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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Un partido solidario en España
18 May 2011

        This afternoon is going to hold a solidarity football match in the Stadium "La Condomina", in the Capital of Murcia (Spain).It will start at Seven o´clock and you can watch it on TVE 1.

       It will be a benefit match for Lorca (Murcia), cause of the earthquakes that have suffered one week ago.

      There the Real Madrid Club will play against a selection of players from Murcia.

       If you can go to the Stadium, you will can animate in live.

      Of course, all the money that will be raised will go directly to the people of Lorca, who have lost families, friends and their houses.

Estadio La Condomina

"Estadio La Condomina", by Two up, two down, at


     ¡Today and ever everybody with Lorca !

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Un plato de bacalao
14 May 2011

       Yesterday I cooked bacalao and concretely: "Bacalhau á bras" --this is a typical dish of Portugal-- = Grilled cod.And I want to show you how I finished the dish,


       These were the ingredients that I used:

         -- 9 cod fillets, that I cleaned with my fingers, in order to remove the thorns.

         -- 5 medium potatoes.

          -- 2 medium onions and 2 cloves garlic.

          -- Olive oil.

          -- 3 eggs

         -- Food coloring --but you can use saffron--.

          -- A little bit of salt 

          -- Parsley


       First of all I cut the onion very small and I put it in a big skillet; of course, I put the onion in the skillet, with oil, of course.Also I cut garlic so small and I mixed it with the onion.

      After that, I put the cod into the skillet --flaked cod--.

       I removed everyting.And I put the parsley --finely chopped--.I but a pinch of salt.

       I mixed the food coloring with hot water.I put the mixture with everything and removed.

       Finally, I turned off the kitchen fire --but I do not move the skillet-- and I put the 3 beaten eggs and I moved everything.

     I know that the original recipe says that you have to put some small pieces of black olives; but I do not like olives; therefore I only have put some black olives on the "Bacalhau a bras".

     It is said that this dish was invented by a bartender from the Barrio Alto of Lisboa, who was named Bras.According to this story, this chef thought harnessing the cod that had left the day before.Then, he mixed it with beaten eggs and fried potatoes.

    The potatoes are cut so thin --they are named "Patatas paja", because they seem to be straw farm.

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Los Patios Cordobeses
11 May 2011

      The last days from May 4 to May 15 - 2011, was celebrated, in Córdoba (South of Spain) the famous Contest of "Patios Cordobeses"; and the Jury named the winner on May - 6.

      Every year, the people from Cordoba are waiting for the decision of the UNESCO in order to name to the Patios Cordobeses "Patrimonio Inmaterial de la Humanidad".This year it can not be is a pity..., because the Patios are a wonder....

     here I can show you some nice picture about Patios Cordobeses.But I recommend you to come to Córdoba, next year, in order that you can enjoy this special show --this is the only one tradition about it, all over the world--, with your eyes; but also with your nose, because you will be abble to smell the flowers Jazmín and Azahar.


Festival de los patios cordobeses

"Festival de los Patios Cordobeses", by Comparsa Fotografia, at


Festival de los patios cordobeses

"Festival de los Patios Cordobeses", by Comparsa Fotografia, at

     We must remember that Córdoba is named Candidate to "European Capital of Culture


      But, Cordoba is not the only one city, in the world, where pots are hanging on the walls: Tokyo is the other city where it is done --although not on the private houses but on the wall of the big buildings--.

Pots on a building of Tokyo (Japan).

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David Bustamante y Shaila Durcal: Lyrics and music
10 May 2011

       I like this song, because it is sung by Shaila Durcal --although the song is included in the new album by David Bustamante--.

       I like Shaila Durcal very much and I feel pity because she is spending a bad time, sine more than one year, cause of the legacy of her mother; she is angry with her father, cause of that.It is a pity, because she is suffering and it affects to her career --that she started very well--.

      I remember you that Shaila is a Rocío Durcal and Junior´s daughter.Rocio Durcal was a wonderful and very famous singer, above all of "Rancheras" --from Mexico--.

     For his part, David Bustamente started in the famous Academy "Operación Triunfo", at least 3 years ago.


This is the lyrics:

No debió pasar (A dúo con Shaila Dúrcal)
Nos conocimos y compartí contigo
Pedacitos de mí.
Recorrí todo tu cuerpo,
Te besé toda la noche
Y al día siguiente me tomabas
Como uno más.

