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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Another Spanish sayings and proverbs 54
30 January 2014

      Another Spanish saying, that I thik it is funny is:

A troche y moche = In a nonsensical way

      This proverb means: No haphazard, hasty, thoughtless. All that means this adverbial mode, whose metaphorical sense, according to Covarrubias, which consists of going to the mountain to cut firewood, it contravenes the laws of cuts and "he pollard the oaks without leaving guide or banner .... and still not happy so he cuts the oak by the foot”. For example, you can say: “Have you ever heard so many blunders followed, spray and pray the little angel let it fly?”.

Undressed / Desnudo, in Santa Ana la Real, Huelva, South eastern Spain, by SantiMB, at

       I hope that you have liked this saying.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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A new project of semaphores in Spain
29 January 2014

     We all know that each time there are more and more cars on our roads; therefore, the traffic jams are very common.

      By other side, there is a great concern about contamination.

      But, designing a proper plan cycle traffic lights to avoid traffic jams and reduce emissions is possible according to a set of computer work at the University of Málaga and the Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS) in Bahia Blanca (Argentina).

      Specifically they have designed a computing system that allows you to control the entire network of traffic lights in a city, whose results have been published in the "IEEE Trans. on Evolutionary Computation" magazine, reports the Discover Foundation.

Traffic lights in the main Alameda of Malaga

      "The system includes as variables the many vehicles of various types circulating daily, signals, speed limits of the roads. It combine parameters and transfers them to a simulator, where all of them are observed while dynamically”, said the professor of the University of Málaga, Enrique Alba.

      A new feature of the project is the methodology used to control traffic lights. In Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) name, is a technique inspired by the movements of flocks of birds during their migrations.

      These patterns are a powerful computational model that combines a multitude of variables to recreate the events surrounding urban mobility at one time, for example, a moving rush hour.

      "Controlling the time when they will be in a hundred red lights is a task that requires complex solutions that combine data from maps geopositioned smart mobility. Traditional computing techniques do not work. We seek alternatives in nature itself, with the bio-inspired techniques called”, Alba has qualified.

      Experts reproduce the city moving the math a microscopic traffic simulator. "It is so named because it caters to the micro-details of urban mobility: analyzes each car, how fast or how many will is emitting polluting gases", has finalized the researcher.

       The study results have been tested with semaphores of two large metropolitan areas: Málaga and Bahia Blanca in Argentina. "Our algorithm is used to obtain efficient programs traffic light cycles for the two types of cities: the American and European models", specified.

      The study concludes that, compared with other programs, the University of Málaga quantitative improvements achieved in the number of vehicles arriving at their destination, as the total travel time. These benefits for citizens, in addition to environmental, as emissions are reduc Several national and international councils of cities and related ciudaddes smart (smart cities) and have been interested in the study to incorporate their results in traffic control centers companies. "The next step would be for a company to market the system as a software package", Alba has advanced.

       I hope that you have liked this post.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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Thinking of Latin in Spain
27 January 2014

        Yesterday I enjoyed a reflection that I heard on the radio about the verb think in Latin.

      The first thing to keep in mind is that with the verb “To think” the same happens with the verb “To know”; in both cases, pass a physical meaning to an intellectual meaning: in the case of "Saber" (to know) (taste), it switch to know (wisdom).

      To think in Latin is: Penso, pensas, pensare…., that means: Weigh accurately, calibrate; and it change to: Judge, assess, estimate, consider….and from it, in Spanish we use: To think.

      But the verb “Penso” comes from the verb “Pendeo” (Pendeo, pendes, pendere), that means: “Estar colgado” (Hanging) and came to the Spanish as “Pender” –for example, we have the expression: “Pendemos de un hilo” = “We are hanging by a thread”. Also surely you have heard the word “Pendiente” (Earring)--. And also from “Pendere” comes “Pesar” (Weigh), that means in Latin: “Hang the scales of the balance”. Then, we have two actions: a physical action (to weigh) and an intellectual action (To think).

      So, we can see that Pensar (To think) and Pesar (To weigh) are the same thing, because To think is to weigh arguments.

      Before, when you buy something, the seller weighed it on a spring balance, because before you buy you need to think what is going to buy. And when the object is calibrated to buy, the seller delivers the goods, And what are you doing?.....,  you  buy it and,  for buying it, you have to pay it, spending money and so “Spend” comes in English from "Péndere". And also, something “Caro” in English is: “Expensive” –that means “too much Spending” and comes from the verb “Expender” (in Spanish and in the past)  (To weigh and to sell). It was used for example to say “Expender a train ticket or a show ticket”).

