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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Your spanish wine: Tio Pepe
31 August 2009


Yesterday, I went to Zahara de los Atunes and, among Tarifa and Zahara, I could make this picture. Here, in the middle of the picture, you can see the logotype of the Gonzalez&Byass´wine cellars.Just a long time ago, you could find this image, in many roads in Spain.It is composed by a bottle of wine "Fino Tio Pepe", a wide-brimmed hat (or "Hat from Cordoba") a red jacket and a guitar.This is the story of the Company:

Gonzalez & Byass was established in 1835, by Manuel Maria Gonzalez Ángel and the next year was associated his agent in London, Robert Blake Byass,; from the union among both last names, arises the actual denomination of the wine cellars.Although in the years 1980, the Byass´heirs leaved the Company and the González´s heirs continue takeing directive places.

It is the main company of wine cellar in Jerez de la Frontera (Cadiz).The pedigree of Tio Pepe was established in 1844 and it has not been cut off since then.Its name is because of a founder´s uncle, Tio Pepe (Tio Pepe, Tio = uncle), on whose honor produced a variety of  dry fino wine, who gave an international fame to the wine cellar.

The wine cellars instalations of the Company are opened for visit everyday each year and they are one of the main ways for tourist people, in Jerez.(it has more than 240.000 visits in a year).Moreover, in its wine cellars, there are a lot of barrels, signed by celebrities: artist people, sport people, members of the Royal family and so on.....

I have seeing this image since I was a child, in Madrid, just in the center (in the Puerta del Sol,

where is the Km zero of Spain).

This weather vane has the Record Guiness to the bigest weather vane in the world; it is in Jerez.

At least, I arrived to Zahara de los Atunes and around 9:30 h. pm, I could make this picture.I hope that you like this sunset such as I do.

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Spanish sayings 125
31 August 2009


"I tell my cat what to do and my cat tell the tail what to do". "About how, each one is telling what to do where it can or about those on them that it is abble".

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Spanish sayings 124
30 August 2009


"Small hairs to the sea and the thing past, to forget". "It shows that you have to leave rows to one side and looking for the reconciliation in a friendly way".

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Spanish sayings 123
29 August 2009


"Good company, the two: God and I". "He is the only friend who never leaves either disappoints".

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Spanish sayings 122
28 August 2009


"The thing done well, well it looks like". "The work well complete and having done is what everybody want".

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Spanish sayings 121
27 August 2009


"Chubby, like a canon". "It is said cause of the fame that they had, in a time, canons, giveing a very good life themselves".

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Spanish sayings 120
26 August 2009


"God invented balance and the Evil, the romana". "God made the balance  and the equity, and the Evil created the romana, which you can do cheating in the weight".

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Soanish sayings 119
25 August 2009


 "To God praying and with the mallet giveing". "Besides pray, we have to do our psrt and work in order to get the things we want".

CALL:  Two months ago, more or less, I lost some pictures from my post of Tarifa (in the month September), --I am sorry for that--; also of La Alcaidesa and of another ones; surely it happened cause of a virus in EOS.Probably, they could not help me to recover them; then, I have decided to get them, step by step.Therefore, I should like to invite you to see my old posts (Tarifa, Sevilla, La Alcaidesa, and so on...), because I am trying to manage them.Thanks for your confidence.

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Spanish sayings 118
24 August 2009


"For Saint Andres, snow on the feet". "Around the Saint Andres´day, which is celebrated 30 of November, it is frequent that it is snowing".

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Spanish sayings 117
23 August 2009


"Clouds with sunset, there will be downpour sure". "When, in the sunset, appear clouds on the horizon, it is sure that it will going to rain".


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Spanish sayings 116
22 August 2009


"Comes may in and goes out april,  how full of flowers I saw it !". Normally, may is the month in which come up flowers all over the world".

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Spanish sayings 115
21 August 2009


"In December, firewood and sleep". "It is cold and cultivations are stopped. The best thing is wraping up, being close fire and resting".

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Spanish sayings 114
20 August 2009


"On the years when it snows a lot, crops are plentiful". "Because the snow, with the thaw, it guarantees that there will be water and it will be fruitful".

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Spanish sayings 113
19 August 2009


"Arch in the sky, water on the floor". "It announces rain for the following day and, moreover, with certain intensity".

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Spanish sayings 112
18 August 2009


"Bread with bread, fools´ food". "Cause of its little taste and variety".

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A place for resting
16 August 2009

 At the top of the picture, you can see the village Grazalema.This picture has been taking from the "Hotel Fuerte Grazalema", situated 5 Kms from Grazalema. I assure you that this is the perfect place if you need to have a rest, with pure air.This Hotel is 25 Kms from Ronda.

