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Your Opportunity in Spain 2
10 January 2014 @ 01:06

      Today I want to show you this case, because I have liked very much.

      This case ended this program entitled "Your opportunity" and I think that it could have no better end.

      Here you have the video with the case and, after it, I will tanslate all the dialogue. Click down here:

A young woman: “I am Veronica Morales and five years old I was working on a post Manager and I had to reinvent myself. I am half German and I decided to bring German meat products, because I have always thought that there were not good German sausages in Spain ..... I did not have much time for my daughters and my family. Now, I work the same hours, but I have more time, because I can combine one with the other”.

You can read on the image: Verónica is very clear that her life changed for the better

 Verónica: “Undertake, for me, has meant:  first a sacrifice; but then, many satisfactions –specially personal satisfaction in what we have achieved--. My family supported me because they were always told me “half-crazy”, but I had very good ideas and they asked me to put them into practice. Good ideas ... there are many, what it is really difficult is to implement them, and that is what you need to get.

       After leaving my job in multinational company as Executive, have been going different ideas and projects, and one of these projects is that I will present to investors".

Verónica: “Good evening:  My name is Veronica Morales and ... I do not come to ask tonight, but I come to offer you something, okay?. What we want to offer to you, is ...... I can not ......”

Catalina: “Relax, breathe”

Gonzalo: “Do not worry, quiet”

Javier: “Improvise, that it leaves more natural”

Vrónica: “I am sorry…………We do not want asking for money, but we want to offer, to offer a idea, a project based on a product. Then, we offer you the 15 % of this idea and what we ask in return is truly your involvement, your energy, your ideas and above all your contacts. In return of this 15% , of this participation yours, we ask the 15% of the cost it the creation of this company, which in total would be 450 Euros”.

You can read on the image:  Gives the 15% of the business in exchange for 450 Euros!

A short silence…..

Catalina: “450 Euros”

Gonzalo: “For the 15%”

Gonzalo: “I understand that your valuation is very honest, very very honest, because you want help, not money and that is fine”

Verónica: “Exactly, just because I believe in the idea, it is about the idea and then we need the support to realize this idea. And I can now step to present you what our idea is: it a container, shaped wine glass, that it is made of PET, which is recyclable, then it contains quality wine, you can see ... it has a plastic cap .... then opens easily ..... it is tasted  – it is very good -- and it is recycled, it has lots of possibilities, for its packaging system  --which is vacuum-- we also want to pack sangria, for example, and even soups”.

Maria Eugenia: “May we see it?, Can you bring it to us?.....Or we get close and see it”.

Gonzalo: “I am very interested, I want approach myself”

Javier: “Let us go to see it”

The presenter: “Veronica has come up with a surprising strategy and, with it, a not less striking offer: she has not come to ask, but to offer the 15% of her project .... in return, she asks 450 Euros, because what she really wants is to them .......”

Verónica: “I have lived in five countries for 15 years, and on returning to Spain, I found this "nice" crisis and I said:  I have to do something to promote this country, above all the good products and to export. Then, we have created this brand, that is “I olé you”, because we think it has a journey beyond this, I mean, because obviously everything is Gastronomy and Merchandising”.

Gonzalo: “How many are the Partners?"

Veronica: “Three, on total”

Gonzalo: “And with how much percentage?"

Veronica: “Ehhh…33, each one”

Maria Eugenia: “And the profile of your partners?”

Veronica: “One is a renowned cooker, a renowned chef and the other person is a Creative woman. And between all I think that we Together we are a pretty diverse team .... in part, but we complement much”

Pablo: “The first thing I want to do is congratulate you, by the intelligence of the proposal, because I am 32 years old, I have been waging since the 18 and I am all day in contact with entrepreneurs and more than 90% of them think that undertake is to have an idea worth a million Euros and you have done just about everything you have. Entrepreneurship is a very nice word with many connotations, but it is the hardest thing I have experienced in my life .... I think in particular, there are people here, in this product, who can make you more than what I can provide you, strategically, and, therefore, in this case, I will be out "

A little silence…..

Gonzalo: “I go…, I go, because I think I can help you very much…, I am specialized in Marketing, Communication in Consumer Products ... until ... wine;  moreover I am a good Commercial  --for selling more myself—"

Javier: “Besides handsome and a nobleman”

Gonzalo: “Then I have good contacts .... What else can I say ...?”

