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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Spanish sayings 26
19 March 2009

"Who has godparents, it is baptized"."In a figurative sense, who has influences or supports, use to get what it wish". 

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Spanish sayings 25
19 March 2009

"Children say at the doorway, what day hear to their parents at home"."You have be discreet with what you say in the presence of children, because they repeat it at any moment".

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Spanish sayings 24
18 March 2009

"A chip off the old block, like father like son"."It is used in pejorative sense: children use to imitate the parents ´ behaviours".

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Spanish sayings 23
18 March 2009

"Brought they up by the grandfather, nothing good"."Grandparents ´ cuddle makes them to be too much indulgents with the grandchildren and, often, they spoil to them".

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Spanish sayings 22
18 March 2009

"An endless wealth, a mother´s cuddle"."It praises the only one unconditional cuddle which exits, the most secure and protective one, which are abble to make up for another lacks".

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Spanish sayings 21
17 March 2009

"New loves, forget old ones"."The arrival of a new love makes forget sorrows and memory of another ones, which got left behind".

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Spanish fishes 8
16 March 2009

This mollusk is named "Choco" and it use to be cooked, at least in Andalussian, cut in little pieces and stewed with potatoes (it is named "Papas con choco" = "Potatoes with choco").Some weeks ago it cost 8 Euros, one kilogram.

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Spanish fishes 7
15 March 2009

This kind of fish is named "Borriquete" and it is similar than Besugo.They both are very good cooked in oven, with potatoes.Some weeks ago, Borriquete cost 6 Euros one kilogram.

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Spanish fishes 6
13 March 2009

This fish is named "Sargo".It is similar than Voraz --although more thin--.It cost: 7 Euros one kilogram.

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Spanish fishes 5
13 March 2009

This fish is named "Salmonete". This one is big, but sometimes it is smaller.It use to be cooked fried.Some weeks ago, it cost 10 Euros one kilogram.

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Spanish fishes 4
13 March 2009

This kind of fish is named "Acedía".As you can prove, it is similar than the Lenguado.It cost 10 Euros one kilogram.

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Spanish fishes 3
12 March 2009

This fish is named "Voraz".It is similar than the "Besugo", but the diference is that the "Vorza" has a black mark, rather round, that you can see upstairs the eye.This fish is grown up only in the Strait of Gibraltar.This is my favorite fish, cooked in the oven.Some weeks ago, it cost: 18 Euros one Kilogram.

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Spanish fishes 2
12 March 2009

Those fishesare named soles (Lenguados).Some weeks ago, they cost: 12 Euros.

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Spanish fishes 1
12 March 2009

Those are "Merluzas"; they are some of the most famous spanish fishes.Some weeks ago, its price was 8 Euros per Kilogram (this is in Algeciras).In La Coruña (North of Galicia), you can buy a "Merluza de pincho" (pincho = thorn); but this one is more expensive than the last one: The "Merluza de pincho" cost about 40 Euros.It is very good, cooked "En salsa verde" (it is with flour, onion,white wine, and parsley); but, also, you can cook it fried.






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Spanish sayings 20
12 March 2009

"A sweet embitters to nobody"."Everybody like pleasing things of life and, if them happen, we do not reject them".

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Spanish sayings 19
11 March 2009

"Who keeps, finds"."This is one of the most known sayings and it shows the importance of the saving in order to deal with future needs".I know another version of this saying: "Who keeps, have always".

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Spanish sayings 18
11 March 2009

"Hope is the reality of those who have no real (real is an old spanish coin)"."Imagination and hopeness alleviate the situation of poor people, who dreams with a better future".


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