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Extravagant words in Spain
18 December 2013 @ 00:26

      Today, I want to talk about some curious words, that I know, but also another that I have never listened.

      One word, that I have listened several times is: “Escaquearse”: it means “to go away”, for example, when you do not want to stay in one place and you decide to leave the group, who is with you.

      Another funny word is “Irsuto”: it is “When someone has scattered and hard hair”.

      Other funny word is “Pergeñar”: it means “Develop, implement or have something more or less skill and speed”, --for example: to sketch a plan--.

      The word “Gambito” comes from the Chess and it means: “A trap, in which you sacrifice a piece to get an edge”. Gambito comes from the Italian and in Spanish it is equivalent to “Zancadilla”.

      Also the word “Celada” comes from the Chess and it means: “Ambush”.

      Another funny word is: “Tejemaneje”. It is a mix among: “Tejer” (Weave) and “Manejar” (Handle) and it means something like “Cook up”.

      Other curious word is “Troglodita”. Its origin is Greek and means "cave dweller", and in Latin Troglodyta. In Spanish, we use it figuratively, derogatory or jocular.

      The word “Bolinga” is used as “Drunkenness”.

      Also, since we have the new coin, I have heard the word “Leuro” instead of “Euro” several times.

      Another strange word is “Estrafalario”, that is  applied to the person who is notable for original and ridiculous clothing or way to think strangely.

      There is a word, that I have heard many times, it is: “Tenguerengue” and it is said whe something is when something is wrong, such as for example on a table, and it falls to the ground.

      The “Changurro” is a sauce that is made with nécora.

Changurro of nécora

        Another funny word is “Engañifa”, that means “A little fraud, a cheating”. But it is also used in Jaen (Andalusia), when they are going to eat something, to chop something of food, then they do that in order to “mislead” the stomach.From there comes “Engañifa”  --from “Engañar” (mislead)--.

      Other funny word is “Pamplina”, that means “Nonsense”.

      I hope that you have enjoyed with this post.

     Till soon, kind regards,


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Adelinaz said:
25 December 2013 @ 04:53

Thank you for sharing new vocabularynwords, the y aré mucho appreciated to native spanish speakers, i enjoy broadening my vocabulary skills, specfically in spanish, words ras so entertaining, since spanish language is dramatic, strongly, picteresque.I' m actuallyCuban with ancestors from spain, I enjoy the culture, the people are sweet, welcoming, i Will be therebinna feo days look forzare to visitng andfinding a new home.

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