Verónica: “But that is the base that we need”

Gonzalo: “I already offer you a 25% ...and by round it off, for 1000 Euros”

Veronica: “The 25 % for 1000 Euros, all right”

Gonzalo: “Because I do not give you 1000 Euros, I give you everything else and I guarantee you that it is much worth much, because I am pushing a lot, for the product development”

Javier: “I offer you 1100 Euros for the 25 %”

………….Verónica is laughing ... , she seems to be happy……..

Javier: “I ... first ...... I love the honesty of approach that you have brought, which is the first time it happens here and ... I think the package has lots of possibilities, so I am happy to participate alone or accompanied, to the extent that everyone wants”

Catalina: “I join the bandwagon of putting a bit, even a little bit of time I can do, I will love to support you, as they supported me at the time, of course”

Maria Eugenia: “I join with all that has been said ... and you can not have a better team, I suggest you and what I propose is that when you develop and throw yourselves a premium line, that is my specialty and where I could make more, that there I join and throw me one with you to develop this project”

Verónica: “I think it is great, thank you very much”

Javier: “I would say the following, which is:  1000 Euros, for every 5% and goes who wants to do it”

….a silence……..

Gonzalo: “We do that….very well, …we offer you 1000 Euros per each 5 % and I add that for less than 10% I do not care to get involved”

Verónica: “I am going to consult it, thank you very much, until now”

Now you can read on the image: Verónica goes out in order to consult it with her two other partners

Gonzalo: “The brand is improvable………With this brand I think we are going to the strictly tourist market”

Maria Eugenia: “This brand reduce the price of it a little bit, because it does souvenir”

Verónica is speaking by phone with one of her partners: “Do you prefer that only one is involved?”

One partner: “Fend them off you. They have money, but we also have money. It's not a money problem, it is a matter of implication. But who really think this can go forward. Who wants inplicatión”

Gonzalo: “Now she will be who will come to choose us….look….we are in the casting”

The presenter: “For the first time, the tables have turned: now is the entrepreneur who asks and who decides whom investors will give the opportunity to invest”

…….a little silence………………….

Verónica: "I introduce to Marta Alvarez, the Creative, and we are talking, right?”

One partner: “Look, uh, uh, you are all brave, we are all entrepreneurs. Let us go forward, but only one. Do not let us blur this one, come on!, Who of you is really the best bidder?, Who wants to bet on this? but only one".

Verónica: “Who can help further that this is a product of .....?"

Gonzalo: “All right, I will tell you .....: honestly, I think I am who can help further .............. I want to be that person and I want to get the 20 (%) "

Verónica: “Right, one question:  Who of you has more contacts, both domestic and international, to sell and distribute this product?, I am asking it honestly”

Gonzalo: “Then I answer you again:  as international contacts, Javier; as knowledge of major consumer product, Marketing, etc, I think I,  honestly”

Maria Eugenia: “As contacts, on High-end segment, worldwide but especially in Asia, I”

Gonzalo: “As Senior Products, Catalina ... We make you an offer ... I daresay joint”

Verónica: “Right”

One partner (Sergio): “Have you closed the deal?”

Gonzalo: “2,000 Euros….”

Verónica: “Let us see, they are making an offer”

Gonzalo: “….per the 10 % for me and the 10 % for Javier”

Verónica: “That is what I wanted to propose ....? Sergio, agree? Marta, agree? .......... I said I acept, Marta accepts; what do you say?”

Sergio: “I think that the 10 % is perfect, but really needs to be with bravery and courage to stay on this, because it is our illusion”

Verónica: “All right. What he really asks is the implication in this idea, because it is our idea and our dream and what he wants is that you get involved,  absolutely”

Catalina: “We accept”

Javier: “And the commitment to help you”

Catalina: “Well that is it”

Gonzalo: “That is it”

Pablo: “But congratulations and thank you”

Verónica: “Thanks to you”

Gonzalo: “Congratulations.., you have done it very well”

Verónica: “Thank you very much”

Maria Eugenia: “Congratulations”

Marta: “Thank you”

Maria Eugenia: “Very well negotiated”

Gonzalo: “Have we bought expensive, Javier?, What do you think?”

Javier: “We have bought so cheap”

Verónica: "The money, at least.., between them, you get that money; but what you do not get is the help and the contacts, and that is the most important part that we need…and I think that we have gotten it tonight”

      Well, here the video has finished and I hope that it has been such interesting for you as it has been for me.

      Till a next article, kind regards,


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