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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

More funny phrases by spanish children 8
30 August 2013

Abril, 7 años:

Estaba esperando para subirse al columpio y la niña que estaba ocupándolo no se bajaba…..Despues de mucho quejarse, se puso al lado de ella y empezó a recitar la tabla de multiplicar. Cuando Abril iba por la del tres, la niña del columpio se bajó y ella se subió diciendo: “¡Lo sabía, la tabla de multiplicar es insoportable!”.

Abril, 7 years old:

April was hoping to get on the swing and the girl who was not occupying it got not down. After much complaining, stood beside her and began to recite the multiplication table. When April was for the three, the girl on the swing got down and April got up saying: "I knew it, the multiplication table is unbearable!".


Jon, 4 años:

Jon fue al cine por primera vez una tarde con sus tios.Cuando volvió a casa, su padre le preguntó: “¿Qué te ha parecido el cine, Jon?”, ¿Cómo es?”. Y Jon le contestó: “Pues es una tele muy grande sin mando”.

Jon, 4 years old:

Jon went to the movies for the first time with their aunt and uncle. When later returned home, his father asked him: "What do you think of the film, Jon?" How is it? ". And Jon replied: "It is a very large TV without charge."


Oriol, 4 años:

Oriol tiene un hermano de un año, que ya empiez a hablar. Un dia, Oriol le dijo a su madre: “Mamá, “¿El tete sabe Inglés?”, “No, ¿Por qué?”, le respondió ella. Y Oriol contestó: “Pues yo creo que sí, porque no se le entiende nada”. Nota: tete is the nickname of the Oriol´s brother.

Oriol, 4 years old:

Oriol has a brother who is one year old and who is already starting to talk. One day, Oriol told his mother: "Mom, Does tete know English? "," No, why? ", she replied. And Oriol replied: "Well, I think so, because you can not understand anything from him".  Note: tete is the nickname of the Oriol's brother.


María, 4 años:

Cuando vio por primera vez en su vida unas olas muy grandes, en una playa de San Sebastián, le preguntó a su madre: “¿Quién está por detrás empujando?”.

Mary, 4 years old:

When she saw some big waves on a beach in San Sebastian the first time in her life , she asked her mother: "Who is behind pushing?".


Luis, 3 años:

Era el Segundo dia de clase de Luis y su madre le dijo: "¡Venga, Luis, date prisa, que tenemos que ir al colegio!”. “Si ya fui ayer, ya lo conozco”, le respondió Luis.

Louis, 3 years old:

It was the second day of class of Luis and his mother told him: “Come on, Luis, hurry, we have to go to the school !". "If I was yesterday, I already know it" , replied Louis.


      Well. I hope that you have enjoyed with this post.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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Free software in Spain
29 August 2013

       Next month in Spain will be celebrated a meeting about Free Software and Joomla. It will show how free software can contribute to economic growth.

      Several meetings that take place every year in Spain on free software. Two of them, to be held simultaneously, will open the fall, the second edition of the Luso Hispanic Congress of Free Software and the Joomla! Day Spain 2013. Albacete will be on 27 and 28 September. Albacete is in the east, and a little bit to the south, of Spain.


Feria Albacete, Albacete, Southeastern Spain, by TerceraFundacion,

       One of the organizers and president of the association Open Source Iberia, Pedro Vidal, has explained in that the purpose of the meetings, and to bring together developers and users of free software programs and Joomla aims to train attendees with workshops practical experiences and connect entrepreneurs and programmers.

      Joomla is a CMS platform (Content Managament System), ie, a software platform for publishing digital content, which is free and open source. It was created in 2005 and eight years later, according to the website of Joomla, the 2.8% of internet works with this software that is distributed under the GNU / GPL, ie you can copy, distribute and modify under a set of terms and conditions.

      Volunteers from all over the world contribute to improve and evolve the code based on this guide for developers who are starting or have advanced knowledge and want to contribute selflessly to the project.

