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Spanish students learn to save lives
09 October 2015 @ 11:59

      Today, I should like to show you a video, about a very important invent: a desfibrillator. In this video, you will see how some students are learning to use it, in order to try to save a life, in case that they meet a person, who suffers a heart attack. If you want to watch this video, please click on the link below:

Mariló Montero (the Presenter of the tv program: La Mañana): “Our colleague, Isabel Otero, is with one of the most experienced, in controlling the apparatus, to try to take care of our heart, in a time of trouble; for example, at Spanish Radio Television, we have one of these devices, which is a cardioprotective, we got there at the entrance and, if something happens to someone, some instructions perfectly clear and didactic come , to open it, and following the instructions of the voice of the lady, who is saying how to activate it. Well, we have gone to Bilbao, we have gone with it, in order that Isabel explains us how it is going to be done exactly”

      While Mariló was speaking, you could read the following: More and more companies have defibrillators needed in case of heart attack. SPACES CARDIOPROTECTED.

Isabel Otero: “Yes. Well, we are, Mariló, in a college, in the College Berriochán Bilbao, and we are going to teach you how it works. Aitor is a First of a levels  student and he is going to do the demonstration of a defibrillator ................., Andrea, give him ..... We are going to change the defibrillator, to catch one, no power, and do the real drill ...... we are going out of the school, because, of course, the heart attack does not have to happen beside where is the portable defibrillator and ,then, we approach, to a doll, that is which will do as a patient. Aitor: tell us, What would you do next?”

Aitor: “The first thing to do is protect ourselves, to look if there are any alerts that can happen to our person; then, to alert someone, ask it to call 112 and, then, we would proceed to help him .... The first thing to do is move the front-chin and look if he is breathing ....; as we see, he is not breathing, then, we will do ... we will use the defibrillator….”

Isabel: “The defibrillator is also giving you instructions, Right?”

Aitor: “So, first we should remove the clothing and we should turn on the defibrillator……”

Isabel: “I do not know if you hear it; but it is giving us instructions…”

Mariló: “Cut the clothes”

Isabel: “As this one is a doll, which has no heartbeat, we have put a band, to simulate the pulse, because the defibrillator is able, also, to recognize, if it has beats or not, and so we do not give it a discharge, whom does not need it. Aitor, let us continue ...”

Aitor: “So now, we must first remove this ..... and, here, we are going to see that there are two electrodes…………………..”

Isabel: “Aitor is sixteen years old and he has spent a year learning this one….Your parents liked the initiative, Right?”

Aitor: “Yes, because, then, if, at any time, it can happen and to know how to use it, is always good”

Mariló: “Where he knows he has to place it?”

Isabel: “How do you know you have to place it?”

Aitor: “For labels, stickers, they indicate where you have to place it and have to put one on the other side of the heart, and the other, below the heart”

Mariló: “All right”

Isabel: “And, then, now?”

Aitor: “Then, now…………..I would have to give a discharge…; but it is telling me to press the help button .....  “

Isabel: “Because this is also connected, Mariló, with a Central, which is giving him instructions and, at the same time, they have alerted the emergency services”

Aitor: “That is….Then, now it would have to tell me to give a discharge, but well…….”

Isabel: “Because it is analyzing the rhythm of the heartbeat, if necessary ... imagine that someone has fainted and does not need defibrillator ... we are not going to give it a discharge for anything……”

Mariló: “But is it asking for it to him, or not?”

Aitor: “Now, what we would have to do is……”

Isabel: “No, it is not yet asking for us”

Aitor: “Now, we would have to press this button, in order that it gave a discharge”

Mariló: “Then, it ask for it us……But, that it give it, in order that the doll does not die….”

Isabel: “We have already given the discharge and we pass to the second step, that was been made by Andrea, who is Second of a levels student and she is going to explain us what it does”

Andrea: “Well, after the discharge, the monitor indicates us that we would have to start with the beats and give heart massage; so, if we have no training, it gives us the information, when you press the button, and it speaks and gives us a pace, for heart rate ...., it would be: in the chest, we would put a hand, and the other one, in order to not break his rib .... so we would start ............”

Mariló: “Isabel, Is the machine going to set the pace to them?”

Isabel: “They are from First and Second of a levels…”

Mariló: “Isabel,  Which pace the machine gives them?”

Andrea: “We receive training, in gym class ... are 4 hours (one theoretical and 3 practical). Now it should warn you, if you need some sort of breathing or something ... in this case is not necessary,…. and we would do the same: we would give 2 breaths and would begin, again, with the massage, another 30”

Mariló: “But it is a wonder that, in schools, they are beginning to teach, teenagers, to save lives, at a critical time, and these are already installed defibrillators, in schools”

Andrea: “…..then, we would have to continue, until an ambulance arrived…….”

A collaborator Doctor: “This is a fundamental thing”

Mariló: “Well, you see ... fantastic ...; also, congratulations to the school, where they have installed these defibrillators; we know that in institutions, here there is one, on Radio Television Spanish; there is in other places, such as airports, hospitals and other centres; but they are in schools, it is wonderful. Thank you, Isabel, applause for these kids ..... and the centres, where they are”

      Well, as Mariló said, I think is a very important thing that children learn to use that machine, in order to save lives. I hope that it is possible, in all schools of Spain.

      Until my next post, kind regards,


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