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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

My vision of Zahara de los Atunes ( Cadiz)
18 September 2008

An still unspoilt beach area

On the back of this picture, you can see the Cape of Trafalgar and, on the right,  Barbate.

You can see a  low mountain on the right of the picture: Zahara de los Atunes, that is placed at the foot of it.  Tuna fishes are catched in these beaches, at around 300m from the shore. It happens twice a year. That´s why the name " Zahara de los Atunes" " Tuna Fishes Zahara" . The system used for the catching is called " Almadraba"

I am not the author of the picture above, I have posted it here so you can see how  tuna fishes are captured by Almadraba 

This spectacle can be seen twice a year ( May and September) when tuna fishes migrates down and up.

Since several years ago, japanese people are coming to Barbate, with big freezing vessels, in order to buy and take almost all the tunas fished, to Japan. 

This picture has been made witout any filter and has not retouch.You can see the same spectacle, every night, around 9 p.m. On the right of the picture, you can see the Cape of Trafalgar.

I made this picture around 6 p.m, in summer and in the same beach of Atlanterra. Here, the light is very special, every afternoon, although the sky is clear.As you can see, the sea seems to be a piece of silver (on the right of the picture). That is why the atlantic ocean is called here " Mar de Plata" (Sea of Silver).

This picture was made around 9:30 p.m., the last July, also without any filter.I like this one, for example cause of the reflected light of the sun on the shore.Also, I like the contrast among the dark area, on the right of the picture, and the clear area of the shore.

Here, the sun is hidden.I like this picture, because it seems tha the water is arriving to the shore in order to draw the dark area of the sand with clear and playful forms.

To the left of the picture, you can see the little village "Zahara de los Atunes". On back, you can see "Atlanterra", with a mountain, in which you can meet a lot of nice houses, most of them, of German people; that area is named "Los Alemanes".Behind the mountain, you can meet a very nice and savage beach.

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My vision of Tarifa. CALL
16 September 2008

This shot is before arriving to Tarifa ( Cádiz), from Algeciras, you can see the Strait of Gibraltar, with África in the horizon.On  the left of the picture, you can see Ceuta, a spanish town in North Africa. Some ferries are crossing the Strait.

Another nice view, taken in a road point at the middle of the way to Tarifa from Algeciras, called " El Mirador" .On the right, you can see the highest mountain in Marocco, named "Sidi Musa".

In the middle of the picture, you can see Ceuta.

Here at the back of the picture, you can see a part of the beach named "Los Lances". Tarifa  (Cádiz) is hidden on the left of the picture.Here, it begins the coast of Cadiz, named "Costa de la Luz".

Los Lances beach, a close shot. You can see a red sail of "Kite-surf"  on the right of the picture. This sport is greatly practised in Tarifa since a number of years ago. Even though, the very first practised sport here is windsurf. One of the phases of the World Championship is celebrated here every year ( together with Canary Islands and Hawai).
At the back and about the middle of the picture, you can see the highest dunes in Europe, named "Valdevaqueros", named after the beach where you can meet many practisers of windsurf and kitesurf. It is a true spectacle, everyday in summer.
You can also see a stunning sunset everyday in Tarifa. It happens at the left of the cape that appears in the picture.

This is another angle in the beach named "Los Lances", and this picture has been made in sunset.


Here, at the back, you can see the named "La Isla", which is a naval base.

When you arrive to Tarifa, the first one thing that you find is this old door.If you go trough the arch, you can find two streets: if you take the left one you can go down to the main street, named "La Calzada".And, if you take the right one, you can find the market of Tarifa --where you can buy a very good fish, for example; the most famous, that you can find, is the tuna--.

This is one street, near "La Calzada" ( main street in Tarifa), there are a lot of very narrow streets like this, in oldtown Tarifa.

Another nice and narrow street, oldtown, near La Calzada.

Going through a very short and narrow street, named "El Lorito", you can arrive to the "Plaza del Perulero", --I love this square....--.That house, in front of you, is  "El Perulero" restaurant.

This is the entrance of the restaurant. 