      The software is now in its seventh version, the 3.5 and is scheduled to take eighth this year, which runs until 2015. With Joomla websites have been built football teams like Getafe, Villarreal and Sporting of Gijon; also the Guggenheim Museum website, the one of the Autonomous University of Barcelona or the group Gorillaz.

      In Spain there is a strong community of people who support the platform, as indicated by Vidal, who pointed reference to the digital magazine which dumped all kinds of resources and articles in Castilian.

      Although there is freedom to contribute to the project, Joomla is oriented from a management team and the Board of Directors of Open Source Matters, a non-profit organization was established to provide, legal and financial support to Joomla. It is funded through donations and support partnerships, retain copyrights and trademarks, etc..

      In leading the project team, made ​​up of ten people, is the Seville Telecommunications Engineer, Isidro Baquero, who began collaborating in 2010 and moderates the Spanish forum where we talk about Joomla, among other tasks. Another spanish highlight is Javier Gomez, who was a member of Open Source Matters and is now helping to bring the CMS in schools of USA.

      In September several characters of free software will come to Albacete to discuss the new mobile operating system open source Firefox OS, Android, Google's operating system, is also open-source, Noodle, Linux products, responsive design and other CMS Joomla as well as Drupal or Wordpress.

      "We approached the conference from the point of view of generating wealth, and that is emitted by streaming and videos are hung on the website later. Teach in workshops to improve the ranking of web pages and manage content to be more attractive. Whether you are a small entrepreneur can find a mirror to look at you”, told Vidal.

      They offer two types of tickets for the meeting, one euro for unemployed people, 25 euros for students and freelancers, and even normal ticket 70 euros for those who want to attend the lectures and / or workshops.

      I hope that you think it is interesting and go there if you can.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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Linguistic confusion in Spanish
29 August 2013

      Although Spanish is spoken by 500 million people and in 44 countries, there are many words that are spelled the same but have different meanings, depending on the place in which we use them.

      For example: “Torta”, in Spain means “blow that you give to someone on its face”; but, In Colombia, it means a “Birthday cake”.

      Another word is “Ahora” (“Now”); when we say that, in Spain, it means just that: “Now”; but, for example in Colombia, when the say “Now”, it means “In a while…”, perhaps “Within half an hour or more”; but, in other countries, in Latin America, it means “Within few minutes”.

      Another word is “Pena” (Sorrow), that in Spain means that: sorrow, pain; but, in Mexico means “Shame”.

      Another word is “Parar” (To stop), in Spain means that: “Stop”, but in Colombia, Mexico ando other countries means: “Get up”.

      Other word is “Piso”, that in Spain means: “House”, “Home”; but in other countries means “Floor”.

      You have to be careful with a so used word in Spain, because in other country it means a very ugly thing; I mean to the word “Coger”, that in Spain means to take something, but for example in Argentina it means to make love.In the University of Journalism, the teachers want that the students say “Tomar” (“To take”) instead of “Coger”, but I see that teachers do not get it it for example when journalists speak on tv, because they use to say “Coger”.

      Other times it happens that a word is not understood because who say it does not pronounce it well; for example, in Andalucía is easy to hera say “Asada” –it seems to be “Roasted”; however it means a tool to break ground and it is correctly wrotten so: “Azada”--.

      Another word used in Spain recently is “Venga”; it is used to mean “Come on!”--; however it also means “That I come” and “”Come you” and “That he or she revenge against someone”.

      Perhaps you know another words; if it is so, please tell me it.

      I hope that you have enjyed.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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Some foreigners in Spain. Part 1
28 August 2013

      The program is named: COMANDO ACTUALIDAD (CURRENTLY COMMAND) and today it will talk us about some foreigners who a day they decided to live in Spain.

      The presenter takes over control of the Naval Base Rota (Cadiz, South of Spain) and talk to the soldier, who is on duty. He tells her:”Good morning,  Miss:  May I have your paperwork? ". And she says," Are we going to step on American floor ...?”,  to which the soldier replies: "Spanish floor".

