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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Spanish scientists develop a satisfying yogurt
28 August 2015

      I have just found an interesting video, in which several researchers show how an special yogurt is able to reduce appetite, in people who want to lose weight, at meals. If you want to watch this video, please click on the link below:

      At the beginning of the video, you can read:  They research satiating foods against obesity. They work with dairy products.

Voice in off:  “In this laboratory, they research to remove the appetite, eating a small amount of food. They work with dairy products”.

Isabel Hernando (Teacher of Food Technology. Polytechnic university of Valencia): “In the market there is a gap, for all foods that are high satiating capacity, given the obesity problem that exists in the population. Then, the dairy segment is a good segment for getting this kind of  products”

Voice in off: “The scientists have won six experimental formulas of yogurt and 120 have been tested with consumers; they have obtained conclusions”

Susana Fiszman (Researcher at the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology of the CSIC): “In particular, a yogurt, high in protein, would be more satisfying, What does this mean ?, well that, if we take this yogurt, we are taking it, such as a healthy snack, in mid-morning, and we are going to spend move hours, without feeling hungry, what is the interesting thing”

Voice in off: “The yogurt is usually eaten as a dessert; but other applications are sought here”

 Isabel Hernando: “It should be used as “snack”; ie, as a substitute or lunch or afternoon snack, with the aim of taking a product, that has satiating capacity and not a very high energy load”

Voice in off: “The joint project of the two Valencian institutions has been published in Food Research International”

Susana Fiszman: “Now, it has had a funding of approximately 80,000 Euros, per institution; ie, it is a modest project; but I think, by the number of publications and achievements, that we are having…. is very profitable ....”

Paco Alonso (Voice in off. Editorial office Valencian Community): “This research opens an interesting way, to design strategies to fight against obesity”

      Well, I hope that you have liked this video.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Remojon of cod with orange in Spain
17 August 2015

        Today I should like to show you an Andalusian recipe, that I did not know: "The cod and orange dip" .Remojón (in pool or beach) is: To go in for a dip. And in the kitchen is: A piece of bread soaked in milk. I hope that you have gotten the idea.

      It is a Moorish salad, whose origin is in the Middle Ages. Usually it was consumed in winter, because that is the best time to orange.

      Above all, it is a typical dish from the provinces of Almeria, Granada and Malaga.

      In the area of the Alpujarra, it is usually taken with salted cod.

      In other places, it is taken raw. And, in another ones, it is taken a little bit roast.

      I am going now to give you the ingredients for four people: 400 grams of desalted cod;  2 oranges;  virgin olive oil;  1/2 red onion;  olives.

      To make this dish, the first thing that we will do is put the plates, that we will use, in the freezer, while we prepare the ingredients.

      We peel the oranges, with a sharp knife, we cut sliced as thinly as possible,  --there must be careful, because, if the knife is not sharp, orange crush and lose its juice--. Cod, desalted, will be cut with a carving knife, in slices, as thin as we can. The half onion is cut into julienne, very fine, and we will put it, for ten minutes, in ice water, to lose some of its burning.

      To present the result, we took the four dishes from the freezer and, above them, place a layer, around the plate, of laminated orange;  above, another layer of slices of cod; scatter, over it the julienne onion, olives and sprinkle with plenty of oil.

      And this one must be the result:

      Well, I hope that you have liked this recipe.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Mobile Police Office in Spain
15 August 2015

      I have just found an interesting video, about the following news, that I did not know: “The OFIPOL located in Torrevieja become operable”. In Spain, there are two cubicles of OFIPOL: one in Málaga and another one in Torrevieja (Alicante). The Civil Guard has presented this new system, so useful for people security.If you want to watch this video, please click on the link below:

A Civil Guard: “I close, this is blocked; here I am interacting, I can talk with a policeman from the station: "Listen:  I am in here, I just saw four people, with a knife, who are threatening me, I fear for my life ...". I am here and, within five minutes, I have a Civil Guard patrol here. And this is the printer, where the document is generated after ....... this is where the digital signature is made, your signatures .....; It is as good as going to the station and make firm physical shape .....; and from here, the document is generated .... is certifying the copy of the complaint ...... And here ... which I spoke in the begining:  in the future, weapons will: gun or shotgun ...., we would have readers that identify the gun .... and here we could do; but, this is not operational, by the moment,  but the other does. Well, as you can see…..”

