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New Ryanair rules can make it harder to check in
18 May 2014 @ 09:27

Changes to Ryanair’s online check-in process have infuriated Which? members who have been unable to check in for both legs of their journey in advance, without paying an extra charge.

Online check-in with the budget airline is now only available between seven days and two hours before departure for those who choose not to pay £5 or £10 for allocated seating.

This means passengers who are travelling for more than a week and don't pay for allocated seating can only check in for the outward journey - not the return journey - before they leave the UK.

Those who pay the extra fees can now check in up to 30 days prior to their flight.

Previously, Ryanair allowed customers to check in and print boarding cards up to 15 days before their departure – long enough to cover a fortnight’s holiday.

Which? member, Paul Morrison said: ‘It’s incredibly inconvenient because it means that if you have a holiday which is longer than seven days, you have to spend some of it finding somewhere to go online and print out your return boarding pass.’

Those who can’t check in while they are away will face a fee of £70 per person to do so at the airport where they will catch their return flight. 

Read the full article at Which?

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eggcup said:
18 May 2014 @ 09:57

Yeah. And they've presented their changes as a good thing for the customer. None of the so-called positive changes were necessary as far as I'm concerned. Not having to rush on the 'plane to get a seat doesn't stop you having to rush on to get a space for your bag in the overhead lockers - so that one doesn't help at all. And this change is a right pain. They give you a problem to solve on your holiday. Hopefully if enough fuss is made they'll go back to the 15-day rule.

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