      But in front of the verb “To spend”, in English, in Spanish we say: “Pagar”, that comes from the verb of LatinPaco” (Paco, pacas, pacare) and the “c” of pacare is changed by g” and then it results “Pagar”. And Paco, pacas, pacare means “Calmar”; it comes from the verb “Paquis”. Ie, the seller gives the object to us, we pay him and then, he and we are in “peace”, because “Paquis” means “Appease”.

      Anyway, although when we buy something we say we “gastamos”, when we spend too much money, we say we have done a “dispendio”, that comes from “Pendere”. And, when we have bouht food, we keep it in the larder (despensa). Also, in a pharmacy it is used “Dispensar” (Dispense) a drug.

      Another word, used in Spanish and that comes from Latin, is “Pésame” (Condolence); it is also linked to weight, because “Pésame” means: “It weight to me”.

      Well, here it finish the reflexion about thinking; I hope that you have liked it such as I did –at least, I have thought it before writing it--.

      Till soon, kund regards,


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A Spanish invention: boots
20 January 2014

      Today, I want to show you a video about an invention from Spain: boots. They were invented in Spain and they are still manufactured here. Now, you will know the processing:

Click down here to watch the video:

Voice-off: “Boots are probably the oldest Spanish invention, as witnessed by numerous rock paintings since more than 15,000 years ago. Until not long ago, its use was reserved for the more affluent gentlemen, who were also the more and eating better - hence, the expression: "Put the Boots" -. Today, within the reach of all, they protect us from the cold and make the fashions and trends. Julia tells us ... "

Julia: “They are objects of desire, point of attention, some follow fashion, are made with different skin types, have different colors and their shapes are varied. Today we are going to visit the paradise of boots".

The Manager: “This is where the boots are born. Pedro Fito is taught at the factory since 1971, when he began, with the help of my father ...”

Julia (The presenter): “This one, that you have here”

Pedro Fito (The Chief Model-maker): “This what we have here, is what we call the boot loader, the front is what we call "The Shovel".

Julia: “And how do you get these pictures?”

Pedro Fito: “Normally, they can come from ideas that we capturing, from magazines or things Fashion”

Julia: “Then you draw on the cardboard, then cut and what creates here, then I must be reflected in the boot "

Pedro Fito; “On the boot”

Julia: “And what is the next step?”

The Manager: “Go to the store to find the materials”

Julia: “Javier,  And how did it come to you to be a chief boatman?”

Javier Sendra (Manager): “Well, I was born here. I am the third generation of manufacturers of boots. I played with skins, playing in the scrap heap ..”

Julia: “What is for you skin?”

Javier: “The skin for me is… my life ... The skin is what smells better ...”

Julia: “Really?”

Javier: “That is beef”

Julia: “Yes, it smells well…and it is soft”

Javier: “It is used even olive oil, to cure it, to give it the softness ..........Look how it smells, Julia…”

Julia: “And which animal is this one?”

Javier: “That is an alligator…...That comes from Colombia and raised in hatcheries ... ; but there are more exotic things, like crocodile skin, stingray skin, snake skin ...”

Julia: “Stingray skin?!”

Voice-off: “The Stingray is a flattened fish having shaped of rhombus. The females, much appreciated by the textile industry, is characterized by its black color and with a light colored line that crosses”

Julia: “Stingray skin..?!, you also make boots with this one..!”

Another worker: “We do. But what happens is that it is very hard to work, because it is a very granular pile, thoughts about stone, and broken needles, but ... yes, you get to make also boots”

Julia: “But after, how do you care a skin like this one?”

The worker: “With any body lotion, just the same that we use ..., horse fat some ... any nutrient”

Julia: “What is this?”

The worker: “Look, this are ostrich legs”

Julia: “How….?!!!!”

The worker: “Yes, ostrich legs. This is the top”

Julia: “And this one?”

The worker: “This is a whole crocodile. It is a Fuscus crocodile”

Julia: “And what is this?”

The worker: “But this is a shark fin…Yes, a shark fin..”

Julia: “A shark fin….!”

The worker: “Another skins used ... In their home country, the meat is consumed and then the skin comes for us to make boots”

Julia: “Do these animals are breeding?”

The worker: “Exactly. They are wild animals, but they breed in captivity, especially for meat and to fashion and footwear”

Javier: “Do you remember the patterns which we have seen above with Pedro Fito? Therefore already have become, now Antonio takes the most to cut each different design of the boot loader”.