The journalist: “It is also for disabled people; you can set aside the chair, it is important too”.

The civil guard: “Yes, too…exact, too, exact…If handicapped, you can also access ..., the chair away ... and it can be accessed here, in a wheelchair, as you see, there is access, to reach ..... Well, here you can see the partner, in real time, who is now in the station of Torrevieja ... with whom I can talk …. Are you listening .... ?, hey .... "

The partner: “Yes, perfectly”            

The civil guard: “He is listening to me, from here..…..”

The partner: “I am listening, perfectly”

The civil guard: “Perfect. In case that you have to do the complaint, I should leave my documentation stuck here, Right?.....The civil guard, in this part….; he is interacting, as a person, in real time, identity card, for example….No matter what, be placed anywhere, no matter .... anywhere .... so the reader can enter here ..... are the two sides, where I can ......... .................................. ...... how to identify my dump it is ..... and this information would be the idea ........... In short, it comes to be a little .......; This would be, more or less, as a document, the receipt or the copy of the report, which is as valid ............ where our firm is ..., digitized”

      Well, I hope that you have liked this video.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Spanish scientists led successfully a test against colorectal cancer and melanoma
13 August 2015

       I have just found an interesting news, that I should like to share with you:  “Successfully tested in mice a molecule against colorectal cancer and melanoma”.

      An international team of scientists, led by researchers from the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) has discovered a new type of compound, with antitumor "powerful effect", in animal models of colorectal cancer and melanoma.

Image of a melanoma

        The results are published in the journal Cancer Cell, and, according to the CSIC, “Several companies are interested –still in Conversations-- in the compound, to explore their possible applications, in human tumor therapy”.

      Specifically, the scientists have identified a molecule (DEL-22379), that manages to kill tumor cells, according to the study director, Piero Crespo, a CSIC researcher, at the Institute of Biomedicine and Biotechnology of Cantabria.

      Crespo, in avowals to Efe, has indicated that the function of this molecule was completely unknown, until now, and one of the things demonstrated, in this work, is that it reduces the primary tumor, in mice, and prevents metastasis.

      "To date, it has been proven the effectiveness of DEL-22379, in animal models of melanoma and colon cancer; but it has also begun to test for thyroid, lung and pancreatic cancer", the scientist has added, in a note of the CSIC .

      In the development of cancers is crucial the biochemical pathway, RAS-ERK (set of proteins that regulate cell proliferation): "about 50% of human tumors carry mutations in a component of this route", detailed Crespo.

      This route, comprised by four proteins, under normal conditions, is operated, in response to extracellular signals, that dictate cells, when and how much to proliferate.

      The four proteins are activated one another, sequentially and successively, coupling a chain transmission, through which are operated the necessary mechanisms for cell proliferation; making an analogy, it is like a relay race, where A activates B, B to C and C activates D.

      In tumor cells, the mutations, in any of the components, of already said biochemical pathway, causes already said chain drive is aberrantly activated, constantly, so that the cells proliferate uncontrollably.

      Pharmaceutical companies take 25 years seeking molecules to inhibit the activity of any component of the route, to halt the proliferation of tumor cells, ie, compounds which block the activity of one of the four proteins.

      "The result of that research are a number of drugs, currently used in the treatment of several types of tumors, with less successful of the effects to be expected" , according to Crespo.

      Therefore, in this work, we have tried a new strategy: uncouple the connection between any of the proteins, to prevent the following is activated (continuing the analogy, prevent that one pass the baton to another).

      This is just what gets the molecule, described in Cancer Cell, "avoiding a protein-protein association, the aberrant signals flow is blocked, through the RAS-ERK pathway".

      The next step, before a possible move to the clinical trial, is to improve the pharmacological properties of the compound and do more analysis of toxicity, in mice (according to Crespo, the toxicity of the tested molecule, till now, is very low).

      However, you must be cautious, because the 80%, of the discovered antitumor compounds, fails to pass from laboratory animals to humans:  "even if it was so, the importance of this finding lies in the concept, much more than in the compound itself ".

