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A famous Spanish paleoanthropologist talks about the Ministry of Science
18 October 2016 @ 10:54

      Today, I would like to talk to you about the interview that Europa Press made the Spanish paleontologist, Juan Luis Arsuaga.

Juan Luis Arsuaga

        The Paleoanthropologist and director of the Museum of Human Evolution in Burgos, Juan Luis Arsuaga, said that it should be "a good choice" that the new government create a Ministry of Science. "I feel good If a ministry, that brings together science and technology, serves to promote the connection among both”, he said.

      However, Arsuaga has clarified, in an interview with Europa Press, "A ministry, dedicated exclusively to science, not necessarily mean more attention" and he added that the key is "supporting science", regardless of whether there is a department or not, to focus only on this field.

      "We have taken a giant leap forward in Spanish science, which comes from a situation of Third World backwardness, and it really has come a long  --Arsuaga has declared--, we are better than ever. A part from that little sparkle, with thinkers and scientists from the 98, today there are more researchers and scientific centres than ever, but self-complacency is not good and there is a danger if this progress is stopped ".

      Regarding the situation left by the crisis, Arsuaga has indicated that, as a scientist, he should need to read the numbers for comment, although he has stated that "due to cuts, it  has been slowed the incorporation of new young talents, to the system of Spanish science" . "There is more difficulty, with cuts in templates and that is where we must apply ourselves. If this is not done, we will be exporting talent with a point of no return".

      In relation to the objectives of the future, the researcher pointed out that "there are many challenges, that go beyond, as applied science. Spain is a country more of services than innovation, and technology and science form a coupling. Therefore, it is very difficult to have basic science if there is no application of that knowledge", he explained.

      So, in that coupling, he has indicated that "apart from public aid, it also has to enter private initiative" and that "it is necessary that the country has further technological development". "Spain needs more industry: more industry means more scientists and, therefore, more research",  he has emphasized..

      On the othr hand, Arsuaga  has said that, if the Cro-Magnon man saw the 'selfie man', "at first it should think that it has magical abilities" ,"As it cared and communicated with us, it would realise that we are humanly the same and that there are no differences", he explained.

      Finally, the paleoanthropologist has indicated that the biogenetic evolution depend on the man and that "the use made of knowledge has to do with ethics and morals". "For the first time, in the history of life, there is a species that has in its hands to change the history of evolution, and the effects of that knowledge, in society, we will see. Do not be afraid to knowledge", he stated.

      Arsuaga, who currently is the Commissioner of the 'Art Exhibition and Meat: Anatomy in the light of the Enlightenment', presented by the Complutense University, explores the meeting of arts and sciences, around a selection of anatomical waxworks. The pieces are displayed, for the first time, to the general public, until March 31, 2017, at the Complutense Art Centre.

      Well, I hope that you are agree with Arsuaga, as I do.

      Until my net post, kind regards,


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