Julia: “Hello, Paco, How do you do?”

Paco: “But nothing, well, here we are at the cutting section, as Javier has said, with these patterns we put everything in Production .......... These are blades, two blades, cutting under pressure ... . This is the Die Cutting system”

Julia: “And then this what it is?”

Paco Pradas (The Factory Manager): “This ... we are already seeing a part of the shaft of the boot ..... let me, with the other part ... we would be forming the shaft of the boot”.

Julia: “Here we have then a part, you have to sew and to do a lot of things ... We continue to see .....?”

Paco: “We follow seeing steps”

Julia: “Come on”


Julia: “And in these original designs, so what if for example you have to cut a snake, how we do?”

Paco: “But we bring all this to the cutting machine by computer”


Julia: “And then here we have the snake, the snake shape”

Paco: “In the blade, the shape of the snake”

Julia: “Yes, here it is seen”


Julia: “We already know how the skin is cut, but how get we that the boot takes this form, how is it done?”

Paco: “We get the form based on heat and cold”

Julia: “Then, first what we do?”

Paco: “First, Gerardo is going to give this piece heat”

Julia: “How he gives it heat, what this machine has?”

Paco: “This is a resistor, to 150 degrees, with a blade, with the form of the piece that is going out, as now you are seeing”

Julia: “The shape of the last”

Paco: “The shape of the last”

Julia: “How much time it has to receive the heat?"

Paco: “During some seconds…”

Julia: “Ah, it is already…, and then now..?, the cold”

Paco: “And now he brings it to the machine of cold”

Julia: “That is the same”

Paco: “That is the same…the only thing…Julia: “And how it gets the cold?”

Paco: “The cold is based on ice, frozen water”

Julia: “And is that into the machine?

Paco: “That is into the machine”

Julia: “How long does it take?”

Paco: “Also  seconds”

Paco: “The contrast among heat and cold it does is keep the piece with that shape for days .... we would not have any problem…..When it has taken the form, we come to the last…and it falls perfectly”

Julia: “And we are going to see the next step”

Paco: “We are going to see the next step”

Julia: “Thank you, Gerardo”


Julia: “What has she doing?”

Paco: “What Angelita is doing is join all the pieces together in order to get make the complete boot up”

Julia: “It acquires the form….”

Paco: “Already complete, sewn the parts of the cane, with boot loader and everything, already complete, to move to the next section”


Julia: “What is this machine doing?”

Paco:  “This precisely embroidery, it is embroidering the canes with embroidery; we can mix eight colors in each cane “

Julia: “That is, this machine has done a drawing like this one”

Paco: “Like this one”


Voice-off: “They are already sewn and decorated, but you will notice that these boots still await many steps as this slick, to over 16,000 rpm……. Let us go back to Julia, who is going to get the boots .... "


Julia: “Paco, we already have the boot sewn, decorated, with its little drawing…And now how we start to build it on the base, on…..  where we stand ...?"

Paco: “With this type of material…., we start buiding the sole, they are going to cut from here, here we cut with die, with blades……..”

Julia: “And this is what has the size”

Paco: “This is already what has the size, this is cut by size…………….., we have the result…………………… Antonio is putting a cardboard backing, so it has a rear, in order that the  has enough strength………………………Now, we move it to the next position, where they are going to give a glue, all around the sole..”

Julia: “And where is he putting it?”

Paco: “He is getting it into a dryer, so that we can then apply the tape well”


Julia: “We have already the tape; from here on we are going to build all the sole”

Paco: “All the sole”

Julia: “And from here on, where we are going to put the foot, we are going to sew the boot, Right?”

Paco: “Correct”

Julia: “The, come on”


Paco: “He will set the sole in the last”

Julia: “In the last, that is, and we put the boot on it, in order that after give it a shape, Is not iit?. What you try is putting this one into here, Right?"

Paco: “Correct….Here we are going to fix the last to the cut”

Julia: “And how we seal this one?”

Paco: “Well, but Jorge, in this machine,  is going to adhere it to the last”

Julia: “Take it, Jorge, thank you”


Paco: “Now, Julia, I am going to teach you an almost century-old machine, in which I worked, in the first generation of this factory”

Julia: “And Javier is here again….Look at what I have done….!, Is it right?”

Javier: “It is so right”

Julia: “Sure?”

Javier: “This is the oldest machine in the factory and it is the machine for empalmillar”

Voice-off: “The machine of empalmillar makes a sewn inside, holding the top skin of the boot to the insole”

Javier: “sewing with nylon, it is an inside seam, which is what gives it durability .... resistance to the construction of the boot”


Javier: “Well, now they are placing the cambrillón ...”