      Well, I hope that you hope this news open a great door, in advance against cancer, as I do.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Two Spanish singing to Seville
12 August 2015

      I should like to share with you a video, that talks to you about one of the most beautiful cities in Spain: Seville. If you have never been in this old town, I recommend it to you, perhaps the next year, Right?. If you want to watch this video, where two famous young singers (twin briothers, therefore they are named “Gemeliers”)are singing to Seville, please click on the link below:

      Here, I bring you the lyrics of this song, tittled: “Seville, the warmth of a smile”:

There is a city with over two thousand years now, founded by the Romans and that Muslims and Christians lived; such beautiful, different, such happy, such full of good people. With such a blue sky, with a sun so bright, with a sailor river, which is the symbol of the South. Oh how we will have a good time, Why do not you come ?. You will enjoy life, that Seville is the common.

 It is difficult to explain how you feel when you are at the foot of the Giralda, the world stops spining, just let yourself go, that Sevilla will give you the warmth of a smile, that you will never forget…………

………… music .................... A city that has a special color in its streets, in its parks, in its holidays, traditions and its art ....; poets, immortal; ..... and his music, which sounds everywhere .... There are so many things to do, so much to see, temples full of treasures, thousands of places to choose from. Oh, how we will a good time, you are not going to believe it.... when you get to Sevilla, you are already wishing to come back.

It is difficult to explain how you feel when you are at the foot of the Giralda, the world stops spining, just let yourself go, that Sevilla will give you the warmth of a smile, that you will never forget……..

It is difficult to explain how you feel when you are at the foot of the Giralda, the world stops spining, just let yourself go, that Sevilla will give you the warmth of a smile, the warmth of a smile, the warmth of a smile, that you will never forget……..

      Well, I hope that you have liked the video and hope that you come to Seville soon.

Until my next post, kind regards,


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A Spanish invents a system to recycle the energy of cars
11 August 2015

        Today, I have found an interesting news, that I should like to share with you: “One expert devises  a system that recycles the energy of cars in city”.

      That expert is named Alvaro Santamaría. This researcher has outlined an innovative idea, with which he pretends to make the most of cities, like Madrid, for all the energy of cars, that access them, that he expects to see in operation, within a year, with the objective of promoting a high electricity savings.

Alvaro Santamaria


        Santamaria, who have just finished Law, at the National University of Distance Education (UNED), after being trained, in Computing Management and Electronic, is a great fan of mechanics.

      And, finally, he has been able to dispose of this concern own, confesses in an interview with Efe, by the hand of the project, "Recharge your city", with which aims to "use the energy lost when cars enter cities and brake", recycling it and converting it into "electricity".

      His invention is able to collect the energy lost, in braking the cars, as they reduce their speed, in access to the cities, from high capacity roads to urban roads.

      With a complex system of robotic control, “Arduino”, boards installed on the floor, his device gets convert the kinetic energy, of each vehicle that passes over, into electricity, through a series of circuits, designed for this purpose.


       Santamaria stresses the importance of these plates, that get a system, that would require a large area for development, is reduced to a small space under the road.

      For this current, there are "several options", the two most feasible are sending it directly "to the grid" and "accumulate it in deep cycle batteries, like those used in solar panels, for use when needed", which implies an important savings.

      In this sense, he has made a detailed study and, by 100,000 vehicles entering a city, is able to illuminate 44 kilometers of LED lamps, with a single device; however, they could be more, if different artifacts are located, along several metres or kilometres.

      This calculation serves to A Coruña, where the number of cars circulating, every day, for its main route of access  --the avenue Alfonso Molina--  and it would be multiplied by dozens, in locations, such as Madrid, moreover the possibility of doubling the devices, not only for the entrance, but also to the exit.

      His project goes through manufacturing "in Galicia", where the company would be based and then should be expanded to "the rest of Europe and where it can", with an internationalization plan, designed to "within five years".

      Not for nothing, since November 2014, Alvaro Santamaria works, at the School of Industrial Organization, to "develop a convincing business plan, with a financial plan and you do not run alone in the idea, but in the creation of a company itself".

      They encouraged him to stand for several awards, from the university, for which he completed the proposal with "this business plan, marketing studies and much more",  he made that pleased the jury, on special way.

      In this process, he obtained the first prize, in the Start-Up competition, and also, in the CMETT entrepreneurship program, and thanks to an "idea", that he had "since a long time ago", but he had never been put into practice.

      "A few months ago, I discovered plates, for robotic control, called “Arduino”. There, I saw the opportunity to make this a reality, the way in which to develop the idea. I saw feasibility, to develop the project and implement it”, he continues.

