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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Another abandoned village in the north west of Spain
09 November 2019 @ 12:23

      Ciñera (or Ciñera de Gordón) is a Spanish village, belonging to the municipality of La Pola de Gordón, in the province of León and the region of the Central Mountain, in the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León.

The map of Ciñera

      This small village is located on the Bernesga River, on the N-630 road between La Robla and Asturias.

Bernesga river

      It has a railway station on the León-Gijón line.

The Ciñera Station​​​​​​​

      In Ciñera, there  is one of the best preserved beech trees in Spain, the Faedo of Ciñera, located near the village, next to a mine.

      The Faedo of Ciñera is a small forest located in Ciñera de Gordón (León), about 35km from the capital. The colour of the forest, in autumn, is spectacular and has a tree of more than 500 years, known as "Fagus". In 2007, the Forest received an award for the “most careful forest in Spain”.

A general view of Ciñera​​​​​​​

Another view of Ciñera​​​​​​​

Ciñera up close​​​​​​​

      To get to Faedo, you have to get to Ciñera and leave the car near the church or at the sports center. There is a road of 1.5 km approximately until reaching a mine entry.

The mine entry

The mine El Pozo Ibarra of Ciñera​​​​​​​

      We follow the path and we find a stone bridge and the creek.

The creek​​​​​​​

      We follow a small wooden walkway and, in a few metres, the road widens and we contemplate this beautiful picture.

      Finally, we enter the Faedo, reminiscent of a forest enchanted by its colour and the sinuous shapes of the trees ...

Starting inside the Faedo​​​​​​​

Another part of the stream​​​​​​​

Another piece of the path

A pleasant walk through the Faedo​​​​​​​

Resting in the Faedo​​​​​​​

Another incredible corner inside the Faedo​​​​​​​

The incredible colours of Faedo​​​​​​​

Gorge of the Faedo​​​​​​​

Another part of the gorge​​​​​​​

      After a good walk, through the Faedo, you will surely be hungry and, therefore, I recommend the restaurant "La Hornaguera".

La Hornaguera with a parking​​​​​​​

      Telephone number:  987 58 41 33.​​​​​​​

La Hornaguera inside​​​​​​​

      There is a terrace behind:

      These are some of the typical dishes of La Hornaguera:

Squid in ink​​​​​​​

Braised cheek​​​​​​​

Chickpeas with cod and spinach​​​​​​​

Meat stuffed potatoes​​​​​​​

Sirloin with cheese sauce​​​​​​​

Rice with mushrooms​​​​​​​


Lemon mousse

      Well, i hope that you will like this article and hope that you will able to visit that wonderful area.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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