      After that, the presenter speaks with another American soldier.She tells him: “Whole economy in the Base works with dollars” and he says: “With dollars, yes”.

      After, a spanish woman says: “They come here to eat sausages; they like things from Germany.

      After, it is asked: “What is Cricket for people from Pakistan?. And a man from Pakistan says: “It is a life”.

      The presenter says: “They have become the place where they live in a small piece of their country”.

      Another presenter says: “Here, in Mallorca, there is a great number of people from Germany, Is not it?”.; and a girl answers: “I think that 90.000  residents”.

      After, we see a man painting a house. The presenter says: “You are preparing the house, because you want to rent to american people”. And the young woman, owner of this house says: “Yes, to American people.About 1500 Euros per month, we can rent it”.

      Another lady says, in a supermarket: “I'll make meatloaf fish. The Norwegian mayones ....”. And the presenter says: “All we see here are products from America”. A sir says: “That they have no sensation of notto be in their country”.

      A lady is asked: “Why they choose us?”. And she says: “Food, people…we are kind for them and they live happy”.

      Another girl says: “Imagine it: with a retirement from there: 6000 0r 8000 dollars…..A ticket of bus: in Finland, 25 Euros and in Spain, 14”.

      Another presenter asks a man in a restaurant: “If you had no colony from Norway….., your bussines….” , the man answers: “It should not go forward”.

      The ypung presenter man says the tittle of the program, today: “Better that at home”.

      The program starts in Rota (Cadiz, Southwestern Spain). The presenter says: “More than 6000 people from NorthAmerica will occupy the Naval Base, upon completion of the Missile Shield despleiegue. This means that the population of the Base will be multiplicated by two. While,  the neighbors of the village cast accounts”.

      She is now going to a Real State.She says them: “Hello, good morning.You are a Real State. Are there many more real states in Rota?”. And the Manager says:“Yes, there is any real state”.

        The presenter aks him: “How many real states work for American people?”. He answers: “Right now…all of them”. And she asks him:  “How is the home that American people are searching?”. He says: “The do not want the typical house:  a floor in a building….They want a single family home, semi-detached house, with patio, basement ... big house”. The presenter asks a girl who is working in the Real State: “An American pay the same than a spanis for the renting of these houses?”; and the girl answers: “Not at all”. The presenter asks: “Pay they more…, how much?”.; and the girl answers: “Too more…..1.200 Euros per month”; the presenter asks: “How much a Spanish should pay?”; the girl answers: “But…500 or 600 Euros. In fact, many Spanish families decide to live by rent in another cheaper houses and renting their big houses to American people”. The Manager explains: “They have a subsidy of the Base, then directly does not hurt perhaps to the pocket”.

      The presenter go to see a house to rent. She talks to the owner; the presenter says: “Hello…you are Charo.Is you the owner of this house?” and Charo answers: “Yes, I am”.The neighbors say that you are preparing this house, because you want to rent it to the American”. Charo says: “Yes, we have put the offer in the “Housing” –it is an Agency, in the Base, where you put your offer and the tell you if your house can be rented. This house, according of the zone where it is, the meters…..we can rent it on 1.100 Euros per month. The good thing is that they pay surely each month. Here there is a wonderful beach –one of the best in Andalussia—and the Naval Base of Rota, that although many people criticize, it lets to eat to many people…, indirectly or directly,  because the taxi drivers eat from that; for example, we are owner of a butcher shop and if the American people go to a bar to eat a burger, we are making money indirectly”. Charo tells the painter: “That it is uniform. All the hands that it is needed; if you have to buy another kilogram, you do it.What we do?, this have to be perfect”.