Julia: “What is it for cambrillón?”

Javier: “To maintain rigid all the back, that hold the arch of the sole”

Julia. “And now we are going to fill in the part that remains”

Javier: “That we do it with cork”

Julia: “As bread and butter….!”


Julia: “And what this cork allows......, protects us from cold for example?”

Javier: “It protects us from cold, it isolates us…..”

Julia: “From rain….”

Javier: “It makes it flexible, comfortable….”

Julia: “And now to dry”

Javier: “To glue and dry”


Javier: “Now stick the leather sole to the boot, presses to paste”

Julia: “And how much pressure it has to do?”

Javier: “500 kilograms”

Julia: “Let us see……Yes, It is already the shape ... and we have glued the sole”

Javier: “The 99 percent of the footwear would be completed. We, in order to make different our boots, we turn them to sewing on this machine. This machine is a jewel of mechanics ... easily it has 60 or 70 years and ... well, it is more expensive than my car ... the engine is like a Rolls Royce ..: the mechanics of this machine is very nice “


Javier: “And now we go to the desvirado”

Julia: “What is the desvirado?”

Javier: “But, the desvirado is that with a milling cutter…..”

Julia: “Is this a milling cutter?”

Javier: “This is a milling cutter…, to 16.000 rpm..”

Julia: “That is..very very fast”

Javier: “Polishing the edge of the sole, wear, adjust….what is to give the shape of the boot to the sole”

Voice-off: “16.000  revolutions; i.e., that this milling cutter rotates at a similar speed to that of a Moto GP, which can reach a maximum of 17,000 rpm……Imagine which is the speed that it goes…”

Julia: “Thank you very much……Javier, I see that it is almost finished, but I miss something very important, that I like very much….”

Javier: “Well, sure…the heels”


Julia: “The women´s paradise, Javier, How many heels….!”

Javier: “More than 150 “

Julia: “Can I choose one...... to see what beats me to this boot ...?”

Javier: “But, this boot should suite a….5 centimetres…, very good”

Julia: “This one is named Alma(Soul), I like very much this word…, This one suit me here?”

Javier: “That suits you there”

Julia: “All right, let us put in”

Javier: “Let us put in”

Julia: “Peter, Can you please put this boot heels?”

Peter: “very well”

Julia: “Javier, we have the heel on the boot, but to me this still weigh heavily”

Javier: “Sure, it still takes the shape”

Julia: “You have to remove it…, how is it removed?”

Javier: “Well, it  is removed in this machine here .... we always have the last in the boot for 3 days…..The skin has been perfectly adjusted to the last ...”

Julia: “and so does not hurt to walk”

Javier: “So, it does not hurt to walk”

Julia: “We remove it….let us see…..Have you to give very strongly with this, with this device?”

Javier: “So much, in order that it comes out”

Julia: “But we have got it, we have a finished boot”

Javier: “Even missing 15 or 20 operations, Even missing 15 or 20 operations, my mother .....!, Let us follow”


Julia: “But this is like a toothbrush?!”

Javier: “Resembling a tooth brush to paint the edges”

Julia: “And is it very difficult?”

Javier: “It is very difficult, he must have a steady hand, in order to not to stain the boot”


Javier: “We are going to look well these boots, with the help of Leo”

Julia: “Okay”

Julia: “And what kind of cream?”

Julia: “But they are Nutrients and natural waxes”

Julia: “And we have the finished product”


Javier: “Did you know that in Spain the boots were invented?

Julia: “Yes?”

Javier: “Almansa exports to over 50 countries”

Julia: “Yes?”

Julia: “Javier, As we have made these ones, may I bring them?”

Javier: “I had thought that they suit you another boots, I know the turquoise is your favorite color and…..I had search these one, which are more flashy”

Julia: “I love them….!!!!”

Voice-off: “The first thing to do is to make boots is create the design and patterns. Next, the selected hides are cut. The mold is molded so that the skin is tight to it. and since the rivets are placed and the pieces fit together. Leather plant is placed in the mold and proceeds to sew. Glued and nailed heels. Sanded, polished, natural waxes are applied ... and boots are already listed Bookmarking trend”.              

      Well, here the video is over and I hope that you have enjoyed with it.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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A Medieval remote area in Spain
15 January 2014

      The University of the Basque Country has conducted a study on a deserted (Zaballa) in Iruña de Oca (Álava), which was a Medieval village, abandoned in the fifteenth century. Five centuries before, it was a farm specialist in the hands of local lords, where some  fields were built to intensive cultivation of vine.

