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Lack of EU knowledge costs British travellers
29 May 2013 @ 14:02

Regulations passed by the European Parliament last year capped the cost of using mobiles abroad – but the rules do not protect travellers outside the EU.

According to research by comparison site uSwitch, many holidaymakers don’t realise they are travelling outside the EU.
Almost half of more than 1,000 people surveyed by uSwitch thought that Croatia – a popular summer destination – was part of the EU.  Around 30pc thought that Turkey was an EU member and Norway, Switzerland and Iceland also confused respondents.

From July 1 this year the capped EU charges will be reduced further. It will cost €0.24 per minute to make calls, €0.07 per minute to receive calls and €0.08 to send a standard text message.

Data charges will also be capped at a lower rate of €0.45 per MB, as well as a €50 cap on overall data usage.  In contrast, data charges outside the EU cost £4.75 per MB on average.

Read the full article at The Telegraph

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