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Understand The Spanish Education System And How You Can Ensure That Your Child Prospers In A School In Spain

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Educating your child can be a minefield wherever you live in the world and in a foreign country with a foreign system even more so. For parents moving to Spain with their children, one of their biggest concerns is education.

It is difficult for you as a parent to know what to expect so this can make it problematic when trying to prepare your children to adapt to a new system.

Most parents worry about providing the best education for their child which prompted me to share my own thoughts, experiences, facts and findings with you.

I am providing here a great source of information, both objective and subjective, for people who are at the moving to Spain stage and also some useful insights and food for thought for those who have children in school in Spain, albeit state, private, international, whatever the endless options are.

Sometimes I think life would be far simpler if we didn’t have the options which cause for so many sleepless nights and hours of debating amongst friends. For me I just want my children go to school happily, achieving a good balance of learning and fun during the day and return home feeling fulfilled.

Actually, it seems like rather a lot to ask.

We all want our children to do well in school and many of us have moved to Spain to give our children a better life. Unfortunately too many parents don't understand the Spanish education system and believe that simply plonking their kids in a Spanish school is all that's needed for them to do well.

This often has the opposite effect to the original reason for moving to Spain meaning that many expat kids fail in a foreign system which neither they nor their parents understand.

Don't Let It Happen To Your Kids

Your children will only ever have one chance in life to complete their education. It's important that as a parent you give them the best possible chance to do as well as possible in school.

In a foreign school they need your support even more, which is why I've put this in-depth guide together for you, so that you can truly understand the Spanish education system and how you can help your child to prosper in a Spanish school.

Here's What's Covered In The Guide

After six years in Spain with two children I have amassed a huge amount of knowledge and understanding about how schools in Spain work, how kids integrate with the Spanish and very importantly, the language issues they may face which can really impact the learning ability.

The advice and information I've included in this guide is what I could only have dreamed of having at my disposal before moving here. Take a look at some of the topics I cover for you:

Bullet point How We Started On The Spanish School Journey
Bullet point A Bit Of Background To The Education System in Spain
Bullet point The Structure Of The Ciclos
Bullet point The Basics Of Spanish School
Bullet point The Standard of Education in State Schools
Bullet point How Schools Appoint Teachers
Bullet point What Other Staff Are There In The School?
Bullet point What Is The Time Table and The Term Date?
Bullet point Is There A School Uniform?
Bullet point Getting Children Into School
Bullet point State School Facilities
Bullet point What Technology Can We Expect In A State School?
Bullet point Language Issues - This one's a biggy!
Bullet point Integration
Bullet point Getting Involved With School Life
Bullet point Learning To Read
Bullet point Is There A PTA And Can Foreign Parents Join?
Bullet point Preparing Your Child For Spanish School Before You Get To Spain
Bullet point How Can I Support My Child In Spanish School Outside Of School?
Bullet point Preparing Yourself For Spanish School
Bullet point The Settling In Period
Bullet point Homework and Assessment
Bullet point After School Activities
Bullet point La Vuelta Al Cole - Back to School
Bullet point Common Complaints About State Schools
Bullet point The Shift From Primary To Secondary
Bullet point The International School Debate
Bullet point And After Compulsory Schooling....
Bullet point Useful Vocabulary
Bullet point Useful Resources

Within each of these sections I don't just cover the basics, in some instances I go into huge depths discussing the social aspects of foreign children in Spanish schools, and very importantly how they integrate with Spanish children and other expat children. It's a fascinating insight into a foreign child's life in Spanish school.

The International School Debate

For those of you with older children or those of you considering International School instead of the free state schools, I have dedicated a lengthy chapter to the problem of deciding which one is best for your child, and how either option will impact your child's future prospects.

One of the areas I cover, which concern parents the most, is "How Quickly Will My Child Learn Spanish in a British/International School?". This is a fascinating insight into how International schools work and the impact it will have on your child's ability to learn Spanish.