Zaballa, Alava, Basque Country, Nort of Spain

      Besides having an intake of important catchment system of income, became a true factory trying to get the greatest benefits of the economic boom of sheltered villas as Vitoria. By the fifteenth century the inhabitants moved to other towns and Zaballa ended abandoned.

      This nucleus is the first in Spain to have deserted its own publication. Archaeologists from the University of the Basque Country (UPV / EHU) attempt to reconstruct and rescue our rural heritage by studying depopulated as Zaballa, whose research has been published in a special issue of the magazine “Quaternary International”.

      "The studies archaeobotanical remains of seeds found in excavations, and pollen studies have provided material evidence of the existence of vines growing at a relatively early date, as the tenth century", said the Director of the Group Research on Cultural Heritage and Landscape of the UPV / EHU, Juan Antonio Quirós.

      It has indicated that they have found metal instrumental for cultivation of the vine, which together with the study of agricultural areas reveals that "there developed agricultural practices are not compatible with cereal crops and yes with vines".

      The publication includes the geoarchaeological works in Zaballa and Zornoztegi (Salvatierra), another deserted of Alava abandoned in the fifteenth century, and where the terraced fields were intended for the cultivation of cereal.

Zornoztegi, Alava, Basque Country, North of Spain


      These discoveries were made possible by the use of protocols archaeological excavation, geoarchaeological innovative sampling and analysis in Spain, who have made dating cultivated fields and study the agricultural cycle.

      "It is not much to excavate a site, the digging landscapes. Ie, abandon the traditional concept of field, understood as a monumental or monumentalised place to know the context in which the sites are”, has stated Quirós.

      Zaballa is one of the 300 uninhabited known in Álava, rural areas abandoned in historical times. These deposits are one of the most important archeological records throughout the medieval period, in all the North of Spain, comparable to few sites of Europe: "What matters is not only the number, but in the decade we have been working on this project has involved extensively in nearly half a dozen of them, and other levels in nearly a hundred”.

      Compared to Zaballa, according to Quiros, "Zornoztegi has a completely different story, although based on a more or less the same time, it is a much flatter social community in which no important social differences are observed, and the action of stately powers, somehow, they attack the balance of the community”.

      For the researcher, these microhistories are small windows into the past, which analyze relatively complex directly from the bottom up historical processes. "I mean, watching the peasant community it will adapt itself to changing political and economic changes taking place in the Middle Ages and beyond”.

      The early medieval periods were complex socially and economically significant.

      Besides the analytical study of these production sites allows discard those points more traditional view of History, that "the early medieval periods conceptualized as a period of technical simplification, as a miserable period in economic terms, as they show a social and economic complexity very noticeable. Specifically, these studies have been able to see several important moments in the Basque Country, V-VI centuries and the X-XI centuries, which are crucial in the construction of our landscapes". 

      The study provide insight not only depopulated phenomena training of people and the reasons for its subsequent abandonment, but especially the processes of transformation and degradation of unpopulated.

      Therefore, Quiros claimed the consideration of these points as part of the archaeological heritage: "Spaces crop traditional still easily recognizable in our more coming landscapes are historical spaces laden explanatory significance for understanding past societies, and indeed require of care that so far have not had ", concluded.

      In fact, the analyzed crop fields are gradually being destroyed, year after year, as a result of recent mechanized agricultural practices have had and have a very significant destructive effect on this "invisible" assets.

      This research was conducted by the Professor of Archaeology and Director of the Research Group on Cultural Heritage and Landscape of the UPV / EHU, Juan Antonio Quirós Castillo, in collaboration with researchers from the Free University of Brussels and the Institute of History of the CSIC in Madrid .

     This group and research within the Department of Geography, Prehistory and Archaeology, Faculty of Arts at the UPV / EHU, in Vitoria-Gasteiz. The Research Group on Cultural Heritage and Landscape of the UPV / EHU studying depopulated started in 2005 and is a pioneer in the study of such deposits in the northern Spain.

      I think that it is very interesting , Do not you think the same?.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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Your Opportunity in Spain 2
10 January 2014

      Today I want to show you this case, because I have liked very much.

      This case ended this program entitled "Your opportunity" and I think that it could have no better end.

