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UPDATE: Social Security and Healthcare Crackdown in Spain - Some Real Life Examples
31 August 2013 @ 19:00

A while back I wrote in this blog post about a dole claim that the Social Security office rejected because of suspected fraud.  This is what I wrote:

A friend of mine was recently denied dole because of suspected fraud in the claim.  He has built up just under 6 month's worth of dole entitlement in Spain but needed a couple of days extra work to unlock the 6 months dole.  So he asked his brother if he could "work" for his company for a few days in order to help him unlock his dole.  So my friend "worked" for 3 days and after that submitted his dole claim at the unemployment office.  Everybody does this in Spain, or should I say used to do this.  To some it may seem like fraud but to the Spanish it is called playing the system and is perfectly acceptable.  Anyway, my friend's dole claim was rejected for suspected fraud.  He has appealed and is waiting to hear back.  So it looks like the Spanish authorities are cracking down on this previously acceptable behaviour, and about time some would say.

My friend submitted an appeal at the end of 2012 and this month received a letter from the Social Security office to say that his appeal had been successful and that he would be awarded the unemployment benefits after all.  My friend is now working and he is unsure if he will get a lump sum pay out for the 5 months he didn't receive any dole, or whether the 5 months will just be added to his entitlement should he need dole again in the future.

It's no wonder Spain is in such a mess smiley.  But at least my friend is happy!!

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