This is another view, from the terrace of the Hotel. In the left and closed to the swimmingpool, you can see a jacuzzi.

Here you can see better the jacuzzi and the showers, just closed to it.

This corner invites you to the relax, seeing Grazalema and the mountains from the jacuzzi or out of it. If you want to go in September, for example, surely you will see a good weather.If you go without children, in that month, when they are in school, you will see the swimmingpool quiet.And if you have children and want to take them to the hotel, also you will past the most of your time quiet, because, in the hotel, there is a girl (María), who is an Instructor of Free Time --Excuseme if it is not correct, but I think that you understand that she cares the children and plays with them...--; also, there is a boy (Fran), who is a Lifeguard and he has studied Physical Education for children younger than 12 years old --I think--.Fran teachs to the children, in the hotel, to swim, at 12 :00 pm; they start the class here, in this corner.

Here you can see one of those exercises.

On the left of the picture, you can see to Fran, who is with his back to us.Fran is a very good person and he knows to direct children very well.He told me that he teachs Education through sport.When the class is finished, the most of the children go to eat and some days it is celebrated a competition of draw, in a big room in the second floor of the hotel.

The window that you can see on the top of the picture belongs to the room who the children draw and. after they choose the film they want to watch on tv.As you can here, there are too children --and not all who were in the hotel are here in the swimmingpool--, the explanation is that they eat and sleep GRATIS, till 12 years old.By the way, the food is very very good; and the children have a lot of Menus.Under that window --where you can see three canopies--, there is a bar, where you can drink something and eat a tapa; also, you can eat á la carte, from 3:30 pm.

This is another exercise, before going to swim.

Fran teachs the children another exercise useing what he names "churrito" (it is blue or pink or green).


Before going to the swimmingpoool with Fran, the children use to go, with Maria, to see the ecological vegetable garden or they go for a walk around the hotel.


Here, Maria is teaching them how is growing up the peppers.

Also, the children play in those swings and, if you follow tha little track, at the top to the left, you will arrive to a little farm.

This is the way to the farm.

This is a piece of the farm.

Here you can see the ostrich, who lives in the farm.

Here you can see a white donkey.

To the right, the staircase, where you can go down to the farm.

This is the staircase.

This is the terrace of the dining roo, in the hotel, where you can take your breakfast, from 8:00 to 11:00 am.Also, you can eat it there, if you do not mind sun, from 13:30 to 15:30 pm.And, of course, you can dinner here --I recommend you that, because it is very nice --looking to the lights of Grazalema and having a little bit fresh, very grateful--.

This is the view which you will have, if you have dinner there.You will can enjoy a buffet, til 23:00 pm.I assure you that it is a very good food and...better the service.




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Spanish sayings 111
16 August 2009


"Bees´ honey, it tastes and feeds". "It praises the powers of the honey, good as for the palate as for the health".

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Spanish sayings 110
15 August 2009


"Hen who sings, from putting she comes". "When we are happy, it is a sign that something good  has happened to us".

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Spanish sayings 109
14 August 2009


"The fish, do eat it quiet". "You have to pay attention when you eat fish, therefore not to speak is better, because we can choke on the bones".

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Spanish sayings 108
13 August 2009


"The good melon is knowed by the smell". "When something is good, it is knowed by the traces that it gives: in the case of melon, by its good smell".

By the way of "Melon", I recommend you to try the melon from Villaconejos (Villaconejos de Trabeque), --Villaconejos is a little village (3.092 residents, in 2007), situated 48 Kilometers from Madrid--.There are another villages, closed to Villaconejos, like: Chinchón (a village famous by its square and the suckling pig), Colmenar de Oreja, Villamanrique de Tajo, Titulcia, .........

As I was telling you, about  "Melon from Villaconejos", I recommend it to you, because I tryed it, three years ago, here, in Algeciras, where you can buy it, only the firs week of August, in a fruit shop of the centre.I assure you that it is exquisite.

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Spanish sayings 107
12 August 2009


"The rabbit running and the partridge smelling". "Exaggerately, it points out that rabbit has been eaten just shooted and partridge, after some days".


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Spanish sayings 106
11 August 2009


"From that which tastes of ring-shaped pastries, fill me the little basket, and if still there is a little bit, I will bring it in the pocket". "From the things that we like, we want everything that they give us and, if  posible, a little bit more".

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Spanish sayings 105
09 August 2009


"Sprouts (also named "Brussels sprouts") and turnips, villagers´ food". "Neither of two the vegetables is considerated suitable for making delicious dishes".

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