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Duty free changes when returning to the UK from 1st October. ONLY 800 (NOT 3200) cigarettes
Friday, September 30, 2011

From 1st October, Customs Officers can stop you in Customs and check the quantity of cigarettes & tobacco that you are bringing into the UK.

The recommended guidlines have NOT changed, BUT, if you have more than 800 cigarettes, or more than 1Kilo of tobacco, questions will be asked and if Customs are not satisfied with your answers, they will be confiscated, or you will have to pay the duty. Previous to 1st october it was 3200 cigarettes.

They will also take into account how often you travel and when your next trip is planned.

Here is the article from the website.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I was reading a thread on a forum local to me today, members were discussing what arrangements they may have made for their funerals & it got round to discussing leaving your body to medical science. It is a very interesting thread although if you are not a member you haven't access tothe thread. If you feel you want to leave your body to science this apparently is what you should do if in the Torrevieja area.


Fact Sheet 19


San Miguel Centre:

Calle Lope de Vega 45, San Miguel de Salinas 03193, Alicante

Telephone: 966 723 733


To participate in this scheme all documents

must be submitted and approved before your death

Bodies may be donated to science at no cost to relatives. Anyone wishing to do this should use the following procedure.


Departamento de Histologia y Anatonomia

Campus de San Juan

Universidad de Miguel Hernandez

Calle Valencia, Kilometro 87


San Juan de Alicante

Secretary’s office Tel. 96 591 9427 8am to 3pm

The Donor should send a Letter of Intent to the address below:


witnessed by two people and returned to the University.

The form will be annotated "Authorised" and returned to the Donor.

By return the Donor will receive a Form of Consent. This should be completed,


to be sent to the Judge (Juzagado Registro, Ave Santa Justa 6, Orihuela, Tel: 96

530 5181. The Judge will sign the death certificate, this authorises the body to be

removed from the hospital.

If the Donor is hospitalised, the Tanatoria will arrange for the original death certificate


Tanatorio or direct to University.

If the donor dies outside hospital, the procedure is for the body to be removed to the


is aware of the form and its whereabouts), should:

a) Ring the number on the form advising them of the death of the Donor and the

location of the body. The Authorities will normally collect the body within 3-4


b) Arrange for a Doctor to call and issue a death certificate. Any doctor can

provide the certificate providing there are no suspicious circumstances.

c) Any amount of stamped authorised copies can be obtained once the Doctor has

signed the original.

d) Once the death certificate has been duly signed contact must be made with

Funeraria San Vicente Ferrer SL Tel. 96 566 7912


Funeraria La Siempreviva Tel. 96 510 0822

The representative of the deceased making these arrangements should have


a) Residencia or Passport of the deceased.

b) Authorised Form of Consent from the University of Alicante

On the death of the Donor, a relative or friend (preferably one of the witnesses who

You will need to keep your authorised Form of Consent in a safe place so that any person who is dealing with your estate can easily find it

To the best of our knowledge this information was correct on the date given below.

However, rules and regulations can and do change so it is advisable to check with our office that this fact sheet has not been superseded. JB October 08



Torrevieja Office:

Rambla Juan Mateo Garcia 4, Torrevieja 03181, Alicante

Telephone: 965 704 282 (24 Hr)

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Update on a previous post about bus passes (Torrevieja).
Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Update on this blog post (in that post are links to initial blog posts).

Taken from a thread on another forum local to Torreieja, where members are disussing how to get hold of a new bus pass.

My parents who are in their 70s renewed theirs last week and were told it was going to be a one-off charge (that as pensioners they can claim back) but that the pass itself had to be renewed every 12 months 
I went with my parents yesterday to obtain the bus pass we went first to cam bank and payed into this cam account number:2090,7150,5502,00168,516. 35 euros per person who wants the new bus pass, they then give you a reciept with two pieces of paper on it, we then went to the old town hall in front of the square Torrevieja, at about, 4.30pm and the man said come back at 6.30 or 7pm because people get tickets in the morning and then dont come back. So we arrived at 6.15pm there was no one there, the man came out and took my parents straight in my parents handed over original Residencia certificate, original passport. You don't need photos or padron if you are already registered on the padron, because they look it up on the computer. they take the photos there with a camera on the computer. then you hand over the reciept from cam bank. wait about 5 or 10 mins, and they give you your card then and there and off you go. The men in the office were very nice also, they did'nt speak English but they get you through it.

