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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Another spanish sayings and proverbs, 26
29 November 2009


"Fiesta en casa de Eva 2005", by Jose A. Herran, in flickr

A casa de tu hermano no irás cada serano = To your brother´s home you will not go to each afternoon.

Serano = afternoon

This saying means that you must not take advantage of anybody, either of people who love you.

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Another spanish sayings and proverbs, 25
27 November 2009


"Barcelona", by comeremospalomas, in flickr

A canas honradas, no hay puertas cerradas = To honest grey hair, there are not closed doors

Grey hair, taken as a dynecdoche of responsibility, always has a good fame for a good advice.

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Sanctuary for primates
27 November 2009


"Chimpance IV", by akirsa, in flickr

AAP Primadomus is a local office, that belongs to the Foundation AAP, in Holland. Established in 1972, thanks to the couple, Riga and Okko Reussien, who loved animals and they created it in order to rescue animals who need help.

The Main Office of the Foundation AAP is in Holland; but, cause of weather, above all, they opened a new office in Villena (Alicante, Spain).Here is where the animals are.Above all, they are chimpanzees (animals very intelligent and so alike to men).

Actually, the Foundation AAP is the official centre for fostering of primates and, each time, it colaborates more in the rescue of animals from all of Europe.

Here, in Villena, they take animals leaved --when they are old or dangerous--.They come from Spain or another countries in Europe; but, above all, they come from Africa.

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Another spanish sayings and proverbs, 24
13 November 2009


"El largo camino a casa.Long way home", by +vega, in flickr

A camino largo, paso corto = To long way, short step

This saying talks about to be sparing with energy and delay tiredness.

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Another spanish sayings and proverbs, 23
05 November 2009


"Camino Soria", by P.Medina, at

A cada parte, hay tres leguas de mal camino = Each party, there are three leagues of bad road

This saying warns that in all the insistences and jobs, there are some difficult moments, but these ones get to be overcome.

By the way of road and by the way of Soria, I can tell you that there, in that region of Spain, the famous spanish writer, Antonio Machado, was inspired for writing some of his wonderful poems.I am going to repeat some verses from one of these poems:

        Campos de Soria = lands of Soria

    En el campo ondulado, y los caminos   = On the undulating land, and the roads                                                                                             ya ocultan los viajeros que cabalgan     =   already hide the travelers who ride                                                                                                 en pardos borriquillos                               =     on brown little donkeys                                                                                                                   ........................            

And other verse, belonged the poem "Campos de Soria", says that Soria is an arid and cold land.But, it does not matter, because "our  road"--to Soria or any other site-- is enough important as to support a lot of difficulties.Our bigest road is Life.              

Also, another poem, by Antonio Machado, talks about road; this is a very famous poem and its tittle is:  "Caminante, no hay camino" = "Walker, there is no road"; I am going to repeat the first verses:   

     Caminante son tus huellas             =   Walker they are your tracks                                                                                El camino nada mas                     =   The road nothing else,                                                                                        caminante no hay camino             =    walker there is no road                                                                                        se hace camino al andar.              =    road is done when you walk.                                                                              Al andar se hace camino              =    When you walk road is making                                                                            y al volver la vista atras                 =    and when you turn back your sight                                                                      se ve la senda que nunca             =     you see the path that you have never                                                                  se ha de volver a pisar.                  =     return to step on.                                    

For example, the people who every year make "El camino de Santiago" ("The road of Santiago") know that for making it, they need to be strong --physical and psycologicaly--, to have patience, to have hopness, because, at least, they will arrive to a wonderful place (the town Santiago de Compostela).Thousands of pilgrims every year walk on several roads, like the one in the next picture:


"Camino de Santiago", by FreeCat, at

"Santiago de Compostela", by, at

Here,  you can see the Cathedral.

People who have made the road to Santiago say that it is a very special experience.Also, they say that Santiago de Compostela is nicer if you go there when it is raining.

The cathedral is just in the big square, named "Plaza del Obradoiro", but there is another little square, not less nice; it is named "Plaza de la Quintana":

"Plaza de la Quintana, Santiago de Compostela", by, at

Before closing this post, I should like to thank you for visiting my Blog, because it is a very important part of my Road.



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Another spanish sayings and proverbs, 22
04 November 2009


"Pajarito", by Olocau.Digital, in flickr

A cada pajarillo le gusta su nidillo = To each little bird likes its little nest

This saying says that each person shows an special fondness to the corner --good or bad-- to which, cause of habit, it is entailed.

Now, look at this curious image:

"La flor pajarito / The bird flower", by, in flickr

Note:  pajarillo = pajarito = little bird.

pajarillo sounds more affectionate, closer.Are you on right?.

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Another spanish sayings and proverbs, 21
03 November 2009


"Feria del caballo en Nogueiro. 1-6-2008", by darioalvarez, in flickr

A caballo regalado, no le mires el diente = To a given horse, do not look at the tooth

This saying is very famous in Spain.

This one makes allusion to ranchers, who have the habit of examineing carefully the horses´s teeth, before buying them, in order to check the animal´s age.Then, the saying says that every present must be acepted without fault.

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Another spanish sayings and proverbs, 20
02 November 2009


"La doma", by Eduardo Amorim, in flickr

A caballero nuevo, caballo viejo = To a gentleman new, horse old

It is clear that every beginner, in every art, require means with proven efficiency, in order that learning is easier for him.And, of course, this saying push up the respect to old people ´s experience.


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Another spanish sayings and proverbs, 19
01 November 2009


Gallina con sus pollitos (Her and her chicks, by  barloventomagico, in flickr

A burro muerto, cebada al rabo = To donkey died, barley to the tail

It is so used by the spanish writer, Camilo José Cela, in his book "El gallego y su cuadrilla", in order to emphasize the uselessness of wanting to remedy something when the opportunity has passed.Almost, almost like the Biscayan from the short story, who, listening to the chiken to chirp into the egg that he was sucking in, exclaimed: "¡Tarde, piache!" =  "Late, piache!".

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