      He prepared himself, thoroughly with courses, such as one who taught at the National Museum of Science and Technology (MUNCYT) and, a few days ago, with the finished project, he already presented the patent, to avoid plagiarism.

      "The approach is ready to be taken, find investors and assemble the company",  he says, adding that first device, to make a model to show its actual performance, but the idea is to "have it up within six months and one year start sell".

      He needs  300,000 euros, knowing that it is "better to go some money left over we did not get halfway with empty pockets", although he is optimistic and hopes to see his idea, in different cities, within a short time.

      Well, I hope that you have liked this news, and you are able to appreciate how important is to recycling.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Maxi´s advices: tricks for your home
10 August 2015

      I have found a video, where Maxi (a Spanish lady, who works in the tv program La mañana), gives us some advices, about tricks for home. If you want to watch this video, please click on the link below:

Maxi: “You will already see how many tricks I am bringing you today……The first, with nuts: such a common thing, that we take almost daily, --and if you do not do it, I recommend it to you, because they are excellent, to take at least 2 daily --...; but it can happen, that there are people, who do not have much strength, in their hands, and the truth is that it is difficult, to crack the nuts ... might please those people, who are alone and can not with walnut, because some put themselves.... difficult .....the advice is great, you will see:  we are going to put water with salt ....; so simple ...: .... water with salt and we are going to soak them, during 24 hours………, then you will see how they become soft and you can cut them easyer. In addition, you can cut, I checked it, each other, without using the nutpick  (nutcracker) .... it works great, for those who do not have much strength in hands. This is the first one ..... ..Now we are going on the other, it is also a question of strength. It is the products we have, at home, vacuum packed, that we go and we can not, and there are many, who are in contact with us, in our homes, on a daily basis; well, it is very simple .... first, you put a rubber glove and it catch phenomenal and superbly opens, because it lets the air going inside. Another, that might perhaps you have heard it: you put a spoon inside, on the way that it goes inside and ... rax and it makes clack .... and then, you can open it easily. There is another more, that surely some of you know; but, for those who do not know it, you give a little hit there and it opens very easy; It is about to enter the air, so that the vacuum can let us open it….. And there is another, so easy, so easy, that I have seen many times, at home, that is to give on the sides, there .... and you will see how we have the problem solved. Ie, this is to facilitate open our products, which are a little bit quarrelsome.  And also another thing ... Look: How often happens to us, we want to open a bottle, then we put the cork, but it does not work?, Right?. This happens whenever we remove a plug of cork --and especially bottles of champagne and cava, that you know this part is made wider--, well ... here is the trick: we will bring to boil, boil all the corks ... and I can guarantee you that we have recovered the corks and well placed, to close our surplus wine, cava or champagne ... What a simpler !, right?. Well ... and talking about, we have hot water here, How many times you have told me, especially young mothers, that you begin now to organize your family and home ... you are going to throw boiling water, in a glass, and the glass breaks itself; to prevent this never happens again, we put a ........-- sorry--  a teaspoon ..... when you put water into the glass, hot, hot and it never will happen ; the same can be, in the glass, in another container, which is made of glass ...., put some metal inside and it will not explode .... Do not tell me that is not great ...!. Well, and one more thing .... Let us go to my lover lemon ...., now you know that lemon is a huge star of our home;  But, What happens?, well that, sometimes, we need a little bit of lemon and we cut it in half and left the other half, because we only need a few drops and, then, the lemon breaks down, dried and no longer has the same properties, we need ....; you will see what a trick ... let us make a little hole at lemon, with a little stick, with any little thing that you can boring ... there ... and now, let us take the glass, and you will see how simple ..., we are going to do ... Do you see? .... one, two, three, four, five .... use your needed drops of lemon and this means that the rest of the lemon, as you can keep it and it is perfectly equal; you are going to keep, and always have the lemon with all its properties. I hope that you have loved it!”

      Well, I hope that these advices have been useful.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Atun encebollado in Spain
07 August 2015

      Today, I should like to bring you a very good récipe, a dish that I like very much: the “Slow-fried onion  in olive oil, all around tuna”.

      Well, the onions tuna is a typical recipe from Cadiz --and it is said that it comes from Huelva too--; but this does not mean that it is not enjoyed in another places, in Spain.