      Here you have the video with the case and, after it, I will tanslate all the dialogue. Click down here:

A young woman: “I am Veronica Morales and five years old I was working on a post Manager and I had to reinvent myself. I am half German and I decided to bring German meat products, because I have always thought that there were not good German sausages in Spain ..... I did not have much time for my daughters and my family. Now, I work the same hours, but I have more time, because I can combine one with the other”.

You can read on the image: Verónica is very clear that her life changed for the better

 Verónica: “Undertake, for me, has meant:  first a sacrifice; but then, many satisfactions –specially personal satisfaction in what we have achieved--. My family supported me because they were always told me “half-crazy”, but I had very good ideas and they asked me to put them into practice. Good ideas ... there are many, what it is really difficult is to implement them, and that is what you need to get.

       After leaving my job in multinational company as Executive, have been going different ideas and projects, and one of these projects is that I will present to investors".

Verónica: “Good evening:  My name is Veronica Morales and ... I do not come to ask tonight, but I come to offer you something, okay?. What we want to offer to you, is ...... I can not ......”

Catalina: “Relax, breathe”

Gonzalo: “Do not worry, quiet”

Javier: “Improvise, that it leaves more natural”

Vrónica: “I am sorry…………We do not want asking for money, but we want to offer, to offer a idea, a project based on a product. Then, we offer you the 15 % of this idea and what we ask in return is truly your involvement, your energy, your ideas and above all your contacts. In return of this 15% , of this participation yours, we ask the 15% of the cost it the creation of this company, which in total would be 450 Euros”.

You can read on the image:  Gives the 15% of the business in exchange for 450 Euros!

A short silence…..

Catalina: “450 Euros”

Gonzalo: “For the 15%”

Gonzalo: “I understand that your valuation is very honest, very very honest, because you want help, not money and that is fine”

Verónica: “Exactly, just because I believe in the idea, it is about the idea and then we need the support to realize this idea. And I can now step to present you what our idea is: it a container, shaped wine glass, that it is made of PET, which is recyclable, then it contains quality wine, you can see ... it has a plastic cap .... then opens easily ..... it is tasted  – it is very good -- and it is recycled, it has lots of possibilities, for its packaging system  --which is vacuum-- we also want to pack sangria, for example, and even soups”.

Maria Eugenia: “May we see it?, Can you bring it to us?.....Or we get close and see it”.

Gonzalo: “I am very interested, I want approach myself”

Javier: “Let us go to see it”

The presenter: “Veronica has come up with a surprising strategy and, with it, a not less striking offer: she has not come to ask, but to offer the 15% of her project .... in return, she asks 450 Euros, because what she really wants is to them .......”

Verónica: “I have lived in five countries for 15 years, and on returning to Spain, I found this "nice" crisis and I said:  I have to do something to promote this country, above all the good products and to export. Then, we have created this brand, that is “I olé you”, because we think it has a journey beyond this, I mean, because obviously everything is Gastronomy and Merchandising”.

Gonzalo: “How many are the Partners?"

Veronica: “Three, on total”

Gonzalo: “And with how much percentage?"

Veronica: “Ehhh…33, each one”

Maria Eugenia: “And the profile of your partners?”

Veronica: “One is a renowned cooker, a renowned chef and the other person is a Creative woman. And between all I think that we Together we are a pretty diverse team .... in part, but we complement much”

Pablo: “The first thing I want to do is congratulate you, by the intelligence of the proposal, because I am 32 years old, I have been waging since the 18 and I am all day in contact with entrepreneurs and more than 90% of them think that undertake is to have an idea worth a million Euros and you have done just about everything you have. Entrepreneurship is a very nice word with many connotations, but it is the hardest thing I have experienced in my life .... I think in particular, there are people here, in this product, who can make you more than what I can provide you, strategically, and, therefore, in this case, I will be out "

A little silence…..

Gonzalo: “I go…, I go, because I think I can help you very much…, I am specialized in Marketing, Communication in Consumer Products ... until ... wine;  moreover I am a good Commercial  --for selling more myself—"

Javier: “Besides handsome and a nobleman”

Gonzalo: “Then I have good contacts .... What else can I say ...?”

Verónica: “But that is the base that we need”

Gonzalo: “I already offer you a 25% ...and by round it off, for 1000 Euros”

Veronica: “The 25 % for 1000 Euros, all right”

Gonzalo: “Because I do not give you 1000 Euros, I give you everything else and I guarantee you that it is much worth much, because I am pushing a lot, for the product development”

Javier: “I offer you 1100 Euros for the 25 %”

………….Verónica is laughing ... , she seems to be happy……..

