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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

A Spanish lady gives us good advices about Orange
31 July 2015

      I have found an interesting video, where a lady (Maxi) gives us some advices about orange. If you want to watch this video, please click on the link below:

Maxi: “I will give you a lot of advices; so, you can see how many utilities has orange. And Orange, above all, What makes us ..?:  feeds us ...;  but  I am also going to do to feed our plants and will also use for cosmetic and aromatize us;  ie that you have to pay a lot attention to orange , because it is moreover so easy…, with all that gives us our Mediterranean .... Well let us start, if you think ... Look ... (... .) "

      Now, you can read on the image: Utilities of orange. Maxi´s advides.

Maxi: “(…)…In any program, I told you that the peel of orange is so good, to put in soil and to give vitamins to our plants; so, they are stronger and have more color. That  I already told you: chips of the peel. But, today, I am going to tell you another thing, precious, further up I like a lot, in order that you can do it with the kids. The first thing, that we will do is empty the peel –we will not through out the pulp--;  you will do, so as I have done: you empty it, it is very easy .. ...... you cut it, you make it around ... you empty it and it will be so. And look, What is this doing? ... but the property, which has the peel, is going to give, all the small plants, vitamins, in order that they catch force and then they go out large and powerful and can be transplanted into a large pot, and the plants are fine. And the beauty of this, as I said, look how simple ... is its simplicity .., that the children do with you, that initiate them into understand how small plants can be born ....., it is a precious thing, Do not you think?, with orange peel ... But, as today it is the star, because she deserves this show, I am also going to make you an air freshener for home, because it works great. And look the products, that we will have.. The first thing, that we are going to put are the cloves, spice, cloves. Here we we are going to put orange juice ... and we are going to put it to macerated just a little bit ... The important thing is the cloves are dampened with orange juice, which is here, where they will take all its properties. Then what are we doing? ... You will see .... We are doing a beautiful thing ... We are going to strain them...., because these have to be wet, the cloves. And what are we going to do with the cloves ...?,  we are going to do this ...: first, what we are doing, with a little cord, we are going to stick to the orange, like a gift ... Do you take it? ... I have chosen here raffia, in different colors, because I am going to propose this one, in order that you hang it in the closets. And what happens?; but, we are going to put the clove, which is already impregnated with orange juice, --and, also, when you click here, when you pin it, goes out more orange juice and the little clove, What are we doing now?, we do as a croquette:  we are going to put it with cinnamon; but also, as often there dip the brush and put the cinnamon…., we are going to paint the little cloves ..., it is that, in addition, Do you know one thing? ... this is very laborious, but it is very nice, it is for a creativity, to be inspired, I want you to be inspirated ... and this also can be done with children. That is, you have understood me:  you take the orange juice, put it with cinnamon and paint it, paint all cloves. The idea of this is that the cloves are soaked in cinnamon and, then, you can do with the design that you want. You are going to hang this one, when it is dry, I have got it here ... dry, that smelling so delicious ……, and you are going to hang in closets, and then, tell me the properties, which orange has, not only to eat, but also to give us good aromas. You know that I am a maniac of Aesthetics and I am not going to forget, here, at full speed, I am going to give you a body scrub, for elbows, because all people .... that, by the way, we are certainly going to take holidays now ..., those who no longer are, for summer ... have a good time ...; but we come, from all offices, with elbows slightly harsh ... simply, you are going to do the following:  you are going to put orange juice... Oh .... and I say that also for beauty, we are going to put brown sugar in this case, and going! to see a scrub, very simple ... the brown sugar and orange ...; well, you lay it to the side and you are going to tell me how you fine and well hydrated have you gotten the elbow. And finally, because we are not going to throw anything, all you have drawn (peel, for the little plants; juice, for air fresheners; and the scrub; we are going to join the remaining of orange juice, we are going to put mango, in this case,  --Because I am going to make you a juice,  with lots of power, for this summer--, and we are going to put a few teaspoons of honey, and all this, we are going to put it beautiful and we are going to make a skewer, with the two products bearing the juice: orange and mango, ie even today, I have a little less time, I could not leave without giving you this force, which gives orange with mango, so that you spend a great vacation, ie a hug for everyone and you enjoy”

      Well, I hope that you have liked this video.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Tortillitas de camarones: a typical dish from Cádiz in the south of Spain
30 July 2015

       Now, I should like to talk to you about a very typical dish from Cádiz, in the south west of Spain. It is the little omelette with shrimp inside.

