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POLL: Do you feel you live a healthier lifestyle in Spain?
01 October 2013 @ 11:55

The Spanish may be out of work and struggling with financial disaster, but the Spanish have the highest healthy life expectancy in Europe – and beat Australia, Canada, Norway and the USA as well.
Spain has an excellent healthcare system, ranked seventh in 2000 on the only occasion the World Health Organisation has compiled a league table. The UK was 18th. But it is not just the structures or even the skills of the doctors that matter. It is also the state of health of the people who arrive in the clinics.
Maybe the Mediterranean diet, heavy on fruit, salads, fish and olive oil, is responsible for the low death rate from heart disease – Spain has the 3rd lowest level of years of life lost. It also does well on a number of cancers – pancreatic, prostate, breast and oesophageal. Families still care for ailing relatives – taking daily meals to those in hospital is normal and premature deaths from falls are low. 

According to the European League Table, comprised of data collected over a 20 year period by medical journal, Lancet, Spain is the healthiest place to live compared with 18 other countries in the EU.
Ranking number one for life expectancy, Spanish residents live for an average of 81.4 years-two years longer than people living in Britain. They can also expect to enjoy up to 70.9 years of good health, compared with only 68.6 years of healthy life for the average Brit. The UK was left lagging behind in 12th place behind Greece, Ireland and Germany. It is also considered that the Spanish attitude to drinking alcohol and the weather plays an important role, encouraging a more outdoor lifestyle.

Do you feel you live a healthier lifestyle in Spain?

please cast your vote...


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harddunby said:
05 October 2013 @ 08:43

This is becoming like the politicians attitude, forget all that is still wrong and not solved,like the generation without jobs, Brussels will bail us out.

mike_walsh said:
05 October 2013 @ 08:46

Couldn’t agree more. When the topic is health I often quip that Doctor Spain takes good care of me. Health and healthcare is one of my reasons for being here.

leytonette said:
05 October 2013 @ 09:10

Semi-retirement is what brought me here and I am enjoying a healthier (and cheaper!) lifestyle, although I did live quite healthily in the UK as well.

TRigger said:
05 October 2013 @ 09:50

i moved to spain in august this year i dont retire till next july but i had had as much as i could take of the uk weather i have found over the last 5 years it was getting harder to get up for work each day i loved my job but it was getting up to find frost snow ice rain i arsked the tax office if i could retire early so they could take someone off the dole i was told NO i had to work till i was 65 i had a little saved so i just gave up work since i moved my health has got better and i get up in the morning no problem

rob said:
05 October 2013 @ 13:29

the spanish are corrupt and have messed up their economy
they cannot organise a pi--- up in a brewery

empty roads /airports with no passengers or flights
but they live longer now there is a message for the rest of Europe

Brian said:
05 October 2013 @ 14:20

The live for today attitude may be bad in the eyes of others in many ways but it seems to work.
I have only been here one and a half years but feel so much better for it. I can see why others would see the lifestyle as bad but I love it and can easily see why it works.

LaMedrana said:
05 October 2013 @ 17:26

As a Spanish citizen, I must say these data will soon be old-fashioned as our life style is being collapsed by ridiculous decisions made by our "leaders", for example, now if you have a cancer, you'll have to pay 10% of the drugs at hospitals....nice, isn't it? but we Murcia people are very happy because we own a white elephant also known as a totally unnecessary airport at Corvera.

eggcup said:
05 October 2013 @ 17:52

It depends where you live. In the village where I spent three years there was just a main road with no pavement outside the boundaries and this is the case in other villages I know. So it was difficult and dangerous to go for a walk (I could have walked up and down the steep village and sometimes had to, but prefer to walk on the flat). This meant that I didn't get a lot of exercise except when I drove the coast to walk on the promenade.
Also, there were far too many meal-times - first breakfast (cereal), second breakfast (tostada), lunch, merienda (boccadillos), tapas, followed by supper - sometimes with afternoon tea thrown in because I like to bake! Unsurprisingly, I never lost any weight in Spain...

christos1980 said:
05 October 2013 @ 18:00

Oh wow LeMadrana 10% is quite considerable where unemployment is so high isn't it? My wife had cancer treatment here in the UK and we know the entire treatment cost way of £100,000. Treatment is not cheap, and I imagine if people in Spain have to pay 10% towards costs that could cause financial hardship for many people. And because of the economy I guess a lot of people do not have private health cover. I am pleased to live in the UK where we don't have a perfect health system but here in the south east it is pretty good with complaints from us.

J Babbel said:
06 October 2013 @ 01:24

I always had lots of nasty colds which lasted for ages now I don't get them.

Ralph said:
07 October 2013 @ 11:06

Do you feel you live a healthier lifestyle in Spain? Answer: Yes, definetly. I used to live in the USA and I am convinced that the answer relies on: healthier eating habits, natural foods (especially olive oil), and life style. Definetly we would not get that far by eating eggs with bacon and 7.30 hrs...

David H said:
07 October 2013 @ 15:23

Retired: 25mmHg lower blood pressure: 7kg lower weight: more exercise: healthier diet: blue sky: what's not to like?

jmw1 said:
10 October 2013 @ 18:25

Hi, I think the 10% is only on drugs used outside of the hospital, as an out patient, not the whole treatment (ie. drugs administered as a day or in patient are not charged for).

Running Bare said:
19 October 2013 @ 13:36

My health has improved so much after moving to Spain. The food is fresher and tastier and the whole lifestyle screams "RELAX."
Not sure about too many mealtimes, they aren't compulsory and you can always say no.

Christina Rawlinson said:
20 October 2013 @ 21:19

I lived a much healthier life when I lived in Spain as the foods are much cheaper and the growing your own vegetables as many Spanish do and also exchange with each other which minimizes expense

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