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Spain has dissolved parliament. General Election in Spain November 20th 2011
Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spain has dissolved parliament and officially set November 20 as the date for an early general election which not only means bye bye to Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero but probably the Socialist Party as well (that is for the time being until people get fed up with the PP as well…).  Residencia Expats cannot vote in General Elections.

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San Javier airport closure announcement
Friday, September 23, 2011

The big story broke Monday night when the Region of Murcia announced that it had reached an agreement with Aena which would close San Javier airport to civilian traffic and transfer Aena operations to the new Corvera International Airport once all the licences were granted for the airport to open. The fallout from the announcement has been resonating all week, with politicians wading in to have their say in the battle of words which followed.

Click here for FULL STORY


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Spanish banks will be able to charge up to 600 € just for telling you about their products
Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Banks in Spain will be allowed to charge their clients between 120 and 600 € just for informing about their products, as the Spanish Government is to allow banks to charge for the information.

The change will mean that the banks can also include ‘ground clauses’ on mortgages which stop interest rates falling below a certain level, and also to charge for insurance on such policies.

So-called Transparencia Bancaria it will make the use of insurances policies legitimate against interest rate rises, and ground clauses, both practices which have landed the banks in court before now on a number of occasions.

Already the idea, which press reports indicate is currently being finalised by the Ministry for Tax and the Economy, is being shot down in flames by consumers groups, and there are reports of them drawing up a joint text of rejection with some of the banks themselves. They consider the legislation has been hurried by the Government......... read more by clicking 'source' below.

Source : Typically Spanish


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Torrevieja bus pass info.
Tuesday, September 13, 2011

According to today's Diario Informacion only 5,000 people have signed up for the new bus pass which is about 9% of users. You will need the card from 19th September to qualify to use the buss for free. I note in the article the Mayor has said the €35 will not be an annual charge rather a one-off charge. It appears they are making it up as they go along with this one. "El alcalde Eduardo Dolón dijo en rueda de prensa que el precio de 35 euros será único para expedir la tarjeta y no será necesario aportarlos anualmente para renovarla, aunque la concesión si cita un pago anual".

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Authorities Discuss Closure of San Javier Airport
Tuesday, September 13, 2011

An agreement to close Murcia's San Javier airport and make way for the new Corvera International Airport may be close, according to Spanish daily, La Verdad.

The negotiations between the Murcian regional Government, The Ministry of Public works and the Spanish Airports Authority (AENA) have always centred around the amount of compensation that would be paid to AENA in closing the facility, however, a sum of over 70 Million Euros in compensation is now rumoured to be on the table.

The Government delegate, Rafael González Tovar, recently raised the issue of how to compensate AENA, when they had knowingly constructed a second runway at San Javier, when they may have little use for it once Corvera International airport opened.

As far as the regional government of Murcia is concerned, they would like to see the airport close altogether, or failing that restrict itself to a small number of charter or private flights. A further option would be for it to be used exclusively as a training facility for student pilots and aircrew.

The regional government is working towards the goal of Corvera being fully operational by next summer, with San Javier leaving the field open for the new airport by the start of the summer season.

Whilst visitor number to Spain as a whole have increased this year, passenger number flying into San Javier have fallen. In August numbers fell by 3.5% and by 5.2% in July, when compared to the same period in 2010. Overall passenger numbers using nearby Alicante's El Altet airport grew by 2.3% in August, and AENA operated airports overall saw passenger growth of 4%.

The airport has always been in the shadow of big brother, El Altet, and whilst 1,876,255 passengers used the airport in 2008, numbers had fallen to 1,630,664 in 2009, before falling a further 17.2% to 1,349,000, in 2010.

AENA shares the costs of facilities with the Ministry of Defence, primarily on maintenance and safety, with the air traffic controllers being military personnel. AENA has 85 employees in San Javier, who are expected to be given the choice of taking voluntary redundancy or being relocated to another AENA operated airport.

The Implication here is clear : that once Corvera International Airport opens for business, passenger numbers are likely to fall further still and that AENA should take the compensation offer whilst it is still on the table.

Click to read further news relating to Corvera Airport.

Source: Tumbit news

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