June 2009


"I avoided from the ashes and I fell on the embers". "Sometimes, on trying to escape from an evil, we fall in another one worse".

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Spanish sayings 81
26 June 2009


"Between the thorns, is the white lily". "It puts up who is a good person among  bad people." 

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Spanish sayings 80
25 June 2009


"Who see his neighbour´s beards cutting, put theirs soaking". "If bad things happen whom are around us, it is so probably that they happen to us too".

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Spanish sayings 79
24 June 2009


"Who Law stablish, keep it must." If not because of believe in it, at least, in order to set an example to them who have to obey it."

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A very original spanish saying
24 June 2009

 Yesterday night, one friend of mine told me that, some years ago, a man from Algeciras showed him an spanish saying, invented by that man.Then, my friend told me that nobody else knows this saying.This is it: 

               "En el Estrecho,                                                    "In the Strait  (of Gibraltar, of course),

                 ni amanece como atardece,                                      nor the dawn is as the sunset,

                ni atardece como amanece,                                      no sunset is like the dawn

                y, a mediodia, hace lo que le parece."           and,  midday,  does whatever it wants " 

This saying means that here, in the Strait, is very difficult to predict the weather, because it changes easily.



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Spanish sayings 78
23 June 2009


"Who stern to his enemy, in his hands he dies". "Who turns his back on his enemy or he does not take the due precautions, he is an easy seized". 

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Spanish sayings 77
22 June 2009


"The world is round and it rolls, and so we have to leave it". "Things of life are as they are, and no matter how much we insist, not ever it can be changed".


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Spanish sayings 76
22 June 2009


"The  even most  beautiful  man , has a gob on his shoulder". "Even  those who think they are the most beautiful, kind or clever men, have their stain and defect".

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The Parade of the Festival
21 June 2009


This is a typical image of  summer afternoon on a beach: is not?, no....I have made this picture, this afternoon, on the maritime promenade of Algeciras.Some years ago, many people decided to take a good place, early in the morning, in order to see, very well, going past the Parade of the Festival, in Algeciras, because our Festival (for one week) starts almost at the end of June, each year.Anyway, not everybody do that.I do not like it; but I recognize that is a curious show.Tonight, at 12 am, starts the Festival (the Fair = La Feria), out of the center of Algeciras.

As you can see, people is perfectly ready: with table --for dinner--, several drinks, food like spanish omelet......People is waiting for some hours....Each year, more people is waiting there.

This is one of the floats, which were waiting for paradeing. 

This is the other float, which went out, in order to parade.

With this picture, you can see: two horses and two horsemen, waiting for the green light to turn red before a traffiic light... so funny! Surely, tomorrow they will go to the Festival too, because in the morning, it will be celebrated the named "Domingo Rociero" (First Sunday, in the Festival, when people go to lunch there, in the fairground, dressed with typical dress of Flamenco: a gypsy dress,  like in the Rocio pilgrimage)

"I made this picture yesterday night.This is the facade of the Festival (Fair); this year it is different, because, for example, the doors are bigger and there much more light bulbs".

"This is the top of the facade".

Those are the doors to go in the festival. And a novelty, this year, is that the facade is exactly the same on the front and on the back.

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Spanish sayings 75
20 June 2009


"The good soldier take him out of the plough". "Given that farmer is usually used to austerity and suffering, he usually bear the war better".

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Spanish sayings 74
19 June 2009


"The hole calls to the thief". "There are occasions in which, no show or unintended, we could avoid bad".


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Spanish sayings 73
18 June 2009


"Giving the leak, it makes a sign in the stone". "There is no job either dream which can not be achieved, when there is tenacity and insistence to get it"


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Spanish language day
18 June 2009


Next Saturday (20 th of June), it will be celebrated "The Day of the Spanish Language" ("El Dia del Español"). Perhaps you do not know that we are 450 millions of persons, who speak Spanish, all over the world.

In relation to that celebration, some people are being asked about their favorite spanish word and, in that sense, this morning, at National Radio, Ian Gibson (an Hispanist of Irish origin. In 1975, he took up his residence in Spain and, in 1984, he got the Spanish citizenship, I think in Granada) answered that his favorite spanish word is: "La Mancha"  (an Arabic word which  means: A tall plain = llanura alta), because the famous book "Don Quijote de la Mancha" starts with that word: "In a place in La Mancha, whose name I do not want to remember....." ("En un lugar de La Mancha, de cuyo nombre no quiero acordarme.....").