      According to Gonzalo Cordoba, the legendary creator of this recipe, to get it right the little omelette, when you take it in the pan, "you must gather it", as a small child, to leave it thin and crispy.

      The famous restaurant, in Cádiz, “El Faro”, is known for its little omelettes with shrimp. In the picture below, you can see the King Juan Carlos I, with the President of Portugal, Mario Soares, and, in the middle, Gonzalo Córdoba.

        Now, I am going to give you the Ingredients, for four persons: 250 gr. shrimp (very small prawn). 150 gr. wheat flour. 150 gr. chickpea flour. 1 bunch of parsley. olive oil.

      To cook this fine dish, you have to follow the next steps:  The first thing, that we will do, will be to put the two types of flour, in a bowl, with a little bit of salt, and will be adding water gradually, stirring constantly, until we have a dough, bended but liquid. We will add the shrimp and we will leave stand, during half an hour.

      After that, we wash the bunch of parsley and chop it, as fine as we can; but only the leaves, without the branches. When the dough has rested, we add the chopped parsley.

      Then, we put to heat, in a very broad and deep pan, about two fingers of olive oil; when hot, pour a tablespoon of the dough, let it brown on one side, and then we turn; when ready, we get it,  to a tray, with paper towels.

      When they are finished (the little omelettes), we drain well the oil and we eat them, while they are still warm.

      And this one must be the resul:

       Well, I hope that you want to try cooking this dish and, if it is possible, come to Cadiz, in order to eat the little omelettes in the restaurant “El Faro”.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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La Siesta: a very Spanish and serious tradition
29 July 2015

      I have found a funny video about a very Spanish tradition, such important thing that it is famous even abroad. If you want to watch this video, please click on the link below:

Ines Ballester (The presenter of the program “La mañana” = “The morning”): “Well, we have gone to Ador, Laura Torres is with this Mayor .... a brave Mayor, at least ... .., well, which you have tied up ....!”

Note: Ador is a little village of Valencia, East of Spain.

Laura Torres (a newswoman in the program La mañana): “Yes, How are you ?, good afternoon, Agnes, we are here, at Ador, in the province of Valencia, a little village of 1,400 inhabitants; but Joan, you are being called, even from outside of Spain, to know what is happening here ....!”

Joan (The Mayor of Ador): “Effectively, effectively ....; I have news about that today we are the "news of the day", in France, ...., and in England, even in America, on average Europe ... everywhere calling us, asking for information”

Laura Torres: “For the sacred siesta….”

Joan: “Effectively, for the siesta….”

Laura: “On the municipal public annoucement ..... the Mayor has here, in his hands, the municipal public annoucement, which he reads at least once a week .... What are these words, that you hear from the speakers parish?”

Joan: “It simply says: "To ensure the rest and to overcome all the best rigors of summer, we ask you, please, respected hours of rest, from noon until 5 pm, controlling children at home and maintaining the volume of stereos and television, at acceptable levels…… "

Ines: “Mayor…!...”

Joan: “…….Thanks for your cooperation…This is told all the village”

Ines: “Mayor…..Hello….., hello….Does he not hear?....Joan…”

Laura: “He is not listening, Ines”

Ines: “Ah, fine…Well…, good interview…”

Laura: “But I tell it him, I tell it him”

Ines: “Let us see ... no, we Spanish people have been told a little bit of everything….:  but, with this public annoucement, we have already been told that we do not like to work ..., that it is an excuse for ... well ..... I do not know if we are in the XXI Century ..... .. so such those public annoucements are made ....”

