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Mis fotos

This is a very special site for me. I can express this way my perception of reality through these photo image creations and share them with you as if you were at my home.

Knowing a little Spain
19 August 2013 @ 04:11

      We start our tour in Cantalejo, a village which is in Segovia (north of Madrid).

      The man who receives the group says he has welcomed them in "Gacería", which is a local slang. He also says that they are met to go to the “Hoces of the Duratón”.

      The presenter of this program of tv says that this is a group of 200.000 visitors that the Natural Park of the Hoces of the Duraton receive each year.

      She asks to one of the members of the group why they decided to go there and he answered that the reason was that whole group is 40 years old. Then, they took a rural house and this day they were going to play canoeing.

      The Director of the company tells the presenter that they receive around 250 persons every weekend, in different activities. She also aks him how many companies are working in the Natural Park; he answer they are 5 companies.

      The tourist guide tells the group: "Put yourself in the shade in a circle”.

      The presenter of the program asks that how long the tour and the company manager answers "three hours or three hours and a half, approximately”. He says the Natural Park measures 25 km.

      The guide says: “Look at there, on that rock, where two vultures are perched.

      The presenter says: "I have understood that here, in the Hoces of the Duratón is the most important colony of vultures in Spain". And the guide answers: “Well, in Spain and in Europe”.

      The guide also says: “Well, here you can see the ruins of a monastery, the Monastery of the Hoz. Top of the Monastery there is a stone commemorating the passing of Philip II and the donation for this project”.

      The presenter greets a family in another canoe: “Family….hello…How about you bear it ...., have youhad many collisions?”. “Occasional” –answers the boy--. And the lady says: “It is a present fo happy birthday and I am mad…….; my husband and my children have given me”.


      Sepúlveda (Segovia, northeastern Spain).

      The presenter says: “Of the 38,000 visitors it receives this people a year, 80% come from Madrid, because it is very close  --Only one hour away--. The 100% come to eat lamb –it is because, in this village, with 1.200 people, there are 15 Grills”. And she follos: “Cristóbal: all of this that you are removing from the oven, is lamb”. He answers: “Yes, this is lamb chops, because it is 30 days old and a weight of 10 or 12 kilogram. It is lamb chops because it has only sucked”. Then, the presenter says: “I am dying to see the tricks you have to cook this lamb”. And he answers: “For grilling I rely on three key things: sight, smell  -- because if it burns, I can feel fast - and hearing ..., people are surprised when I say this, How do you hear? .... , because I hear if it sings ... the lamb sings: If it has a lot of heat, begins to creak (chuchuchu. ..), that is too bad. Nothing but carries salt and a little water. "

      The presenter asks: “Has it a Designation of Origin?”. And he answers: “Yes, the band that bears witness to us is what the lambs are of Castile-Leon, our race is authentic”.

       The presenter asks the group who are eating: “How is the lamb?. And a lady answers, "Very good, top. And, moreover, to eat with fingers is great. I come from Galicia to eat the lamb of here”

      The presenter goes to another restaurant and she talks to the chef: “Ismael, good afternoon. At each site we get into Sepulveda there is an oven with a grill ....”. And he says: “I have been 30 years .... In my bar, this ... all his life: my grandfather, my great grandfather, my great great grandfather…”. The presenter asks: “Is this oven made of stone?. And he answers: “No, this is made of clay.It is an oven like in which bread was cooked formerly”.

      The presenter asks to another group: “Where you come from?”. And a sir answers: “We come from Madrid and we come expressly to see the Hoces of the Duraton and to “Ismael” to eat lamb. Another sir says: “From the 1982 coming here. The truth is that this sir treats us very well. It is the best lamb of all Spain.

      Ismael explais: “It is a half lamb. It costs less than 30 Euros, per person” –including wine of Ribera del Duero and a salad—“.


      Now, the presenter asks a biker where they go and where they come from. He answers that they go to a shrine and come from Valladolid, Madrid and other cities of Spain. They are a group of 70 bikers.

      The presenter talks to the guide. She asks him if he works all the year of only three monts; he answers tha all the years is possible to organized a route; in winter people with more clothes…, but there are interesting routes.

      Later, the presenter asks another biker: “What a pleasure you all find in bike touring Spain?”. And he answers: “But it is like to be young again: remembering the music of that epoch…, ; to be young, to be happy again”. The presenter also says: “Moreover, we are seeing here a spectacular scenery: that it is all the river Duratón, these are the Hoces of the Duratón, we are in the middle of the Natural Park, in the middle of the canyon”. And the biker says: “Of course…, this is spectacular…..these are the meanders, which take the river across the Natural Park”.

      After that, the guide says: “According we enter here, in the chapel of the left side, it is the big stone , over which Saint Frutos  made his offerings.Then, it is said that If you give 3 turns to the stone, heal all the pains of kidneys, lumbago and other. It is a very curious thing, but it must be done with respect”.

      The presenter says to the guide: “Mateo, well, you have experience in this one….and you have done it so quickly…”. And he says: “I am already cured for all the life”.

      The presenter says to another man: “You have going on your knees, so I see”. And she asks him: “Have you many evils to heal?.An he answers: “No, I am asking for everybody, because we are all in a very bad situation”.


      Now, the presenter talks to a man who works in the park. Here he is pointing how many vultures are in the park.

      She start to talk to him asking: “Sigi, what is this one?”. And he answers: “This is the book I use for census” and the presenter says: “Here you have: “Vultures, 2013”. He says: “Yes, there it puts Vultures, but I put Alimoches (Egyptian vultures), hawks…,everything that goes out”. The presenter tells him: “You are the one that controls how many birds there are, how they reproduce, how many species …..; perhaps you are the person who knows better how many vultures there are in the park”. He says: “Exactly. There are 684 couples. Chickens that are going to take flight ARE 319. Let us do the scale and let us look calmly……Look…there there is a vulture, who is trying to flight; he is already stretching the wings; you can look, if you want”. The presenter look and says: “I, from here, see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9”; and he says: “Yes…they are who have the head a little bit more white”. He says: “Well, now I search the leaf of this wall…..But here you have the nests. Couples who started and chickens have flown the second half of June, early July”.

      The presenter sees how a land-Rover is coming to her and she asks one of the men in the car: “Hello…Are you making photos to the landscape?”; and he answers: “Vultures. At dusk, as all of them become the food to the nests….they fly a lot more close and now we are going to try if we can see one of them very close”.

      The presenter goes into a Land-Rover and a young woman says: “We come to spend the weekend; we come from Madrid; we have rented the rural house.To escape a little bit of Madrid, because we are working all day…..”; the presenter asks her: “But, in what are you working?”; and she answered: “My husband is a self-employed and I am a a clerk in a store”. Her husband –who is driving the car—says: “Do you see it…?, that is a vulture, surely it was the first who came down to eat”. The vulture has no feathers on the neck and it has so long to put his head inside animals”.

      This is the link to watch the video of the program:

      Inside and down click on the little window with the tittle: Las hoces del Duraton.

      I hope that you have enjoyed with this post.

      Till soon, kind regards,


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