      Charo tells the presenter: “I am going to show you the house”. The presenter asks Charo: “How many meters the house has?”. Charo answers: “Less than 120 meters.This is the living. Ussually, all american want to have dog; but it does not matter…., I …even a cocodrile, because they pay all they break”. The presenter asks Charo: “How much money do you are spending?”; Charo answers: “But…the paint has been 2.000 Euros.But…if you want that the house is well, you have to spend money”.

      They go up to the roof.Charo says that American love roof, because the make barbecue”. The presenter asks: “Some of these houses, which we are seeing, are being rented to American?”.  And Charo answers: “Also. Here a couple we know lived. Those houses are around 2.000 or 2.500 Euros. They make their own life: they work, work and work. At 8 p.m. are sleeping the children and them; they have not much life, it is not same than us”.

      After that, the presenter go into a car dealer. She is about a couple of vendors and asks: “Is this one a car dealer for American soldiers, as put on the door?”. And the girl answers: “For members who are in the Army”. Then, the presenter asks: “Here a Spanish can not buy?”.And the girl says: “No, it is a program, for Americans, that BMW made after the Second World War, according to the service by America; so, if the soldiers are working out of America, they can get a car cheaper”.

      The presenter also inside the car dealer asks an American soldier: “Is it more difficult to get a car in United States…, there they are more expensive?”; and he answers: “Much more expensive”. The girl, who are selling cars, says: “24.700 dollars, that in Euros are 20.000”.

      The presenter talks to the soldier again: “Is this the first car that you buy?”. And he answers: “The second one”; the presenter asks him: “Have you bought another one in this car dealer” and he answers: “Yes. I bought before, whe I was alone; but now I have wife, a girl and they gave me a better car for them”. The presenter tells him: “Your wife is from Rota” and he says: “She is from Jerez”. The presenter asks him: “Can you take this car to USA?”; he answers: “Yes”; the presenter follows: “They take it gratis on the ship”; he answers: “Yes”.

      After that, the presenter asks another girl, who is working in the Base: “How long time are you working in the Base?”; she answers: “6 months”; the presenter tells her: “And do you already want to buy a car?”; the girl answers: “This one”. The presenter asks the Manager of the car dealer: “Las year how many cars you bought?; he says: “300 cars”.The presenter says: “One each day”.

      After, the presenter says: “The Base of Rota occupies an area of ​​2.300 hectares,  a perimeter of 26 km and has a population of 20.500 inhabitants. As you are seeing, each day 18.000 vehicles go into the Base, because many people work inside. The presenter talks to the soldier, in the Control of the Base, and she asks him:  “Are we going to step on American floor …...?, to which the soldier replies: "Spanish floor". Then, she says: “Let us see how people live in the interior of this area”.

      Inside the Base, the presenter goes to a big shop. She talks to an American soldier who is buying; the presenter tells him: “You are buying a coffee maker” and he says: “This one is for the job, for the job”. The presenter says: “You pay it with dollars…” and he answers: “Yes, yes, with dollars”; the presenter follows: “The whole economy in the Base operates with dollars”; he says: “With dollars, yes”. Now she talks to a sir, who is working in the shop; she says: “What we find in the Base is much cheaper; he answers: “Much cheaper and moreover we have a lot of offers”. The presenter talks to the soldier again and asks him: “Do you buy all the technology in Rota?...and you already go back to USA with the suitecases full”.; he says: “Yes, the suitcases full…, yes”. She asks him: “Do you like Rota?” and he answers: “I love it, I love it”. She asks him agai: “Do you feel here like at your home?” and he answers: “Yes, like at home, like Puerto Rico”. The presenter goes to talk to the sir who works in the shop; she tells him: “Everything come from United States?; he answers: “Yes, from USA”; and she follows: “And it is a technology cheaper”. And he says: “Besides that, they pay no taxation. We the people who work here can not buy anything;  only authorized the military personnel who are stationed in the Base and the civilian personnel stationed at the Base too.