"The Windmills of La Mancha, Spain", by Jim Linwood, at

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Spanish sayings 72
17 June 2009


"The thief thinks that everybody is made with the same condition".  "It is applied to those who think that, about pettinesses and weaknesses, the rest  of the people are as them"                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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A spanish tapa (appetizer)
16 June 2009


Some years ago, I could discover this tapa, named "Pajarito" ("Little bird"), in an old bar ("Jurucha"), in the center of Madrid (In Ayala Street).Each "pajarito" is cooked with a thin slice of bread and, over it, a mixing among tuna and mayonnaise --this is the original recipe--; but, in this picture, you can see that I have added a little sheet of a tail from ocean of krissia (it is a good complement, for salad for example, which tastes of shellfish) and, over it, a little bit of mayonnaise and, over it, a little piece of a red pepper.

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Spanish sayings 71
16 June 2009


"Even if the monkey dresses in silk, it is still a monkey". "It is not easy to disguise the own nature with "fancy dresses", because sooner or later it end appearing".

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Spanish sayings 70
15 June 2009


"Who dances well, goes from wedding to wedding". "Who has a skill, or wants to show it to everybody or everybody welcome him well so that he shows it".

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Spanish sayings 69
14 June 2009


"Mother, I want to get married, that I just know  how to fry an egg". "It says with irony about the young girls who are just thinking of marrying, when they are still "green" for it".

"green" means:  not ready. Without experience.

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Spanish sayings 68
13 June 2009


"Who marrys, goes through everything". "Marriage lead to cares and obligations, as well as a lot of tolerance in order to make possible the life together".

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Spanish sayings 67
12 June 2009


"Before marry, to have home where to dwell (reside), lands to work and vineyards to prune". "To get married with the insured future is a good beginning and it helps to the marriage´s happyness".


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Spanish sayings 66
11 June 2009


"Old man, little old man, is a child again". It is said that old age is like a "second chilhood", because elderly people become capricious and obstinates".

"Viejiño" is the diminutive of "Old man". "Viejiño" is said in Galicia.

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Spanish sayings 65
11 June 2009


"From old man, the advice". "Cause of his experience and just for keeping out of a lot of passions, it is wise to listen the advice from old people". 

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Spanish sayings 64
10 June 2009


"Old bullock, straight furrow·. "Because he knows walking ell trough life, he just knows the way and he feels far from passions himself that matter to young people".

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Spanish sayings 63
09 June 2009


"Children and mad people, truth in the mouth, sanes and wises, lie on lips". "Children and crazies´ s innocence make that, generaly,  say the truth; the rest, shut it up cause of own interest".


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Spanish sayings 62
08 June 2009


"Each child at birth, brings a bread under the arm". (It is used in order to encourage  parents on security that they will be abble to raise their kids without lacks".

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Spanish sayings 61
07 June 2009


"The ugly woman´s luck, the pretty woman wish it". "Non good-looking women use to make up for friendliness and charm and use "to make good weddings"".

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Spanish sayings 60
06 June 2009


"The woman who raises, neither fed up neither clean". "Because rising "eats" very much and when she has the child in her arms it is sure that she will end up stained".

My own comment: when it says that  "raising eats....", it means that when you are raiseing a child, you are so tired, because children need too much dedication; but I think that a mother use to have more patience and devotion, because she has a natural and special tie with her son or daughter.

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Spanish sayings 59
05 June 2009


"Woman with mustache, does not need dowry"."It supose that the hairy woman is less vain and more dedicated to her home, that´s why she is a good "acquisition"".

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Spanish sayings 58
04 June 2009


"Cats and women, good nails they have"."Both cats and women know how to defend themselves well when it is necesary".

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Spanish sayings 57
03 June 2009


"To the ugly woman, her father´s fortune makes her beautiful"."If a woman has a good dwry, although she is ugly, she will have some suitors".

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Playing hide and seek
03 June 2009


"Niño jugando al escondite", by "J" at

"Child playing hide and seek".

In this game: One is the seeker. May play several children, but the game should not last more than 10 minutes.  The first one being caught will be the seeker. If any player saves all his collegues ( por mi y por todos mis compañeros y por mi primero) the game begins again and it is the same player who is the seeker.

 The seeker stays in a certain place called"Casa" (bench, tree, corner, stone, lamp, trash, etc). with closed eyes and count to 50. The rest will flow, separately into hiding as best they can, so that the seeker does not see them. Once the seeker finishes the counting he can start singing aloud songs like: 



Song 1

Song 2

Song 3 

Ronda, ronda
Ronda, ronda
Ronda, ronda,
el que no se haya escondido,
el que no se haya escondido,
el que no se haya escondido,
que se esconda.
que se esconda
que se esconda.
Una, dos y tres,
que ya voy.
Ronda, ronda,
a buscarlo es.
el que no se haya escondido,
tiempo ha tenido.

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Spanish sayings 56
02 June 2009


"To the lass who wash bad, seven times boils the water"."Because she does not see the moment to start to that, and she lose the time with each other thing.".

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