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The treasure of the Onagra in Spain
Tuesday, December 10, 2019 @ 1:46 AM

      Today I would like to tell you about a wild plant, with yellow flowers, which is called "Onagra" and grows on the coasts of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea.


Onagra flowers

Flowers of Onagra up close

      The horticulturist, Jose Manuel Sánchez, explains us the properties of this plant.

Jose Manuel Sanchez

      The first thing we have to do is to see if the seed capsules can be opened.

The seed capsules​​​​​​​

      Jose Manuel says that maybe you do not know the Evening Primrose, but maybe you have heard about Evening Primrose Oil, which has many health benefits, especially for women  --for menstruation, for menopause for circulation, for the skin and many more-- .

      All that comes out of this wonderful plant, which has beautiful flowers and they smell very good. But what interests us is to remove the seeds from the capsules. The capsules dry out as Autumn progresses. When the capsules are dry, we take out the seeds; but we had to open many capsules, to get enough seeds and thus to make enough evening primrose oil or evening primrose infusion.

The seeds​​​​​​​

Onagra oil​​​​​​​

Evening Primrose Pearls​​​​​​​

Evening Primrose Infusion

      Well, I hope that you will like to know this information about the Onagra.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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