      Now, the presenter goes to talk to the Director of the company shop in the Base.She tells him: ·Hello, I am Sara, from Comando Actualidad and he answers: “Hello, Rubén Nadal”; she tells him: “You are the Director of the company store”. She says: “Everything we see here are northamerican product, as you are telling us, and the prices in dollars”. And Rubén tells her: “I sell one million  dollars each month”; she is surprised and asks: “One million dollards in food each month?”; and he answers: “Yes”. And she asks: “And also medicines…..: aspirin…, this is Pharmaceuticals. Medicines come from there, Do not they?”. The sir, who works in the store explains her: “Both this company and the Navy change intend to bring them a piece of America where the American people are, in order that they have no feeling of being out of home.

      Afeter, the presenter talks to a Spanish gir, who is working in the store. Sara tells her: “Are you Spanish?”; she answers: “Yes, and American”. And Sara (the presenter) follows: “And you are here packaging everything the clients carry on”. The girl answers: “Our job is package the things and we take them to their cars and our pay is based on tips they leave us”. Saras tells here: “This boy has just left you one dollar”; the girl says: “Yes”; Sara asks her: “How much you got today?”; and she answers: “Today has been a very good day…..I have…around 40 dollars… in the lasts 3 hours”.Sara tells her: “Good, it is well. How much you get at the end of month?; the girl laugh and says: “800 dollars working only….”….; Sara surprised says: “Three hours….and a little while doing this one? is a good job….”. Sara asks her: “Did you bron in the Base?”; and she answers: “Yes. Also my son was born in the Base and my father too. We are the only who were been three generations who were born in the Base”. Sara asks her: “Is your father an American”; and she answers: “Yes, my father was a military and now he is a contractor for the Base”.

      After, Sara goes to talk to the Captain Scott; then, she goes to talk to a Secretary and tells her: “Hello, we wants to talk to the Captain Scott”. Sara talks to him and answers him: “Who are the main problems you have to face every day?”. She also tells him: “We have an administrative question: are we stepping on Spanish soil or American soil?”.

      Now, Sara talks to two young men. They are playing golf. One of the men is telling to the other one: “This tournament is going to be through the field”; then, Sara tells them: “Speaking Spanish?” and one of them answers: “Well.., half and half”; then, Sara asks him: “Have you born in United States?” and he answers: “I was born in United States, my father is an American but my mother is from Jerez de la Frontera”. After, one of them says: “The lucky with the tournament in the weekend; we hope that, we hope that the weather is good”.And Sara tells them: “Enjoy you!, thank you very much, bye”.

      Then, one of the young men tells Sara: “But…let us go to the gym of the Base!” And while they arrive there, Sara asks him: “Are there hospitals, is there a fire department?” and he answers: “Yes, look at there. Moreover, the firetrucks are the typical from America”. She tells him: “Eric: it is not easy that a camera go inside to record the everyday life; is not it?.It is difficult in the Base” and he answers: “So difficult.In fact, I am going half afraid, because the people of Securityis going to stop me and is going to tell me : What are you doing?. The Base is one of the largest for extension of Europe; it was a Spanish government expropriation to Rota and it is a lot, a lot of ground”. They have just arrived to the gym. Sara asks him: “How will the Base will respond to the arrival of all these new soldiers?” and he answers: “We are buying a new equipment, renovating buildings” and she says: “And besides hiring Spanish people, right?, and he answers: “Yes, here we have a rule, which was signed among the Spanish  Ministry of Defense and the American one, that says that for every 3 Americans employed must have seven Spanish”.

      After that, Sara went to talk to another American sir in the Base. She tells him: “Hello.., Sara from Comando Actualidad” and he answers: “Hello…, nice to meet you” and Sara tells him: “I was searching you. You are Director of Future Operations” and he says: “Yes. Today we have a kind of training of Martial Artes. They are doing this practice”. And Sara tells him: “These instructors come from United States” and he says: “Yes, they come from United States” and Sara follows: “And they travel for all the bases that U.S. has around the world” and he says: “Yes”.