      This recipe has the following Ingredients for four persons1 kg of red tuna; 8 onions; 2 bay leaves; 2 garlic cloves; 2 glasses of manzanilla (sherry); olive oil; salt and flour. But, if you want, you can put a small spoon of sweet paprika, to give a red colour.

      To make this dish, the first thing you have to do is peel and chop the onions and garlic, into thin strips. Then, through everything out in a pot, with a generous splash of olive oil and salt, and put over medium heat, covering the pot. When the onion is transparent, add the wine (sherry), and, when the alcohol is evaporated, add half a glass of water, bay leaf and cook for 10 minutes longer.

      On the other hand, we will put enough oil, in a deep frying pan, and we will flour the tuna, diced four centimeters;  when oil is ready, we add salt to the tuna, we remove excess flour and fry until browned. When it is fried, we put it on a source, with paper towels.

      The last step is to add the tuna to the onions, put a pinch of salt and cook 5 minutes.

      To serve it, you have take four plates and full them with onions. Then, put dice, on the onions, and finish the dish, putting a bay leaf to decorate.

      And this should must be the result:

Tuna with sweet pepper

      Well, I hope that you want to try cookinf this dish and you enjoy it.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Barbate beach: a very clean beach in southern Spain
06 August 2015

      I have just watched a video, about Barbate, in Cadiz, in the Costa de la Luz, that I have liked very much. If you want to watch this video, as I did, please click on the link below:

Marta (Presenter of the program “Here the Earth”): “As every year, Barbate has launched an awareness campaign to keep their beaches clean. Therefore, we have come to the Costa de la Luz, to speak with one of its leaders”

Marta:  “You have made an awareness campaign, Right?”

Maria Dolores Iglesias (Environmental volunteers Trafalgar): “The collection of plastic, mainly; bags of potatoes, other types of small or large plastic ..., I do not care .... and once entering the boat, they become the cause of death ... mainly turtles and dolphins too. ......... a small packet of potato will kill a dolphin ... it is incredible but true ..... and turtle, mistaken for jellyfish and intake is deadly ..... Yo have to chase that small packet of potato... and not say: "is that it took the wind" ....., as now, there is wind blowing here .... much easterly wind and westerly wind .... that is where I am going ... it is right to bend, occasionally, as do the volunteers, and collect what it flew to another ... nothing happens”

Marta: “Cleaning beaches by hand is very good, Why?”

Maria Dolores: “Both the machine that catches as the sweeper beach, is made to lift the sand; but, pinching themselves, it collects everything, especially the most tiny, because it has a great precision”.

Marta: “Someone just left a plastic bottle .... We will bring the camera ..... Who was ...? .... Poor people, they are scared ...! .... I am volunteer in Barbate, huh ... .... what a good !, I have done well, I have seen at a distance and I said: "I am going to get her " .... Show me what you have in this bag ...: butts, rubber gloves ..., plasters, ..... Are you happy with this awareness campaign?”.

Another volunteer: “Yes, yes, very much, we are many people here and another people, who are not here, because they are working; but, yes, many people”

Marta: “All right, I leave you working…..see you…”


Marta: “The beach have to be very clean.., they have made an awareness campaign, in all Barbate. Then, we are going to do a contest: Tony will compete against Pedro. What relationship have you both?”

Tony: “We are brothers in law”

Marta: “Uhhhhhhhhhhh….And here I have to Pedro and Tony´s family and you must go there to encourage and I take the contestants and, now, I explain you how this game works .... no, no, over there ... ja ja "


Marta: “Rubbish bag, we get inside and, from here, it is like sack race ..... So we come here, we take the bag, we dig the wastes up, we put them in the bag and come to the finish, where I will be waiting, with a prize ....... 3, 2, 1 ................. Pedro has not yet managed to get himself into the bag ..... We see the waste, which are: a glass jar, a bottle .... Congratulations ... take your bag .... We take the prize, which is the book of Here the Earth….You have your hands full of soil; but it does not matter, because it is here the Earth ....., Well, Are you aware to clean beaches?...”

Tony: “Of course”

Marta: “A round of applause for the winners”

Marta: “After everything I have learned, the best thing I am going to do is collect the circuit, because,  Who would leaves it so,  with plastic on the beach ........ For a clean Barbate ...!”

