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Holidaymakers in Europe should 'beware speeding crackdown'
14 July 2011 @ 16:05

British drivers are being warned to stay within the speed limit while in Europe (Chicago Options: ^REURTRUSD - news) this summer.

According to research from the Post Office , many of the most popular European destinations with British holidaymakers are taking an increasingly tough approach when it comes to speeding.

The Post Office says that thousands of British tourists could be caught unawares and out of pocket by on-the-spot fines, with the average offence costing £53.

Although some police officers carry card machines, many demand that that these fines be paid in cash, with those who fail to cough up the money having to face the embarrassment of being escorted by police to the nearest cash point.

In Italy, the maximum fine for speeding is around £3,000, while in France, one of the most favoured destinations for Britons travelling by car, it is around £1,400.

Research at Dover and Hull ferry ports revealed that three per cent of holidaymakers admit to having being stung by a speeding fine while abroad which the Post Office says, given that around 6.4 million passenger cars leave the UK by sea every year, means Britons could in total be paying up to £10 million in fines abroad every year.

Neil Greig, the director of policy and research at the Institute of Advanced Motorists said: “It is essential that when visiting another country you study the particular traffic laws of your destination before you travel. Claiming ignorance to local speed limits isn’t the answer. Last week the UK opted out of the cross border enforcement directive so European traffic police know it’s an on-the-spot fine or nothing when it comes to stopping Britons speeding on their roads.”

He added however that it was far from just speeding which could land holidaymakers with hefy fines. “Traffic police are also able to enforce regulations on carrying safety triangles, spare lamps, reflective jackets and even satnavs with speed camera monitors in them. As at home the solution is simple drive considerately and legally and you have no reason to worry.”

Source: The Telegraph

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Alexander Zilo said:
18 August 2011 @ 04:38

It is essential that tourists visiting other countries remember to leave their arrogance and condescending demeanor at home/

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