      Afeter, Sara went to the Library and she told to a spanish woman. Sara asked her: “Hello, you are Spanish.How long time you are here?” and she answered: “I am 17 years; there is a school in the Base, Institute and University” and Sara adds: “And Nursery” and the woman says: “And nursery”.

      Now, Sara talks to another Spanish girl; Sara asks her: “Salaries are highest, here in the Base?, The American people win more than the Spanish one? And the girl answers: “Doing the same job, yes. We are a labor personnel, working for the American department of Defense, through the Spanish Ministry of Defense”. Sara says: “You are paid by United States, but are labor perssonel of Spanish Defense”.

      Afeter that, Sara goes to the Housing. Sara says there: “We are in the Housing: the placement agency, seeking accommodation for soldiers”, Sara asks to an American girl soldier: “How long time are you here” and she answers: “I came exactly today “ and Sara asks her: “From United States?” and she answered: “Yes”.Then, the lady who is working in the Housing asks to the soldier: “How many rooms you want?” and she answers: “Three”. Sara asks her: “Do you come alone or with family?” and she answers: “I came with my son. I am a single mother”.Sara asks her: “Where is your son?” and she answers: “In the school”. Sara look at a house choosed by the lady and says: “Nice, Is not it?” and the soldier answers: “Yes, it is very nice”.

      Now, Sara talks to another man: “The employees of this department are currently showing house, now” and he says: “Showing or inspecting new houses”.They go out and he tells her: “This is one of the developments that we have. Here there is people who are for three years and they do not go out of the Base; young people, who never went out of United States. If they have everything here, perhaps they have not going out.  I'm from Philadelphia, but I was married to a girl from Cordoba, many years ago”. Sara asks him: “Where do you live?” and he answers: “I live in Chipiona, right now”. They go to see a home: He says: “We have just reform this house”. Sara tells him: “This is the typical from America: with two doors…, with a special door against mosquitos. And he says: “This was two houses but we united them”; he shows her the house and says: “This is the living room and there you have a bathroom, the dining room and the kitchen” and Sara says: “I call the attention of these plugs, these are very American”. He tells her: “All the light in the base is 120 volts and 60 hertz. This is the output of the main bedroom to the garden, it has a view to the sea”. Sara says: “You have just reformed these houses, but, whe the new people who will come here….” And he says: “Waiting list, waiting list” and Sara surprised says: “Yes?”.

      Here you have the link to watch the program:


To be continued……..

      I hope that you liked the first part.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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To apologize
21 August 2013

      I want to apologize for forgetting to put the link in the post "Knowing a little Spain",  when I posted it last August 19.

      Thank you and kind regards,


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Knowing a little Spain
19 August 2013

      We start our tour in Cantalejo, a village which is in Segovia (north of Madrid).

      The man who receives the group says he has welcomed them in "Gacería", which is a local slang. He also says that they are met to go to the “Hoces of the Duratón”.

      The presenter of this program of tv says that this is a group of 200.000 visitors that the Natural Park of the Hoces of the Duraton receive each year.

      She asks to one of the members of the group why they decided to go there and he answered that the reason was that whole group is 40 years old. Then, they took a rural house and this day they were going to play canoeing.

      The Director of the company tells the presenter that they receive around 250 persons every weekend, in different activities. She also aks him how many companies are working in the Natural Park; he answer they are 5 companies.

      The tourist guide tells the group: "Put yourself in the shade in a circle”.

      The presenter of the program asks that how long the tour and the company manager answers "three hours or three hours and a half, approximately”. He says the Natural Park measures 25 km.

      The guide says: “Look at there, on that rock, where two vultures are perched.

      The presenter says: "I have understood that here, in the Hoces of the Duratón is the most important colony of vultures in Spain". And the guide answers: “Well, in Spain and in Europe”.

      The guide also says: “Well, here you can see the ruins of a monastery, the Monastery of the Hoz. Top of the Monastery there is a stone commemorating the passing of Philip II and the donation for this project”.

