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Save money on car hire in Spain
05 August 2009 @ 20:29

To try and get the best prices, you need to book as early as possible.  Don’t leave it until the last minute and don’t turn up at the airport expecting to be able to get a car.

There are also a number of good websites that help you search for a hire car.  I had a quick look at a few of them to see what sort of deals were available.  I was actually surprised that some of the prices weren’t as bad as I was expecting and that there are actually some cars available!

The criteria I used on all of the websites were:

-Pick up and drop off at Malaga Airport

-24th to 30th August (7 days)

-small/compact car (C2, Fiesta, Ka)

Here are the results, with the cheapest first:

Car Trawler - 178.25 euros - 179 euros – 190 euros

Holiday Autos - 195 euros

Carjet - 323.34 euros

Europcar- 369 euros

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Adela Guiliani said:
06 August 2009 @ 03:58

If you really want to save money make sure you confirm the rental company has the full/full fuel policy. Most of the car hire companies in Costa del Sol are doing the Full/Empty fuel deal. You get a full tank and are supposed to return it empty, a scam!!! You will never be able to do so and they get free petrol. I found a company that does the full/full deal, CarMalaga, and since then I only rent via them.

SpainMoneySaving said:
06 August 2009 @ 10:03

Yeah, I have to say, the Full/Empty fuel policy is a bit naughty but the majority of them seem to be doing this now. I've heard that they charge you way more than the going rate for a tank of fuel.

Roda Golf Rentals said:
07 August 2009 @ 11:59

Yes we have been caught with that one costing us as we ended up with half a tank of fuel left!!

I have to say I tried to book a car for a friend at roda golf in july and could not get anything no matter how much I was prepared to pay.

What is going on its crazy

Merrylegs said:
08 August 2009 @ 10:06

Interesting to see the cost comparison - thank you!

Adela Guiliani said:
30 July 2010 @ 21:13

Since my comment in 2009 CarMalaga changed their policy and joined the other companies in the fuel scam. We found out that Helle Hollies has the full/full policy and from the amount they retain for fuel they return immediately on your credit card the unused part or the complete tank if you have filled it prior to returning it. They re very friendly and a FAIR fuel policy. SUCCESS ! !

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