Laura: “Well ... Mayor, they tell us, from the set, that we have been told that we are lazy, we do not like to work, …..What this public announcement means?, that we are in the XXI century and It is not exactly the reason, right?”

Joan: “Effectively, we are neither vague nor hope; on the contrary, we want everyone have a job and work; what happens is that people working in field, is not covered, do not have air conditioning and, therefore, during those hours of the day, it is logical and normal to go home to rest”

Laura: “Let us ask, some of the people who are here, who are from the village, to see what they think about it, from 3 pm until 5 pm, there is no noise on street”

A lady: “Of course ...they all have to be at home, to rest parents and them .... Yes, because it is lifelong and we have to respect and keep it”

Laura: “And you, who are a mother, Is it repected?”

Another lady: “Yes, yes…”

Ines: “Let us see, Laura….Is there nobody against…in the village......?”

The last lady: “Until 5 pm, nobody goes out of home…”

Laura: “And nobody is against?, Nobody is against that during those hours the silent is respect, the volume of the TV is not up….?, Nobody?”

Ines: “Let us see, Laura, one moment,  because Sonia Ferrer says she is completely against…Let us see, Sonia”

Sonia Ferrer: “I think everyone may do what it wants; but, as it is always said that children must learn to sleep with noise, but look, gentlemen, adults too. What you may not do is to force kids ... Do you let me, please?; what you may not is force them, to all children to be from 2 to 5 pm, locked up at home, because people have to sleep, the volume of the TV is lowered; ie, taht officially we are canceling three hours of the day ... I, really, I am so sorry, but I think that the image of Spain is being deteriorated, and it was not very good”.

Beatriz (Another journalist in the program): “We are talking about someone who has to get up at 5 a.m., to make any job in the field; We are talking about someone who wants to take a nap ... But I am absolutely in favor of the rules, there are many developments and in many areas, where such type of bricolage times is prohibits….on weekend, that at 8 am, a neighbor is set to make bricolage ..., Look, please ...!. Let us have a little respect for rest ”

Ana Clara (Another talk show guest): “Beatriz, we are so used to noise and regulate the noise, from the bars, until 3 am, that regulate the rest ... so be it ...!”

Paloma Gomez Borrero (Journalist): “I agree…absolutely”

Sonia Ferrer: “I think that you can not stop life…..I understand that there is a control of decibels at night ...; but that certain things are prohibited, during the day ... I am not agree”

Beatriz: “We are speaking of a community, where they live by field, where many people are up early; perhaps, in other countries, people do not understand it, because they have another schedules;  but, for example, in Valencia, it is well known "The almorsaré", which is a great meal, at 11 am”

Ines: “If the neighbors agree, nothing to say ... honestly .... Laura, a kiss! .... Greets Mayor ... well, and neighboring .., of course….”

Laura: “A greeting and thank you very much for being here with us”

Joan: “Thank you for remembering my village”

      Well, I hope that you have liked this debate.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Abandoned villages in southern Spain: Aldea
28 July 2015

      I have thought that perhaps you are interested in the abandoned villages in Spain and concretely in Andalusia. Here I bring you a case that perhaps is interesting for you. It is the village named “Aldea”, situated in the province of Huelva, south west of Spain.

       Here, you have a great opportunity to get a big land, in order to build a golf course or a touristic complex.

      You have 253 hectares, with an abandoned mining village and a deposit of 1.300.000 cubic metres of water.

      The village, which occupies more than 6,000 square metres of buildings, can be rebuilt, either for individual housing, touristic development or a similar use, in most of the property, and not necessarily at the sites of old houses.

        Planning or building permit is allowed, unless it forms part of a restoration project, such as this.

      The land is in two parcels, one of 224 hectares, comprising the village and its surroundings, and another 29 hectares enclosing the deposit and adjacent land.

