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Returning the smile on Spain
14 December 2013 @ 12:08

      All we who know the Costa de la Luz, also know that it has a special light, --spectacular, sometimes, I would say--. For example, you can see it quite well in this picture:

Playa La Barrosa, Cádiz, Costa de la Luz, South western Spain, by Alcalaina, at

        But, now, I do not want to talk about the Costa de la Luz, but a girl, who "has just seen the light", because she just smile again.

      Her name is Adut Majier, she is 15 years old. Adut had a benign tumor on the face, that grew and deformed it.She has been operated in the “Clinica la Luz” of Madrid.

      Adut has turned to smile thanks to a team of Spanish surgeons. The Sudanese girl has been successfully operated;  so she can return to a normal life.

         In South Sudan, a land that after years of war begins to look to the future, specifically in the heart of the Dinka ethnic group, the work of a Comboni religious was moved to a group of people, thanks to which it was founded the nonprofit organization, “Amsudan”, to help these religious. For example, there, for more than forty years ago, is the spanish missionary, José Javier Parladé, from Seville.

        So, in a few years, several schools were launched with thousands of students and many projects. The case of Adut, this young 15 years old, is the last project of the organization.

      Two months ago, the organization brought her to Madrid and, after two operations in the “Clinica La Luz”, Adut slowly is recovering her smile, with the help of two doctors. After discharge, the surgeon who operated took her into his home (Javier Mato Ansorena is specialist in Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic and Reconstructive).

Adut with Javier Mato

        Within a few days, she will return to her land. If next year she needs another operation, she will have it. Now, she will leave laden gifts and souvenirs, but what impressed me most was when she said "she would like taking a tap for water forever". Therefore, I think that we, those who are healthy, must give thanks God every day.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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