What You'll Learn From This

There is much to learn from my own experience with Spanish and International schools here and so this guide will benefit you accordingly:

Arrow Understand how Spanish schools work and the often associated frustrations that go with it
Arrow Know what and how your children will be learning in school
Arrow Determine if your child is too old to join a Spanish state school (it's not what you may have heard)
Arrow Discover how and where your child will pick up the Spanish language
Arrow Learn the tricks to maintaining and building on your child's home language
Arrow Understand how your child will integrate into the local community and dealing with bullying
Arrow Discover the steps you need to take to help your child integrate with other Spanish children
Arrow Know why you shouldn't read to your child in Spanish
Arrow Understand the mindset of Spanish teachers and how you should communicate with them
Arrow Be prepared for huge amounts of homework and understand how your child's work is graded
Arrow And just so much more...

With 81 pages and over 14,000 words this is the ultimate resource you need to have to help you give your child the best opportunity in the Spanish education system.

Educate Yourself To Educate Your Children

It is often said that you cannot put a price on your children's education. Whilst you may not perhaps have the budget to put your kids in an international school, you will certainly be able to afford this "Schools & Education In Spain" guide. I want you to be able to benefit from my own experiences and frustrations with the Spanish education system.

That's why I've priced it at just €15 to ensure that everyone can afford it and everyone can have the chance to ensure that their child succeeds in a Spanish learning environment.

And There's No Risk

GuaranteeI really don't want you to be out-of-pocket here which is why I am offering a full 100% money back guarantee for 30 days, no questions asked (although I'm pretty sure you won't need to take up this part of the offer!).

Just say the word and I'll refund you the full price of the ebook, and we'll still part as friends.  Fair enough?

And you can still keep the ebook!

The Extra Bonuses

BONUS 1: The Spain Uncut Schools In Spain Video

As an extra bonus I'm going to include a 30 minute video that we recorded for our Popular "Spain Uncut" video series. In this video Justin and I discuss some of the most important aspects affecting expat kids in Spanish schools with some unique insights into our own experiences.

Schools in Spain video

It's a good 30 minutes in length and it's got so much great information and advice and beautifully complements the ebook guide.

This was actually one of the more popular videos that we recorded so I'm sure you're going to find it extremely interesting.

You'll be able to watch it streaming online or you can download it to your PC and watch it whenever you want.

BONUS 2: The Spain Uncut Schools In Spain Audio

As an added bonus I'm also including the audio (MP3) version of the video so that you can listen to it when you're travelling around, either in your car or on your MP3 player such as an iPod.

Schools in Spain audio

As with the video, you'll be able to listen to this audio online or download the MP3 file to your PC.

Download Your Copy Today

The Schools & Education In Spain guide is available today as a digital download so that you can start reading it straight away. You will also get immediate access to the Spain Uncut video and audio.


Yes Susan, give me immediate access to your essential guide and insights on Schools & Education In Spain for the one-off price of just €15.

I understand I will be able to:

tick Instantly download the eBook to help my kids prosper in a school in Spain 
tick Ask for my money back within 30 days if I don't think it's for me, and I get to keep the ebook anyway.
tick Get immediate access to the bonus video and audio on schools in Spain

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Schools & Education In Spain ebook cover

A child's education in a foreign country is usually one of the major issues affects expats in Spain. Most parents want to move to Spain for a better life for them and their kids, but all too often we see expat kids struggle in a system that neither they nor their parents truly understand.

I hope that armed with my guide you will have a greater understanding of how schools work in Spain and how you can help your child to truly flourish in a Spanish school.

I hope my mistakes and six years of experience will help you to help your own kids succeed in Spain.

So, good luck to you and your children on your own education journey in Spain!

Best regards

Susan Pedalino

Eye on Spain

P.S. Don't forget that as well as the 81 page guide you are also getting the 30 minute video and audio we recorded for the popular Spain Uncut video series.

P.P.S. I really do want to help you in ensuring that your kids get the best chance they deserve in Spain which is why in the ebook you will find my email address. If you need to ask me any questions just send me an email and I'll always be glad to advise you as much as I can.

Download your copy today

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