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Be healthy and be happy in Spain
Thursday, July 30, 2020 @ 1:16 AM

      A few days ago, the British Government made the decision to force British tourists to be quarantined upon returning home from Spain. This seemed to me very hard news, for British tourists and for tourism entrepreneurs in Spain. Now I will explain my point of view.

      It is true that now in Spain there are many sprouts of Covid-19; but, when I see the News, on television, they always say that the outbreaks have occurred in "Nightlife" (in private parties, botellon, etc.). Note: "Botellón" is a massive gathering of young people to drink cheaper than in a disco. This is a big problem, because young people usually don't want to wear a mask when they go out to have fun at night; nor do they want to keep their distance from other young people. I think that the authorities should ban this type of party.

      For example, the celebration of a soccer victory is a problem, as happened in July 2018, when England beat Sweden, to advance to the Champion Semifinals.

English people watching a football match

Too much young people gathered in a botellon

Some young people laughing and without any mask in a botellon

      Young people seems not to be afraid at night:

Look at so many people in a botellon​​​​​​​

Any other young people in a botellon

So many people in a disco​​​​​​​

      However, I have never heard of a new outbreak appearing in a supermarket, or in a pharmacy, or on a street; no, because, in those places, almost everyone has a mask and keeps the social distance, which the Spanish government asked us to do. So I think that if we listen to what the experts recommend, we should have no problem.

At the supermarket

In the pharmacy

Some girls on a street

More young people on a street

Another group of young people​​​​​​​

People of different ages on a street of Mallorca​​​​​​​

More people wearing a mask and keeping their distance​​​​​​​

Tourists with mask on arrival in Spain​​​​​​​

A hotel cleaner cleaning a room​​​​​​​

Two tourists driving along the promenade in Benidorm​​​​​​​

An old couple with a mask on a beach of Benidorm​​​​​​​

Young people with a mask too​​​​​​​

      Therefore, I hope that the British Government will think about the decision and trust to Spain. And if you decide to come to Spain --or if you live here-- please be healthy and be happy.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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