      Well, I hope that you have liked this video and I also hope that you can come to Barbate, to enjoy this beach, personally, because I know it and I can recommend it to you, because it it very nice, so tranquil and above all, no dangerous for children.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Consumer confidence rises 4.2 points in July in Spain
05 August 2015

       I have found an interesting news, about our Economy, that I should like to share with you.

     The Consumer Confidence Index (ICC), in July, in Spain, stood at 105.6 points, 4.2 points above the previous month, according to data released Monday, by the Center for Sociological Research (CIS). Thus, not only is still above one hundred points, that mark the border of consumer optimism, but it reaches a new record.

      This rise, of the ICC,is due to increased of its two components: the expectations index, which stood at 114.7 points, increasing 2.7 points; and the present situation index, which reaches 96.4 points, up 5.7 points. In relation to July 2014, the increase has reached 16.7 points, with higher profits in absolute terms, for the assessment of the current situation (19.4 points) compared to expectations (13.9 points).
      As for the current situation, there has been an increased frequency of optimistic assessments of the general economic situation and the employment situation, which has increased by 8.1 and 8 points respectively. For its part, the assessment of the current situation of households has been remained, largely stable, with a small advance of 0.8 points.
respect to the data of July 2014, the optimistic assessment of the economic situation today is 22.9 points higher, the options offered by the labor market are positive about 20.9 points, above the value of a year ago and view on the situation, in homes, has been improved by 14.3 points since then.
      For its part, the expectations index has a very similar profile to the present situation index. Thus,
positive expectations, about the economic situation, have increased by 4.8 points and the expectations of the labor market have risen 3.3 points, while household expectations have remained unchanged, compared to those obtained in June. This evolution, repeated over recent months, leaves the situation of households, as the most backward, in the progress of the different indexes, that make up the ICC component.
      Overall, 27.8% of respondents believe that the current economic situation is worse than six months ago, while 38.1% do not appreciate change and 31.6% believe it has improved. Looking ahead to the next six months, 42.3% of respondents confident that the state of the economy will be better, compared to 22.2% who predict a decline, and 26.8% do not expect changes.
      The ICC, in July, for which it has been conducted more than 1,500 interviews, shows that 12.8% of respondents said that there are now more people unemployed, in their environment, that six months ago, and 29.3% think the situation, in Spain, to find a job, is worse than six months ago, while 38.9% believe that the situation has not changed, and 28.3% has improved.
      When asked
about the evolution of employment over the next six months, 24.2% of respondents think that the situation will decline, compared to 41.1%, who believe it will improve and 24.2%, who think that will remain unchanged.
      When asked if they have in mind to buy a house, the next year; 94.7% of the interviewees says no and, only 4.6%, plan to purchase one. 49.7% of respondents believe that housing prices will continue, the next year, while 11.5% expect lower and 32.7% think it will rise.
      Well, I hope that you have liked the positive expectations and hope that you can come to Spain, in order to get a good quality of life.
      Until my next post, kind regards,

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A special cultivation of mushroom in Spain
04 August 2015

      I have found an interesting video, about the cultivation of mushroom, that I should like to share with you. If you want to watch this video, please click below:

Voice in off: “This dessert, made from mushrooms, is an example of everything that can give it, in the kitchen, this fungus; well know, in the Rioja town of Pradejón, the largest producer of mushrooms in Spain. To give more value to its flagship product, they celebrate Fungitur Fair and, in addition, have launched the Fungiturismo (guided crops mushrooms and fungi, starting at the interpretation center and end with an innovative menu paths, based the ultimate goal of fungi:  promote the consumption of the product”

Javier Honorato (Spokesman of the Fungiturismo): “It Sates, but not fattening; It is ideal for vegetarians; so good, to reduce cholesterol and cardiovasculars problems and, above all, with great potent antioxidant; ie, daily consumption of mushrooms and fungi, reduces and prevents oxidation of cells”

Voice in off: “We Spaniards consume, on average, slightly more than half kilos of mushrooms , per year, while the European average is less than 3 kilos and the Asians can reach 12 kilos annually”

Encarna Maorad (Editorial office of La Rioja): “We are in a mushroom cellar; here, an average of 12,000 kilos of mushrooms are produced, for each crop cycle”.