Javier: “I ... first ...... I love the honesty of approach that you have brought, which is the first time it happens here and ... I think the package has lots of possibilities, so I am happy to participate alone or accompanied, to the extent that everyone wants”

Catalina: “I join the bandwagon of putting a bit, even a little bit of time I can do, I will love to support you, as they supported me at the time, of course”

Maria Eugenia: “I join with all that has been said ... and you can not have a better team, I suggest you and what I propose is that when you develop and throw yourselves a premium line, that is my specialty and where I could make more, that there I join and throw me one with you to develop this project”

Verónica: “I think it is great, thank you very much”

Javier: “I would say the following, which is:  1000 Euros, for every 5% and goes who wants to do it”

….a silence……..

Gonzalo: “We do that….very well, …we offer you 1000 Euros per each 5 % and I add that for less than 10% I do not care to get involved”

Verónica: “I am going to consult it, thank you very much, until now”

Now you can read on the image: Verónica goes out in order to consult it with her two other partners

Gonzalo: “The brand is improvable………With this brand I think we are going to the strictly tourist market”

Maria Eugenia: “This brand reduce the price of it a little bit, because it does souvenir”

Verónica is speaking by phone with one of her partners: “Do you prefer that only one is involved?”

One partner: “Fend them off you. They have money, but we also have money. It's not a money problem, it is a matter of implication. But who really think this can go forward. Who wants inplicatión”

Gonzalo: “Now she will be who will come to choose us….look….we are in the casting”

The presenter: “For the first time, the tables have turned: now is the entrepreneur who asks and who decides whom investors will give the opportunity to invest”

…….a little silence………………….

Verónica: "I introduce to Marta Alvarez, the Creative, and we are talking, right?”

One partner: “Look, uh, uh, you are all brave, we are all entrepreneurs. Let us go forward, but only one. Do not let us blur this one, come on!, Who of you is really the best bidder?, Who wants to bet on this? but only one".

Verónica: “Who can help further that this is a product of .....?"

Gonzalo: “All right, I will tell you .....: honestly, I think I am who can help further .............. I want to be that person and I want to get the 20 (%) "

Verónica: “Right, one question:  Who of you has more contacts, both domestic and international, to sell and distribute this product?, I am asking it honestly”

Gonzalo: “Then I answer you again:  as international contacts, Javier; as knowledge of major consumer product, Marketing, etc, I think I,  honestly”

Maria Eugenia: “As contacts, on High-end segment, worldwide but especially in Asia, I”

Gonzalo: “As Senior Products, Catalina ... We make you an offer ... I daresay joint”

Verónica: “Right”

One partner (Sergio): “Have you closed the deal?”

Gonzalo: “2,000 Euros….”

Verónica: “Let us see, they are making an offer”

Gonzalo: “….per the 10 % for me and the 10 % for Javier”

Verónica: “That is what I wanted to propose ....? Sergio, agree? Marta, agree? .......... I said I acept, Marta accepts; what do you say?”

Sergio: “I think that the 10 % is perfect, but really needs to be with bravery and courage to stay on this, because it is our illusion”

Verónica: “All right. What he really asks is the implication in this idea, because it is our idea and our dream and what he wants is that you get involved,  absolutely”

Catalina: “We accept”

Javier: “And the commitment to help you”

Catalina: “Well that is it”

Gonzalo: “That is it”

Pablo: “But congratulations and thank you”

Verónica: “Thanks to you”

Gonzalo: “Congratulations.., you have done it very well”

Verónica: “Thank you very much”

Maria Eugenia: “Congratulations”

Marta: “Thank you”

Maria Eugenia: “Very well negotiated”

Gonzalo: “Have we bought expensive, Javier?, What do you think?”

Javier: “We have bought so cheap”

Verónica: "The money, at least.., between them, you get that money; but what you do not get is the help and the contacts, and that is the most important part that we need…and I think that we have gotten it tonight”

      Well, here the video has finished and I hope that it has been such interesting for you as it has been for me.

      Till a next article, kind regards,


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A reflection in Spain about a New possible Age
09 January 2014

      Today I want to show you a video about a curious news: some scientists --between them some Spanish scientists—  have think that we, the human, are living a New Age, named by them: ANTROPOCENO (Anthropocene). This is the video (click):

The speaker: “We are in Urdaibai, in the Basque Country (Nort of Spain), one Biosphere Reserve, here we never had factories,  either human activity; it is the place chosen by these scientists to take a soil sample, only about 20 inches, depicting the history of the past 200 years”.