Dormí contigo y amanecimos
En aquella habitación
Fuimos dos ilusionados
Como locos nos amamos
Pero sólo fue una noche

No debió pasar,
Dimos alas al placer
De nuestro corazón
Todavía quedan huellas
Son testigos las estrellas
Sé que aún queda algo
Entre nosotros dos.
No debió pasar,
Hicimos de una noche
Una eternidad
Pero el tiempo no perdona
Y el olvido nos ahoga
Deja que pase el tiempo
Así será mejor.
Para los dos.

Ahora te veo, de cuando en cuando
No me he olvidado de ti
Sigues sin comprometerte
Sin rendirte a lo que sientes
Por temor a sentir daño
No te entregas a este amor.

No debió pasar,
Dimos alas al placer
De nuestro corazón
Todavía quedan huellas
Son testigos las estrellas
Sé que aún queda algo
Entre nosotros dos.
No debió pasar,
Hicimos de una noche
Una eternidad
Pero el tiempo no perdona
Y el olvido nos ahoga
Deja que pase el tiempo
Así será mejor.
Para los dos.


     This song, "No debió pasar", belongs to the album A CONTRACORRIENTE, by DAVID BUSTAMANTE.

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Mantas de Grazalema
07 May 2011

       Besides being a beautiful village, Grazalema has wonderful handmade blankets.

Grazalema from the road that comes from El Bosque.

On left of the picture, you can see a complex named "El Parador", where upstairs you can see a lot of apartments --dependig of the hotel-- and downstairs you can see only a building that is a hotel, with swimmingpool.

"Grazalema from the municipal pool"

Grazalema from the road that goes to El Bosque

Snowy Grazalema

To the right: "El Pico San Cristóbal".

In the middle of the picture, you can see the named "Plaza de España"

Another view of the snowy Grazalema

       With this cold, feel like a blanket of Grazalema.You can visit the factory of blankets, situated in: Carretera de Ronda s/n.Tel. 956 13 20 08.Here you can watch a video about this factory:



       You can buy blankets in several shops, in Grazalema, for example: in "Artesania en lana", street: Corrales Terceros, s/n; tel. 956 13 21 41.

       Another shop: "Alacena", street: Mateos Gago s/n; Tel. 956 13 24 10.

        Another shop: "Tienda chica", in the street: Agua, 25; Tel. 956 13 23 97.

      Another shop: "El Trastero", in the street: Agua, 1; Tel. 956 13 22 40.

       Another shop: "El Desván", in the street: Agua s/n; Tel. 956 13 24 60.

      Another shop: "Hotel Puerta de la Villa", in the street: Plaza pequeña, s/n; Tel. 956 13 23 76.

Hotel "Puerta de la Villa".This is a very nice hotel, at the heart of Grazalema.

     Here, blankets are a little bit more expensive than in the other shops of the village, but in the shop of the hotel "Puerta de la Villa", there are some very nice products: blankets, handbags, wallets, shoes, and other things.

These are some types of blankets that you can find in the shops.You can find blankets for travel, for living room and for horses.

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Another Spanish sayings and proverbs, 34
05 May 2011

      My father said: "A enemigo que huye, puente de plata".This is a military sentence, because they thought that it was better to let a prisoner be free, through an open door of the prision, than picking to him.

     This sentence is in the famous book "El Quijote", by Cervantes.Also it means that when someone disappoints to you, then you can leave to that person, because it has lost your confidence.


"Prisionero", by mofetos, at


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ATALANTA: A Spanish contribution
03 May 2011

      For the Royal Spanish Academy of Language, Atalantar means Reassure, tranquilize.

     On December - 8th of 2008, the "Operation ATALANTA", started by the Naval Force of the European Union, against the piracy in the sea of Somalia.I do not know if they choose that word (ATALANTA), because Spain contributed in that coalition.

     The problem of the piracy in that area was a great problem for many countries, but above all for Spain, because we had several ships in danger.The most of them were fishing boats.

     Then, in Spain, a Security Company began to prepare people to protect ships.Another countries  used the same idea and it was a good solution.Another security companies offered this service; they were private companies.

      But the "ATALANTA Operation" was a military one.

A Spanish Aircraft

    Then, by the way of the word "Atalanta", you can use the verb "Atalantar" and then, you can say to a friend of you: "Que la vida te atalante" = "That Life treats you kind".


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