Voice in off: “La Rioja grown each year, some 61,000 tons of mushrooms, but also produce other types of fungi, more exotic, such as Shiitake variety (one of the mushrooms, cultivated, which has more power in the mouth)”

Javier Honorato: “This is the tastiest, by far, a very aromatic mushroom, that combines well with all types of dishes, holds great long cooking;  even such blends well with spicy or hunting meat”

Voice in off: “Pradejón is the only place, in the country, where the Eryngii mushroom, which is also of Eastern origin, is cultivated; its production system is very original, in Europe”

César Fernández (Producer): “Many eryngiis go out, in every jar and, what we do, is that we clarify it and leave only two: Mini, we sell it as Mini version (a beauty mushroom, very tasty and very good) and the other two, we left, we left for Extra size, like this one, and even bigger….”

Voice in off: “Within Europe, the substrate needed,  to cultivate this variety, is only found in Pradejón;  although, to meet this working model, first, people from La Rioja had to make several trips to Korea”

César Fernandez: “We saw it was something interesting, to bring here, to Europe, because it was not, and we brought the working system, the working system is in bottle: it is the most productive there ...; do the substrate here, we make seed, .... well, we are getting things slowly .... although this is being hard, because these things are very complicated”

Voice in off: “Although, in Spain, there is not still much culture Fungi, in Pradejón, they are working on new crops”

Cesar Fernandez: “So far, for that ... it was marketed as wild mushroom, mushroom and all these products, we are beginning to do now coming from Asia ...; then they came with many days ...., ..... no quality and sales did not grow. And now, we work it, right out the day and cooler, slowly, it is selling more  --because it is a better product —“

Voice in off: “If you still do not know the universe, behind a fungus, the Rioja offers you the first and only one Fungiturismo Path, that exists in Spain”

      Well, I hope that you have liked this video.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Spanish researchers analyse fundus to diagnose schizophrenia
03 August 2015

       I have found an interesting news, that I should like to share with you.

     A new technique improves the diagnosis of schizophrenia and its evolution, being able to optimize the search for biomarkers of disease. The new study, analyses, in the fundus,  using optical coherence tomography, the state of the fibers of the retina and optic nerve for early detection of the disease.

        So it is deduced from a pioneering work, published in Psychiatry Research, about the use of optical coherence tomography (OCT for short), for early detection of schizophrenia.

      This new neuroimage technique, known as "window to the brain", allows noninvasively observe the thickening or thinning of the fibers of the retina and optic nerve, which are a true reflection of the state of the central nervous system, in the brain.

      Researchers at the University of Zaragoza, the Health Research Institute of Aragon (Aragon ISS) and the ophthalmology and psychiatry, at the University Hospital Lozano Blesa,   in Zaragoza, just published this development, thanks to the work, developed by a multidisciplinary team of ophthalmologists , psychiatrists, neurologists, psychologists, epidemiologists and statisticians Zaragoza, where experts have also collaborated University Hospital Doce de Octubre, in Madrid.

      In fact, in 2010, this team was the first one to demonstrate this technique, using the thinning of the retinal fibers (which suggests the presence of neurodegeneration, in patients with schizophrenia). Now, studies of this group of researchers have gone a step further.

      Their results confirm those results in a larger sign, formed by a group of patients with schizophrenia and a healthy control group, with similar characteristics of gender and age, and applying the same technique and using multivariate statistical methods, that control for confounding factors.

      For the first time too, this team has documented the change of retinal fibers, as the disease progresses. So, after a recent episode of schizophrenia, findings show a thickening suggestive of neuroinflammation, which would allow much earlier treatment and control, at the onset of disease.

      Conversely, when there is not a recent episode, but it has a time course, retinal fibers show thinning suggesting neurodegeneration, ie that disease is already a fact.

      Thus, this technique can provide important objective data, for diagnosis of schizophrenia, and to track its progress, may become an important contribution to the search for biomarkers of disease, which allow progress in diagnosis, based on objective evidence.

      Schizophrenia is one of the most serious mental illness and a serious problem for patients, families and public health. Its current diagnosis is primarily based on symptoms and clinical manifestations, presented by patients.

      However, the variety of symptoms, just like the overlap, that they can have with other diseases, make very important finding biomarkers, that can facilitate early diagnosis target and consequently, early treatment improves the prognosis of the disease.

      Well, I hope that you think this news a interesting, such as I do.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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