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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Spanish sayings 17
24 February 2009

"Rope always breaks, at the most thin point"."Weak people use to pay the consequences of any adversity.".

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Spanish sayings 16
23 February 2009

"In winter, cloak is the best friend"."It ponders that, in the moments of necessity, the best thing are the practical solutions.".

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Spanish sayings 15
23 February 2009

"Pork and greedy only give one good day"."The day of their death, They turn benefit for the rest people".

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Spanish sayings 14
18 February 2009

"Never because of much, it is a bad year"."It is not a problem to get more of the good things that you expected.".

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Spanish sayings 13
17 February 2009

"The big fish eats to the little one"."Known truth: it is frequent that rich and powerful people tyrannize to poor and humble people".Here, it is said "....chico." ,--by the way of little fish--, because in Andalusia it is said so, instead of  "...pequeño".

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Spanish sayings 12
17 February 2009

"The money in the bag, still it is spent, it is not enjoyed"."Against avaricious persons: when it is spent in things which give us pleasure, money gives us satisfactions". I want to learn you that, when you means, in Spanish, like in this case, a positive sentence ("...until the money is spent,..."), really you have to say like a negative sentence; then it works out this way: "...hasta que NO se gasta...", and literally it should be so: "...untill it is NOT spent...".I hope I explained it well.

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Spanish sayings 11
12 February 2009

"The money from the gambling, many people have it, but a few keep it".  "Because, "At the same way it comes, it goes away, and the player use to risk in order to win else, which use to lead to lose everything".

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Spanish sayings 10
10 February 2009

"A bite eaten does not win a friend"."When you do not share out the thing of you with the rest of, it is difficult to get their friendship".


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Spanish sayings 9
09 February 2009

"To the poor man, no robbers go out to him". "Whom has nothing, or almost nothing, robbers can takenothing off him".

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Spanish sayings 8
09 February 2009

"More gold, less rest"."The possesion of goods use to make a lot of sleeplessness and big headaches.".

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Spanish sayings 7
07 February 2009

"To a given horse, do not look at its teeth"."We must not make it difficult when we get some things which do not cost to us".


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Spanish sayings 6
07 February 2009

"Lemon juice, Godsend juice"."It ponders the good effects made by lemon for someone who drink it ´s health"

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Spanish sayings 5
06 February 2009

This saying says: "There is nothing as healthy as eating an apple on an empty stomach"."It shows that how much this fruit is beneficial for our health".

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Spanish sayings 4
05 February 2009

"Nurse with dream, Oh, the ill !"."Just the nurse must be on the alert for the ill, night and day.If she falls sleep, A bad matter !".I think that this saying is clear: it means that everyone has his own responsibility.


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Spanish sayings 3
05 February 2009

"The good bite makes to an elderly to feel young himself"."The good diet makes you recovering forces and encouragement".It means that when you eat healthy foods, you can work everything you try in Life.Everybody know an elderly man or woman who eats a little bit food or a poor food.Then, when he or she eats a healthy food, he or she feels better him or herself.

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Spanish sayings 2
04 February 2009

"Drinking and eating, a good pastime is". "Since they are some pleasant things in Life".This saying means that when you meet a friend of you in order to eat or to drink a wineglass or another thing, usually you enjoy yourself, because usually eating and drinking are pleasant for everybody.

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Spanish sayings 1
04 February 2009

Literally, this saying says: "Stagnant water, poisoned water".It is a bad thing "Because that water can show some pernicious putrefactions".This saying means that you have to let to troubles run, in order that they do not get complicated much more.If you hide a problem, surely it shall be more complicate in future.Then, it is better to manage a problem, as soon as posible.

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