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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

A new spanish experience with music
24 June 2011

       A new spanish experience has been started one year ago, in the Hospital "Vall´dHebrón",at Barcelona.This experience has been started from the Daniel Jiménez´s idea, when he thought that music should ease the noise that there is in the UCI.

      Patients use to feel anxiety, inside of UCI.Then, Daniel Jiménez thought that perhaps music should get reduce that anxiety.In fact, the study made last summer said thet the 75 % of the 16 patients who participated in the experiment, said that music cut the level of anxiety, when they awoke.

     In the last September, Daniel Jiménez started a new experiment with 200 patients.

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The Day of the Spanish Language
18 June 2011

      Today is "The Day of the Spanish Language".We are more than 500 million native speakers of Spanish all over the world.

      Here in Spain, since several days ago, "The Cervantes Institute" has asked spanish people some prefered spanish words.Some words choosed by people were for example: Gracias, Confianza, Sentimiento, Cariño, Alegría, Amor, Madre, Amanecer....; but the two words prefered by people were: Libertad and Sueño.

     My prefered words are:

Vida (Life):  Because it is the most important thing that we can check, when we open our eyes every day.

Algodón (Cotton): Because I like its sound and also I like what its means: the material used to heal a wound and also: a sweet, pink for example, for children at a fair.

Noray (Noray): Because it lets you being safe in a harbor, when you are sailing with very bad weather.It protects your boat as the sweet cotton protects children, when they are enjoying at a fair.Also, Noray protects your boat as Cotton protects you when you are a child and have a wound --there is a spanish expression that syas: "He is entre algodones (among cottons)", it means that a child is too much protected by its family--.

Gracias (Thanks): Of course, this is a very important word, because we all have to give thanks to Life --despite the difficulties--.We have to give thanks, because many times we have much more things than we need.And I have to thank you for reading my blog.


Have a good day.


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A spanish blue village
15 June 2011

      The Company SONY was looking for a village in order to release its last film about smurfs "Smurfs in 3D"; they were looking all around the world and....suddenly they found a little village in Málaga (South of Spain) --concretely in the Valley of the Genal-- named Júzcar.

     Then, SONY decided to paint all the village with the blue color --as the color of Smurfs--.Everybody in the village help to paint their houses.


This is the result.

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A donkey as a horse
14 June 2011

     I knew that in Mijas (Málaga) there were some donkeys-Taxi...........

Tiredness / Fatiga

"Tiredness / Fatiga", by SantiMB, at

....but...I did not know that, in Sevilla, there is a donkey who seems to be a horse....

    Somebody wanted to buy this donkey; but its owner says that "Caramelo" (the donkey) is not for sale --although someone has offered to its owner 6000 Euros.

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Solución a Mas adivinanzas españolas 2
12 June 2011


    35. El maiz.    36. La manzanilla.    37 y 38. La nuez.    39. El pan.    40. La pasa.

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Mas adivinanzas españolas 2
12 June 2011


   35. No soy ave                                                    36. Yo soy el diminutivo 

         pero de mis huevos                                           de una fruta muy hermosa,              

         se hacen palomitas                                            tengo virtud provechosa,

        para los niños buenos.                                      en el campo siempre vivo

                                                                                                        y mi cabeza es vistosa.


   37. Del nogal vengo                                           38. Arca, monarca,        

        y en el cuello del hombre me cuelgo.             llena de placer;

                                                                                        ningun carpintero  

                                                                                        te ha sabido hacer.


   39. Cuanto más caliente,                                  40. Una vieja arrugadita

          más fresco y crujiente.                                    que de joven daba vino

                                                                                         y ahora es una frutita.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    



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A Spanish and World discovery
10 June 2011

      Today I am happy because a young girl (she is 15 years old), from Andalucia --like me-- has just discovered an asteroid, surely never discovered before.

     This girl (Monica Sevilla Fernández) is studying in the Institute Fray Luis of Granada; she is one of the groups who started  the First Draft Introduction to Astronomy in Secondary School, organizaed by their teacher, Javier Pérez Cáceres, who is an astrophysicist.He organized several groups, with 77 students of Secondary from 4 Institutes of Granada. Those students were to the Institute of Astronomy of Andalucia, during several days, in order to work with the astronomers, using the data collected by the two telescopes that the Institute of Astronomy has in Chile and Argentina.At least, they designed 9 science projects.

       After that, they had to send the data to The Minor Planet Center, in United States; then, if it  is confirmed, Mónica will can choose a name for that asteroid --she has said she will choose MSF, as her name--. 

     The teacher, Javier Perez, started this idea because he had several bilingual students.He wanted to make a test, using the English and the new technologies.

     The last wenesday, Monica and other participants received the awards for the "First Draft Introduction to Astronomy in Secondary", in the Palace of Congress of Granada.

      Of course, all of that is also thanks to Emilio Alfaro, as the Director of the Institute of Astronomy of Andalucia, because he let to Javier Perez and his students start to work in several science projects.

     I am glad, knowing that there is a young people abble to discover its vocation and its future.By the moment, Monica has said that she wants to be an astronomer.

     I hope that other teachers are abble to start another similar projects, in order to give young people other ways in its education.


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