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Spanish students could go to University with 4 points as a mark
27 October 2016 @ 01:11

      Today I would like to talk to you about a current news in Spain; yes, because lately it has been much talked about the complaints by many Spanish students, by the mark of access to University, that we have so far in Spain.

       The Ministry of Education is working on this project  --which shall change the mark, that is 5 points until now-- .

      Students, completing a level this course (2016-2017), should obtain an equal or greater rating than 4 points, in the final evaluation of this stage, to access the official university degree, as fixed by a draft of order, establishing the characteristics of that test.

      The text, published today by the newspaper Magisterium, is dated on September 23   --although some sources from Education have specified that "this is not the document , which the Ministry is working"--.

      As the second additional provision of that draft recalls, the two calls (ordinary and extraordinary) of the final evaluation of a level of this course, only be taken into account for access to University, not for the degree.

     "Students, who complete their a level studies, in the 2016-2017 course, must obtain a rating equal or greater than 4 points, in the final evaluation of a level to access the official university degree", says the text.

      Precisely, the University Access Test (PAU), known as Selectivity, required take a minimum of 4 points to give surpassed, although its weighted sum, with the average mark of a level, should be at least 5 points, to qualify for University. In this first time, it shall not count the mark of that test, for the as level´s degree, but in the following courses.

     The royal decree, that regulates these tests, from last 29 July, states that, for the degree of a level, a rating less than 5 points, in the final evaluation, will be necessary. In addition, the mark of a level serve to access university, from the academic year 2017-2018.

     The draft of order, on final tests of ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) and A level, precise that the qualification for access to university is calculated by weighting 40% the qualification of the final assessment and 50% the average mark of A level.

      The final evaluation of Secondary must be finished before June 24th and the one of a level before June 10th. The final evaluations of Secondary and A level have a maximum duration of four days, although communities with co-official languages may establish a maximum of five points.

      The document includes a section on "spec matrixes", which determine the weight or percentage, corresponding to each of the contents of the subjects tested. The draft order of these final evaluations is still pending of the mandatory report of the School Board of the State.

      Well, perhaps you are agree with students. I hope that they find a attitude of dialogue by the Spanish Government.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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