Alejandro Cearreta (Professor of Geology. University of the Basque Country): “Human intervention, which can be reached by water or by air, is registered in a very clear way and also will be able to clearly compare with the natural conditions in which the human footprint was not”

The speaker: “And all the samples arrive here at the University of Pais Vasco. Between these cuts ground, seeking human footprints, footprints that would test a new Geologic Time. These would be the Anthropocene (a period that would follow the Holocene and mark a new milestone in the calendar of the Earth). The earlier Era lasted more than 11,000 years.. It allowed us to make us strong.  Now we are the ones who have the ability to influence the development Earth".

Alejandro Cearreta: “We have the capacity to alter the chemistry of ecosystems - for example, the chemistry of the atmosphere, we are introducing artificially CO2, water vapor, methane, etc., beyond what the natural processes do”

The speaker: “The official results of this work will be known in 2016, at an International Congress”

Nadia Kolotúshkina: “In total there have already caught about 500 samples, which together represent the evolution of the Earth in recent years throughout the whole Eastern of Cantabria”

The speaker: “There are more studies investigating human influence on Earth. This organization annually calculates the ecological footprint, which leaves every country on the planet. The impact of human activity on nature, depending on the consumption of water, CO2 emissions or use of natural resources”.

Miguel Angel Valladares (Spokesman of the report "Living Planet"): “The current rate of exploitation of resources, already, already, in humanity should need one and half planet, to meet their needs, so we are going into the red”.

The speaker: “A scene with many future possibilities and in which the experts call on all actors of this "global theater" for being more sustainable”

Clemente Álvarez (An expert Environmentalist): “Really the fat thing is in the car, the heating, the construction of our homes, what we eat .. there you can do a lot and also has benefits in Health or in Economics of those who do it”.

The speaker: “Gestures to us, that make our planet can breathe a little quieter”.

      Here finish this video. I hope that you liked.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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A Magic Night in Spain
04 January 2014

      The next night, from 5 to 6, Three Wise Men (Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar) will arrive to every home in Spain and I want to celebrate this such special event with a song (a villancico), precisely sung by children --who are the special leading in that night-- . The villancico is named: "Los Tres Reyes Magos" (The Three Wise Men) and here you can watch the video about it:

Here you have the lyrics in Spanish:

Llegaron ya los Reyes y eran 3 
Melchor, Gaspar y el negro Baltazar, 
arrope y miel le llevaran 
y un poncho blanco de alpaca real. 

Llegaron ya los Reyes y eran 3 
Melchor, Gaspar y el negro Baltazar, 
arrope y miel le llevaran 
y un poncho blanco de alpaca real. 

Changos y chinitas duermanse, 
que ya Melchor, Gaspar y Baltazar 
todos los regalos dejaran, 

para jugar mañana al despertar.

         El niño dios muy bien
 lo agradecio, 
tomó la miel y el poncho lo abrigó 
y fue después que sonrió 
y a medianoche el sol le alumbró. 

          El niño Dios muy bien lo agradecio, 
tomó la miel y el poncho lo abrigo 
y fue después que sonrió 
y a medianoche el sol le alumbró.

                                                       Changos y chinitas duermanse                                                                                                      que ya Melchor, Gaspar y Baltasar                                                                                                      todos los regalos llevarán,                                                                                       para jugar mañana al despertar.                              

                                                      Changos y chinitas duermanse,                                                                                                      que ya Melchor, Gaspar y Baltasar                                                                                                       todos los regalos llevarán,                                                                                                                   para jugar mañana al despertar.                                                                             






This is the lyrics in English:

The Wise Men came and there were 3
Melchor, Gaspar and the black Baltazar,
syrup and honey will take to Him
and a white poncho real alpaca

The Wise Men came and there were 3
Melchor, Gaspar and the black Baltazar,
syrup and honey will take to Him
and a white poncho of royal alpaca

Go boys and ladybugs to sleep,
already Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar. 
they will take all gifts, 
waking to play tomorroq2w at wake up.

The boy thanked God very well what
honey and take it poncho coat
and was after that smiled
and at midnight the sun lighted Him up.

The boy thanked God very well what
honey and take it poncho coat
and was after that smiled
and at midnight the sun lighted Him up.

Go boys and ladybugs to sleep,
already Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar
they will take all gifts,
waking to play tomorrow at wake up.

Go boys and ladybugs to sleep,
already Melchor, Gaspar and Baltazar
they will take all gifts,
waking to play tomorrow at wake up.


      Well, I hope that you have enjoyed.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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