This is the main hall.On the left, there is a little bar; and, on the right, you can eat in a little and confortable dining room.
Upstairs, you can find two big dining rooms. I recommend this place to you, very typical indeed.Upstairs, there are also some nice balconies and lots of "fans" ("Abanicos") on the walls.

This is another angle of the main hall.The door in the left side belongs to the little bar.

That is the little bar.

This is one of the balconies in the first floor.

On the right side, you can see a door which belongs to the private dining room. 

This is that private dining room.


This is the staircase to go to the second floor.

Another two balconies.


This is one of the two dining room in the second floor.This is the bigest one.

This is another hall, before going into the other dining room, in the second floor.


These are three of the fourth balconies in the second floor.

This is a corner of the smallest dining room, in the second floor.

This is the whole dining room.

That is a door to go out of the smallest dining room.

This is another corner, in the second floor, with a piece of the bigest dining room at the end of the picture.

This is another nice view of the balconies in the second floor.

Another corner in the bigest dining room.

A view of a part of the first floor, from the staircase.

A part of the first floor, from the private dining room.

To be continued......

Typical street. Nice balconies. The white closed balcony on the right is named "Cierro".

I love making pictures of balconies, in every town I visit.You can check that, in Tarifa, there are some very nice ones.

Many foreigner people are buying houses, like this one, and they refurbish them inside, keeping the front,  these are protected Art patrimony.

This is a clear example of that idea.Really, I think that it is a pity to see such a spoiled but nice not? .It is so abandoned...If I could, I would buy it..., sure.

I like this corner very much. If you go upstairs, you can find the town hall.

That is an old building, beside the Town hall, on the back of the picture.This is the square named "Santa María" (La ranita).

On the back of the picture, you can see one of the towers of the Castle, named "Guzmán El Bueno".

This is the monument of "Sancho IV El Bravo".Behind it, you can see a part of the Castle "Santa Catalina".

On the left of the picture, you can see the door to enter into the Castle "Guzman El Bueno".

This is the fortress of the King "Guzman El Bueno".It is close to the port of Tarifa.

On the right of the picture, you can see the "Santa Catalina" Castle, from 17th Century.It is close to the Island (The Naval Base) and close the fish market of Tarifa.


This is the swimming-pool of the Hotel "Dos Mares", in Tarifa, --some kilometers from the city to Cadiz--.It is a very tranquil hotel, in order that you spend your holidays.And it is not expensive.

If you go downstairs, you will find a good restaurant and you will have a very nive view of the beach.

Under that, you can find a bar and a restaurant.From this beach, you can see the city of Tarifa and Africa.

This is the view from the parking of the Hotel "Dos Mares".The big Mountain, on the left, is Africa.

On left: Tarifa and, on the right side: the island, where there is a militar base.


       Well, by the moment, my special "film" of Tarifa has arrived to The end.I would enjoy and welcome a lot commentaries on the pictures as it is first time I make them public.

    Thanks for your interest.

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My vision of Grazalema
13 September 2008

A nice corner from The Puerta de la Villa Hotel.There, downstairs,you can find the road to Ronda (which is 32 Kms from Grazalema). 
A great general  view near to the upper Road to Benamahoma and  El Bosque

March 2004: It was thirty years from the last strong snow like this one!!

Another couple of views from upper road to Benamahoma and El Bosque.

A waterwheel from 19th Century.There are few waterwheels working,
in Spain, now.

At the left side of the picture  you can see the  waterchannel  ( above)

Here you can see the water falling ( which produces the energy for the waterwheel)
A typical and special tree (Pinsapo), only seen in Grazalema and in the Urals.

"Las Piedras" street

Nice and good priced little hotel called " Casa de las Piedras"


When you go out of Grazalema, through the road to El Bosque and Arcos, you can see this view, few kilometers from Grazalema, in the top of that mountain.

Almost in the middle of the picture, but on the right side, you can see the road.

This day the visibility was not good; therefore, you can not see the horizon well.However, with a clar day, you can see the Bay of Cadiz.

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