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Spanish scientists develop a satisfying yogurt
28 August 2015 @ 12:09

      I have just found an interesting video, in which several researchers show how an special yogurt is able to reduce appetite, in people who want to lose weight, at meals. If you want to watch this video, please click on the link below:

      At the beginning of the video, you can read:  They research satiating foods against obesity. They work with dairy products.

Voice in off:  “In this laboratory, they research to remove the appetite, eating a small amount of food. They work with dairy products”.

Isabel Hernando (Teacher of Food Technology. Polytechnic university of Valencia): “In the market there is a gap, for all foods that are high satiating capacity, given the obesity problem that exists in the population. Then, the dairy segment is a good segment for getting this kind of  products”

Voice in off: “The scientists have won six experimental formulas of yogurt and 120 have been tested with consumers; they have obtained conclusions”

Susana Fiszman (Researcher at the Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology of the CSIC): “In particular, a yogurt, high in protein, would be more satisfying, What does this mean ?, well that, if we take this yogurt, we are taking it, such as a healthy snack, in mid-morning, and we are going to spend move hours, without feeling hungry, what is the interesting thing”

Voice in off: “The yogurt is usually eaten as a dessert; but other applications are sought here”

 Isabel Hernando: “It should be used as “snack”; ie, as a substitute or lunch or afternoon snack, with the aim of taking a product, that has satiating capacity and not a very high energy load”

Voice in off: “The joint project of the two Valencian institutions has been published in Food Research International”

Susana Fiszman: “Now, it has had a funding of approximately 80,000 Euros, per institution; ie, it is a modest project; but I think, by the number of publications and achievements, that we are having…. is very profitable ....”

Paco Alonso (Voice in off. Editorial office Valencian Community): “This research opens an interesting way, to design strategies to fight against obesity”

      Well, I hope that you have liked this video.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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