       The water surface of the reservoir covers 14 hectares, in full. The reservoir is connected to the village, by a channel that is part of the main land package.

      In case that the permission should be granted, in the future, for the construction of golf facilities, water reservoir would be enough, to irrigate a field of 18 holes.

      A bridge, built for the railway line, that originally held the mining community, crosses the river, that runs through the property and is in good condition and able to withstand heavy loads, but only wide enough for one vehicle, at a time. The main entrance, to the property, does not require the use of this bridge.

      The Seville airport is only 72 km, from the village, and the beaches of Huelva are less than 60 kms.

      Well, I hope that you have liked this post and can come, to Andalusia, in order to visit this abandoned village.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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The Reservoir El Grado in Spain
27 July 2015

      I should like to share with you an interesting video, about a Reservoir, in the North of Spain. I think it is one of the best things made by Franco, because, thanks to the Reservoirs, we can drink water, when there is drought in Spain, and we can irrigate our fields, every year. If you want to watch this video, please click on the link below:

Voice in off (Francis Lorenzo, the presenter of the program “Spain from sky”): “Our adventure continues 50 km, downstream, in the reservoir of El Grado, where the blue color of the Zinca becomes more intense ...... When it was built, more than forty years ago, it was intended to change the lives of the inhabitants of the Alto Aragon”

Voice in off (in the NO-DO): “The Minister reaches the head of the reservoir of El Grado, who, with the Medium one, immediately upstream, is scheduled for the regulation of hydrahulic resources of the Zinca. From the twenty-five km, which will take the Channel of the Zinca, are already completed the first five. From it, 8 ditches, that irrigate 12,000 hectares, are derived, which, together with other sections, add up to more than one hundred thousand”

Francis: “The construction of this dam spent over 11 years; to find out more about this work, we will meet Ramón Latorre, a man who worked in its construction”

Ramon Latorre (Practical Technician): “As the dam progressed, more people came to work, there were more jobs ... ..., it came a time --I think it was the summer of 66--, when it was made concrete during 24 hours, ie there were three shifts of people, working 24 hours .... And that was when more work there was… , because I am reckoning that we were around 1000 persons, working here. The Alto Aragon was an area of dry land, with very little rainfall, crops were bad and what it intended, and it has been achieved, it is to transform a semi-desert area into a fertile and irrigation area. Right now, they are dominating and irrigating 150,000 hectares”

Francis: “Thanks to this work of Engineering, today you can irrigate almost all of the province of Huesca, where now fruits  and vegetables are grown”

      Well, I hope that you have liked this post.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Spanish scientists discover the properties of magnets against neurological and psychiatric diseases
25 July 2015

        I have just found a very interesting news:  “Magnets may be useful in treating neurological and psychiatric diseases”.

      The magnetic fields produced by magnets, when they are strong enough, can alter the electrical activity of the motor and visual cortex, but not alone. Now Spanish scientists have found that they can also influence on human cognitive functions.

       The researchers demonstrated, in an experiment with 76 healthy adults, the magnets impede the execution of some tasks.

      Specifically, according to this experiment, an exercise, in which the volunteers had to find hidden objects on a screen, those with static magnetic fields, in the head, did worse, detailed Antonio Oliviero, from the National Hospital for Paraplegics (Toledo) and director of this research.

      "The breakthrough presented by this article, published in the Journal of Neuroscience, whose first author is Javier Gonzalez Rosa, from the Biomedical Technology Centre, is that, in addition to effects on harsh physiology of the visual cortex, it is given an effect on the behavior, on visual function".

      This is, in his view, a "very important result", because it opens the door to the use of powerful magnets, to "fairly significantreat some neurological and psychiatric diseases", according to Oliviero.

      In many diseases, it is given an excess or deficit of cerebral excitability and it could be applied this magnetic fields to correct it (for example in epilepsy neurons are "shoot up").

      "Having tools like these --the imams-- it would be reduced the discharge of neurons, which would be potentially beneficial in many diseases, such as epilepsy",  noted the scientist.

