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A Spanish lady gives us good advices about Orange
31 July 2015 @ 18:55

      I have found an interesting video, where a lady (Maxi) gives us some advices about orange. If you want to watch this video, please click on the link below:

Maxi: “I will give you a lot of advices; so, you can see how many utilities has orange. And Orange, above all, What makes us ..?:  feeds us ...;  but  I am also going to do to feed our plants and will also use for cosmetic and aromatize us;  ie that you have to pay a lot attention to orange , because it is moreover so easy…, with all that gives us our Mediterranean .... Well let us start, if you think ... Look ... (... .) "

      Now, you can read on the image: Utilities of orange. Maxi´s advides.

Maxi: “(…)…In any program, I told you that the peel of orange is so good, to put in soil and to give vitamins to our plants; so, they are stronger and have more color. That  I already told you: chips of the peel. But, today, I am going to tell you another thing, precious, further up I like a lot, in order that you can do it with the kids. The first thing, that we will do is empty the peel –we will not through out the pulp--;  you will do, so as I have done: you empty it, it is very easy .. ...... you cut it, you make it around ... you empty it and it will be so. And look, What is this doing? ... but the property, which has the peel, is going to give, all the small plants, vitamins, in order that they catch force and then they go out large and powerful and can be transplanted into a large pot, and the plants are fine. And the beauty of this, as I said, look how simple ... is its simplicity .., that the children do with you, that initiate them into understand how small plants can be born ....., it is a precious thing, Do not you think?, with orange peel ... But, as today it is the star, because she deserves this show, I am also going to make you an air freshener for home, because it works great. And look the products, that we will have.. The first thing, that we are going to put are the cloves, spice, cloves. Here we we are going to put orange juice ... and we are going to put it to macerated just a little bit ... The important thing is the cloves are dampened with orange juice, which is here, where they will take all its properties. Then what are we doing? ... You will see .... We are doing a beautiful thing ... We are going to strain them...., because these have to be wet, the cloves. And what are we going to do with the cloves ...?,  we are going to do this ...: first, what we are doing, with a little cord, we are going to stick to the orange, like a gift ... Do you take it? ... I have chosen here raffia, in different colors, because I am going to propose this one, in order that you hang it in the closets. And what happens?; but, we are going to put the clove, which is already impregnated with orange juice, --and, also, when you click here, when you pin it, goes out more orange juice and the little clove, What are we doing now?, we do as a croquette:  we are going to put it with cinnamon; but also, as often there dip the brush and put the cinnamon…., we are going to paint the little cloves ..., it is that, in addition, Do you know one thing? ... this is very laborious, but it is very nice, it is for a creativity, to be inspired, I want you to be inspirated ... and this also can be done with children. That is, you have understood me:  you take the orange juice, put it with cinnamon and paint it, paint all cloves. The idea of this is that the cloves are soaked in cinnamon and, then, you can do with the design that you want. You are going to hang this one, when it is dry, I have got it here ... dry, that smelling so delicious ……, and you are going to hang in closets, and then, tell me the properties, which orange has, not only to eat, but also to give us good aromas. You know that I am a maniac of Aesthetics and I am not going to forget, here, at full speed, I am going to give you a body scrub, for elbows, because all people .... that, by the way, we are certainly going to take holidays now ..., those who no longer are, for summer ... have a good time ...; but we come, from all offices, with elbows slightly harsh ... simply, you are going to do the following:  you are going to put orange juice... Oh .... and I say that also for beauty, we are going to put brown sugar in this case, and going! to see a scrub, very simple ... the brown sugar and orange ...; well, you lay it to the side and you are going to tell me how you fine and well hydrated have you gotten the elbow. And finally, because we are not going to throw anything, all you have drawn (peel, for the little plants; juice, for air fresheners; and the scrub; we are going to join the remaining of orange juice, we are going to put mango, in this case,  --Because I am going to make you a juice,  with lots of power, for this summer--, and we are going to put a few teaspoons of honey, and all this, we are going to put it beautiful and we are going to make a skewer, with the two products bearing the juice: orange and mango, ie even today, I have a little less time, I could not leave without giving you this force, which gives orange with mango, so that you spend a great vacation, ie a hug for everyone and you enjoy”

      Well, I hope that you have liked this video.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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