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A Labyrinth of Rocks
25 January 2018 @ 12:29


To the south of Antequera is Torcal, a limestone mountain range where erosion has sculpted a formidable labyrinth of rocks with fantastic shapes such as the Tornillo, which looks just like an immense screw threaded halfway into the planet. It was in the Jurassic Age, 150 million years ago, that these surprising rocks formed on the sea bed, as a result of the deposit and compacting of corals, mollusc shells and other shellfish of the era. Subsequently, time and geology worked together patiently, designing this landscape of narrow corridors. Its intersections opened to craters, basins and 'torcas' (clay-bottomed depressions), which give the place its name, and the boulders were shaped leading to tapering channels and the unique shapes of the Torcal which, rather than screws, look like hamburgers with many layers.



The repertoire of picturesque formations is completed with caves and chasms typical of a limestone enclave, with wild rose bushes, ivy, honeysuckle and 30 varieties of orchids. That is what the most beautiful and peculiar natural part of Andalusia is like.



The interpretation centre recommends that visitors begin with the green route, a 1.5 km well-signposted pathway that covers the highest and most impressive area of the Torcal in under an hour. If you have the opportunity you must pay it a visit.

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Falcón said:
25 January 2018 @ 18:30

Beautiful article!!

Astronautilus said:
27 January 2018 @ 16:23

This is a fabulous place, and I'm amazed that it hardly gets a mention anywhere. The article could have mentioned the wildlife in the park... Ibex, fox, rabbit, all sorts of lizards and reptiles, and you're bound to see Griffon Vultures.

It's normally easy to park, but it can get busy on a weekend, so they sometimes use shuttle buses... allow extra time!

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