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The real Spain
05 October 2012 @ 12:28

       Some days ago, the Candidate for President of United States, Mitt Romney, critized the Policy of Spain.Exactly, he said: “I will never do the same policy than Spain”.

      Well, but I say to Mitt Romney, that surely he does not know the real Spain, because my country also have much more good things.For example, in the 80´, Spain could go into the European Union, while many people thought that Spain should not be abble to do that.On this sense, Spanish people must be thankful to the President, Adolfo Suarez, who was abble to unite to the different politicians, in the years 76 till 79.So, our Democracy started to be strong.

      Another important thing: thanks to God, in Spain we do not use to solve problems with guns; however, in United States is very common to use them.Data: in United States there are more that 20.000 murders, each year.Also, there are 300 millions of guns in the hands of civil people.The politicians –above all the most of the members of that same political party, whom Mitt Romney belongs— defends the use of guns.Therefore, I am proud of my country: Spain.

      On the same sense, our Police is one of the best in the world –nothing to envy to U.S. Police--.For example, the Spanish Police, has just avoid a slaughter in Mallorca, where a young boy was ready to place several bombs in the University of the Baleares Islands.I am proud of my Police.

      Also, I should like to invite Mitt Romney to see my Blog and concretely some of my posts:

On International Politicy, our solid


      Another gesture of solidarity: when a terrible earthquake happened in Haiti, in January 2010, Spain was one of the countries who gave more help:


      I want to remind Mitt Romney that Spain is inside Europe, belongs to the European Union, since many years.Then, the policy being applied by our Government is what they ask for us from the European Parliament.Surely, our politicians do not like to apply many standards imposed by EU partners.On this sense, Romney should be aware that the spanish Goverment can not do or have what it wants, because the European Parliament does not let do it.Then, for example, the Central Bank of Spain depends of the Central Bank of the European Union.It is completely different than in United States!!!!; there, they have only one Central Bank, for the 50 states and, so, if their National Economy is bad, their Central Bank can decide issue more money; here, in Spain, we can not do that, because the Central Bank of Europe does not let it.That is a big difference!:


      Another good thing in Spain is our discoveries in Medicine:


      Also on International Policy, Spain has done a very important contribution:


      On Education, we are abble to contribute with new projects:


      Another advance in Energy:


      Another advance in Medicine:


      Well, so I hope that image of Spain will be better in the future.

Thanks and best regards,


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marcbernard said:
05 October 2012 @ 10:38

Don't worry, Luis. Romney is a person of little intelligence and even less common sense. He is probably more stupid than G W Bush!
If, of course, he gets to be the President, then USA is done for!

Patricia (Campana) said:
05 October 2012 @ 13:12


No hay que hacer mucho caso a Romney. Es un fundamentalista bastante ignorante. Es más que probable que no sepa exactamente donde queda España, no hablemos del resto de Europa.

Gerald said:
05 October 2012 @ 18:26

Brilliant Luis,
I love people who are patriotic & stick up for their country.
When your country is at a low & is in danger she needs everyone to pull together, this is how she will get out of her massive problems.
The Yanks are ultra patriotic, but sometimes don't have the brains to match.

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