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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Piel de Ubrique
28 April 2011

        Yesterday I bought a leather wallet made in Ubrique (Cádiz).There are several factories of leather in Ubrique, but the factory where my wallet was made is named ARTESANIA RAPE, S.L. .It is situated in the street Queipo de Llano, 25.

       I wanted to show you at least a picture about a factory of Leather in Ubrique; but I could not find any picture of that.However, I have found a picture of a nice corner in Ubrique, closed to a shop of leather goods.Here it is the picture:

Un rincón florido en Ubrique

"Un rincón florido en Ubrique", por elarequi61, en



Plano parcial de la Provincia de Cádiz

     You can see the village of Ubrique, almost in the middle of the map.If you go to Ubrique from Manilva --for example--, you can take the road A-377 and, before arriveing to Marbella, you have take the road A-397 to Ronda.Then, you go beyond Ronda and change to the road A-374 and some kilometers after Ronda.And also you have take the road A-2302, to Ubrique.


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Another Spanish sayings and proverbs, 33
25 April 2011

  A dos velas:

      This expression is used in two cases: 1. In the absence of economic resources. And 2. When you have not understood anything in a conversation.For example, a sentence in Spanish should be so (in the second case): "¿Has oido esa charla sobre la Teoría de la Relatividad?. Yo, si te digo la verdad, me he quedado a dos velas".

     The origin of this expression is not clear.For Sbarbi, it comes from the use of temples, that when they were closed, only two candles left burning.

     However, for Iribarren, this expression comes from the old fact that  bankers of the gambling dens of yesteryear used to operate among two candles.

Velas #1

"Velas 1", por Libertinus en

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Antonio Cortés: A new promise for the Spanish Couplet
17 April 2011

       Some years ago, in a day of Summer, I could know the named "Balcón de Europa" ("Balcony of Europe") --a viewpoint over the sea-- in Nerja (Málaga).Well, but tonight I have just listened, on the radio, to the new promise for the Spanish Couplet (Copla): Antonio Cortés, who started to sing the style "Saeta", in the Holy Week of nerja, when he was a child and he sang in his grandmother´s balcony.

     Then, I have thought that Antonio started to show his art, from a balcony,as the famous "Balcony of Europe" has showed the art of such a nice village as Nerja.

Balcón de Europa

"Balcón de Europa", by Lomumo, at

     Antonio Cortés was born in Rumania, 22 years ago; but he came to Nerja when he was one year old.

     Antonio started singing Saeta, but these last years, he has spent his time singing Couplet (Copla) and he has participated in a famous program of the Andalusian TV, about Copla.Then, cause of that, he has sung 13 songs, for his first CD and he has just got his first "Gold Record" ("Disco de Oro"), after selling 200.000 copies.

    Most of the songs are covers of other singers of Couplet, like for example Manolo Caracol, who singed "Carcelero".Here is the song by Antonio Cortés:


An Antonio´s show in the program "Se llama Copla", at Canal Sur TV.

And this is the lyrics of the song:


¿por que no abres
puertas y cerrojos?
Abre puertas y cerrojos.

Porque no quiero perderme,
porque no quiero perderme
por culpita de unos ojos,
culpita de unos ojos.

Salgo por las calles solo,
yo salgo por las calles solo
porque estoy
atormentaito por unos celos,
atormentao por unos celos.

Porque no quiero ahogarla,
porque no quiero ahogarla
con las trenzas
de su pelo,
de su pelo negro
Dios mio que pena.

Abre carcelero,
y abre ya el presillo,
para que no me vean
llorar por las calles,
pa que no me vean
llorar por las calles
igual que un chiquillo.

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Another Spanish sayings and proverbs, 32
15 April 2011

En chintololandia

 "En chintololandia", por sarihuella, en

      A donde el corazón se inclina, el pie camina.  This saying means that we all search the places where we are happy.For example, it is well known when you are in love, at least once in your life.

     Now, I am going to tell you this saying in Spanish : 

      Este refran indica que, instintivamente, buscamos los lugares en los que encontramos placer o felicidad.Ésto lo sabe bien todo aquel que amó siquiera una vez.

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A spanish tribute to Japan
13 April 2011

       Some months ago, I knew that a group of japanese were visited my blog and concretely the posts about Spanish Sayings.Then I was glad and grateful cause of that.Today I am sad, cause of the tsunami that devastated the North of Japan; but I remain grateful to them and all Japanese are in my heart; everyday I think of them.

      Although it is been a month of the tragedy, I want to be beside the victims with my heart and with my mind.I know that Japanese have a strong morale; they have a great dignity and a great confidence in something greater than tragedy, I mean: after the force and the violence of Nature, when it is disordered, God appears.

     In Spain we have a saying that says: "After the storm comes the calm".I hope that Japanese have more calm , step by step.Surely God is helping them to get it.God is silence and calm, and we have to learn of that, without leaving the international solidarity for Japan.

    I want to express here my admiration and respect to the Japanese people.

Best wishes,




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Los nuevos molinos de viento en España
01 April 2011

     Hoy he sabido que la Energia Eólica fue la primera fuente de enrgia electrica en España el pasado mes de Marzo.La producción de electricidad, con este tipo de molinos de viento (Aereogeneradores) y en toda España, llegó al 21 %, superando a la produccion de Energía Nuclear --que llegó al 19 %--.

     Gracias a la Energía Eólica, en Marzo se han evitado transeferencias de rentas al extranjero por valor de 250 millones de Euros, como consecuencia de las importaciones de combustibles sólidos y las emisiones de Co2 --ésto supone haber evitado la emisión de 1,7 millones de toneladas de Co2, que equivale a plantar 850.000 árboles--.

    La Energía Eólica, en Marzo, ha permitido que los precios de la electricidad en el mercado mayorista español estuvieran en 2010 entre los mas bajos de Europa.

    La Energía Eólica abastece a 13 millones de hogares, en España.

    Por Comunidades Autónomas:  Castilla y León es la primera Comunidad de España, en el sector eólico, con 4.803 MW de potencia instalados (el 23, 2 % del total de España), repartidos en 204 parques eólicos. En segundo lugar se sitúa Castilla-La Mancha, con 3.709 MW (el 17,9 % del sector), con 121 parques.En tercer lugar, Galicia, con 3.289,3 MW (el 15,9 % del total), en 150 parques.Andalucía y Aragón ocupan la cuarta y quinta parte, respectivamente.El numero total de parques eólicos en funcionamiento, en españa, es de 889.

     A continuación, pueden ver, a pesar de la niebla, 3 de los muchos molinos, que conforman uno de los parques eólicos, a las afueras de Tarifa.Tambien se pueden observar varios parques eólicos, en los alrededores de Zahara de los Atunes (a 39 Kms de Tarifa, hacia la ciudad de Cádiz).

Tres molinos

"Tres Molinos", por Franci Esteban, en

Nota: Esta foto está hecha en Tarifa.


Un saludo,


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