      The brain works with many interconnected areas that are rebalanced each other and, according to this article, these magnetic fields could be used to inhibit some and making others work better.

      The study was done in three phases, with 76 healthy people, who were placed on the head some magnets;  to a group, magnetics magnet  and, to another group,  steel cylinders without magnetic effect, as a placebo.

      They were asked to perform the task of looking for hidden objects, on a screen, and they measured brain electrical activity, by an electroencephalograph. Successes and failures, the time and the characteristics of brain electrical activity were measured.

      The magnets used were 40 times stronger than a typical refrigerator magnet, detailed to Efe Bryan Strange from the Centre for Biomedical Technology (Polytechnic University of Madrid) and another of the authors of the work.

      "The magnets were placed in the back of the head and this study is the first demonstration that they can influence both brain activity and human behavior".

      Oliviero matched Strange that this opens a door to the use of static magnetic fields, as a "promising" tool, to interfere or modulate the brain activity.

      They have also involved scientists, from the University Hospital Puerta del Sur HM and the  Alzheimers Centre Queen Sofia. Both in Madrid.

      The researchers are making new experiments, with Parkinson's patients and expect to start soon in migraine and other neurological diseases.

      Well, I hope that you have liked this news.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Abdalajís, south of Spain from sky
24 July 2015

      I should like to show you a new tv program, which search several villages, in Spain, to show their residents how their villages are from sky, seen with a new technology. If you want to watch the video, made in a nice village of Málaga, please click on the link below:

Jesús Calleja (the presenter of the program): “Let us see where you go up to the square…What a circles there is in this village….!, Is it so always?”

A woman: “Always!”

Jesús Calleja: “Good morning!. Ye were waving from the top ...... I am Jesus Calleja ... and we came here to do a very nice thing, in the area”


Antonia: “I see you very thin…”

Jesús: “Because  we do a lot of sport…”

Ana: “Tell him (the trainer)to let us be as you are…”

Jesus: “You know ... you have to put them as I am……The first thing you have to do is not to eat much…”

Antonia: “Yes, man….I do not eat and look how I am…..This is my cousin and she eats too”

Jesus: “They are who speak more in the village….”

Antonia: “I have seen him very thin ... you have to give him “papeo”(food)”

Jesus: “Let us see ... raise your hand, who has made the Caminito del Rey”…., really, do not lie to me, because I ask you a question and I catch you.... You have done it ... you too .... ie, you have one of the most stunning beauties of all the Spanish geography, and you have made three ..........”

A neighbor: “It is that the Caminito scares me very much….; I love to see it from the front…”

Another neighbor: “I have never seen it; my father did not ever let us to go to the Caminito…”

Jesus: “Because it was dangerous…”

The last neighbor: “Because he did not like it…”

Jesus: “I have come here to do a thing…….very nice……….I am going to make a streetview”

Antonia: “Make what you want….”

A third neighbor: “I do not know what is that”

A fourth neighbor: “Streaptease  is  when clothing is removed”

….a lot of laughters……..

Jesus: “We will take a series of machines, above us ... we will make the Caminito del Rey ... taking thousands of photographs and all that, then, on a computer, anywhere in the world, who wants can see the Caminito del Rey, it can travel in the Caminito del Rey, it can walk virtually .... Can you show me the village a little bit?”


Jesus: “You did not go to school before?”

Ana: “I have not stepped it……My brother said that men had to know read and write; but women, at home….”

Jesus: “Do you know read and write?”

Antonia: “Jesus…I could be teached, when I was a child…and it was what I liked more, to know read and write. But I was so eager that, when I became a little older, I saw that my children were older and I said: now I am going to write me down, in the Adult School; and thanks God, with the age that I have, I got my driver's license….”

Jesus: “Yes, lady…but I am going to give you two kisses………A thing is coming to my mind….Do you bet that I carry you on a helicopter?”

