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Simple...a series of lists declaring Spain's "best" in anything and everything...they may be lists compiled by independent reviewers or by myself....whichever, I hope you find them useful :-)

Amazing beaches to be discovered
Thursday, July 15, 2021 @ 9:28 PM

The Summer is here and the beach is the number one destination this time of year. However most people tend to think of the south of Spain or the Mediterranean coastline is the best place to visit, but Spain has fantastic beaches in every corner of its landmass, here are 10 great beach destinations that can be enjoyed all year round whichever corner of the country you choose to visit..  (the list is in geographical order, more or less, so not in order of greatness!)


1. Playa de Rodas, islas Cíes 

This beach joins the islands of Monteagudo and Faro on the archipelago of the Cíes Islands. Its fine, white sand and crystalline emerald waters bring delight to anyone who visits it and encourages bathers to confront the cold sea. Next to the beach there are natural dunes which are currently being recovered. You can spend the night in an idyllic campsite, located among large pine trees, with a beautiful ocean view.


2. Playa Torimbia, Llanes

It is one of the wildest and prettiest beaches in Asturias and is also well known for the great atmosphere provided by the people who visit it. Because it is a cliff, which makes it rather difficult to reach, when you see the beach from above you will be sure to want to climb down. Its white sand, stretching for nearly 500 metres, makes it look idyllic. It is very popular with nudists and also surf-lovers, thanks to the fierce waves caused by the wind in the area.


3. Playa de Mataleñas, Santander 

This beach is very near Santander, between Cabo Menor and Cabo Mayor, and it owes its beauty to its location, surrounded as it is by high cliffs. Even though the beach is isolated, a great many people visit it during the summer, which is easy to understand since it is one of the best beaches along this coast. It is accessed on foot, by way of steep steps. Its waters are clean and it has a lovely seaside promenade from where you can enjoy some unbeatable views. 


4. Cala Estreta, Palamós, Girona 

A picture postcard cove, ideal for anchoring boats and enjoying the transparency of the sea, it is perfect for snorkelling and watching a large number of fish. Access is difficult because you can only reach the beach on foot or by bike (in summer cars are forbidden) There is some privacy and maybe for this reason it is popular with nudists. The beach is very narrow - which is how it came by its name [Estreta, meaning narrow] - and on many stretches it is no more than two metres wide. 

5. Playa Macarella, Menorca 

This virgin beach emerges in the midst of a thickly forested area, filling the Menorcans with pride and offering pure delight to visitors.  Its crystalline waters are a real pleasure that invite bathers to switch off from everything and rest. You can visit several caves in the area, one of which is at the entrance to the cove called “Es Castell de Macarella”. Less than 500 metres away is Cala Macarelleta, just as pure and pretty but slightly smaller, which makes it even more charming.

6. Dénia, Alicante 

These beaches and coves will surprise you with every step you take. They all hold international certificates for quality and environmental management; a real guarantee in the services offered. In addition, along the coast of Denia you can find numerous flora micro-reserves. For example, the Cabo San Antonio Marine Reserve is of notable interest: a protected area that possesses an ecosystem with great natural wealth, which can be discovered by means of several underwater routes (subject to prior permission). 

7. Playa de Mazarrón, Murcia 

A lot of sun, warm, calm blue waters and the good weather all year long make Mazarrón (Murcia) the ideal place for resting. You immerse yourself in its depths, lose yourself in its coves and feel the emotion of water sports. The 35 kilometres of coast in the region mean there are beaches that will satisfy everyone's taste, from crowded, urban beaches to hidden beaches in natural areas, where an air of solitude reigns. 


8. Playa de los Muertos, Almería 

Located at the northernmost end of the Cabo de Gata Natural Park – Níjar, it is a totally straight beach, as if it had been drawn with a ruler. It affords wonderful views and its waters are an amazing blend of bluesThere is also a small island which is regularly used by nudists. According to local belief, the colour is due to the whirlpools and currents of the water, so if you decide to visit it you must take care not to have a nasty surprise while you are bathing.

9. Playas del Cabo de Roche, Cadiz 

A group of beaches that stand out for their coves, well known for their incredible sunsets. Each one has its own charm: on the one hand, there is Playa de los Bateles, a large, family beach with a seaside promenade, spectacular for its size and the quality of the sand. And, on the other, the jewel in the crown of this coast, the Playa de Castilnovo, which is practically virgin and with a wild appearance that is ideal for surfing. Considered to be a Place of Community Interest, it is a natural beauty spot with walking access to the estuary of the Salado river.

10. Playa del Papagayo, Lanzarote 

It is one of the most spectacular beaches in the Canary Islands and is situated inside Los Ajaches Natural Monument. It is a stunningly beautiful cove sheltered by the cliff walls that surround it on both sides. You need to go well prepared to spend a day there: although it is easy to access, because it is some way from the nearest towns, there are few services around. Its golden sand and crystalline water will make you feel as though you are in paradise. 





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