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A through Internet scam in Southern Spain
25 September 2013 @ 12:41

        Yesterday night I could listen on the radio a girl from Málaga, who is studying a PhD at the University of Málaga and recently she has been a victim of a scam from New York through Internet.

      She explained that the International Relations Office University warned her a job for the UN in New York. Then she accepted the offer and began to fill in forms; but they asked her 6000 Euros, to stay; she paid it.She followed sending documents and she was receiving documentation with UN seals. But, when they asked her 8000 Euros for her visa, she was puzzled and asked the U.S. Embassy in Spain and was told that a visa does not cost 8000 Euros. Then she has reported to Spanish police and the U.S., and the Spanish Police has said that this offer has also been sent to another sites as the U.S. and Europe.

      Therefore I want you to be careful with offers in Internet, specially when someone ask you money before starting a job.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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