Antonia: “Come off it!...Yes?....Uy, my God…..Really, Jesus?...”

Jesus: “Do you want?”

Antonia: “Do not me lie”

Jesus: “We go”

Antonia: “But, come on”


Jesus: “We are already flying”

Antonia: “What a nice thing……!.................Boy, what a nice……Over the years, that I have been here, and I have not seen these beauties .....”

Jesus: “Look…, this is the river Guadalteba…., and from here comes the Turón, look, on the right, Do you see it?, it comes. And there comes the Guadalhorce….”

Antonia: “Jesus: and you who are not from here, how do you know this?”

Jesus: “To read is a very important thing…..,to  have knowledge ...., Culture is very important, as you have done:  you were not allowed to have culture, when you were a child; but you have got grown-up”

Antonia: “Jesus: this is beautiful, Eh?”

Jesus: “Right?”

Antonia: “Beautiful……What a nice present….!”


Antonia: “Older people who have lived so .....!”

Jesus: “And so many things that happened to you…..”

Antonia: “Yes…and so many…….My father arrived with a little load of firewood…and my mother fryed an egg for him… and she told us: “When dad arrives, you tell him you have eaten” and now you bring me here, got on here…., my God….Really, Jesus, …..”

Jesus: “I love…really…..that you are happy and that you carry this present on…”

Antonia: “This is for enjoying it….”


Antonia: “Jesus: I am really going crying….”

Jesus: “You go crying….daughter…”

Antonia: “Because I did not hope this one….Come on….What do I know?.....Not in a dream, for God….What a nice thing……” …………….”If I would have said that they are coming from Cuatro and you are going to take a little walk and moreover you are going to cry ..., I would have said:  impossible ... if I never cry .....”

Jesus: “But you are crying…., you are crying…”

Antonia: “If I am always laughing……..”

Jesus: “Look at your village…, look at your village….”


      Well, I hope that you have liked the video and I hope that you can come to that village, some day.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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Four Spanish friends participate in a charity Rally
22 July 2015

       3 weeks ago, I listened, on the radio, an interview with an Andalusian, Borja Leal, from El Puerto de Santa María –although he works as Director of the Internatrional area, in the Sanchez Romate wineries, in Jerez--, talking about the rally, which was to participate, along with 3 of his friends (one from the Basque Country, one from Asturias and other from Madrid).

      Borja explained, that they were four friends, who met in the KUKARAMAKARA restaurant, in Miami. Now, everyone lives in a different place; but, whenever it is possible, they are to participate in a charity project.  And this summer, the friend from Asturias, called Borja and he asked if he wanted to participate in a rally to Mongolia, with a used car; Borja said yes and they began to prepare the trip, with their two other friends. They are using the name KUKARAMAKARA, to participate in the “Mongol Rally 2015”.


       Borja told that the Rally should go across 13,000 kilometres, 3 continents and it should spend around 4 weeks. It is the “Mongol Rally 2015”. And it started in mid-July.

      If you want to get an idea of how is this rally, please click on the link below, to watch how was the rally, the last year:

      This year, the route chosen is the South, comprising countries like France, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia ... finally.

      The joint aim is for the NGO: S.A.U.C.E. and a dining room, for poor people, led by the nun, from Navarre, Soki or "Mama Africa" --as Africans from Madrid call her--.

The last year, they gave these products, to poor girls, each four days

      Now, I am going to tell you about the travel this year. Borja Leal left Jerez, on July-17, after picking up the car in the workshop. He went to Madrid, where he will spend the night and two of the four climbers, adventurer and the Spaniard will join Madrid. Tomorrow, they will go to the Basque Country, where the team will be completed, with the fourth man, who dreams of reaching the goal of Mongolia in a month.  Already the first problems are recorded.

      The second day (July-18): Borja Leal is accompanied by David Martin, Joe Fernandez and Ovidio Sanchez, in an impressive adventure. The expedition is aimed at Monaco after leaving Jerez, on Friday, and spend the night in the capital of Spain. They have had to change the battery, the stereo did not work them, it crashed the air conditioning and an unusual noise is heard in the engine.