      The presenter greets a family in another canoe: “Family….hello…How about you bear it ...., have youhad many collisions?”. “Occasional” –answers the boy--. And the lady says: “It is a present fo happy birthday and I am mad…….; my husband and my children have given me”.


      Sepúlveda (Segovia, northeastern Spain).

      The presenter says: “Of the 38,000 visitors it receives this people a year, 80% come from Madrid, because it is very close  --Only one hour away--. The 100% come to eat lamb –it is because, in this village, with 1.200 people, there are 15 Grills”. And she follos: “Cristóbal: all of this that you are removing from the oven, is lamb”. He answers: “Yes, this is lamb chops, because it is 30 days old and a weight of 10 or 12 kilogram. It is lamb chops because it has only sucked”. Then, the presenter says: “I am dying to see the tricks you have to cook this lamb”. And he answers: “For grilling I rely on three key things: sight, smell  -- because if it burns, I can feel fast - and hearing ..., people are surprised when I say this, How do you hear? .... , because I hear if it sings ... the lamb sings: If it has a lot of heat, begins to creak (chuchuchu. ..), that is too bad. Nothing but carries salt and a little water. "

      The presenter asks: “Has it a Designation of Origin?”. And he answers: “Yes, the band that bears witness to us is what the lambs are of Castile-Leon, our race is authentic”.

       The presenter asks the group who are eating: “How is the lamb?. And a lady answers, "Very good, top. And, moreover, to eat with fingers is great. I come from Galicia to eat the lamb of here”

      The presenter goes to another restaurant and she talks to the chef: “Ismael, good afternoon. At each site we get into Sepulveda there is an oven with a grill ....”. And he says: “I have been 30 years .... In my bar, this ... all his life: my grandfather, my great grandfather, my great great grandfather…”. The presenter asks: “Is this oven made of stone?. And he answers: “No, this is made of clay.It is an oven like in which bread was cooked formerly”.

      The presenter asks to another group: “Where you come from?”. And a sir answers: “We come from Madrid and we come expressly to see the Hoces of the Duraton and to “Ismael” to eat lamb. Another sir says: “From the 1982 coming here. The truth is that this sir treats us very well. It is the best lamb of all Spain.

      Ismael explais: “It is a half lamb. It costs less than 30 Euros, per person” –including wine of Ribera del Duero and a salad—“.


      Now, the presenter asks a biker where they go and where they come from. He answers that they go to a shrine and come from Valladolid, Madrid and other cities of Spain. They are a group of 70 bikers.

      The presenter talks to the guide. She asks him if he works all the year of only three monts; he answers tha all the years is possible to organized a route; in winter people with more clothes…, but there are interesting routes.

      Later, the presenter asks another biker: “What a pleasure you all find in bike touring Spain?”. And he answers: “But it is like to be young again: remembering the music of that epoch…, ; to be young, to be happy again”. The presenter also says: “Moreover, we are seeing here a spectacular scenery: that it is all the river Duratón, these are the Hoces of the Duratón, we are in the middle of the Natural Park, in the middle of the canyon”. And the biker says: “Of course…, this is spectacular…..these are the meanders, which take the river across the Natural Park”.

      After that, the guide says: “According we enter here, in the chapel of the left side, it is the big stone , over which Saint Frutos  made his offerings.Then, it is said that If you give 3 turns to the stone, heal all the pains of kidneys, lumbago and other. It is a very curious thing, but it must be done with respect”.

      The presenter says to the guide: “Mateo, well, you have experience in this one….and you have done it so quickly…”. And he says: “I am already cured for all the life”.

      The presenter says to another man: “You have going on your knees, so I see”. And she asks him: “Have you many evils to heal?.An he answers: “No, I am asking for everybody, because we are all in a very bad situation”.


      Now, the presenter talks to a man who works in the park. Here he is pointing how many vultures are in the park.

