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Ex-pats who move to the Med are LESS happy than those who move the other way
Wednesday, April 23, 2014

How a life in the sun can spell misery: Ex-pats who move to the Med are LESS happy than those who move the other way

When the days get shorter and the weather colder, many of us no doubt envy those who have headed for a new life in the sun.

However, making such a move can actually leave us more miserable, according to research. A study of those who moved to a Mediterranean country found their levels of happiness were lower than those who had headed in the opposite direction.

University of Leicester researchers looked at 256 migrants from Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, France, and 73 from the UK, who relocated to Spain, Portugal, Greece and Cyprus in search of a new life.

The migrants were asked how happy they were on a scale of one to 10 compared with 56,000 people who stayed in the northern countries.
It was revealed that the migrants were less happy, scoring 7.3 out of ten, compared with the average of 7.5.

And the gap was even higher for Brits with migrants four per cent less happy than those back in Blighty.
Dr David Bartram analysed the data to take account of differences between migrants and those who stayed in terms of age, health, income, education, employment and religious beliefs, to make sure these factors did not distort the results.

He said: 'The key finding from the analysis is that people from northern Europe who migrated to southern Europe are less happy than the stayers in northern Europe.'

On average the migrants were found to have higher incomes than the average in their new country, due to higher education levels.

Many previous studies suggest that these factors would result in a higher social status and levels of happiness.
However the paper, which will be presented at the British Sociological Association's annual conference in Leeds on Wednesday revealed that migration can disrupt social ties and make people less happy.

Read more: DailyMail


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Fundraiser for Elche Childrens Home 27th April
Tuesday, April 22, 2014

This Sunday coming, 27th April, please join us to help fundraise for Elche children.

Great raffle prizes, free hog roast, a magician and much much more.



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Easyjet flights from 25/10 to end Feb 2015 now available
Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Just booked ours! yes

If you find you can't access dates the usual way, chose the date 24/10/2014 then choose 'year view' then it shows months up to February 2015. Click on the month you need, it then shows flights. (Easyjet seem to be still working on flights at 10am Spanish time).



 at 12:40pm Spanish time to add ... Easyjet have only just posted the seats are now on sale, at 12.

Their site is now working ok. You can book in the usual way.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Decreto Real 2014/0104 Source: Citizens Advice Bureau Spain FB

Article 1. All EU citizens who have lived here for ten years or more, MUST, take out Spanish citizenship. All those who do not choose to do so must present themselves at the office of ‘extranjeria’ in their town and give good and acceptable reasons. Children will not have to comply until they are 18.

Article 2. To ensure social uniformity in all member states, no more than 1 immigrant per 10 indigenous citizens. This originates from northern EU countries where they try to avoid ghettos with foreign workers. As we´re all one Europe, anti-discrimination laws dictate this rule to be put into force in Spain as well..The calculations: 1 non Spanish resident in each 12 square meters.

Article 3. Following Cataluña, now at the Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol, parading along the boulevards alongside the beach in beachwear. Torso and bottoms to be covered in clothing at all times when not on the beach...Fines for non compliance, can reach the sum of up to 3000 euro’s

Article 4. All those who wish to keep their legally issued EU driving licences after today, must take a mini test. This new law only refers to Britons or any other drivers who have ever driven on the left. The test is simple and mainly concentrates on the entering and exit of roundabouts. Test costs including five lessons, 250 euro’s.

Article 5. The tax on sun and solar panels, now taken a step further and to be used for sunbathers. Tickets to be bought on entry to the beach from authorised inspectors on the promenades. Anyone leaving the beach with noticeable sunburn may be fined for excess.


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