      Third day (July-20): Our adventurers have spent Sunday night attacked by mosquitoes and sleeping in the open sky. They go to Slovenia. For now, the car gives some scares, but are being overcome all adversities smoothly.

      The fourth day (July-21):  Our adventurers are already in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The latest news we place them enjoying some beers, baths and relaxation that also deserve it. The route continues looking for Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia ... finally.

        Fifth day (July-21):  Our adventurers will cross five countries, today. They arrive to Croatia.We take stock of the first days of adventure, with the satisfaction that obstacles are being overcome. It is hot, they have lost the car keys and ...

      Well, I will tell you more, when they finish the Rally.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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A new method against hyperhidrosis discovered by a Spanish doctor
20 July 2015

      Two weeks ago, I could listen an interview, on the radio, to the Dr. Fernando Urdiales, Director of Miramar Medical Institute in Malaga, who spoke, between another things, about his new project, consisting of a treatment, through an unipolar multifocal radiofrequency, against Hyperhidrosis.


Fernando Urdiales and his team

The Miramar Medical Institute

      Until now, there were several methods, against this disease, which involves excessive sweating, caused by stress or digestive or cardiovascular problems, and which is suffered by more than 300,000 people, in Spain. One of these methods involves injecting small amounts of botulinum toxin. But the method is painful and does not guarantee the complete disappearance of sweat.

      The thoracic surgery is an extreme and painful alternative too.

      It is also used the "Eufoton" laser --which is also used for liposuction with láser--;  in this method, a local anesthesia is used, but in the operating room.

      However, the method used, in the Miramar Institute, uses a non-invasive technique, that is painless. It does not require anesthesia, either recovery time, after treatment. It has no side effects.

      Well, when I listened the news on the radio, I thought it was a very important discovery. I hope that you think the same.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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17 July 2015

        Coming back home, after my vacation, I would like to share with you an interesting news, that a few days ago I listened on the radio. This is a project called "Mapatapas" (Mapa - tapas = Map - tapas).

      The last Tuesday July 14, in the market of the Fish Market of the Barranco, at 12.30, it was presented  'Mapatapas', a project that highlights the Sevillian gastronomy, as a lure for tourism, according to its promoters, the Federation of Trade and Sevilla Center services (Alcentro).

        Now, in its sixth edition, as a novelty, it has opted for the dining experience, "the relationship between tourism shopping and dining in the city of Seville", according to advance the Manager of Alcentro Sevilla, Manuel Gordillo.

      Therefore, the aim of the Federation of Commerce and Services Center Seville, with 'Mapatapas' is to guide tourists, who come to shop, to join the food with trade.

      Although 'Mapatapas' will be aimed at both Seville as tourists, coming from anywhere, to Seville, with the intention to offer another type of tourism, away from the traditional visits to monuments. "Some people do not come to see places, but shopping sightseeing; although only staying in the main commercial street (the Sierpes street) and little else. Then, with the guide, we offer places to shop around the Old Town", explains Manuel Gordillo.

The Sierpes street

       The presentation brought together the leading authorities of the new local government, business organizations and operators, in the business sector.

      Regarding maps of previous editions, Manuel Gordillo has expressed the great success they had in the tourism sector of the city, expected to have influence its new edition. "Many hotels and travel agencies have sued the map, to offer to tourists".  He also expressed the great influence, that  have had different editions of maps, in increasing the number of overnight stays in Seville.  

       It is recalled that the Federation of Trade and Services Center of Seville, which is made up of more than 3,000 establishments, in the Old Town (one of the oldest towns in Europe), was established with the idea of creating an integrated by associations, in different sectors such as trade Federation, hotels or restaurants.

      Well, I hope that you can come to Seville, in order to try and enjoy this new project. If it is so, please tell me.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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