      She start to talk to him asking: “Sigi, what is this one?”. And he answers: “This is the book I use for census” and the presenter says: “Here you have: “Vultures, 2013”. He says: “Yes, there it puts Vultures, but I put Alimoches (Egyptian vultures), hawks…,everything that goes out”. The presenter tells him: “You are the one that controls how many birds there are, how they reproduce, how many species …..; perhaps you are the person who knows better how many vultures there are in the park”. He says: “Exactly. There are 684 couples. Chickens that are going to take flight ARE 319. Let us do the scale and let us look calmly……Look…there there is a vulture, who is trying to flight; he is already stretching the wings; you can look, if you want”. The presenter look and says: “I, from here, see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9”; and he says: “Yes…they are who have the head a little bit more white”. He says: “Well, now I search the leaf of this wall…..But here you have the nests. Couples who started and chickens have flown the second half of June, early July”.

      The presenter sees how a land-Rover is coming to her and she asks one of the men in the car: “Hello…Are you making photos to the landscape?”; and he answers: “Vultures. At dusk, as all of them become the food to the nests….they fly a lot more close and now we are going to try if we can see one of them very close”.

      The presenter goes into a Land-Rover and a young woman says: “We come to spend the weekend; we come from Madrid; we have rented the rural house.To escape a little bit of Madrid, because we are working all day…..”; the presenter asks her: “But, in what are you working?”; and she answered: “My husband is a self-employed and I am a a clerk in a store”. Her husband –who is driving the car—says: “Do you see it…?, that is a vulture, surely it was the first who came down to eat”. The vulture has no feathers on the neck and it has so long to put his head inside animals”.

      This is the link to watch the video of the program:

      Inside and down click on the little window with the tittle: Las hoces del Duraton.

      I hope that you have enjoyed with this post.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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Another Spanish sayings and proverbs, 49
15 August 2013

      Here I bring you a very popular saying in Spain:

      A palabras necias, oidos sordos = To foolish words, deaf ears

      This advised not to pay attention to the little smart comments.So Aristotle, who as a true citizen once chattered come to ask forgiveness for much verbiage, the philosopher said: "Brother, you do not have to ask forgiveness, because I was thinking about other things and I have not heard a single word ". Ordinarily it is used to respond to the insult and the expletive.

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A perfect Airport in the Northwestern Spain
13 August 2013

      The commissioning of Teruel Airport (Northwestern Spain) has revived the interest of companies in the sector by the new infrastructure. The company “Envuelo”,  based in Zaragoza, plans to create a new database in Caudé airfield, first to expand to other geographical areas its current activity pilot school, scenic flights and aerial photography and in the future to extend the maintenance and sale of small aircraft.


Airstrip in the Teruel Airport

      At the same time, studying the creation of a parachute training center, as his manager, the pilot Iñaki Latorre, considers the airport platform of Teruel is "perfect" for such activity by low air traffic and no bad weather most of the year.

      The company filed yesterday a meeting with the Director General of Transport of the Government of Aragon, Jesús Díez Grijalvo, to expose this initiative, which have been studying for several years as a result of its monitoring of the construction of the airport with aerial photographs on behalf of the regional government in the last legislature.

      According to a recent study by the Polytechnic University of Madrid, - specifically by the Master on Airport Systems - Teruel Airport has been chosen as an example.

      The Director of the Teruel Airport, Alexander Ibrahim, stressed that, in the final stages of certification, this installation is considered airport infrastructure "most innovative" for his recent release currently in operation, with automated weather system only in Spain, and an improvement plan to minimize operating and maintenance costs.

      Polytechnic University students visited the facilities of the Airport.

      According to the government of Aragon, has aroused great interest among the participants the business model consisting of maintenance, parking and recycling of aircraft and innovations that have been introduced in this great airport parking capacity for up to 225 aircraft.

      In this regard, several countries (including France and the United States, among others) are interested in bringing their aircraft to Teruel Airport.

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